We Have a Capricorn Crisis. Here’s Why Cancer is the Answer.

family sunOn my post Why Are Water Signs Emotional?, dolce commented, “I would LOVE to see people talk about this – something that goes deeper about the water signs, especially Cancer, because as I look around the world these days, I see rootlessness and confusion and fear and people not even realizing how these Cancer topics could literally save them.”

Ask and you shall receive! I’ve touched on these topics before, but it’s time to lay it all out.

Right now, there is an abundance of Capricorn energy. This has caused us as a society to structure our lives around Capricorn principles. Many of us have become stubbornly self-reliant, unwilling to ask for or accept help from others. We’ve become so focused with outward achievement that we’ve stopped being concerned with our emotional legacy. We’ve become so rigid that we’ve walled ourselves off from other people. We’ve been so focused on the mountain we need to climb that we’ve forgotten our roots. We’ve relied on the material things to give our lives meaning. And because of all this, the collective is profoundly depressed. We are lonely and empty and unsure how we’ll get by.

And the beauty is that Cancer, Capricorn’s opposite sign, holds the key.

Cancer is home, family, and roots. Cancer is the softness of a mother’s embrace and the kindly paternalism of a father changing his adult child’s oil. Cancer is the beloved tradition of a holiday baking marathon. Cancer is the sigh of relief you let out when you are finally home. Cancer is being surrounded by loving relatives or ancestors who say, “It’s okay, we’ll see you through this.”

With so much focus on Capricorn, we’ve forgotten the importance of the family unit. Throughout history, families and small communities relied on each other for survival. Your parents or siblings might have driven you crazy, but you also knew they’d share their harvest if yours failed, fix a broken wagon wheel, or help watch your children. The family was a safe zone where everyone took care of everyone else, and everyone was taken care of. This sense of community is sorely missing today.

We’ve also forgotten how little our external achievements really serve us. No one who is on their deathbed, looking back at their life, says, “I’m really glad I worked all those extra hours to get that promotion. And did you know I had twenty thousand Twitter followers? It was a good life.” No. They say they wish they had worked less. They wish they had spent more time with their loved ones. They wish they had poured more energy into passing their wisdom down to the younger generations. They wish they had connection.

We’ve also lost touch with our roots. So many of us feel adrift and unmoored. We’ve so focused on looking at what’s right in front of us that we’ve forgotten what is behind us. We’ve forgotten what is within us. Cancer rules roots. Cancer rules that primal pull that screams out in all of us to return to where we came from. This is why many older adults, reflecting on their lives, will find themselves drawn to the values and lessons from childhood. They will be called back to the religion or beliefs of their parents. They will reconnect with their culture and traditions. And that is what so many of us could use today. We need to remember what we are deep down. Who, at the most basic level, are we? How did we become what we are today? What lessons from childhood do we need reminders of? And how can the answers to those questions bring us meaning?

Cancer’s lessons are deep and can’t be adequately expressed in words. True Cancer energy operates at a level too rooted and primal for that. Cancer’s lessons bring us back to the core of our identity. Cancer reminds us to hold our people close and work together to make life bearable. It teaches interdependence and age-old wisdom. It offers security. And ultimately, it gives our lives meaning. So when you feel hopeless and alone, turn to Cancer’s open arms. Come home.

What do you think about this? Have Cancer’s values helped you?

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We Have a Capricorn Crisis. Here’s Why Cancer is the Answer. — 27 Comments

  1. I’m glad you included small communities in your definition of Cancer roots, I think fourth house ‘family’ is too limited. The lack of community and church connections is one of the most alienating aspects of life now contrasted with the life I experienced as a child 50 years ago.

    • Yaaaaas

      Personally, I believe that this western society is deeply and purposely alienated. People are coming home and dicking around on social media and ordering delivery to avoid human contact, hooking up or trying to get noticed on Tinder, rather than spending long dinners with others, self actualizing, or playing team sports. It is a massive backpedal to build community in such an alienated place, particularly the east coast. It is complete quicksand unless you’re a drag queen or community organizer who is super talented in bringing people together. (A la Nadia Bolz Weber).
      And it gets lonelier and harder to make friends with age, especially when society is structured to glorify, but not nourish youth, and hide or forget about old people. It’s a long road toward meaningful unalienated life. Poorer countries may build up more durable friendships and connections because people need each other. Our society is structured against community. Maybe Generation Z is less “Freaks and Geeks” and less elitist or cliquey than others and can rabidly create and reinvigorate community in gentrified and separated places. There is a drought of meaningful bonds and a deep loneliness in western culture that makes us hungry ghosts all the time. We have a lot to learn from Mediterranean cultures. But, their social nature didn’t help curb the spread of coronavirus.

  2. I was inspired by dolce’s words too. And then remembered something I read when I was doing some browsing about Pallas. It read like it’s not all about the cerebral and that recent studies have shown that emotion is needed in order to make rational decisions. I have not read any books on human behavior in quite some time but am about to.

    As far as getting too far from home, too far from where one really lives, it is indeed the tornado that has been fabricated for humans to live in, to twist and turn in. I was listening to a financial advisor on the radio, yes I still listen to radio. She was saying that if there is one benefit to this economic meltdown is that we all get out of this push to buy buy buy. 70% of the US economy is consumer goods. And without having more more more the economy is going to change change change. Hopefully for the better better better. All the stuff has built a superficial existence causing a disconnection from the real. So there’s that and then there is the disconnect from what is happening. Really bad stuff is just put in the media box without thought about what it really is. That real people are suffering these events. I have to turn the commentary off. It gets really cold.

    I don’t sense there will be a retreat from the cerebral game though. My sister hates it but is afraid not to listen cuz she might miss something. She’ll get there. Blah blah blah 😀

  3. Again, I’m naturally soft and chewy and dependent. I have an Aries NN and an untapped Mars in Capricorn in the 12th and I’m meeting 19 year olds who are more capable and strong than me. So if I recall correctly, a man Elsa wrote about said “never postpone growing up” or something like that. I didn’t agree or understand until lately. I’m struggling with Capricorn problems and I have to attack them in a Capricorn way, not reach up for help like a baby. So personally, I am unrooted and unmoored because of a Neptune transit, but was previously stubbornly rooted in rootlessness. I need someone to believe in me and show me the way, but also need to develop an internal superego.

  4. I vote Leo is the answer 😀 idk but really I do agree with you.. just family is suffocating and annoying. I nest where I see fit and build family where I want it and choose it.

    The thing about Capricorn is sad is that it purposely wears itself out to avoid itself and not stop and breathe. From working itself to the bone to not sleeping under a warm enough blanket. Every adult has a desperate inner child inside. Not dealing with or nourishing it creates a fake and starved adult. Sometimes people need to take time to mother themselves and make sure they are safe.

    • I still can’t or don’t want to identify with this post.. I see more the feelings/personal side of cancerian energy and the family/tradition/mommy and cooking one bores me shitless.. or the ‘cancer is so sweet and will bake you pie’ it makes me unproud.. I do NOT only want to be a mother and have that be my only meaning or to be more private than I am public, it is so easy for me to be that way and I don’t want it.. my Capricorn mars is much harder to activate.. it is much easier to ‘whine’ or overthink..

      but maybe I’m not self reflective enough to see the exact point in the post.. I refuse to not feel rooted in some ways even though I’m dangling..

      The mothering I tend to do of friends and others is more Dr Katz style neurotic stuff, listening and trying to hear

  5. As I understood it, people with this placement must leave the nest, become independent and cut off their old idea of family, and build a nest of their own where they want. How many grown ups you know live in their childhood home?

  6. Kri said: “And it gets lonelier and harder to make friends with age, especially when society is structured to glorify, but not nourish youth, and hide or forget about old people. It’s a long road toward meaningful unalienated life. Poorer countries may build up more durable friendships and connections because people need each other”

    I agree Kri, communal investment in each other and reciprocity is really needed. It’s a shame the hardship and lack are the only situation that seems to encourage it.

    • Also societies that are constructed with a very different value system from the get go. i.e. Italy or Spain. Our love affair with “the pursuit of happiness” and how it married with capitalism, advertising, and a youth-obsessed culture post the 1950s nuclear family thing pretty much made community building something that individualistic people such as ourselves don’t want to do unless there’s something in it for us. It’s how the society is constructed, loneliness also makes us better consumers and less likely to self-actualize because our hunger for belonging is never sated. There is a better way, I think, but we are very far from being able to build community singlehandedly because we are comfortable and used to our loneliness and alienation, if it means we get to do whatever we want and not interdepend with our neighbors.

  7. I love the flow of these recent posts, drawing on comments in the threads to build worthy vessels for navigation. A Cancer Man has been creating homes for us since we connected 25 yrs ago. I had to loosen my pinchers and find sweet spots in my deep-diving/Cappy climbing mythology to relish him. Brought to my knees over and over again, Cancer ways are deeply rooted in care; I am a beneficiary of Cancer’s care.
    You are indeed accurate, Midara, when you write about what is important in the later decades of a human life. My cultural roots are strong, and stronger now even thousands of miles from origin. Conversation and a small ‘footprint’ living in a wagon home was inconvenient when we built it, but now? It’s a space that mimics what Earth does to care for herself. We pay attention. Slow and sometimes chaotic, side-ways moving (Cancer style) and “accommodate the paradox” as Philip Marsden puts it. I wonder if he’s a Cancerian?

  8. Agreed.

    Many want to be global heroes, and forego being their own, intrinsic hero and also ignore their family, neighbors, & communities.

    I simply find it absurd to think that one cannot say who their district attorney or local judges are, but are immersed and subsumed by events in Minnesota and other places.

  9. Midara, this is beautiful! You might have brought a tear to my eye! So well written and eloquently put. Thank you!

    Cancer values have helped me in that they’ve given me focus. I’m watching what feels like the world collapsing around me, and digging further into who I am, where I come from, and what I need to do to secure a good future for my children.

    In this time, any material desires or need for acknowledgement I’ve had, have suddenly disappeared. All I care about is laying a foundation to be proud of, one rooted in traditions and the past – things we have sadly trashed for a whole lot of nothing – one that will result in my children’s security and knowing who they are. I feel that everything stems from knowing who you are – your values, your place, your people, your purpose in life, how to simply BE. It all comes from that tiny planted seed sprouting roots ❤️

    So we’ve turned off the TV and quieted outside noise to get back to the essence of ourselves. I’m quietly planting little seeds and watering them, and learning the responsibility of being the home base, while finding other people with whom we can build community. This was not taught to me as a child so it’s challenging but I do love it. It brings so much meaning to my life (can’t overstate this) to acknowledge those who came before and passed their legacy to us, even if I have to teach it to myself.

    (What I would give for my grandparents and their parents to be here now… Even as an adult, I’m longing for that familial bond, to be parented and taught, and it’s all gone in the silence of their passing, and been replaced with tech and cheap plastic goods, and industrial food at grocery stores, television, etc. I mourn it as I try to learn in their honor.)

    With everything so uncertain and somewhat scary, this is the only way forward for me – making a home, making it strong, learning to be human again and trying our best to get through to the other side.

    Midara thank you again for writing this ❤️

    • Crap, the times we live in. That is always the challenge. I suppose it goes to living within means and not getting deluged with debt.

      Are you a person who cares (Cancer) about the responsibilty (Cap) that you take on? I am thinking about motivation. What motivates a person to do what they do. I am thinking that we are motivated by what we care about. Your post says you care about survival right now. We all do I think. It’s our animal instinct.

  10. This article is spot on except for a return to tradition. Beware of that. We MUST move into the future together without limiting beliefs that divide us. We must awaken to our intuition and cannot do that if limited by belief. We must rebel against systems that elevate a few.

      • Beliefs as borders. They sure can be. I am not a big fan of beliefyism either. And the problem with the interests of the few is that the very environment that supports them can collapse from the oxygen and resources they suck out of it.

    • Well these are your beliefs lol.

      It’s not limiting beliefs that divide us; it’s ones imposition of their beliefs onto another that divides us.

  11. Beautiful advice, I couldn’t agree more. During these times I have found joy in the simplest of pleasures (mostly 4th house one’s: Cooking a nice meal, expressing affection & appreciation, keeping my home cosy, clean and well stocked). A calm satisfaction has been sustained.

  12. I thought dolce’s comment was brilliant. Thank you dolce, and thank you Midara for elaborating because I did have some questions about it. And is definitely true for me right now. Im staying close to the Hearth.

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