She Wants a New Career But Is Avoiding Progress: 12th House Sun in Libra

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Dear Elsa,

I discovered fairly recently that what I really want to do with my life is to become an animal communicator. After finally getting a class under my belt and doing some minor practicing, I find myself not seeming to have the time to work on this skill.

I know part of this is very real, because I do have a very busy life – but I feel like I’m avoiding it too. I guess I’m just looking for advice to get over the hump, or some thoughts on how best to move forward. How can I work with my nature/chart rather than against it?

Twelfth House Sun
United States

Dear Sun,

I don’t think you are working against your nature but I do think you need to work your nature. And if you were 20, I would answer this question in a different way. I would say you’ve got time to discover how you operate but you are close to 40… you know how you operate and if you want to get anything done, you have to work with what you have and who you are.

And I realize this is what you’re writing for, so please don’t be insulted. I am just trying to lay this out for you in a way that is distinct. Because you have a lot of Pisces/Neptune energy, contacted by Saturn and basically you are struggling (Saturn) with inertia (Neptune). So I’ll tell you how you can work this and I think if you try it you’ll find it’s effective.

Consider yourself a boat on the ocean. It’s a big ocean and you’re trying to get to that island over there in the distance. So what you have to do is try to get yourself to float over there. Because you can’t walk, see. Why not? Because you’re a boat.

So you point yourself towards your goal, say a bunch of prayers, and get yourself in a stream or current that seems to be headed where you want to go.

And once you find one, understand that it is still an ocean you’re in. That means you are going to pitch this way and that at times. There may be a storm and you may be thrown off course. But as soon as you can, get ahold of the wheel again and get back in the stream that is going in the general direction you think you want to go and beyond that… have faith.

Faith that the universe will take you where you best belong, whether it be that island you had in mind or another you never even thought of.

So there you go. You don’t walk, you don’t fly, crawl or teleport. You do float and your job is to guide the vessel the best you can – and realize that you must get out of bed to do this. 🙂

Good luck.


She Wants a New Career But Is Avoiding Progress: 12th House Sun in Libra — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks Elsa, that helped me too. My problem is not being sure what island to head for so have been going round in circles for many years and when i do pick one there always seems to be a storm that knocks me off course and i give up and head for shelter. I have a strong interest and i believe, an affinity with animals and worked with them for a few years but pay is poor and competition fierce and i gots to pay the bills so have had to get off that boat for the moment. But the pull is still there so i may look to that island again myself and see if i can get to it some way that doesn’t eat up all my dough.

  2. Elsa, I am also relating to these issues of avoidance. Well, I’m not exactly avoiding as much as feeling a strong pull of “guilt” which causes me to avoid! I am 43 yrs. old and want to go to college. I earned my GED in March of this year. I have 5 children and have been married for 24 yrs. Financially we are in very hard times. Lots of issues brought us here but, broke is broke. I did qualify to receive Fed. Pell Grants which opens me up for other financial assistance and discounted student loans. Nursing is what I am looking to start schooling in. But have lots of pre-requisites, I’ve never been to college and I’m hell and gone from high school. I know to do this, my ability to go to school and study, plus hold down a full time job at the same time isn’t obviously going to work. Which puts my family at a disadvantage financially. I am feeling terribly guilty about this and even though hubby is saying just bite the bullet. I get the “TONE” in what I would relate to as “outside” remarks, which adds to the guilt. Why am I having such a hard time deciding to do something that shouldn’t take this much emotion to connect too? Whats floating in my zones?

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