Voice Of Venus In Leo (Square Neptune) Regarding Ego Mania

Yesterday, I explained to the soldier:

“Yeah, my ego mania is in full swing today,” I said. “It must be confusing for you. One day I am going on and on about how good my hair is and the next day I am wondering if I have any appeal at all.”


“Yep, I have disappearing (Neptune) ego mania (Venus in Leo) and I really hate it when they tide goes out. I’d much rather be boasting all the time because even if I am insufferable, I am entertaining but as it is my confidence cannot be maintained.”

Can any of you Neptune types relate? What disappears on you? Can you see the tendency in your chart?

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Voice Of Venus In Leo (Square Neptune) Regarding Ego Mania — 16 Comments

  1. Hmm.

    I think my Sun conjunct Jupiter opposition Neptune has that effect.

    I have a powerful drive (and sometimes a powerful ability) to help people, but frequently find that I’m reaching out and suddenly all of the energy/ability to help just got sapped out from under me. I wonder if that’s the same thing.

  2. my home, neptune in the fourth. I’ve moved 38 times.
    my parents, literally and figuratively.
    it’s well aspected, tho, so it tends to be ok anyway, in the long run.

  3. I don’t even know if I’m a “neptune type” or not, but I can relate to this acutely. There are days when I’m convinced that I’m the luckiest girl on earth–attractive, accomplished, smart, loved. And then, oh boy, those other days. Forgetaboutit.

  4. Men! Whats up with this. One day your here and the next day your gone. Doesn’t matter whether there are kids involved or not. Feels like I am just wanted on their time…

  5. Neptune opp. Mars. My best laid plans often evaporate. Neptune inconjunct Mercury. I can get lost in my own thoughts. A lot.

  6. I suppose I have disappearing (Neptune)…er, modesty and chastity (square Venus in Virgo)? After a drink or two (Neptune)? ::grin::

    Mercury/Pluto sextile Neptune.. I’m pretty much ALWAYS deeply lost in my own thoughts. What?

  7. My entire world does that. Moon in Scorpio in the 12th. It is intense when the tide of my emotions comes in and then there are times when the tide goes out and I am just numb and can’t remember what all the fuss was about. I’ve learned NOT to end relationships when I’m in that phase.

    I’ve also had a similar experience with my home as Satori’s. 4th house Saturn in Pisces. My parents moved all the time and I’ve been a gypsy for much of my adult life as well. It’s crazy.

  8. Neptune in second house. I’m vain about my skills and accomplishments but time and time again find myself working hard for peanuts. Why do I undervalue myself when it comes to money? I know I deserve more, should be earning more (or at least getting paid on time!), but here I am, working on my unfiled income taxes and scrambling to find a way to pay this month’s bills by taking on freelance work over the next few weekends.

  9. yes. a venus trine does that, too. except saturn’s sitting on venus from the other direction, so i never quite get to the inflated point, either.

    people will give compliments and i’ve learned to smile and say thanks rather than give them a blank stare but it’s still… hard to get a grasp on.

  10. Are we saying that things disappear in the house where Neptune is? If so, that is right on as mine is in the 7th, and my good marriage went ‘poof’ and so did my bad one. Sometimes, in the case of the ‘good’ one, I think I should have worked harder to save it. Most of the time I think I did the right thing, but I will also wonder (occasionally) which sounds a lot like Neptune too, doesn’t it?

  11. Neptune trine Venus and conjunct mars. Yep I can relate. One day I have great energy and I think yep today Im quite sexy and then the next Im zapped of energy and cant believe why the hell I thought I looked sexy….a disappearing reality of how my reflection looks in the mirror. I think same goes for photos.

  12. I put my art school college diploma in the back of an old sketch pad and one day clearing out stuff, i threw out the pad, with the Midheaven in it. Neptune at the Midheaven.

  13. He he. I lost my Ph.D. paper diploma, it’s gone with a storage that went poof. And the other two diplomas have never been removed from the tube.

  14. I’ve got Neptune trining my Leo Sun in that Sun/Merc/Sat conjunction. I have disappearing everything! *lol* One day my relationship is rock-solid, the next I might as well pack my shit. One day I blather, the next I’m silent. I’ve got energy and I look maaaah-velous! Then I look hideous and have no oomph. So it goes. 🙂
    I’ve never known whether to attribute this to Neptune (which I’m only now starting to get a feel for) or my chart ruler the Moon.

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