Voice Of Venus In Leo: Entertainment And Distraction

“P, why do you do it? Why do you write this stuff? The people who read your blog think it is, As The World Turns,” he said. “They think you’re some kind of soap opera.”

“Well now that you mention it, yeah. But better because it’s real life.”

“P, they think your blog is Luke and Laura,” he said

“Well maybe they do but so what? People have always needed entertainment and distraction and I am happy to provide it. If my blog is a long running soap opera, I’m proud of that. People do come and go, now that you mention it. And we have recurring characters both on the blog and in the comments.”

He stared.

“People are provocative, I am provocative. Someone spins out about every three weeks or so, sometimes they pull out of it, sometimes they go over the cliff,” I said with a smirky grin. “I really don’t know how you could ask for more and on top of that you learn astrology. All in all it’s a pretty good deal and I am not surprised people like it, I’d like it myself.”


Voice Of Venus In Leo: Entertainment And Distraction — 14 Comments

  1. I have been to the edge of the chasm a few times. I look over it and go holy pha it’s a long way down. So I turn around and walk back along the plateau toward the desert and the gal with neptune on the midheaven to learn some more about astrology.

  2. Did you ever post a picture of the Soldier?
    Maybe he should get involved.
    Perhaps an “Ask the Soldier” segment?

  3. And one strange thing that has occurred to me is he may wind up public anyway since I am and his son is also very visible. He also tends to have exactly what he does not want to happen, happen and this does concern me.

    I would like to see him have it his way this point in his life but it’s just not up to me.

  4. I love happy stories so bring it on! There’s too much doom and gloom out there. I appreciate people being willing to share their happiness 🙂 Makes the days better.

    As to privacy, I’m with the Soldier on that. My brother put a few pics of me on his online photo album and it freaked me out. I don’t do that and usually everyone else knows not to do it to me. However, I’m now president of a national non-profit and about to meet a lot of people worldwide. It’s not something I look forward to, being out there and focused on. I just like to do the work and help but I really don’t want to be “known” or “seen”, you know? People tend to kick the crap out of me whenever I get “visible”.

    I’m a 9 too. I just want to do what I can while I’m here and when my time is up, fade out quietly without any drama if possible.

  5. One reason I’m so embarrassed whenever I come back here, is that I dislike drama, yet I ended up creating some. Hopefully my floatation devices are now in good working order…

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