Voice Of Taurus – Self Esteem Again…

old_folks_home_marker2.jpgSome moons ago the soldier was going regarding his perspective on our relationship. He stated if we did not manage to get together at this time, he was sure we’d just be thrown (by the universe) into the same old folks home where we would meet again.  And if we messed that up, the next life and so forth.

Last night:

“Well we got together so I guess you won’t see me in the old folks home and be able to say I told you so, P.””Oh, I’ll see you in the old folks home,” he said. “We’ll be in there except they will probably kick you out.”

We both laughed.  “Because I’m mean?”

“Yeah.  Because you’re mean.  And I’ll be saying, bring her back, bring her back!”

I snorted.

“Yeah, you get her back in here. She’s okay.  She’s a really nice person, she just gets a little fussy sometimes,” he said.

“Good thing you’re without a flaw.  Good, good thing.”

“Yes, my self esteem is so good even I can’t damage it.”


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  1. oh they won’t throw you out. they’ll just leave you out in the hall, sitting in your wheelchair till you piss yourself. that’ll larn ya.

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