Voice Of Taurus – “I Want To Be Scorpio”

The other night the soldier said he would like to be Scorpio. “Yeah, that’s what I wish I was,” he said.

“Well you are Scorpio,” I said. “Your Moon is in Scorpio.”

“My Moon? I want everything in Scorpio! Everything there is, I want all of it to be in Scorpio and nothing else in any other sign but that one!”

You’d think his life is intense enough, apparently not.

What sign would you like to be?


Voice Of Taurus – “I Want To Be Scorpio” — 27 Comments

  1. I may be goofy and limited but I figure I’ve gotten to an age where I know myself a whole lot better and I don’t think I’d want to start over learning something new.

    I also had a truck that would just die in the road and I’d have to whack on the air filter with a broom handle to get it started again. I was pretty attached to it too. it was a pretty nifty truck. I guess I feel about myself like I felt about that truck.

  2. Hmm, I like what I am, but if I could experiment for a little while I would be a Libra. Graceful, sophisticated, and well-balanced. They’ve got everything covered.

  3. I am Taurus with lots of libra… I would like more Sag, Aquarius or even aries to balance out my neediness and needing to have a partner to feel secure. I stay put and that’s it… I would like to be more detached and less possessive.

  4. I like the Leo in me, sometimes wish there were more. I’m sometimes scared of my own Scorpio. My Gemini delights and confuses me. I don’t have a lot of earth, and am curious… and I couldn’t handle more of my Libra. Oh geez…

  5. I’m very happy being an Aries, I just wish I could bring it out more, honestly. My damn Libra Moon keeps fucking w/my Aries Sun & it’s annoying as hell. Plus, I feel so discombobulated when made to feel more “like a girl” (so, NOT Aries)…Yeah, just give me more Aries, please…(though if *forced* to pick another sign, I’d pick Leo, cuz they’re the prettiest :D)

  6. I like being a Cancer, but I sure could use something that would make me more a little more extroverted. Mercury and Mars in Gemini on the Midheaven doesn’t seem to do the trick. I’m with dolce. How about Sag rising?

  7. Virgo. I don’t have any planets in Virgo. I need less cardinal and want to keep the earthiness of my Cap sun.

    But I’d still want something to replace my Cap sun. Choices.

    I have a scatter chart, so there’s something almost everywhere around the wheel.

  8. I would love to fully embrace my Leo rising, and claim some of that attention seeking spotlight. I have my sun in the first house in Virgo. I love being a Virgo but sometimes I would love to take a vacation.

  9. Woo woo, would love to be a Pisces, even though I do already have some in my chart. But it would have to be in a very safe universe where I could dress up and listen to and make music and drink a lot without any troubling consequences. In this life, my Virgo-influenced-ness keeps me pretty healthy and unaddicted. Drug use scares me, but a good old wine-infused bacchanalia might be fun. And I’d like to have a tent handy (a really nice spacious one) with rugs and lots of pillows for boinking whatever delicious piece of man has caught my eye during the highjinx.

    Uh, what was the question again? I got a little sidetraacked! 😉

  10. I’m perfectly satisfied with my Sun (Leo), but I’d like more Aries, Scorpio, or Sag.

    My chart is top-heavy with Virgo and Libra. My Solar Arc Sun is in Virgo. Sag would lighten me up, and even though I’m already tough egg, I’d like Aries or Scorpio planets to help me not to overthink everything.

  11. I don’t want anymore Scorpio or Capricorn – please anything to lighten me up – oh and some Aquarius and Aries to get me unwavering and selfish – and a BIG sunny Jupiter so that I am untouchable.
    But yeah the sober heads are right – it’s taking so long to know myself and how to live in my skin, so gotta keep on. They say the Caps get happier with age and the Scorpios transmute their depth into light.

  12. can you just tell him it is far from fun having too much scorpio…or at least for me it has been way toooooooo….something I don’t know

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