Voice Of South Node In Aries: Past Life Soldier – Gladiator

roman-gladiator.jpg“Yeah, I know,” I told the soldier who claims many, many past lives where he is always a soldier, never anything but. “You showed me you nose in bathtub,” I said. “I see your Roman nose. I see that you look like a Roman soldier / Rhino.”

“Yep, can’t help it, P. That’s what I am.”

“I think it’s funny you’ve got 3 times as much Arab in you as Italian but you do definitely look Roman.”

“That’s right. And I don’t have time for any of those Gladatorial bastards either.”

“Gladiators, P! They fought in the coliseum. But not me. I’m not doing that. I’m going to fight a WAR!”

“You and your nose.”

“Yep. Me and this schnoz here, P. We aren’t wasting time in no coliseum. Straight to war! Get me to a war and get me there now!”



Voice Of South Node In Aries: Past Life Soldier – Gladiator — 3 Comments

  1. No, he’s not Spanish, he’s something else. He just speaks Spanish, allllllll Spanish including Albuquerque New Mexico, Valley Girl Spanish as he calls it. And he is Southern and speaks everything with a proper accent (Venus in Gemini) which is beguiling to all.

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