Voice Of Saturn: (Self-Deprecating) Humor… I Love This Stuff

equator_t.jpg“P, I am tired of going to the store to get a belt and having them say, what size,” the soldier said, pausing for dramatic effect. “Equator,” he said.

I roared.

“Yeah, me and you can’t go to some tropical island on vacation – They won’t let us in.”


“No, you can’t come. Your belly is too big, it will shift the tides. You stay home, we don’t want a tsunami.”

Do you appreciate self-deprecating humor?


Voice Of Saturn: (Self-Deprecating) Humor… I Love This Stuff — 17 Comments

  1. I use it all the time. I don’t care who’s around either. Everyone loves to hear the stories of what my lovely 6 year old says to me.

    Example: She took a shower with me one day and looked at me and said “Mom are your chi-chi’s tired?”
    “No, why?” I said.
    “Well, how come they’re taking a nap by your belly then?”

    or….the other day when she said “Mom, you’re real pretty, but your pinky toe is real ugly.”

    I love it.

  2. oh shell, that makes me want to tell you my kid-story:
    my two year old: mom, you have a BIG heart!
    me: well thanks, baby, that’s sweet…
    my two year old: cos you keep it in your belly, right.

    oh boy.

  3. I definitely appreciate it but I feel like most people don’t–it tends to make them uncomfortable like they don’t know how to respond. However, look at Conan O’Brien, he basically makes his career on self-deprecating humor. When it doesn’t come from true self-loathing, I think it can be really funny.

  4. I do. I had a pic taken of me this weekend at the Renaissance Festival… I was in the middle of eating a pork loin and I looked like a cross between a side of sweaty beef and a Louisiana senator from the 50’s. 😉

    You gotta laugh at some things, or cry.

  5. When done well, it’s hilarious…

    It’s one of the “redeeming” features of Moon in Capricorn, or so I always read/hear. (I’m one myself.)

  6. That is what I love about Capricorn, the dry humor, which can be self-depricating.

    I am not a capricorn, but I used self-depricating humor to my advantage alot in the classroom when I was a professor. I had to, because I have ADD and it was so conspicuous to the students. I would occasionally just flake and forget where I was right in the middle of something. Or like, I would be “where are my glasses? And they would be giggling and say “they are on your head.” Or my sweater would be inside out, or I lost my coke or the chalk, always the chalk. So after a while it just made a whole lot more sense to make fun of myself and the students loved it.

    I have no idea where that comes from in my chart. Hmmmmm.

  7. Not really. It kind of bums me out when my teachers use it. Like my Spanish teacher who would joke about nobody being able to fit in his tamaño. It just made me sad, I really like him and I think self deprecating humor is a cheap bid that weakens a teacher’s power and charisma. One time a teacher took the cue of how students were making fun of me and used the same vocabulary to do it to me. Basically he started making fun of me. And as a bid to get in with the kids in the class, I’ve never heard of such a stinker. Or something so entirely infantile. Self deprecating humor is unnecessary, it makes people believe in you as a teacher less. I roll my eyes at it. I like observational humor and verbal humor/academic jokes best.

  8. As long as it is not hurtful to the person. Its ok to make light of situations occasionaly, otherwise its a bit prickly and can wear a person down.

    When others get sookiarky (sooky numnums) sometimes a bit of critcal humour brings them back into here and now. Not something I would use with clients however.


  9. Yes, I love it – it tells me the person has perspective on the human condition that I can relate to:)
    I use it myself, as well, but most often with a straight face, so most people dont’ pick up on it. Probably also because they think that I take myself much more seriously than I actually do. Those few who see that I’m constantly commenting on my imperfections have a very, very special place in my heart. (They’re usually Aquarians or Scorpios, btw;)
    I have Saturn trine natal asc, and my progressed asc is Capricorn:o) Dead-pan humor galore:o)

  10. Yes Another capricorn moon here so yeah I apperciate it as long as its not hurting anyone which is why I make the jokes about myself.

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