Voice Of Mars: “Nothing Is Going To Save You…”

tysonhome.jpgWe walked into the restaurant last night, it was early since we are geezers. The place is popular but it was nearly empty and we were told we could sit wherever we liked. I could not help but notice the soldier, sitting in a booth eating alone. My soldier took the lead… he chose the corner booth in the back of the restaurant and sat with his back to the wall in Scorpio fashion.

“Lonely soldier, eating alone,” I said.

“Yep. Done that many times,” he said.

“Well no more. I am glad your life did not turn out that way. I am glad you’re not a lonely soldier.”

“Me too.”

“You chose a table where we can’t see him,” I said and in fact there was a barrier down the middle of the restaurant, we could not see the guy.

“Yeah, well that’s so I don’t get my ass kicked,” he said.

“That guy can kick your ass?”

“I don’t know. I am sure he trains every day and what do I do? If he looks at you… if he starts eyeballin’ you, I’m going to have to fight him and I’d just as soon not get an ass kickin’ tonight.”

“But I thought you knew some tricks,” I said.

“I do know some tricks but nothing is going to save you from getting your ass kicked when you’re fat and out of shape. Yeah, I know tricks but I am not going to go out and pick a fight with Mike fucking Tyson, now am I?”

Posting this because I think very few have this much sense.

Do you see trouble and head right to it?

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Voice Of Mars: “Nothing Is Going To Save You…” — 10 Comments

  1. I avoid it. I can sense when someone is “unstable” lol and I try not to make eye contact. Maybe this goes back to childhood. My mom has a temper and back then it was like walking in a mine field, ya never know when you would trigger one.

  2. Hell no I don’t head right into it, I avoid it at all costs! This has come with maturity though, because in my teenage years I loved a good fight.
    I honestly wouldn’t even know where to find trouble nowadays, my life is rather uneventful.
    And I like it that way 🙂
    Boring ‘ole mars in cancer again.

  3. Satori, lmao.
    That sounds like something straight out of the animal channel. I could just imagine Jeff Corwin getting snapped on the nose by a rattlesnake or something from getting a ‘closer look’. hehe.

  4. “wait, didn’t he walk into a biker bar with you and stand there while you yelled, “kawasakis RULE!” ??”

    “Anyone who is anyone drives a KAWASAKI!”

    But that was when he was young and pre-training.

  5. They thought about killing us but invited us in and bought us a beer instead. They thought we were going to chat with them or something but we just took our beers… sat at our own table and talked amongst ourselves. The soldier figures they much have thought we were crazy.. had some trick, like a bomb. Crazy kids.

    In whatever case, they left us alone, we had our beer… maybe had another one and then rode off on our kawasaki to the next thing we were going to do. Never thought anything more about it, at least I didn’t. I’d forgot the whole episode until he came ’round and reminded me. I have that memory thing.

  6. Yes, you have to watch out for those krazy kawasaki drivers. If only you had that picture of Henry on the bike, with you. Plenty of free beer.

  7. I had to think about this one.

    Though I have quite the temper, I have decided, no, I do not see trouble and walk right into it. I will not back away from a fight, or whatever, that is started by someone else.

    But, I don’t start it – people who know me think that I am fearless, but that only pertains to defending myself, or someone I love (God help anyone if I think one of my kids is being threatened).

    I guess I feel better knowing that about myself now!

  8. Smart Soldier! My husband, who was also once a soldier and has grown older and no longer in ‘fighting’ shape, still remembers his training though. Whenever we go into a restaurant or bar, he is very ‘choosy’ about where he/we sit. He’ll scan, then list to me, under his breath, where all the exits are… ‘just in case’. I find it sort of funny, but after going through this routine for over 10 years, I find myself doing this even when I’m by myself.

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