Voice of Mars Conjunct Mercury In Libra… All This Refinement Pisses Me Off!

golf-etc.jpgThe bit about my inability to mesh with a refined man brought this old story to mind so I dug this up.  This story happened right after the soldier and I broke up. I started to date all these millionaires, quite inexplicably. I mean I met and dated a string of them (5 or 6) in the space of just a few months, they just came out of the woodwork.

In this bit I am at dinner with one of them after having been coerced there. The guy owned a golf course. He also owned a chain of Golf stores. Golf Etc. type stores this was, back when they were cutting edge so this guy was rolling in money and we were at a very nice restaurant obviously.

I had driven my motorcycle (the one given to me by the soldier) to the restaurant to meet him. In a dress no less and all because I did not want this guy picking me up. See, when I don’t want to date you, I don’t want to date you and believe me I told him this in plain English yet there we were, a result of a bet.

The evidence I have a Mars Mercury conjunction in Libra pours from every pore which is the other topic of the day – You are what you are, doesn’t matter how old you are.

“Do you golf, Elsa?”

I chuckled. “Oh no. No I don’t,” I said smiling.

“Well I was going to invite you to the course tomorrow. Show you around.”

Does he mean that he wants to sleep with me tonight and we can go there in the morning? I wondered because I didn’t think so. I had no sexual feeling for him. Really, there was too much distraction. There were too many glasses on the table. Too many forks.

See, in my natural state, I would just clear the table with my forearm. I would knock everything to the floor in one swoop and climb across the table and get the man. That would be normal but I didn’t feel normal at all. I felt out of sync like the whole thing was in slow motion and it kind of hurt my psyche.

“Yeah, well I don’t know about that. I’m tired. Let me think about that,” I said.

“Then you mean that I can call you in the morning? I’m not too boring for you? I was worried about that.”

Actually he was boring but it would be mean to say so. I didn’t think I really liked the guy but I had no reason so I felt kind of guilty about it. Should I at least try to fall in love with him? He’s not that bad. He’s just not that good, is he so I was squarely undecided, damned Libra.

I told him to call me in the morning and see if I was tired and he happily agreed. He said he didn’t know if I’d be willing to see him again after this dinner and he was justified in wondering that. I didn’t reassure him because I don’t believe in leading people on.”

Ha ha ha, see how fair I am!!  In the end I had a few dates with this guy and it took every bit of restraint I had not to kill him. 😉


Voice of Mars Conjunct Mercury In Libra… All This Refinement Pisses Me Off! — 10 Comments

  1. Well as I said, I was coerced (initially).

    Post that I was experimenting because the whole world was telling me I should marry a rich guy and I was trying to see if this might be possible.

    Last, he was begging, BEGGING for another date and I felt sorry for him and am co-dependent.

  2. Minus the millionaire bit, I’ve had this date a bunch of times. I was bored stiff, he thought I adored him. (I am not a flirt in the slightest. I try to treat them the way I would a woman. Man, does that not work.)

  3. I relate on everything except on the expensive restaurant bit…maybe i´m an idealist, but I believe in nice guys in nice (expensive or other) restaurants.I know by experience that can happen!Golf is out of the question (not sailing,though)Venus/mars cappy speaking!

  4. “I had no sexual feeling for him. Really, there was too much distraction. There were too many glasses on the table. Too many forks.”

    This is great. Love love love this.

  5. haha…well, I guess you could say in a way he was begging for it 😉

    The whole rich guy thing is over-rated. Who wants a rich guy when they can have a guy who loves them to the bone? Money can be generated if need be, but love cannot. Not ever. Love like that is far more valuable. It will see you through things in life that money just can’t. Just look at all the miserable yet rich people (and Cruella). If you ask me, it’s you whose hit the jackpot, not those stuck with ‘rich guy’.

  6. I can’t imagine trying to fall for a guy because he is x, y or z. Talk about hell. No, sorry honey, I have a headache tonight, yes again. Yes, I should go see the doctor.

    And then desperately looking at every other guy that walked by on the street?? NO WAY.

    I’d rather be single than be with someone just for the sake of being with someone.

  7. Well, of course if there’s nothing else there, being a millionaire is meaningless.

    That said, I would be EXTREMELY relieved for money to never be an object in a relationship. I hate bean counting. I wouldn’t do it, I’d share everything I have and maybe even be a bit splashy, and honestly, I’d like that in return.

    Elsa told me in a reading I like generosity (10H Leo I think), and since then, I’m surprised at how this is a real crucial part of understanding relationships for me. And I don’t mean at all just financial generosity, but when people see a need and fulfill it. Giving of himself, like I do. And not bean counting!! 🙂

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