Voice Of Mars: Braggart

You might remember a week or so back the soldier met a missileer. He talked him for two days without mentioning he was a missileer himself. I wrote about because I thought it was interesting and a week or so later he had cause to call this guy who happens to live in Denver.

“He said we ought to take the wives out to dinner,” the soldier said.

(swearing below the break)

“Yeah? Do you want to go? Do you want to know this guy? I mean what are you going to do. Are you going to tell him you know about missiles?”

“No, I’m not going to tell him.”

“You’re not?”

“I’m not.”

“Well I don’t understand. Are we going to go with these people, be friends with these people or what?”

“Um… we’d probably go out once,” he said.

I sighed. “Well I don’t understand. How can you say let’s go out with these people when you have no intention of telling him you worked at the same job he did when this is clearly what he likes to talk about?”

“I didn’t say we were going to know them, we could just go out and no I am not going to tell him, I am not going to tell him!”

“Why not? I mean it was one thing when your paths crossed but if you are going to deliberately meet again..?”

“P, I am not going to tell him because I am not a bragging motherfucker. No one likes a motherfucker who brags. I sure as hell don’t. What am I supposed to do? Tell him I fought in every major war this country has been in since the cold one, up until I got out of the army? Should I tell him that? How do you think he’d feel? No one likes a braggart, P, and no one believes a braggart when he’s bragging either, so no I am not going to tell him. I am going to keep my mouth shut about everything except for what I have already told him.”

The soldier has Mars (war), Mercury (talk) and Saturn (don’t) in T-square. This is a classic manifestation of those energies combined and notice it is not “cruel” as Mars Saturn is often times assumed to be. But I posted this for another reason.

With Saturn in Virgo these issues are applicable to us all in myriad of ways and I will come back with a case in point.

I also want to say overtly: Writing about this is a shout out to Speedy. We’d sure like to find him and this may be how we do it, huh? tag – Speedy

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  1. huh. this makes my t square make lots of sense. just substitute my planet for mars and… voila!

    there’s a truck stop on I 40 named Speedy’s and it always makes me wonder… but i’m sure the soldier must have been by it once or twice.

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