Visiting The Dying – Was It Providence?

Jupiter god 1I got a call from a gal last week. She told me about this old lady, I might want to visit. She said she was sick and lonely.

If you’re read here awhile, you know I have an affinity to older women. I like older people in general, but I do like to chat with the women. I also visit the sick so I agreed to give this gal a call.

I wound up going to visit her on Saturday.  She’s dying. She’s tiny and frail and she’s had COPD for awhile. She’s been on oxygen for some time but this last week she was diagnosed with lung cancer. It’s inoperable.

This all sounds sad but the visit was great. We had a BLAST. This gal has more personality than ten people, put together. I loved her and in fact, I made her laugh so hard, her teeth went flying out of her mouth.  I thought they dropped into her chair, but in fact, they flew several feet. I found them lying under my chair.  We laughed like hell. I will definitely see her again.

I called the gal who gave me her name and told her how it went. “That was providence,” she said. Jupiter in Sagittarius…

ps – search “providence” on this site.

Have you seen signs of Jupiter in Sagittarius?


Visiting The Dying – Was It Providence? — 3 Comments

  1. You’ve found “one of your People”, and it IS providence. I work with death and dying, as well as Alzh/dementia folk. I have noticed that certain Spirits find each other, no matter the incredible odds. What Joy for you both. Lovingly, A!

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