Vision vs. Blindness: Ethereal Gift

I’m pulling this post up because I was talking to a gal yesterday, she’s been around the blog since 2005.  That’s a long time!

We had a long chat which ended in tears on both sides.  Not bad tears, they were good tears, but we were both moved to a point where we were both sobbing. I finally said, “I think we better hang up and cry!”  And so we did.

At some point in the conversation, I pointed out to her, she had the gift of “sight”.  She can see things that other people cannot.  It’s just a fact.

You know those animations you can find out there, where people follow each other into some kind of pit or over a cliff or something. There are hordes of them, just flying, following each other into the pit.

This happened once around here. We both saw numerous people go over a cliff. It was stunning.  But this particular woman did not follow. She had sight.  Why??  Why her?

This is an interesting phenomenon.  I told herit was like one of these churches, burned to the ground, but there will be a statue of the Virgin Mary, in the middle of the rubble, unscathed.  I can’t find a non-copyrighted image but here’s a sample of what I mean. 

I really feel this situation was that dramatic.  When you wind up the only one or one of very few, left standing after some force of nature comes through, I’m sorry but there is something about you.

For those wondering, the gal is an Aries with a Scorpio moon conjunct Neptune and a stellium in Pisces.

Here’s the post from last year:

I want to state up front, I realize I have my own blind spots.  With that out of the way, I want to try to convey my current experience which is so drastic, I have to conclude it’s supernatural.  It’s ethereal.  It’s God.

I say this because I can and I have literally, told the same thing to several dozen people.  Some of them understand, instantly. Others can’t see.

Can’t see, don’t see, won’t see, don’t want to see. I have no idea. All I know is the person right next to a person like that can see and could not, NOT see if their life depended on it.  It’s uncanny.

I wish I could understand this in way that makes sense. Some people are stupid, right? But that’s not it. That’s not the criteria. It’s more as if, God, or the universe or whatever you want to call this force, has tapped some, gifting them with normal sight and clarity. The other people don’t have this. They look at an “A” and think it is a cow. It’s that stunning.

It freaks me out to witness this. I can speak to one person and be understood in less than sixty seconds. The other person I can talk to for a year… and there is a ball of string there, like multi-colored yarn, that a cat would play with. I may as well be trying to start a fire with with a pail of water.

I’m done testing this, if that’s what I’ve been doing.

One more remark about blindness; I have spent a lot of time with a blind man over the last couple years.  He’s smart as a whip; you can’t even tell he’s blind. But there is one thing that eludes him.

He can’t see you, which means he can’t read the emotion on your face or tell anything your body language might communicate.  Someone would have to translate this for him, they would have to verbalize it and no one does. Consequently, he does not know when someone is shocked or scared or disappointed or hurt…

When you can’t see, then you can’t see. Think about that!
And when you can see, why is that?


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  1. People are much more self absorbed nowadays and caring only about how things affect them. I also think common sense is very rare today. It’s baffling.

  2. Human perception is always a tricky thing, just observing my own I see it varies. Nevermind the differences between individuals. Also, watch your pets or friends sometime and see what piques their attention.

    Add in that our lifestyle (primarily white cultures and I’m white) tends to disengage our senses from the environment – we tend to be focused on what’s next rather than the now moment. Way too many distractions. Plus we focus on destinations, not the journey, not the in-between events. Example – leave the house, get into car, go to destination, get back in car, go home. I see people constantly texting while drive, walking riding bicycles, etc. or moving around with headphones – they are connected to a reality of their choosing, not the environment. I suspect a lot of people use music, cell phones, t.v. to drown out or shut out the environment – they can’t tolerate silence or natural sound and that’s where the muses are 🙂 You have to go a long way now to find true darkness and silence.

    Sensitive people pay attention to the inner environment and the outer environment and the interplay between them.

    Primal cultures always were in tune with their environment but lost it as ‘civilization’ eroded their sense of connection.

  3. You’re hit the mark for me on this one. All week long a huge gathering of Canoe People, First People shared Protocol … the timeless practices of each tribe as those practices manifest today; inspite of the odds against their (our) survival. These are a Gift Society (English phrase) and the vision they have and stories that are shared are respected, and given time, as much as it takes, to be with the teachings.

    Via the Internet, elders and others were able to be involved through LIVE STREAM and be present. Now that’s a metaphor to tap the flow of what happens in the river of life. I am filled with healing and understanding, and prepare to share what I have been taught.

    I get this.

    On the other hand when I sent this sort of vision and explanation/story to a relative (through marriage) who is of a completely different culture, try as she did for most of the summer she could not ‘get it.’ Is she ‘blind’ to the words and the metaphors? Probably. She had no context to embrace the meaning.

    She felt she had disappointed me. Disappointed doesn’t fit what I felt. Our world views are different, and it’s important for me to recognize that I don’t need to prove the worthiness of my vision or my culture. Like you wrote, Elsa, I’m done testing or trying to light OTHER people’s fire with my fire-starter.

  4. Just as there are so many diverse cultures in our society so are life experiences.I have always had a gift of discernment.I learned very early that a smile does not equal a good person.I see more things because I have been exposed to a lot of darkness .Every time I get frustrated with people who can not see I am reminded of Christ on the cross saying” forgive them for they know not what they do” Gives me a sense OF PEACE.

  5. Elsa, you described the definition of a sociopath (except thankfully they aren’t violent too); someone with no feelings. For someone to evolve they must develop mental, physical….and the higher center, the emotional. The higher center is lost on some still working on the other two lower centers. It’s okay as long as they aren’t causing harm to others. Although, when they are extreme in their carelessness it causes harm to others and becomes the only way for them to learn via others bothering to point out their behavior. Most of us don’t bother telling someone those kinds of social cues. I like to view each person as being on the path they most need. So we’re works in progress. When Jesus said, as he was being crucified on the cross, “forgive them father,for they know not what they do” he was viewing his oppressors like children who haven’t learned. Some part of them didn’t develop. Sadly, in our modern age, being intelligent gets you farther up the ladder of life (and is praised) than compassion. I think a large part of that happens because there is no encouragement to develop compassion or social skills. No incentive.

  6. I think it’s like that when people of differing political opinions talk about issues. I don’t think that it’s God or whatever in this case making the other person conceptually blind to what you’re talking about. It’s that their experience is so different with a particular issue that they have no clue how you could think the way you think. We all have filters but without that sense of why another person feels that way, while STILL considering them a rational human being, there is no understanding.

    It’s like when people of one faith are so used to being with other people of that same faith, they have no idea how to reference other people’s experience when they did not grow up in that particular culture/environment. Yeah… We rush to judgment, saying they must be “dumb”. Well no, that’s usually not the case. It’s just that humans are humans and feel and experience it from our point of view. And it doesn’t always make sense. Especially to another person.

    The question is what do we have in common? How do we talk so we are understood enough. What makes sense to them that they would understand what you’re saying just enough. Sometimes we don’t even know what we don’t know, like the blind man. Unless we ask. It’s hard. Sometimes it feels impossible. Sometimes its just easier not to talk about it and focus on what you both care about. Especially when you feel that your experience is so far away from there’s that it might not be worth the potential (in-)fighting. That it’s incomprehensible.

    Will they be willing to hear and learn? Maybe not. Are you willing to hear and learn? Maybe not.

    This isn’t really about what you’re talking about In your post Elsa! But what you talked about did remind me of this.

  7. I think that advertising at all kinds of manipulative undertakings have interfered with our vulnerability. Meaning that everyone has vulnerability as part of being human, and it is necessarily uncomfortable.

    So that discomfort is a hole that all kinds of things try to step in and fill, for a price of course. That is something I notice as a big difference between “less developed” countries and my own, the United States. The ability to abide in vulnerability.

  8. I know I’m late to the party here, but I could not refrain from commenting on this one. I realized later in life that people don’t really “see”. It came to me when I began to really see; and hence, feel, so much so that I began sharing my experiences with my family. At first, I think they thought I was a little crazy, but as I showed them concrete examples, they began to “see” and feel as well. This has opened up a new world for them all. I will admit that some are better at it than others, but it is rewarding nevertheless.

  9. At first I thought it could be a language difference – possibly expressed differently, the person might have understood?

    Maybe it’s that some people live deeper than others. Some people have more life-wisdom. They are more sensitive to the undercurrents and subtle meanings behind words and deeds. Some are less material-focused. These are the ones that can get you, the ones that can read between the lines.

  10. Dear Elsa thank you so much for pulling this post up. Tomorrow is my solar return ( birthday is today) and I will have Neptune widely conjunct the Moon in 8 house. Your remarks here explain a lot to me. This fishy squishy Moon/Neptune in the dark kingdom of Pluto.

  11. I have felt very “other” since earliest childhood; toddler years, really ~ as I always had an uncanny “Feel” for everything invisible- from unstated/ unexpressed emotions to “realities “ beyond that which seemed so solid, rational or factual to other individuals both known and anonymous to me: whether these be events, situations, interpersonal relationships, etc
    So, I really enjoyed this essay, or “piece” you have written…
    With many planets in my 12th & 8th houses, in a plethora of water signs, and some astounding natal aspects thereof, I related profoundly to your words.

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