Virgos And Criticism

Virgo goddessThere is no debate that Virgo is a critical sign. Whether this is a boon or a bust for people who interact with them depends on the Virgo. For example, I work with two Virgos. They are both critical thinkers with keen minds. I’m fortunate to be able to run my ideas through their filter.

Virgos are efficient and can save you a lot of time and pain. The have the ability to catch your errors on all levels. Provided you can bear this, it’s a tremendous help.

I realize there are people who want to make their own mistakes but there are circumstances where mistakes are costly.Β For example you don’t want to print a million copies of something that contains a typo. In a case like that, it’s foolish not to run your copy by a Virgo.

I have definitely met Virgos who are absolutely insufferable. They can’t go three feet without criticizing you (or themselves) and they feel all pristine about it too.

What are your experiences with Virgos and criticism?


Virgos And Criticism — 65 Comments

  1. Virgo rising here…
    I am critical to myself and to other people.
    My bestfriend Sun Aquarius/Libra moon… woah!
    She hates my criticism… she get too defensive at times when I am only trying to help. πŸ˜‰

  2. LOL, I understand exactly what you are saying and don’t think I’m pointing all fingers at Virgo suns because I have Virgo venus and I could pick apart the BEST love relationships and be like..all justified and stuff.
    Ox is the mega-virgo. He is critical. His approach flat out sux (just like mine πŸ™‚ ) and we are working on it. After I got over his abrasive approach and actually started listening, I realized that not only what he was saying was absolutely true; it was also beneficial!
    for example, we bought a big fish tank (40 gallon–thats big to me, but of course Libra got it for a song and a The tank had to be ordered and when it was to be picked up, he was unavailable. Which means, I had to go get it.

    You might not know this, but with Mars conjunct Uranus I often get in a hurry and try to do things way ahead of my own good sense and the result of that action has been many demolished vehicles over lots and lots of bones and uncountable bruises, scars from stitches and name it. My motto..if they can build it, I can break it.

    Given that knowledge, as we were standing in the pet store disccusing our options about how to retrieve the tank when it came in, the sales person is watching us. Ox is telling me..think about careful about this..don’t forget this..bring this for padding and blah blah blah.

    Now, the sales person watched me go from calling all the shots on design, price and equipment and in his view I then all of a sudden took the stance of belittled spouse as my S.O. kept bringing up these because, “he thinks you are too stupid to come up with these things? he doesn’t trust you?” (he said that when I picked them up)

    From my perspective, I thought nothing of the discussion. Agreed with the tips that Ox gave and even wrote them down in my handy dandy notebook I was carrying around to take notes in.

    I go back to the store with all of Ox’s tips in mind accompanied with the excitement of having a something we have been saving and planning for. The salesperson meets me and expresses his thoughts (above).

    I laugh, and say, you don’t understand. He KNOWS I would be all excited about getting this thing home that I would rush around and not think about this or that and he is right. That’s why we click. You know? I’m the idea person. He’s the reality person. I come up with it, he comes up with a way to make it work. I respect his input as helpful advice. He respects my input as a new perspective. it works because we have learned not to be defensive about it. We are a team with the same goal. We work together πŸ™‚

    guy was like..ok..whatever.

    but yeah, they can be some picky folk sometimes. I’ll give ya that πŸ™‚

  3. oh, and word of advice..if you plan to plant a “wild flower garden” you might want o make it clear to Virgo that wild flowers ARE technically weeds. Otherwise you are going to come home one day to find Virgo all proud sitting and gazing at your newly cleared (as in pristinely empty) wildflower bed expecting praise because he had the gumption to weed it for you.
    I’m still laughing over that one!

  4. I’m a Virgo sun with Virgo rising. I am very critical of myself. I’m always assessing things, but try not to verbalize it to others. Not sure I’m doing a great job though. My husband says I’m very critical and the glass-is-half-empty kind of person. It cut me to my core when he said this. Maybe I let down my guard around him and things come out and I don’t even realize it. I feel like I’m being honest, not critical. I’m a work in progress, with a long way to go.

  5. My guy has a Stellium in Virgo including his Sun and he is practical to a T. So reliable and helpful, sees through everything. Honestly he is very hard to trick. Throw in his Sag rising and Leo moon and he’s tons of fun on top of it πŸ™‚

  6. I definitely think Virgos can be critical, but they make up for this with all of their good qualities like service, knowing how to do things well, and being generous with their time and energy. I have Virgo on the 4th house so I tend to feel right at home with

    • You mean what’s best for them, most of them are fussy and giving a opinion when nobody asked them and they have ocd

  7. My other half has his north node in Virgo, in the 4th house…when stressed and un-balanced the criticism start pouring out the moment he has stepped in the house after work. Ive come to realise that there’s hyper-critical and then there’s ‘ Virgo Critical ” …

  8. Nota, that is the gospel, right there.

    Libra Sun (Libra almost everything, actually) here, and in my experience Capricorns and Virgos are the most judgmental signs, but I’ll take a Cap over a Virgo any day of the week. Why? Because Caps will think you’re wrong and tell you so, but they don’t really *care* that you’re wrong. They’ll happily be all, “Go on and be wrong. Why do I care?”

    Virgos, though? Well, they think you’re wrong and they won’t stop until they can get you to admit that you’re wrong, and if you won’t, then they look down on you from that point forward in a superior way that is just insufferable.

    As a Libra, that attitude really grates my cheese. πŸ˜› And yet I’m always surrounded by Virgos. It’s my karma, I guess. πŸ˜‰

  9. I’ve found the rising Virgos to be more critical/persnickety in general. Overall I heart my Virgo peeps, they’re the rarified few that can pick me apart (and I mean that in a loving way.)

    • You are wise. Those who despise correction and refuse to hear counsel will come to sudden ruin. All expressions are valid and help bring balance to the world. Many here think themselves clever believing certain urges and characters to be broken or insufferable. They do not yet know as they ought to know.

      Listen to all. Be slow to speak and quick to listen.

  10. So would this Virgo be critical if she posed that wildflowers are not weeds but food for wildlife.

    But I must admit that my wildlife food beds are right now infested with invading non wild grasses. It is so hot I am moving a lamp outside attached to an extension cord so I can garden at night.

    Am I freaking out or having a conversation?

  11. “On the other hand, I have definitely met Virgos who are absolutely insufferable. They can’t go three feet without criticizing you (or themselves) and they feel all pristine about it too.”

    This statement describes my Aunt perfectly. My cousin says she is an enneagram 1. I am enneagram 9.

  12. Virgos make better friends than bosses. Sometimes their nitpicking feels helpful and sometimes it makes me want to crawl in a cave and cry. I can be hard on myself, but Virgos will tell you exactly what needs to be fixed without you asking.

    Unfortunately, they are usually right…

  13. I think it depends on the Virgo and expression of energy but number 1 person in the world is a Virgo and I wouldnt have it any other way πŸ™‚ Never misses a detail and always the first to admit fault. The Virgos I have met have always been humbling πŸ™‚

  14. I got stuck on Josi’s “If they can build it, I can break it” – made me laugh and smile πŸ™‚ I had a sister like that πŸ™‚ lol So cute.

    I’ve got a stellium in Virgo in 4th. I KNOW, don’t yell at me please. My Dad was a Virgo Sun. Basically, with this Virgo/criticism question, I don’t even know where to start πŸ™‚ You’re all doing great with answers so I’m just reading and nodding LOL

  15. this is also very true, Nota.
    “They can dish it out… but only a few of them can take it. They can and will freak out.”

    • This is all terribly vague and circumstantial. The legitimacy is of course dependent on the truthfulness and accuracy of the criticism being offered and/or received by either party.

      Funny how those who study the zodiac preach principles of wholeness balance, while suggesting certain signs to be broken or erroneous. How terribly unenlightened.

      All expressions are valid and useful in their proper application.

  16. Several comments stated above pertain to my one Virgo friend. She is in the business of giving advice, and it is always from the “glass half-empty” viewpoint.

    She gets snotty if you don’t automatically agree with her assessment of the situation.

    She berates people for doing the very things she does in her own life. I believe that if you are going to put yourself in the position of helping others fix their lives, your own life should be somewhat organized first. Otherwise, why should I listen to you?

  17. The stretch for virgo “I think” is not necessarily saying what I think. Understanding who I am in conversation with and what their sensitivity level is.

    And also relinquishing my responsibility for outcome. If someone is hell bent on heading for destruction, not only getting out of the way, but not getting involved. I don’t have to clean it up. Foresight helps in staying clear of calamity and out of danger (other chart factors of course). Risk assessment is one good use of analytical ability.

  18. @notch… I’m still laughing at your first comment “Am I freaking out or having a conversation?” πŸ˜‰

    @Nota… never a truer word was said! Quite capable of doling it out but cannot cop it back.

    At All.

  19. My best friend when I was a teenager was a Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon. She was a very loving and supportive friend. She was very hard on herself though she was never hard on me.

    I moved to a new town and was so depressed I became suicidal and she would write me a letter every week to cheer me up. It didn’t really work at the time but I have kept almost all of those letters–they were so full of love.

    She died 13 years ago today and I still miss her.

  20. Sorry, but I can’t handle too much criticism. Maybe I’m egotistical? Oh well, if I am then at least I’m honest and at least I don’t criticize others (at least not too often).

    Criticize me too harshly and you’ll end up emotionally wounding me.

  21. I’ve got a lot of Virgo (moon and rising, Sun in the 6th) and while I could go on forever with criticism of others it does not even compare to how hard I criticize myself. The reason I think Virgos and their criticisms have such bad reputations is because they are usually right. But I’m biased lol.

    • No it’s because you all are heartless and can’t take it when others do unto you what you’ve done to them. Big difference

      • How small minded. According to the principles of zodiac every person has a unique impression stamped on them by the positioning of the heavens. Therefore there are many influences beyond the sun sign, consider a star chart and also name numerology as well as life experience and free will.

        The critical nature stems from the analytical nature and a loving desire to heal/fix. Hopefully you can come to understand this before your time expires.

  22. One thing I notice is that a lot of people seem to think Virgos look down condescendingly on others from their thrones of righteousness.
    This is true sometimes, more for some Virgos than others but it’s not always the case.

    Often our thought processes go: “AArgh! An error! Sitting right there, staring me in the face. Must fix and restore the rightful order of the universe!”

  23. I have venus in Virgo, and yes, I can be critical. I think I have a knack for addressing things with a cushion of compassion, though.

  24. Why is most of this post funny to me? The aquarium story was a hoot and both gardening experiences….a light at night to garden? ha!

    My father was a Virgo Sun. He was a gentle workaholic (alongside my mom, a Capricorn). I felt like an employee all my childhood. I was. They meant well, but I grew up terribly alienated and sad (lots of fire, hardly any earth in my chart).

    My dad loved garage sales in his later years. He would buy garden tools and clean and paint them, so they looked oh-so-nice.

    When we had fireworks displays on the 4th of July, he cleaned up the street of the fireworks remains and put them in the indoor fireplace.

    I have a Virgo midheaven with fire and water influences and I have anxiety about a variety of things (oh, I don’t know, say, fireworks in the fireplace, perhaps?).

  25. Anita…that is so funny “I felt like an employee growing up” lolol Me too!!!! I used to say, half-joking, that my parents had kids just so they could have slaves πŸ™‚ (Dad was Virgo, Mom was Taurus)

  26. My niece is a Virgo, and yes, she is uber critical. But she’s also one of the most caring individuals I’ve ever met. And if I need an objective, critical opinion on something, she’s the first person I go to, because I know she’ll be completely honest and dead right.

  27. Critical rising here. F*ck!ng ring sign… i already criticize myself, no need for third parties bugging me. Mega critical.

    Mercury is also my most aspected planet with 13 aspects… and have moon on 6th house.

  28. CLD, I hear you! We should start a “Children of Earth Signs” healing group!

    In regards to the self-criticalness of Virgos, it’s self-defeating, and it’s so natural it can’t be stopped. A good friend has a Virgo Moon and she constantly questions her own truth and worth. Then other people at work criticize her beyond necessary…really upsetting experiences…and she takes it in and works it around in her brain unmercifully. She can’t let it go.

  29. Yes, Anita, so true! πŸ™‚

    My Dad was very soft hearted. He meant well but felt no matter what he said or did he would get hell for it. He closed himself off a lot as a self-protection thing. Just thinking about this today makes me want to hug him but he’s gone now. He was often hurt by people. Virgos might be critical but it’s really hard to not be who you really are. And usually they mean well.

  30. Ouch! Five planets in Virgo with a Leo sun; highly efficient and helpful. Critical, yes, BUT, if you have enough emotional intelligence you can direct mistakes and teach others the way to go about things, in a way that does not hurt or intimidate them. I try to focus on the better part of being Virgo.

    My beef, my Virgo moon. Booooooo…

    I don’t understand it, but I still try my best!

  31. I love Virgo energy…I hope I don’t hurt anyone with my comments (worrying here….). It’s the human condition. I’m trying to be light about it nowadays. It seems that everything has become a joke to me.

  32. This is a good conversation. All things virgo.

    I am wondering if virgo is impossible to indoctrinate or for very long anyway. It is a common theme amongst my virgo sun friends. We cluster or cloister. In company jobs, it seems the beef is that it is not enough to do the job and do it well but that they are expected to buy onto some kind of political, religious, or social creedo or at least pretend to. There is a soul eating feel about it. Not doing so, they feel (believe it or not they have feelings) they are marked the enemy. But it makes for good cloister humor. It sure beats crying about it.

    And it sure makes me appreciate good working environments. Yup I’m picky about that all right.

  33. Libra Moon, here. With mercury and pluto in virgo, find it true that people don’t want advice (doesn’t stop me giving it though)or solutions to their problems in context with the world’s problems. Can sound like a dictatorial character flaw assesment if not provided sensitively. Always best to ask; what do you think you should do about it? See if this leads to a request for advice.

  34. When you’re perfect and can see the fine details weaving the big pattern which others miss in all the drama, it’s impossible not to be critical(half jest!). But seriously, sometimes the correct course of action is so obvious, so logical, so common sense that, having provided the solution one can be driven to excasberation as failure unfolds because people stubbornly refuse to consider the facts in light of circumstances. The virgoen skill of discernment and distinction is at its weakest in the emotional minefield of human relations, however. This blind spot is a source of much pain as Virgos are driven to serve others. As the head should not rule the heart, but guide it wisely, tallying up measures in emotional currency does not equate. I feel fortunate to have a Mercury Pluto in Virgo sextile Venus in Scorpio in this respect. However, there is no end of criticism for beaurocratic numbskulls messing with my and others lives!

  35. Have you noticed that so many bottle blondes happen to be Virgo? I think it’s interesting that Virgo represents anal-ysis! They can also be neurotically hypondriac occupying the health zone of the zodiac. I’ve 4 planets in Libra.

  36. I adore Virgos. Almost every best friend I’ve ever had has been a Virgo… and of those, the vast majority have had their Suns in the last decanate of the sign.

    The only one I found to be hypercritical was one I became friends with at work, and she called me when I was visiting another friend just to pick at me. Our friendship ended shortly after that; she did, however, call me a year later to invite me to see her new baby, and after that visit called me to tell me she disapproved of my new boyfriend. Because of his age (five years younger than me). The funny thing was, when she and I had been friends she tried to set me up with men that much younger!

  37. I’m a Virgo Sun and what I find interesting about the various opinions on this thread is that the two harshest came from people with a lot of Libra, the “nicest” sign.

  38. This entire thread helped me understand why out of 7 people in our family, when Dad was sad, *I* was the one they sent to talk to him. Even when I was little. With all my virgo in my chart, must have been that he heard me and it helped. I don’t know for sure. Really wish he were alive today so I could hug him. This thread just made me cry.

  39. I am a Virgo myself…..what i feel is Virgo people do have flaws, no-one in this world is perfect. My biggest flaw is that i am a short-tempered person but somehow i manage to control it. People don’t find me that negative or filled with flaws. I am human i have flaws but very few….thanks for the share..!!

  40. I work in a law firm where all the paralegals are Virgos and stubborn as hell. I have a Leo sun with 5 planets in Virgo, including south node. Virgos are the masters of details, details, details. I find creative types usually mess up on the details. I’m always cleaning up someone else’s mess, and it drives me crazy. My Virgo stellium keeps my exuberant Leo sun down and acts as the proverbial wet blanket. Too much Virgo is also not good for love relationships, because it analyzes the relationship to death. my Virgo stellium is helpful for my job, but not for real life.

  41. My last boyfriend was Virgo. I knew when he was being self-critical in his head because he would project it onto me (word for word I’m sure). The last one was “Is that the best you can do?” regarding something really insulting, and I realized “No, you’re right, I CAN do better than you.” Haven’t seen him since.
    My daughter is Virgo. If it’s not perfect, look out.

  42. i do pretty well with virgo. but i have the ascendant. i have a lot of practice with it. and how to try to be fair about it.
    someone’s pluto in virgo is really driving me crazy though. they’re really unconscious about it and project it a lot :/ and i’m a good target.

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