Virgo Woman Flirts And Sneak-Touches Man Who Has A Girlfriend

Virgo vintage fabric transfer

Dear Elsa,

I met a man several years back. Just from a glance across a bar. Turns out we had mutual friends in common. We started emailing each other… flirting. We would see each other on weekends just being in the same place at the same time.

We will secretly touch each other – a brush here, a bump there. Now the catch. He has a girl friend and she does not know we email. She does not see the flirtatious touching but it will never go further than that. Should I just let it go? I really like him.

Virgo Woman
Tokyo, Japan
Dear Virgo,

I don’t know what you should do. If you like being the woman some guy feels up behind his girlfriend’s back, well then you’re in! But if you think this is love or something like that, then I would say you’re deluding yourself.

You have a stellium in Virgo with Pluto involved. You are no doubt attracted to the taboo of this situation along with the idea you don’t actually have sex so you keep your “virginity”. But you are past 40 and Saturn is in Virgo, which begs you to grow up, define yourself and face reality.

Is this the kind of adult you want to be? If so carry on. If not, knock it off. Your judgment is the only one that counts.

Good luck.


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