Virgo Moon And Jupiter: Grammar Humor

Groucho MarxMy mother is an English and History teacher so I was brought up to appreciate good writing and good grammar. By appreciate I also mean to get humor out of bad writing and bad grammar. My favorite literary gaffe is the misplaced modifier. A misplaced modifier is a word or phrase describing something but not placed in correct proximity to the subject it is meant to describe, changing the meaning of the sentence in ways that can be hilarious. One such example is, β€œThe following are tips to protect women from the police department.”

Well yesterday morning I was in real need of a good old belly laugh. The Moon (feeling) in Virgo (language structure) was trining Jupiter (mirth) and my very favorite misplaced modifier ever popped into my head. Several years ago when I kept up my own blog I wrote about my grandmother’s death. Several people left supportive comments, and a long-time high school friend capped it all with her comment, “I was so sorry to learn about your grandmother dying while reading your blog.” I replied, “Well actually she died from the complications of Alzheimer’s, but had she read my blog…”

I got weeks of gut laughs from that one and I did again yesterday. My Aries friend was not amused, however, and it was the beginning of the end of our friendship. I guess that’s sad, but the joke was totally worth it. I’m still giggling today.

What is your sense of humor like? Can you see the astrology?


Virgo Moon And Jupiter: Grammar Humor — 27 Comments

  1. Hmmm wait you said the title, not the Groucho quote– why can’t I see it?

    I’m so funny usually lol

    So are all my sibs.

  2. it relates to the joke, the one I wrote of in the blog. and it’s subtle, till you get it. then it’s a groaner.

  3. Virgo (precise) Moon (mother) Jupiter (teacher) Grammar (of English) humor (Mercury)

    Plus today is Wednesday ruled by Mercury! LoL

  4. Yeahhhh, I get that satori because I have a similar wordsense humor. It doesn’t always translate on the internet well, as usual with Virgo, people tend to think they’re being mocked. An example, today someone wrote in a chat I was reading that he had two “pure bread dogs”. I said, “Well, I’ve had to switch to whole grain dogs!” *crickets crickets*. OK not my best work lol but with the ~kids these days~ and their intertrons, nobody respects a good repartee anymore!

  5. yes, mocked, exactly. I’ve had people get their nose out of joint over it or delete my comments before. I’ve learned to pick my audience carefully.

  6. My mother laughed when a friend of hers wrote that way, and made it sound as though she’d had surgery in her garden. She showed me the letter to see my reaction, and I laughed, too.

  7. It was Weiner’s dangling participles that gained him a fervent Twitter following among the grammarians…

  8. In April, I finally asked about dangling participles. My mind always heads to the gutter. I found that it’s a mistake I regularly make, and have asked after writing something in two ways, which would be the correct way of putting something.

  9. My grade school teachers used to make us diagram sentences on the board. I wonder if I still could, I don’t think they teach that anymore.

    I bet Satori could!!

  10. My sense of humor is very broad – from grammer humer to satire to dumb kid’s jokes.

    Everyone in my family is hilarious & likes to laugh. That’s the 1 thing we all have in common.

    (Yes, that 1st sentence is on purpose.)

  11. Is your Grammar the one who read your blog? πŸ™‚

    The elephant in the pajamas line is my second fave Marx bros line. The absolute best is the sanity clause one.

  12. 10th Gemini Jupiter conjunct MC
    trines my
    Aquarius Moon.

    English isnt my native tongue, but im better with it than my native tongue. Even tho im prone to such mistakes like the following followers, im still capable of ROFL with such.

  13. Ah…my kind of humor!! I love reading Craig’s List ads too – lots of really funny stuff there.
    (Not intended, I’m sure, which makes it all the funnier.)
    No Gemini in my chart, but my best friend is Gem – does that count? πŸ˜‰

  14. I can’t always spot grammar mistakes in English because it’s not my native language. I sure do spot mistakes in Finnish though! Just yesterday me and my friends were laughing at English idioms translated into Finnish. They just DON’T work in Finnish language, and it’s funny how especially a lot of younger people use them like it’s Finnish. No, actually it’s kind of sad.

    We also regularly come up with a dirty sentence and “translate” it into old English or old Finnish (or both).

  15. My kind of post. Funny that I first heard of Groucho from a vesta 8th house post linked to a dirty joke. I have one too, someone told me ‘ X-rayed, after they will do your autopsy… /they meant biopsy and were really mortified? / and I said, soon enough my dear, then laughed and winked. (the thing was that I had a tumor at the time so that’s why they felt so bad at first). They couldn’t contain their laugh. I have Jupiter in virgo in the 8th house and if you’ve had told me your gramma’ (r) joke, I would have considered you my best pal right then and there.

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