Pisces Woman Wants Closure From Virgo Man

Pisces necklaceHi Elsa,

Back in October, I met a Virgo man. We got along wonderfully and I could tell we really liked each other; we talked everyday. As the time passed he called less frequently and backed away and when I questioned him, he said it was because he liked me.

When I like a person I want to talk to them more not less, and I got upset and told him that. After that, things were not the same. Two months ago I told him I thought I was falling in love with him and have not heard from him since. I have tried calling him and he has completely ignored everything.

I am trying to find out what happened and get closure. Did I scare him off? Or is he thinking about it and will he come back? He never officially broke off the relationship.

Completely Confused
United States

Dear Confused,

I am sorry this man’s mixed signals set you on a path to confusion, but at this point his signals are abundantly clear. He is not interested. And further, you are not going to get “closure” because he is not going to give it to you. The reason being that he’s not capable of giving it to you.

He is also not capable of telling you that he doesn’t like you, that he likes someone else better, that he changed his mind or whatever else his reason for pulling away may be. And if you have even a modicum of class (he doesn’t), then you will respect his shortcomings and relent with contacting him and/or professing your love. And beyond that you can learn from this. Because these are facts:

When it comes to relating to others, people have varying levels of skill. And there is nothing you can do about their mastery on this front. But there is plenty you can do about yourself and your post suggests you can use some help on this front and that I have.

Some years ago I had a friend who had an MO that was similar to yours. That is, when a man pulled away from her, she chased him even harder. And she never caught anyone doing this and eventually it caused her enough pain she went to therapy. And the therapist, realizing she had no idea how to read a situation like this or where to put the lines, offered this advice:

She told her when a man (or a woman or whoever) pulled away from her, she should immediately pull twice as far back as they had. She explained if the person was interested, this would bring them back very directly. And if they did not come back she’d already have some distance, never mind she would be spared the heartache and humiliation a person goes through when they finally realize they are chasing someone who is trying to get away.

This worked for my friend. It changed her life and I think it will help you too.

Good luck.

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  1. Good advice! Whats that poem? If you love someone set them free, if they come back they’re yours, if they dont they never were.

    • I would say this was good advice if this was not a Virgo man. Virgo man are the exception to the rule. They can like someone and disappear to weigh all sides of the situation. No you should not chase him harder or profess anything to him. You should allow him the time to get his thoughts in order. What I know of Virgo is not fear and they usually don’t say something they don’t mean. If he didn’t like her he would of said it they are very blunt. Virgo men may approach slowly but I have never known them to lie about how they feel. Give him time. He will come around. Patience is a virtue.

  2. About the only thing that works on Sagittarian men . . . that’s if you want to have a relationship with one. 🙂

  3. Excellent advice, Elsa!

    I know from personal experience that it’s hard as hell to pull back when someone you care about drops you, because I want to know ‘why’! But the thing of it is this: knowing doesn’t change the fact that this person left. It won’t bring him/her back. And if you change to accomodate what was ‘wrong’ to begin with, you will be sincerely untrue to yourself, leaving you vulnerable to repeat the same chaos again. And who wants that?

    I’ve since learned instead to just chalk my relationships up to experience and learning, a stepping stone on my way forward with my life. I mourn the loss and move on. 🙂

    Good luck!!

  4. Hello Elsa! I just wanted to say that reading your blog raises so many questions about my life because I can relate with you and those writing in for advice. However, I also find that your blog also offers answers. The questions you raise in one blog are almost always answered the next day in another blog. I find this sense of cohesion in your blog amazaing and I want to thank you for writing it!

  5. Elsa, I have known my Virgo man for over 20yrs..we have been friends the entire time. years ago we got intimate, however because he never expressed the same feelings I have, I ended up marrying someone else. I am now divorced. Me & my Virgo friend have crossed paths again. All this time I realized that I have loved him all along. Well, I shared this with him, and at first he was ok. I thought he felt somewhat the same way, until he told me to “stand back” and his reason was because his life is all over the place right now & he can’t give me the same amount of time I give him. Before he told me this, I told him that I have always loved him, & in so many words that he is the only one for me..that’s when he decided to have this conversation. Prior, we were talking not everyday, but almost everyday & texting…I have not heard from him since that conversation. Does he just need space? Or, is he just not interested in a way that I want him to be. Please help..I’m late, but I figured out that he is the love of my life. I need him. I feel like he was falling then all of a sudden “caught himself”…I don’t know what to do.

  6. 80% or more of men i fell hard in love with were Virgo men.
    They really do it for me, i am pisces by the way.
    But all of these relationships ended very badly
    I have come to accept that as much as i find the virgo man super sexy they are NOT a great match for me pisces woman

    Virgo men have a way of bringing out the worst in me
    Will all of them i became super clingy and needy and a bit of a stalker something i never do with any of the other star signs

    So Pisces girls, stay away from the Virgo guys, not good for you

  7. I don’t think that any sign is good for Virgo men – and that they probably bring out the worst in all women. This is my experience anyway. I was with a Virgo for over 3 years, but prior to that he had chased me (off and on) for 13 years – he had seen me as some sort of unavailable fantasy.
    Once he got me he became a person I couldn’t recognise from the one I’d met (a very charming, soft-mannered man). He was cruel, critical, mean and emotionally abusive. Everyday he told me I wasn’t up to scratch for the smallest reasons. He said he couldn’t respect me because I wasn’t slim and toned all the time (I had never been called overweight by anyone before). I had started off as a confident independent woman and by the time I managed to get the courage to leave him (though I felt pushed really), my self-esteem had become a dim and distant memory. When I left him he seemed bothered for a few days and then dismissed me completely and ignored I’d ever existed.

    I grieved hard – not because of the man I wasn’t with anymore, but because the man I had loved just hadn’t really existed – it had been a convincing act.

    This Virgo had an appalling relationship history of wrecking women’s lives, and I should have taken more notice of that at the time. Look at how a man treats his ex’s and you will be no different. I fooled myself that he would treat me differently because he had chased me for so long -but that probably made it worse. Idolisation to demonisation they call it. When it ended, he said to me that he had never loved me, but had just been seeking approval, and wanted a girl of my background to make him look good – that was all. What was worse is that he said it with no emotion – just a cold hard fact.

    Virgo men are called the ‘bachelors of the Zodiac’ for a good reason. They want what they can’t have.

    They suck.

    P.S. I’m a Leo

    • Virgos can be critical; however, the one you described above had a narcissistic personality disorder. Sorry he put you through hell. I am a virgo female.

  8. The same thing happened to me with a virgo man. He was so charming in the beginning, calling me everyday. He told me he had never met a woman that made him feel so amazing and the chemistry we shared was real. Then after 3 months he told me over the phone that he needed space. I was crushed to say the least and so confused. He never did give a solid good reason for leaving me and the way he left made my self esteem very low. Well it’s been an agonizing 10 months, gave him all the space he needs. It’s as if I never knew the man I was falling in love with. What sucks about Virgo men is their emotional detachment which comes so easily for them. He led me to beleive that he was in love with me. Then when he got what he wanted he just disappeared from my life. Iam a Picses woman and when I fall in love, I fall hard!

  9. Been married to my Virgo man for almost 27 years. He must have forgot to read the manual. Still charming, still caring, taking care of old onery Scorpio me.

  10. Well, er, um, I think you might want a little input from a Virgo man at this point. First Elsa’s example of the therapist’s advice to the desertee. I may not be exagerating to say that the very first and foremost thing a Virgo man would find repellant is someone who doesn’t read (even subtle) signals and who is clingy and needy and so on. Believe me, Virgos (men maybe even moreso than the women) have their own (sometimes tormented) inner life to contend with, and their own sense of propriety and appropriateness. Sorry if you got/get hurt, but hey, you expect them to lie and say that they love you forever and to tell you that lie every day until when? That’s really NOT going to help ANYONE. Bonnie Raitte song starts: “I can’t make you love me, if you don’t …”

  11. Thanks for the input on Virgo men JJJ. I think you misunderstood what was involved. He DID tell me he loved me. So one of the traits of Virgo men is to play with a womans’ emotions? To tell her things that she wants to hear? Didn’t he realize
    how he felt after the FIRST sexual encounter? Why make it go even further if there were no real feelings involved. Are Virgo men AFRAID of deep
    sensual love a Picses woman has to offer? Peace out. Make love, not war.

    • Hi Sandy. People are like puzzles made up of different signs (chemistries). Virgos don’t say I love you just like. We think long and hard and when we say it we mean it. Check where his moon (emotions) is that would cause him to express his “love” so easily and thoughtlessly. I am a virgo sun/pisces moon.

  12. I’m here to say that a Pisces woman and Virgo man can without a doubt be a match made in heaven. My grandmother is a Pisces and my grandfather is a Virgo and they have been married for 56 years and are still in love. Of course they’ve had their up’s and down’s with way more up’s. I am a Pisces woman and Virgo is the sign that I attract more than any sign. I am currently dating one now and our connection is extremely deep. I seem to get along better and have deeper connections with August Virgo’s. Although I feel that they are more emotional than the September Virgo’s they still have their periodic cold spells. The Virgo that I’m currently dating has made me toughen up my heart and think more logical and I thank him for that. One thing for sure is that a Virgo man loves a woman that has her own and is able to take care of herself & once he realizes that your are not dependent on him then he will take care of you with no questions asked. When he realizes you can provide for your self he will provide for you. I’m also not clingy with my virgo which makes him cling to me. You also have to remember that Virgo’s take time to decide if you are the one for them. They really like someone that listens to their problems and provides logical advise. I think Pisces women are best suited for an evolved Virgo.

    • i am a piscean woman in love with virgo guy.at first he used to talk n flirt a lot but i was indifferent.but when we got physical with each other i fall for him hard.i told him this n now he is totally distant.he said he loved his ex so extremely that he has no love left.now what should i do??

  13. Now this sounds like male and female (some) virgos. I currently have feelings for a male virgo. I don’t know how things will turn out being that I’m a female virgo. Sometimes we can both be stubborn.

  14. Thought I’d join the party. Am a Pisces with a huge crush on a Virgo guy who is a friend. We only became friends recently but seem to get along so well, although I’ve no idea what he gets up to in the rest of his life (Virgo secrecy and all that). I’m pretty keen on him so have taken the time to research how the Virgo man’s mind works and as a true Pisces it’s really hard to keep my distance and come across as super independent and slightly distant, when my natural instinct would be to throw caution to the wind and tell him how i feel. We text each other everyday and when we meet up I’m sure the attraction between us is mutual and he seems to find it quite hard to walk away when the conversation is over, but he still talks about some girl he met a while ago who he thought might be ‘the one’ even though they only met briefly and live miles apart. Just wondered what anyone thought about the situation, am i deluding myself that he might see me as more than just a friend or should I keep doing what i’m doing in the hope that I’m making some headway with him?

  15. Pisces woman, if I were you I would stay away from the jekyl and hyde Virgo man. They are charming in the beginning, but that is just to hook you. Nobody really knows how the Virgo man’s
    mind works because they are so secretive and dishonest about their intentions. My suggestion is to use them only for sexual pleasure and not get emotionally attached. Virgo men hardly get emotionally attached anyway. They are cold, and don’t know how to express any feelings. NOT a good match for a Pisces woman!

    • A virgo female here who has been on and off with the love of my life, a pisces for 15 years. We are not together. I’m married, but I still love him and we still talk. We have been through a lot emotionally. Atleast i have. I wish i could spend the rest of my life with this man. When we were in a relationship it was great with some fights here and there. We never really knew what caused us to sepearate til this day. Maybe it was to grow. Ppl who come on here and bash other signs especially their opposite signs needs to be a little more mature. Coming from a virgo myself we always get sterotyped that we are cold and emotionless and that hurts because deep down we all need to realize pisces and virgos are opposites. We are like magnets. Can’t have one without the other. We are one energy. Deep down every virgo has pisces trait and vice versa. So yes we virgos have a heart and feelings. I have been sooo emotional over this man. I’m the one who is open with my feelings where he is the one that is not. I don’t know if it is because I am a female virgo or what. He has put me through a lot, but I would never talk bad because I know deeply he has love for me. So in true virgo style analyze yourself first before blaming the other half. Maybe you need to change.

  16. virgo men have harems of female followers..they have so much women to choose from they get confused. i think that’s the truth. they don’t really like independent women..at first maybe but then they slowly try and break her and then use it against her..they’re kind of evil

  17. Aquarius women: avoid Virgos at all costs.

    Very intense initial connection. Perfection. Charm. Security. Fake tears with expressions of love even.

    They will lie until they get you. My nightmare wasn’t realised until I was married (yes it was planned and didn’t happen right away) and in a foreign country and young (younger than he was by 10 years and 21) and stuck for 2 years. … Then I spent almost three years back in my country, where this person said we could have a good life if I just waited for him to make enough money to come out. Crying did nothing. Offering to pay for flights did nothing. I never wanted to be apart more than 2 months… I did everything by myself, did everything to please this person… went broke struggling on my own, and not doing anything he didn’t approve of. I was approached constantly by men, and my female friends pleaded with me to see what I was worth. Good wife. ha.

    Imagine that you give this person ample opportunities to end the relationship and ask them to be honest with you. Imagine being hung up on for calling to say good morning from 8 hours away? (regularly) Then imagine that after you wait 3-5 days for them to call and apologise, they ask if you are done sulking. Then they initiate phone or web sex… and that’s acceptance. They make you feel like a queen at first, and then little by little – rude comments, hurtful actions, neglect, and manipulation. I finally decided to give up on the immigration and go back to his country a week after he had sobbed on the phone to me “don’t give up on me, we have to be together, I didn’t marry to divorce, we can go to counseling”… When I called him to discuss flights, he let me know we were nothing anymore. I asked if he’d found someone else, and he said, “yeah, have you? tell me… I’ll tell you about mine!” and proceeded to say that I should find a young boy and that he was stuck with an “old battered (as in weathered) woman” but that he “likes women of all shapes and sizes and types.” Vomit urge.

    Dragged down to nothing and then dismissed. I was “too good” for this person from the beginning, and still – but a mind**ck is a mindf***.

    If you’re a good person especially, or at all vulnerable (I was very and still am)…. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

    I want never to marry again, and I am shocked to learn that I was one of many women he used and threw away. I’ve since had some experiences with a couple of Virgo women (not romantic) and I’m sort of done with this sign.

  18. To: SirenSong

    I cried reading what you’ve wrote. I am an Aries woman and I loved once a selfish virgo man. At the beginning he was just fine, honest, charming, funny.. He told me after few dates that he loves me.. we had amazing sex together.. each time was in a 5-star hotel on me! He never bothered paying for a night.. when we arrange a meeting (because each of us lives with a roomate), he claimed that something happened and delayed his arrival to the hotel until he makes sure that I checked in. We got to know each other for 7 months.. the last time we met was in January.. we had sex and were supposed to spend the night together.. I fell asleep and when I woke up to use a bathroom around 2 pm.. he WAS GONE..!!! I never called for the sake of my dignity.. I expected an apology call or text saying that he needed to leave.. but until now nothing of these happened! I helped him alot in doing his term papers.. (nowing that we both graduate students).. bought & sent him expensives books.. bought him college hoodies and many other stuffs.. I was too generous yet STUPID.. After more than 9 months being away from him.. I figured out that he’s a big liar and cheater! he Used me because he needed me.. for money.. for gifts… for study.. but when he recieved everything he just disappeared..! I am not sorry for him.. but I am so sorry for myself being dumbed by a man.. and in the name of LOVE! My advice to at least all fire signs.. NEVER believe a virgo.. they ONLY think about themselves.. they are capable to make you believe that they love you.. until they get what they want.. and then leave you in pain and sorrow to look for another woman who could use and throw again.. WE AS WOMEN ARE ONLY (DISPOSAL WOMEN) for VIRGOs..

  19. Iam SO done with the virgo sign. If I ever meet another virgo man in the future, I will run fast!
    They are manipulative, secretive, spiteful, sneaky. I don’t care too much about their general traits, according to astrologers. Pisces-Virgo do have sexual chemistry, but that’s as far as it goes.

  20. As impossible as it may seem, keep doing things for yourself and stay the F away from the person. A about a week and a half after I posted, my mother passed away.

    At 21, I left my mother when she was ill because I had been taking care of her without help from others. I thought other people would take over, and I thought I deserved a good life with this new person, and the chance to do new things, see new places, enjoy some of my youth. I came with my half of a down payment on a house… etc (that never happened). In connection with my previous post, I returned and all things I did were about the other person. My mother’s possessions and home had all been confiscated while I was away and she spent her last years catatonic in a bed. Although I last heard from the individual in July, I heard nothing in September when my mother died.

    The only “mean” thing I ever did was to limit contact this year while asking for 1. counseling or 2. to actually meet up in either my country or his because we were married.

    Twilight zone…

    I could be dying on the floor, and I think the virgo I was with would just step over me.

  21. I’m also a Pisces woman in a complicated relationship with none other than a Virgo man. We were friends for a couple of years before we dated, no big surprise there since it takes them years to decide what they want. 😉 We dated for a year, then he started getting really distant and eventually we broke up. He came back a few months later and we got back together. The last time we broke up, that was it for me, or so I thought. We didn’t speak for a few years and now he’s back. We both needed to grow up and experience life for a while…he also got scared of his feelings for me…so he ran. He is now one of my best friends and we still love each other very much. I’m better at saying it than he is, but he has his own ways of showing it. I just have to read between the lines. That’s the thing with Virgo men, they aren’t the type to shower you with mushy sentiments, but they will show you their love if you pay close attention. They take a long time to make up their minds because they have to analyze everything, even you, but if they decide you are in fact what they want, they’ll be yours forever. It took me years to get to where I am with him & there are still days I wonder how he feels. Just when I start having doubts, he finds his own way of reassuring me that he cares. Hang in there ladies…sometimes they’re worth the wait.

  22. Just hang in there. I’m still hurting deeply, but the “relationship” was so stressful I was on my way to die an early death. I’ve de-aged with every month apart!

    Good luck!

  23. @Nova I am in the same situation. I have been waiting for my Virgo guy for 2 and a half years. We are NOT speaking right now,what should I do? Should I initiate contact or let him make the first move. BTW he is the Most fascinating Man i have ever met in my LIFE!!! When he Kisses me it’s the most natural thing in the WORLD!!!

    Pisces Girl 🙂

  24. To anyone who is sitting on the shelf “waiting” for that “perfect” person to get their act together, … it may do no good to say this, but if anything goes wrong, you’ll never get that time or energy back.

    Heaven forbid that happens, but I’m just saying – start working on your ace-in-the-hole if this doesn’t work out. I was left unemployed, nearly homeless, in the thick of this near-Depression with no family. I lost everything, and he thought it was funny.

    Elsa is right to say avoid chasing. About 2 weeks after I learned about my virgo ex-husband’s “new relationship” I got in touch because after traveling 400 miles in search of work, my car broke down and I was stuck at a cheap motel, totally scared. I do not know if it is a virgo trait, but I was really stung by the heartlessness… like a different person was speaking. Said he might wire me some money if I were to repeat over and over how much of a failure I was, “go on, admit it. say you’re a failure. You said you’d make it big… so sure of yourself.” I actually did as he asked and reluctantly sobbed that I was a failure and said sorry for it.

    I should have told him where to stick it, but I was still so confused by why he was acting weird, and I did not want to be his enemy… Dealing with him always felt like dealing with an angry, abused dog that I had to reassure I was not a threat to… thought maybe he’d come to his senses or something. Took a lot of that to realize I wasn’t strong enough to keep getting bitten.

    As for the car, he said “that’s what you get for buying automatics.” … no money.

    I blocked contact and never called him back. I’m glad something finally hurt me enough to get me to stop TRYING or even “being available.” Letting go and being free of weird dreams and nightmares is another matter. Facebook “suggested” him as a friend in the page margin the last time I was on and I had to see a Dawn French type of woman gleefully embracing him like a casserole, and I don’t bother with Facebook after that, either.

    I wouldn’t have to run away from things like a scared kid now if I had looked out for myself in the beginning and insisted on receiving the kind of respect that I give. I always thought it was too late to turn back and give up on things. … Remember that ace-in-the-hole. It’s never too late to find out what you’re really worth and really capable of. Good luck.

  25. Im a pisces girl and just come out of a whirlwind year long flirtation with a virgo guy. now it is over officially. no more texts, calls at midday or midnight. no more attention from him. this time i am going to try really really really hard to ignore him. he appeared to be mind boggled by our encounters together. im hoping if i ignore him for a long time he might come chasing me for once. but to be honest, i wouldnt be surprised if he doesnt. we are supposed to stay friends and say hi if we run into eachother again, but when i text him recently he phoned straight away, thats a sure sign im winning hehehe.
    pisces girls, take it from a girl who employed a strategy with a virgo guy., try really hard to mimick his behaviour eg. the ignoring, short texts, detached, not dependant…it will work eventually.

  26. Well, I have a similar situation w/a Virgo man. Hit it off after only a few days together, long distance relationship for 2 wks(felt a very deep spiritual connection w/ea other), then BAM! He disappeared for 4 months! Not a WORD! Then he comes back profusely apologizing, asking for a 2nd chance @ a relationship(I just wanted to stay buddies, but he wanted MORE). So, we continue a long distance relationship for 1.5 months, then BAM! He disappears for 2 weeks & counting now. Lol. Said he had to drive to FL & it’d take a couple of weeks, but…I just assume he gave up, lost interest, found someone/something else, etc. & will never hear from him again.

    If he does contact me again, I’ll keep it friendly & light, ‘cuz I still want a friendship (he really helped me out in a BAD situation last year), but I will tell him I can’t take him seriously because he comes & goes constantly & that’s no way to have a real relationship…but, friends is fine. I’m true blue, or if I’m done w/U, you’ll never hear from me again.

  27. I’m gonna beat up on this but I’m in a rocky marriage with an aquarius. I just met a pisces. And the chemistry is so strong. She is so easy to love.

  28. On the one hand, Virgo & Aquarius is supposed to be a doomed match outside a business partnership. On the other, marriages have rocks. As an observer of your three sentences, I really hope you’re not engaging in something that’s going to cause a lot of pain.

    Chemistry is super strong with just about anybody who listens to you and finds you new and interesting when you’ve been married. Don’t underestimate novelty. New car smell wears off.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

  29. I am a Pisces woman and have been with a Virgo guy for 2 and half months. We had an instant, mind-blowing chemistry, the sex was and is great, adventurous, wild. We have exchanged hundreds of txts. We share the same interests, are both organised and clean, big on quality.

    My Virgo man became very critical very quickly and this was tough on me at first but I got used to it, actually have noticed that what he criticizes are really the things I would like to change about myself. I have already learned a lot by being with him, became more practical and not so ostentatiously emotional. He has never given me any reason to suspect him of lying and he has always said honesty and loyalty to him are a priority when being in a relationship with him. He also became very cold soon after we started seeing each other, a big shock, but I have since accepted his emotional detachment and almost a complete inability to show or talk about feelings.

    We have had a few clashes so far, they have always ended with him not talking for a while and me apologizing. Every time I thought that was it, he was fed up with me this time, but he always came back. But things really changed a couple of weeks ago when I left the country for 3 days and didn’t get in contact with him, my silence was not purposeful, my phone didn’t work where I was and I thought it would be benefitial for us not to talk for a couple of days. But in the meantime he sent messages to which I couldn’t reply, and after I came back and we talked about it I said that it shouldn’t be a big deal and stupidly told him something about not wanting ‘him checking up on me every day’ – very wrong choice of words. A few days later he left on a business trip for 4-5 days, he did not talk to me at all when he was away, he only sent a message when he landed. We again exchanged many txts but since then his messages became less frequent. I can’t say that he has been igoring me because out of fear he will not reply I intentionally don’t ask any questions when i txt, but he now keeps quiet when i send a casual text to which he would always answer before. His silence eventually makes me go quiet too, and then he either asks why hasn’t he been receiving any texts or why have I disappeared.

    I guess my problem is that I have been very confused since recently. Him not texting, being very critical and quite rude made me wonder: is he losing interest in me or is it a natural turn of things with him? Also I really don’t know if he has any feelings for me since he never talks about them (he knows about my feelings for him though, and he said from the beginning that he wants my heart). I keep telling myself that it’s normal and actually very rarely he says something that makes me think that he cares a lot (those signals are so unexpected that a few times I didn’t understand what he meant and when I asked him what did he mean by that he just mumbled ‘it doesn’t matter’); he also talks about near future, next meeting, but truth be told I never know if he will text again and if we will meet again.

    I’ve known for a long time that I am in love with this man and I am absolutely fascinated by him. Although we share a lot and love doing the same things, he is a total opposite. I am quite angelic in looks and character, fair and blonde, he is dark and devilish looking with a cold, controlling personality. I have agreed for his control and having his ways as I have never had this in a relationship; up till now I have always been the dominating side and it bored me. I have learned that I am able to compromise a lot to make things work with him, and I dont find it hard as in the end it’s being with him that makes me happy. I feel like he opened up to me like to nobody else, he does things that are so intimate when we are together that I doubt that there are many people that would see him during those moments. But recently I have been an emotional wreck inside as I just don’t know where I stand. I go from extasy to agony within an hour. One minunte I’m thinking that there is no reason to worry, he hasn’t given me a reason to think that he will not contact me, but then his rudeness and lack of messages confuse me. I am so happy I’ve read the zodiac compability descriptions as they helped me to understand him and our situation, but then the previous bad experiences described above really scare me. I keep telling myself that patience and understanding and just going about my things, which I do, will win him over eventually, but it is hard not to think that things won’t go wrong with him being so cold and not telling me about his feelings.

    Very grateful for the amazing advice above. I seem uavailable and reserved to many people, but become clingy when a person I want is so detached. It’s what I can’t have I want the most, but pulling away when a man keeps distance seems wise and sensible and will probably help me cope with the situation better.

  30. Just to end my post, I have never nor will ask him why is he so distant cold and doesnt reply often. I will patiently wait until he opens up, if ever, and hope that under this wall there are feelings there deep inside. Actually, he uses the word ‘love’ very often when talking about things but never when he mentions his ex women, which makes me feel it is very hard for him to find a true love, somebody he would want to spend the rest of his life with.

    When we met a couple of days ago I was intentionally casual, not touchy feely, I have realised all this mushiness makes him uncomfortable. But being with him reminds me of playing a strategy game, watching my every move and planning my next step, seeing if what I do next makes him pull away or brings him closer. It is difficult, but if somewhere down the line he discovers he loves me back, it will be worth it. I have never felt the way he makes me feel and never felt like I have belonged to somebody so much.

    Any advice here is welcome.

    • Reading from your above post, you mentioned that you said you asked him not to check up on you everyday and you said not a good choice of words. That is where you went wrong. Is as if you both are playing a game. Im not going to call if hes not going to call type of thing. Me being a virgo female I am going though the same thing with a pisces man. We always play this game. With virgos, we analyze alot. I think both pisces and virgos are the same. If someone told me that I would distance myself too cause I don’t know the intentions met. And I think pisces distance them too. So that’s where the miscommunication come in at. Some one has to be mature. Maybe both parties need to talk.

  31. Victoria – my god, your thoughts sound familiar.

    I asked my friend about a month ago why the “difficult men” are so much more appealing. Her answer was simply, “it’s a challenge,” as she looked off in the distance, sadly, and took a sip of her drink.

    Reading what you wrote, I just have to ask about the stone-walling and undermining of your confidence: are you having fun yet?

    ((I can relate to the light angel/dark controller dynamic and the thrill of the loss of control and feeling the experience. That matched my sit. too. I’d question whether your “sacrifice” of control is really valued or a source of contempt for him of you. You may seem easy to puppet. No offense intended, and I could be wrong.))

    In my relationship I tried to pass these things off on the fact that my mate (husband) was British, that he’d had an absentee father, on how he grew up, etc. Whatever the reason, it didn’t change the gut churning effects on me. Full-blown anxiety developed as I went through the patterns of acceptance and rejection, not being able to tie it to anything I was doing.

    I still wish I could go to this person and beg to know what went wrong, and try to fix it, just as I always did. Why am I still tempted? I don’t know and I wish I could turn it off. I have to ignore it. And yes, being treated better and being in more control can be boring. … but not all “fun” things are 100% fun, or healthy. Moths fly into flames.

    Think about whether or not you really like this roller coaster. Doesn’t sound like nice treatment. Check out Narcissistic Personality Disorder, especially what Vaknin has written.

    Good luck.

  32. SirenSong – many thanks for the reply, read your caution story, very sorry about what happened to you.

    I might have exaggerated about the total lack of control from my side, we are still too fresh to tell how much control he will have, I actually decide about a lot of things too and am completely independent outside the relationship. (It was very early in the relationship that he said he wants to dominate, he was open about it and him wanting to have the last word. Is he then looking for a woman he feels contempt for??). But he does behave like my mentor, is very pedantic about what I say and how I say it, and most of the arguments we’ve had were about me saying wrong things or saying something in a wrong way. I have been then scolded like a child and lectured sometimes for a couple of hours. I realise that to many I must sound like a doormat now but I haven’t actually lost my confidence at all, I just listen to what he has to say, say sorry and do all this apologising for the sake of ending the argument and because many times I actually agree with him. He is witty, sharp itellect, perceptive and notices details that many people omit. The attraction I feel towards him is simply so strong that I let him have it. I have actually never taken critique lightly and I’m quite rebellious.

    Yes, I have read about the Narcissistic Personality Disorder and about control freaks and I realise it is heading in this direction with him. He is also very possesive when it comes to other men but not visibly jealous. Well, for now, the highs are very high, and I have to repeat – I have never felt like this before (In previous, more stable relationships I became bored and if I didn’t end them I would have probably strayed). The lows have only just started but they do feel terrible, mainly because I have no idea what’s in his head, what’s going on, will we see each other again and if we do will he find another reason to pick on me (but yes, i do blame myself for those fights and not being more careful).

    Actually the Virgo guy I’m with has grown up without his real father too and he is significantly physically different, darker than his half-siblings and the rest of the family.

    I still want to believe what he said to me, the importance of honesty and loyalty in his life, how much he values family and children. I can live with his cold personality and lecturing if the former is true. He has never pretended to be somebody he is not, nor told me sweet lies. He is also caring when we are together often asks me if i’m ok, if i’m cold, comfortable etc. I’ve read positive stories that sound similar to mine but stories like yours obviously frighten me.

    • I loved or he loved me ,weboth cld’nt understand at least he poed he did,but we both were very young.then he went abroad for his studies 4-5 yrs we were not in touch, i gotmarried eanwhile and alsodivored, but i cld spak to him thru a commmon friend and he realised howmuch he loved me, i knownthng could happn at tht stage but it is sure virgos take a very long time and tilldate i saw his deepside and carefor me.thanks – A pisces

  33. SirenSong – many thanks for the reply, read your caution story, very sorry about what happened to you.

    I might have exaggerated about the total lack of control from my side, we are still too fresh to tell how much control he will have, I actually decide about a lot of things too and am completely independent outside the relationship. (It was very early in the relationship that he said he wants to dominate, he was open about it and him wanting to have the last word. Is he then looking for a woman he feels contempt for??). But he does behave like my mentor, is very pedantic about what I say and how I say it, and most of the arguments we’ve had were about me saying wrong things or saying something in a wrong way. I have been then scolded like a child and lectured sometimes for a couple of hours (he is very logical and calm, doesn’t call me names or use abusive language). I realise that to many I must sound like a doormat now but I haven’t actually lost my confidence at all, I just listen to what he has to say, say sorry and do all this apologising for the sake of ending the argument and because many times I actually agree with him. He is witty, sharp itellect, perceptive and notices details that many people omit. The attraction I feel towards him is simply so strong that I let him have it. I have actually never taken critique lightly and I’m quite rebellious.

    Yes, I have read about the Narcissistic Personality Disorder and about control freaks and I realise it is heading in this direction with him. He is also very possesive when it comes to other men but not visibly jealous. Well, for now, the highs are very high, and I have to repeat – I have never felt like this before (In previous, more stable relationships I became bored and if I didn’t end them I would have probably strayed). The lows have only just started but they do feel terrible, mainly because I have no idea what’s in his head, what’s going on, will we see each other again and if we do will he find another reason to pick on me (but yes, i do blame myself for those fights and not being more careful).

    Actually the Virgo guy I’m with has grown up without his real father too and he is significantly physically different, darker than his half-siblings and the rest of the family.

    I still want to believe what he said to me, the importance of honesty and loyalty in his life, how much he values family and children. I can live with his cold personality and lecturing if the former is true. He has never pretended to be somebody he is not, nor told me sweet lies. He is also caring when we are together often asks me if i’m ok, if i’m cold, comfortable etc. I’ve read positive stories that sound similar to mine but stories like yours obviously frighten me.

  34. Yolanda,

    I agree. Don’t exactly mimick them, it might backfire because if you drastically change your behaviour they will notice and know you’re playing games with them – they will hate it.

    What you need to learn to do is GUESS THEIR MOODS. I think they are like cats – sometimes when you come to close they will run off, other times they will appreciate the attention and caressing. When you know how to behave around them, they will respect you even more. What I never did nor do with my guy is ask him questions: why are you like this? why are you not answering? what’s wrong with you? I know I would never get a straight answer or an answer I want to hear, besides, a question like this would mean to them that you don’t uderstand them, so they might think you are not a good match. Just leave it, do your thing, wait it out, you can send a casual message after 2-3 days, and they will come around. If not, and they just disappear, then Virgo or not Virgo, the man is just an a**hole if he dumps people this way.

    Be cool and collected, don’t ever overreact, dont behave offended or angry when they push you away when you want to be close, go about them like you know and understand them. Go about your routine, take a good care of yourself. It’s damn hard sometimes, but this is the only way to go in my opinion.

    Also when being with them, listen to them carefully. When they ask you to do something, do it exactly the way the want you to do it, don’t do it your way because you think they will like it too. Don’t assume. ALways finish what you have started, say what you mean, they hate messiness in words. Be prepared that when you say something, they will ask you questions. I have heard the questions: why? what do you mean by that? why did you say that? a thousand times already. They will excercise your mind like nobody else. Compliment them when you think they deserve it, remember the things they would like you to do for them, keep them in mind and surprise unexpectedly.

    I have yet to see if my relationship lasts but all of the above seems to be working.

  35. Omg siren song reading these stories and experiences scares my heart out of my chest..well heres my experience with a virgo man
    iam a pisces woman deeply inlove with a virgo man its been 3years and 7months since we have been dealing on and off i met him at work when we first met it was a mutual friendship relationship but as time went on i noticed how attracted he was to me i wasnt really attracted to him although he was sexy to me and very appealing i denied him of a number of dates he asked me on then out of the clear blue i must admit his charm kind heart and good manners sucked me in i gave in and gave him a chance lol this guy chased me for months and i liked his presistance to be honest. We dated for a while and became intimate omg the sex was on point i rocked his world might i add i say about a week after he stop calling me and i didnt bother to call him nor text him i went on about my everyday life im sorry i left out the part that we had stop working together he went on a found another job at another company months before we became intimate now as i was saying me being the stuborn person that i am i went on with my everyday life although i was going insane that he just up and stopped calling me and texting me….i say about three weeks later he came calling me saying how he lost his phone and misses me and wanted us to start going steady he wanted a relationship with me i turned his behind down he continued to call and text me i would ignore his calls and textes i have to admit i loved how weak i made him for me lol anyway i gave in and started accepting the calls and answering his text messages we talked on the reg he would bring me lunch or take me out eventually we became intimate once again then he did his same pattern not call or text so i would just give him back what he gave me and not call nor text him then he would pop up at my job telling me how much he loves and need me and how much it effects him when we are not together how he wants me to be his girlfriend and how i was made for him lol he even told me that he would ask my hand in marrige and wants ababy with me i dont know why i fell for it again bc we have this same pattern but i dont know for some reason he wont leave me alone and i cant leave him alone i want to be in a relationship with him but iam affraid he will hurt me badly ive never loved aman the way i love him i think for some small reason that hes doing his dissapearence acts because i wont be with him but then he realise how much he cant be without me and comes back to try again however iam not giving in for him to hurt me after reading these stories makes alot of since and just made me stronger and realise or tell myself to stay strong and just move on i told him we can be friends but he stresses to me how he doesnt want a friendship with me he wants a relationship nomatter what i do to try and leave him alone siren song he keeps on coming back and its almost as if i like him begging for my love not to mention this guy has a history of breaking hearts is it one of those things that he wants what he cant have HELP ME BECAUSE DEEP DOWN INSIDE I WANT TO BE WITH HIM IM JUST BEING COLD HEARTED TOWARDS HIM AND THE WHOLE SITUATION BECAUSE IM SCARED

  36. lol…good call sirensong! As a virgo man I must say I find these posts hurtful, but fair. So let me say this to all the people hurt and ignored by a virgo man. We do care!, we do think about you, and we think alot about stuff, perhaps too much… and we take a long time to make a decision. We run when you become clingy because we think to ourselves ‘ I’m not that amazing, she’s fallen way too easily for me… something must be up!’ Give us a bit of mystery, and some witty banter!! We love clever humour!… and yes it’s true, we are as critical of ourselves as we are of you… don’t doubt it!! Sadly we are also very fickle and won’t respond well to love handles, spelling mistakes, bad breath, dandruff (unless it’s our own) etc etc. We also love the feeling of new love, you know, when your heart pounds ( we are searching for a soul mate ) but we don’t really know what love is…( remember that song by Foreigner “I wanna know what love is”?.. well, it went to number 1 in the charts cause all the virgos bought it) so keep it fresh, we won’t admit it… but we crave the chase!.. and go deep with us, we love the enchantment of a deep soul connection so make it count when you make your play…(4)play! If you make the mistake of falling into the ‘sex for the sake of it’ routine we will happily oblige, but secretly over time start to crave for something new… but for day to day life/work we do love our routines… sigh, we are such simple yet complicated creatures, but once we decide you are the one for us we will walk through fire for you!.. and then eventually you become bored with us, accuse us of being too fussy and file for divorce leaving me with the kids, the leftovers of the roast I cooked last night, and the power bill…

  37. Virgos can be good fun, but perhaps I’m just not a good fit. Reading your suggestions about grooming, it’s as if you’re talking about a cocker spaniel that needs to be taken to the groomers! Sort of made me laugh.

    Hilarious what you said about all the Virgos buying Foreigner, btw. If, like Foreigner, you “wanna know what love is” – then you have to try to appreciate it when someone shows you, I guess. Everyone has to adjust to their partner’s methods, even if we betray our astrological signs now and then (stubborn, idealist aquarius here).

    Thanks for the inside scoop on Virgo men. Sorry about the power bill. Try to cultivate the roses, not the thorns. Hope things get better.

  38. Aaahh finally somewhere where i can vent my frustrations about my virgo relationship. I have been dating this virgo man for around 6 months! The first 3 months he claimed he would bring me down the moon and the stars but lately i have been noticing a growing distance between us! And it scares me and hurts me to death!! He calls less, he barely responds my texts. I sometimes i wish i could just have some self respect to myself and stop trying so hard to be perfect for him!! But im so in love with him!! Pleeeaaase advice!??

  39. Great advice. I was with a Pisces man and he started pulling away. I inquired what was going on and got a lame excuse. I knew something was up. So I pulled back also. He wasn’t expecting that. Then I found there is another woman in the picture and I pulled so far back he’s been calling, drunk texting, and emailing. We work together and he’s been giving me gifts in the form of my favorite sweets at my desk to which I give away. I don’t respond to any of

  40. I’m a Virgo man. Went on first date w Pisces woman. We hit it off. Spent the whole day together. It was fun. I’m. 56. She’s 55. She texted me this morning. I’m apprehensive. I don’t want to rush into this. I want both of us to get centered and let the passion to roll through to see the big picture. I I I Isuggested she date more to compare what’s available. Believe me I’d enjoy hanging w her but, as I’ve learned in dating at my age is to not hurry up the process and let things happen naturally. I understand a Pisces woman and Virgo match can led each partner to grow wonderfully, but for me I must go at my pace.

  41. Hi @John Doe =)

    Seems to me you would be doing you BOTH a favour, by telling this woman exactly what you have just written here for us.

    It has been my experience that Virgo doesn’t speak up. They play along, giving the other person the mistaken view that they are down with whatever is going on, when in actual fact, they aren’t.

    This is unfair & helps no one. So I suggest you are up front & clear about how you feel NOW to prevent any heartache coming down the line.

    Hopefully, this lady will appreciate your side of things & the fact that you are being honest. Then, you can sort something out, that works for you both.

    Good Luck!!

  42. I don’t think the signs matter. If you are a woman in need of a man you will chase! If you are a man who is a commitment phobe you will run! The answer is for women to get more in touch with their independence and men more in touch with their interdependence. I chased a Libra man for YEARS, he would pull away and I would push harder, trying to get closer. It was maddening and humiliating but we had the best sexual chemistry ever!! I finally gave up and GOT A LIFE, found some hobbies, went back to school, got a great job, travelled and (unsuprisingly) met an awesome Leo man, we are now together 10 years.

    Mr. Libra ran around for years, dating not at all seriously until he turned 40 and found himself a good partner, they are now engaged.

    We saw each other at the holidays – he said I “transformed” him once I finally backed off and became a much more interesting and less needy person. He wanted me back but I never gave him the chance! Ladies, stop blaming the guys (Virgo or otherwise), stop analyzing the astrology (a jerk’s a jerk, a needy person’s a needy person) and stop trying to find joy and fulfillment through relationships and go look for greener pastures for YOURSELVES.

  43. Great advice Elsa and I’m with JJJ. But then again I understand Virgo men and have a ton of them in my life. If the man wanted her, trust me, he would have done anything in his power to keep her. When Virgo wants, Virgo goes and gets!

    She’s probably better off.

  44. Amazing advice! Hard to do in practice though, especially when one is young. Still, I wish I had known that in my younger days. Still good to know now though.

  45. It’s very similar to ‘He’s just not that into you’ which was a revelation to me by the way. If a man wants to pursue a woman, nothing will stop him or get in his way.

  46. I’m going to go ahead and guess that this Pisces woman has an Aries Venus. Boy, do I recognize this impulse. I have to constantly guard against doing it myself… it’s such a painful trap too.

  47. Just a thought – I always attract Virgo men – I am a Sag with a lot of Scorpio and have not been taking my own advice but gladly have started the phoenix rising recently after a looong time needing to. I love Virgos and rarely have a problem with them. This seems mainly due to the fact that I looove to learn and to teach and they are similar. I think sometimes when a Virgo man feels he ‘has’ you, he sees you as an extension of himself and just like he analyses himself he analyses you to try to get the best out of you as you are now a part of him…I find, as a Sag, that the best way to combat a Virgo tryng to perfect me is to put the spotlight back onto him and how he can perfect himself 😉

  48. My phoenix is partly due to Elsa, although she wouldn’t have expected it as I reacted rather adversely to a couple of her comments ;0

  49. WORST guy I ever was involved with was another Virgo. He did a disappearing act that would put a Scorpio to shame!!! Came back 16 years later all apologies, and we saw each other again. Found out that he had a girlfriend, and another old girlfriend on the side. He had all three of us in rotation. Old GF, me, and current GF. Then he switched the other 2 and still tried to keep me on the side. I did not find out what was really going on until one of them emailed me!!! Thank God she did. That was about 3 weeks ago. I got rid of all our mutual friends on FB, and made my profile completely private, to the point that if you are not my friend, you can’t email me. And you can’t friend me unless you know one of my friends.

  50. I have to say that this topic brought out a lot of shocking things about Virgo. I WILL say that for ME, as a female Virgo, if I lose respect for you, the relationship is DONE. Or if I see you as a weakling, needy person, I am done. People need to come together as equals and join forces in a healthy way. My best matches ever, have been Scorpio and Taurus.

  51. It may be easy for me to say as an older woman, and a Mars in Cancer Rx; but ladies – NEVER ever chase a man. Just don’t do it!

    Even if he responds, and most won’t, he will never again respect you. And as many of the depressing stories above demonstrate, that lack of respect ensures he will probably use you not just for sex but for money, and for regular power trips or ego boosts.

    Whether or not the man is Virgo has little to do with it, though I agree Virgo men can be terrific flirts and will back off if you show interest.

    I used to work for several years for a Virgo guy – happily married (for the second time) and quite content to play second fiddle to his high powered banker wife, spend a lot of time being house-husband etc. They are not all monsters 😉

  52. “NEVER ever chase a man. Just don’t do it!”

    Yup. Thank you. And it’s not a gender thing… I’m a woman, and I don’t like being chased either. I like my space.

    The real thing unfolds naturally.

  53. Virgos have secret lives – just be on the lookout for ones that don’t match yours, is all.

    There is a lot of dating advice for women out there, but just know that you will be playing games to lure and control men who respond to this for the rest of the time. If you enjoy this, by all means, but just know what you are getting into, because the minute you stop, it’s gone.

    This is due personal experience from following advice from women who know the ropes – so I did for awhile, and everything worked like a charm.

    But then I realized that instead of living with a man I wanted as a partner, I felt as though I was training a dog or pulling puppet strings. It looked good, but I felt as though I were manipulating him. I approach this now by just allowing things to develop by being as open as I can and letting things unfold.

    Try it and see how you like it for yourself.

  54. I can attest that all of your descriptions apply perfectly to a man a knew with a Virgo Moon (actually, he had Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto and Uranus – scary combo).

    Same basic thing happened, made me feel loved and made references to “forever” then ran away without a word or a goodbye – never heard from him again. He had a history of bad relationships -very short ones, love em and leave em – with no explanation. Very COLD.

  55. Yikes! This stuff sounds scary as ^&^$#$. I’m a Capricorn with Venus in Scorpio trine Saturn and I probably couldn’t chase someone even if I wanted to just from sheer determined indignation. Could it maybe be Virgos of a certain generation causing all this ruckus and emotional chaos?….Like the ones with a Neptune in Sagittarius square to the Virgo Sun? I’ve witnessed extreme gaslighting from this group of people when in relationships, men and women. Just curious.

    Other than that, the text book description of Virgo Suns doesn’t even begin to explain some of these guys horrid behavior. wow…Good thing I generally have zero chemistry with them. smh

  56. Uhhhh grrrr…!!! Virgo men are my biggest nightmare. They will make you believe that they love you and want to settle down with you but the moment you gave in to them they will just shut you out from their life forever. And leave you in to dust. If they don’t want to be with somebody then why do they mislead people and play with their emotions?? that is so unfair,humiliating and hurting. Why can’t they see that what they are doing today will backfire them in future because KARMA is like BOOMERANG.And KARMA spares nobody and will come back to them in future with full “INTEREST”. They can really hurt people without even regreting for what they have done. Their search for perfection(*which they surely can’t attain) leads them to UNHAPPINESS. They are never happy and are always negative with what they have and will always search for the so called “PERFECT WOMAN” ,which really does not exist.This games of Virgo men ultimately prevents them to see the BIG PICTURE because they act so irrational and delusional.They are so busy in playing games that they even push away their POTENTIAL MATES in search of the perfect ones.
    Its really very sad but true. In the way of their search for perfection they crush many hearts who really loved these virgo men unconditionally.

    I am very happy that my virgo ex is no more a part of my life.No more virgo for me. I will prefer to die alone without a mate than to date a Virgo again.

  57. This thread keeps catching my eye over n over…

    I’m (still) digging deep for strength to get some balance else I’ve got to give it up for sakes of my sanity. The game is becoming boring. I either tell him and likely he’ll run for the hills or just cut it off, no explanation. I just can’t concentrate on anything else at the moment.

  58. Virgo men are the worst! Do not get pulled in by their head games! This is exactly what they want .. a twisted way to control you. They are compulsive liars, closet perverts, sadistic, gaslighters and often violent and seem to have an underlying loathing of women. Pulling you in only to throw you out is A TYPICAL VIRGO MALE TRAIT. They are charming till they get you where they want you and then look out! The true colors emerge. As far as the original answer given here which I think goes something like “just play it cool” UH WHY??? Why lower yourself and become like this idiot Virgo to accommodate his mental issues? LOVE IS NOT ABOUT STRATEGY! Find someone who is MAN ENOUGH to love openly without resorting to this PULLING AWAY BS. Do not throw away your self respect by engaging in the game of mental masturbation the Virgo male inevitably thrusts upon you. Leave them to wallow in their girly head games and find a real man. Do you really want to go through a relationship having to gauge when to pull back and when to let your guard down? What kind of nonesense is that? Leave him!

  59. Love is not a HEAD GAME neither a STRATEGY . But for Virgo men its all like that. They are womanish and are very B!thcy. They are spineless and cowards so they love to throw their insecurities upon their loved ones. Having low self esteem is the main reason behind their controlling nature. They are scared to see their better half to be independent. That is why they love to strip away the independence of their mates bit by bit. They are unable to love somebody genuinely because they are so self absorbed and they love to keep their mates as one of their possessions. They love to obsess and obsess and that’s what makes them Emotionally handicap.

    That’s all they can do and nothing else.

  60. In defense of Virgos (I have mercury, venus and mars all in Virgo), it’s a matter of one facing up to his own faults before he can find personal happiness. Once he is able to achieve this he will realize that he can find happiness by settling with someone who’s fine just they way they are. It’s a learning process of hitting walls constantly until you realize that your ideals are just unobtainable (and if they are, they ALWAYS come with some disappointing strings attached).

    Sometimes it takes coming out of the shy Virgo shell and breaking “this is normal for me” boundaries to do it. (sounds Cancer-like, doesn’t it?)

    I am a person of extremes and sometimes I’ll have a very black/white view of things (thank you 8th house Merc/Mars), so I’m not one for BS either. I want you to lay it to me straight, no games, no horseplay, no fickle decisions, no nothing. I’ll feel just as bitter and sour if you play games with me when all I want is a straight answer of “yes” or “no”.

  61. My ex have had 5 placements in virgo …!!! Scary ? Yeah I know its a bit scary thing to deal with a person with so many placements in virgo. He was the coldest and meanest person I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Being a cancer(with rising in virgo,scorpio moon) I need emotional closure and deep emotional commitment but he was unable to provide me that. Its was so hard to talk to him even normally. There was no casual conversation between us.He was a smooth talker though and I’ve fallen deeply for him for his smooth talking I guess and I still love him , he knew how to connect but was so lame to maintain that connection. He was extremely self centered and self absorbed person only talked to me when he felt like, never ever cared about my feelings or what I really wanted and liked. Everything was on his terms and conditions. He was shy in public but not behind the close doors.Our relationship lasted only for six months. I tried my best to get him back but he dint even bothered to take me back. I think he is still obsessed with his ex. He just ran away from this relationship but made me tons of promises in the beginning which were never fulfilled. I wish some day he realizes what he has done to me.

  62. The more you love a Virgo man The more he gives you pain.
    The more you try to be close to him and try to understand him the more he will run away from you. They are very much capable of ruining a woman’s life,destroying her emotional state completely and tearing her soul apart.

    They usually run behind those women who treats these virgo men like shits and disrespects them.Good and decent women are not meant for these virgo guys.They love whores,sluts and haughty women the most. If a good woman ever comes in their way then they will use her, treat her badly and will give her extreme mental torture.

    Virgo men are not capable of loving someone. They only love sex. They are even scared to make proper eye contact with their mates.Sad sad sad!!!!!!!!!

    They aren’t compatible with anybody.

    And Yes They want what they can’t have.

    They are only good at serving people and are helpful as friends.

  63. Virgo women are totally different from their male counterparts but Virgo men are uuuhhhh..just pain.
    They are simply strange and weird. If you love a virgo man then he will run away from you or keep you hanging around for years and years. They will keep you aside and go out looking for other opportunities(their perfect women obviously). And please don’t believe a single word said by a virgo man because its all lie. They say what you love to hear. They know how to please people ,they are very crafty. Mercury is the ruler of virgo so you can see why these men do not have any genuine emotions or feelings .They are all about sex and obsession. Yes they love to obsess over their past and are delusional. With a sharp business mind they are always calculating what they can gain from others . That is why they are very successful in their carriers.But are Loners. They can’t appreciate real love, no matter how much you love them or try to be close to them -they will let you down for sure.

    Don’t ever wait for a virgo man or you will keep waiting for the rest of your life and become old.

    Love a virgo man at your own risk.

  64. In response to teDAREka …. Virgos demand honesty, oh yes!!! The problem? They never give it in return. I have known more than just a few women who’s Virgo boyfriends and husbands gave the same line of patter you do. They go on that everyone needs to be patient with them and guess what? IT ONLY MAKES THEM WORSE! The result? Years go by while these women ARE PATIENT WITH THEM only to realize they were laboring under a misapprehension. Years they can NEVER get back! Enough sugar coating here … The stark reality is Virgo men absolutely thrive on rejection. They chase those who are indifferent to them and abuse those who TRY TO BE PATIENT WITH THEM. It is no coincidence that so many of these Virgos have been emotionally rejected by their mothers and yet they seem to obsess on them. Big surprise!

  65. Yes CLMM you hit it right Virgo man claims their woman to be honest and straight forward to them but in return they give their woman duplicity,lies,fake promises,hatred,deceit and unfaithfulness.
    They like it when their woman humiliates them or is just indifferent to them. They love to chase those woman whom they can’t get in real.

    Waiting for a Virgo man is like waiting for a dead person to come back to life again. Never do that or you will loose everything – your time, your energy,your emotions,your soul,your love,your happiness and then you will die.

    A virgo man is like H.I.V who will slowly lead you to AIDS and death.xxx

  66. ugh, i still frequently think about the virgo man, Michael, I met in early Sep 2007. we met at 7 pm on Sunday and spent the entire evening/night talking until the next day at 7 am. He asked me out that day for following Fri night. I don’t know what happened but he slipped away. I wanted to pursue him, but i refrained bc i didn’t want to push. i miss the man i never knew. don’t even know his last name so i cannot find him. Michael if you read this, your bday is 14Sep1975 and we met in Chapel Hill at borders cafe. i’m at pringle200@hotmail.com

  67. i would just like somebody’s advice

    my ex boyfriend is virgo and yes he was distant blowing hot and cold etc though after i while i got tired for waiting for him so i got new number, new email etc. After 4 half years ive logged into my old email and saw some emails from him, only a few. Though, i sent him an email casually asking him how r u where u at now etc he sent me back straight away and he seemed so happy he said he still cares and adores me etc and thinks about me every nights and day and every woman he sees, he actually sees me instead…

    Anyway, it’s prob B.S but i replied him casually then he replied back with a much longer email. In the email he asked for my number so we dont have to contact by email. Should i give him my number? And if i don’t what should be my excuse? Thanks.
    I don’t really care if we have a relationship together, friendship is fine. Even if he doesnt want me im fine with it im not too bothered even tho i reli like him. So should i give him my number ???

  68. @Taurus/Pisces Woman -No please dont do it again. You will get pulled in again and then again he will show his true colours. Tell him that you are with somebody else and you have moved on.

  69. I gave him my number but it’s not permanent cuz I’ll moving anyway and changing my number. but don’t worry he’d never pull me in again. Even if he did call I really dont care and besides I’m married. I wud never think of betraying my husband he is so good compared to him. Honestly so many virgos are users. After all these years he’s so bein warm to me now all he wants is a b.call that’s all he wants I kno. He’s such a lier saying like oh I care about u and I’ve always adored u and this b.s. he said why didn’t u contact me we were so close. I said I didn’t cuz u didn’t show me u cared. U can’t just show love with words. It needs action and A bit of effort. That is effortless now with my husband who always shows me love affection love and I never had to play mind games or wait days on end to weeks and even months to hear from him. Virgo men are a joke. Wen things aren’t working for them they just come back only to disappear again with another woman then come back months later cuz he screwed that woman up as well. I know his game so don’t worry. Maybe il give him a taste of his own medicine.

  70. Besides I’m sure he wud be so upset if he knew I was married or maybe he wouldn’t care but what do I expect? I can’t wait for a man who wont respond! And women say like oh wait for them it’s worth the wait. Please do itself a favour. Don’t wait!

  71. @ -Taurus/pisces woman – lol yep Now play his game and give him the taste of his own medicine. He deserves it actually. They think women are puppets..You are right probably he has screwed the other woman and now he wants a booty cal, Virgo guys are really good at pretending and maintaining double-life and double standards throughout their life. Most of the virgo men I know personally are liars, cowards and Drama queens. He thinks its a safe bait to return to an old flame,what he doesnt know is that -the old flame has become clever enough not to fall prey to him again. True who needs a man who cant give least emotional closure,affection and care ?..Who needs mind games,pull/push, hot/cold behaviour in LOVE? Actually they have Harems of women to fullfill their narcissist top ups. Hmm you are so very right about their only talking and taking/showing no action part. They love to talk and talk but when the time comes to be a “MAN” and take some action -they just disappear like spirits. Sigh..who needs garbage in the name of love , No woman in this world can deal with their world of emotional rollercoster ride. Its exhausting. Play him, and this time Play him hard so that next time he cannot even imagine of ruining any woman’s emotional state. They are actually karmicaly cursed.

  72. Its so true its not worth the wait,those who say that— “” wait for them it’s worth the wait”” ARE FOOLS. I will say they are talking bull s.

  73. Yes ‘no simply no’ us right. He honestly and truly ruined me before. I fainted once after not hearin from him for weeks. It’s like they come to u get what they want then leave u. They only think about themselvs and u have to ask ur self that when they come back u need to wonder what they want cuz they only come back if they want something. He’s living the high life and moved at California years ago. He’s like why didn’t u contact me? Tell me we were so close! I’m like why the f shud I contact u. U ditched me like a garbage bag with no call hardy any contact for years. They think they can just come back and expect that that person has forgotten all the drama all the pain and hurt. They prob didn’t even realise cuz they were too self centred. And ok I know men do this thing all the time. If they dont like a girl too much they end up becoming distant etc. no matter what star sign u are etc. but personallly for me I find Virgo men to be the most cruel because they’re not straight up with the women. They will continue to play them manipulate them emotionally and physically thinking they have something together when in fact he’s laughing behind her and taking the piss out of her behind her back saying haha I used her Again she fell for it. They’re soooooo screwed up. They have no respect they think they’re all that but they’re not. They couldn’t maintain a healthy long lasting relationship even if they’re life depended on it. There’s something called loyalty having a bit of dignity and respect for other people. Ok If they don’t like the girl then fine but don’t pllay her for years and years leading women to think no they’re worth it in the end wait for them. That’s bull. In the end they want a woman who won’t give them the time of day. I’ve seen this for myself.

  74. Girls listen up. Love isn’t supposed to be painful crying hurting. That’s not love. If someone loves u they care for u if someone cares for u they’ll call u and ask how ur doing contact u and ask where r u etc. not disappearing for days and weeks. Love is demonstrative. It’s not a puzzle it should never be hard work. Love should be mutual never one sided completely. Love isn’t crying love isn’t pain. Find yor true worth because every woman is worth happiness emotional security. If u are in our situation u must try to move on. U may never forget but did someone who wants the same out of a relationship as u do. Not a boody call. There are real men out there who do actually want seriousness. Don’t put ur hopes and dreams in these men cuz their hopes and dreams are not for serious committed relationship as u want. Their soul mates are whores prostitutes who don’t give a damn. Go out the to the world! Socialise! Meet people! Talk as friends! Be open and don’t be sad wasting ur life on these losers. Hopefully u will find mr right as I have done 🙂 now I’m so happy.

  75. @Taurus/pisces woman -Oh so sorry to hear that you have to go through all the bull sh!ts of your ex virgo..you are so very right that men treats women like sh!ts and any man can do that.True. But these virgo men are some exceptional creatures. They will make you fall for them and when you fall for them hard they will just drop you. They will give you an impression that you are the one and make you wait for many years until you realise that its too late and you are too old for mind games. Virgo men are very very metrialistic and love their material possessions more than their spouse/lover/mates. They are money hungry and are attracted to rich posh life.They are never happy nor satisfied with what they have. They act like bipolar & delusional spoiled brats. They are actually self-centered NARCISSISTS. They are in love with themselves. Hah..!!you are right about their acting like “nothing has happened ” part and they return to you expecting that you will take them back..lol b.s. They are never Loyal and are so lame to keep their promises . They are emotionally retarded actually and are unable to keep or maintain a relationship. They are just fake. I’ve seen that they are very attracted to s.l.u.t.s and w.h.o.r.e.s and they treat these girls like angels in return these girls treat these virgos as sh!t. Moral of the story is–Treat your virgo as sh!t in return he will treat you like an angel.

    Yes if you have to cry and only cry in love then probably its not love its just pain. Love is something mutual..Not only giving and getting nothing in return. These virgo guys are commitment phobic and have loads of trust issues b”coz they judge people by their own filthy character .and that is the reason they treat good/kind women like sh!ts and run behind who.res and slu.ts. The more you love a virgo man the more he will give you pain and drama.Stop loving thaem and treat them like stray dogs -They will start respecting you.

    Virgo men are like misery hole ,they live for and on misery and thrive on the misery of others. Actually they are like parasites..They repeat the same patter with different women -just to give pain. Its better to leave them alone forever.

    Its so true my Aries-Taurus cusp man treats me like a queen. Loves me more than anything else. Very attentive and sensual. ;).. I love him so much .

  76. 1 thing I”ve noticed in virgo men that Aug born virgo males are some what better but the september borns are DANGEROUS,COWARDS,SPINELESS,ESCAPIESTS,TWO-FACED jerks. Stay away from them or you will suffer for ever.

  77. I fell madly in love with a Virgo guy in a matter of 2-3 weeks. We would talk regularly and would text a lot for 2 weeks and then suddenly all of that stopped.. whenever we met, which was on 3 occasions with other friends, never alone… I felt the chemistry between us so much… then one day he out of the blue texts me that there can be only friendship between him and me …. this also happened after the phone calls and texting reduced suddenly … its amazing how all this changed.. he also told me tht he was trying to woo someone else and hence we could only be good friends and that he has never thought of me as anything but a friend… I don’t know what hit me but it has taken me several weeks to come back to normalcy; am slowly getting there.. but this is what I did… I called him over for dinner at my place with some other friends.. and told him that I cannot take his offer of been just friends and that will think about it … I told him that we need to stop communicating completely and that I will reach out to him if I think I could just be a friend… I know I will never get back to him but I sometimes wonder whether he would ever contact me or miss me… perhaps not!! Where is come from is if you love someone, set them free; if they come back they are yours but they do not; they were never meant to be yours… So my advice to all those beautiful ladies… just get your act together, your life together; do not spoil your life for just a guy; it is not worth it as it is true if he really loves you and cares for you, he will never let you go and will come back…. God Bless and have a good life!

  78. @ZINY, Of course he’ll come back to you again. He will also push you away again and again. This is the Virgo man pattern of emotional abuse. His telling you that he wants to be friends only means that he needs you as backup in case it doesn’t work out with his current lady friend. Virgo guys always keep women on the back burner “just in case” Let me ask you this: If he really never had any intention of being more than friends with you then why did the communication from him suddenly slow down so drastically when he started to pursue another woman? If he thought of you as a friend it should have no effect on your communication if he is courting (baiting) his next victim? Seems to me that he strung you along emotionally and then decided to put you on the shelf when he saw something that might suit him better. The biggest mistake women make with virgo guys is to play the martyr and be patient with them. It really brings out their sadistic nature. Watch and see!

  79. @Ziny

    I agree with CLMM ..Your virgo will repeat this virgo pattern again and again. Don’t fool yourself. He is using you just as PLAN-B. They derive certain pleasure by giving pain and misery to women. Move on and don’t look back. Find some one else who will treat you right. Virgo men treat women like crap. Actually they hate women and thats the reason they treat women with such strange , weird behaviour.

  80. Thanks Elsa for creating this blog. I was once involved with a weird virgo man who was too confused to take any decision. I can see from where these women are coming from. Astrology sites claim virgo men as stable and trustworthy. But in reality they are pathological liars,controlling,critical men crawling on this Earth.

  81. Girls/Ladies I request you all to go to other virgo sites and see how virgo guys are on rampage against article authors who writes blogs about virgo men. Its really hillarious. 😀

  82. yes. im a cancer woman and this virgo man pursued me and made me feel desired then once he got me he blatantly never talks to me [the aforementioned happened to me with another virgo man too]
    unless he’s doing something he knows i hates. like he’ll tell me to text him when he knows i like personal conversations or he will text me and tell me to call him when he knows i believe men should call me.

    he only wants to see me when he wants money this of which he will not get from me-im a lady. he has never taken me out and the day i ignored his calls and texts [because he was asking for money], he said he was trying to reach me so he could take me to lunch.

    he has been out of town a few times yet he never has time for me unless he is asking for money that im not going to give him. i bet he’ll eventually stop communicating all together because i’m tired of him only communicating for money and im not dancing around the issue and laughing it off anymore.

    strangely, these virgo man experiences i’ve had [2] reminds me of how a scorpio would act. reel me in and then sting me over and over again.

    im not dealing with these virgo men anymore and if one tries again, i’ll let them know how i see they all do me.

  83. it’s hard to accept that this virgo man isnt the chivalric man that he appears to be even when he’s being subliminally disrespectful….smh. his disrespect is so subtle that i easily forget it and allow him to do it again.

    i’ve already toughened my skin against scorpios cause we aaaall know what to expect no matter what gender or background they are.

    and i have already hardened my shell with most signs and how they can be negative towards me, but this virgo man really boggles my mind. i dont know when my mind will completely accept that he is not mr. chivalry…smh

    it’s even harder to accept because virgo man-cancer woman
    is greeeeat

  84. OMG @CLMM that’s what he’s doing to me!!!
    and sometimes sickeningly i think i like it because his sex is so good. im dicmatized.

    he makes me feel glad that he gives me any attention at all–and that is so not my style because i am unbeliveavbly naturally gorgeous and sexy and i KNOW that this is no way to get him to have any real interest in me other than what you said

    –his goal seems to be to feed off of my submissive energy to encourage him to continue being an a-hole, and to keep me on reserve so he can see which lady is going to turn out being the best one.

  85. Is there any difference between August born virgo and sept born virgo male?? I’m seeing this Aug born virgo man 27th Aug he has moon in pisces and rising in gemini but I ‘m not sure whether he is like all the other scary virgos. He seems to be a nice guy. He respects elders. I was once involved with a scary sept born ((with his moon in virgo, mercury in virgo,rising scorpio.)) controllinng virgo man who was simply crazzy,selfish,negative,depressed,narrow-minded,rude and emotionally insensitive to others. Can any one give any insight about august born virgo males ?? btw I am a cancer if it helps.

  86. @Cancerwoman The reality is that no lady will turn out to be best for him. He will never be happy with anyone. This is an excuse the Virgo men use, maybe even to themselves, that makes them feel entitled to go through women. This cycle will continue to pull you away from your true self till perhaps one day you will not understand how you ended up in such a terrible place. I hope you can begin to respect yourself again at some point and dump him.

  87. @CLMM

    -you’re right and i know better. i’ll just have to cut the psychic chord[s] between us.
    -i actually texted him last night that i would be the one doing the “virgo man disappearing act” this time, and since i cant beat them, i’ll join them by disappearing from their undeserving and nonchalant spheres [haha].

  88. @CLMM

    and i already know what to expect because the first virgo man [this last one-and
    i do mean last-was the 2nd] bumped into me again spontaneaously, and pursued me even harder and he took me to dinner and i seen his chit starting up again so i left him at the dinner table and his
    arse decided to jump in his car and chase me for minutes and then i finally lost him and he called me five times in a row. i was like im not going to let his chivalrous pursuit trick me-
    IT DEFINITELY LOST VALUE! patted myself on the back and little did i know it was a VIRGO MAN THING!!!!!

  89. @CLMM

    i just read all 3 of your comments again and you aint speakin [lol] nothin but the TRUUUUTH!

    it’s resonating with all of my chakras and putting me into trance as i read!!!
    lol im corny *giggle*

    im so glad im over him. it’s literally like his energy cycle with me just ran out. it’s like, i dont even have any energy from him to feed off of to fall for it. he now just looks silly like when toto pulled the curtain back on the Wizard of Oz. [AHAHAHAH!!!!!]

  90. @ I have something to say

    “I am very happy that my virgo ex is no more a part of my life.No more virgo for me. I will prefer to die alone without a mate than to date a Virgo again.”

    dont say that. see that’s what these uckers want us to think that we’ll die alone without them screw them and what they think. virgo men look like super heros, but see them with your third eye and not your clit like the rest of us “perfect”-pun intended-ladies have learned to do.

  91. @Cancerwoman You seem to have some knowledge of energy if I can go by your reference to chakras. I would advise you that once you feel you are done with your Virgo to “Cut Cords” with him via Sword of the Blue Flame. There are those who will do this with you to rid any way that he has hooked into you, taking you further away from the truest core of your soul. There is nothing a Virgo man secetly loathes more than a woman empowered by the knowledge of her own self worth. It messes with their game plan and incites a spiteful jealousy since they are sadly devoid of a strong connection to anything above themselves. Warmest wishes to you.

  92. @CLMM

    -thanks you so much darling CLMM!
    -yep a spirit touched me on my forehead at night.

    I FORGOT! I actually DO have another vigro man story!! it came about in the middle of the two i’ve already mentioned.

    i felt masculine energy approaching my sphere then suddenly a virgo guy made sent me a private youtube video of him performing a song that he seen me comment that i really liked. he did private skype and was playing all of these romantic songs i hadnt heard before that i absolutely loved. then when i took interest he disappeared!!! lol and i had to cut the chord because i felt him draining my energy from afar-

    THEN HE TRIED TO GET ME BACK BY POSTING A POEM on his channel about how terrible of a man he is and he doesnt know any better lol-he also had mars in scorpio so a double whammy. wierd virgo men know how to link into to me with those psychic chords and swift me up into their energy in the astral before they actually begin pursuit of me.

    2 of 3 of these virgo men’s energy actually approached me in the astral first energectically, so they always have they stuff well planned out. they really are serious about their games!!!
    NOW i know to actually avoid it instead of be lured into the light like a moth!!!

  93. i thought that feeling their energies [of the two virgo men who planned well in the astral] wrapped around me was a sign that they really were intending to adore, cherish and protect me and continue to feed me with this love. but let me tell you it was like working at mcdonalds, recieving anonymous flowers to a romantic date at an expensive restaurant by a secret admirer, being picked up by a limo, and midway through dinner after taking the first bites of our desserts being stripped of my fancy clothes he bought me, and booted out of the restaurant wearing rags worse than the clothes that i had on even before i was first pleasantly suprised by the seemingly romantic gesture of the anonymous flowers and invitation.

    it seems like men get away with this and they get no karma at all they just get more p-ssy. it’s like they actually get rewarded by the cosmos for this behavior which is probably their motivation behind it all–they notice the perks.

  94. let me take that back.. they dont get perks for this.

    when he was giving me energy and i was giving it back and we were in sync, both of our vibrational rates raised and we were both attracting great opportunites and “luck” etc. then when the imbalance began and he pulled away energetically, yet i continued to give him energy even though he stopped giving me energy, BAD THINGS BEGAN hapeening to me because i was giving him energy that he had nothing to do with.

    now, since im pulling away my luck is turning up again and his vibrational rate is going to shrink back to what it was before we vibed and he’s going to want to benefit from the natural high of our synergy again. he’s not smart enough spiritually yet to value our rare synergy and now neither of us will benefit smh. what kind of uckin man is that. shame on him.

    he began to want to benefit from the perks of our synergy without contributing his stimulation–which is utterly impossible and has backlashing effects from the cosmos if an imbalance of give and take is allowed.

  95. OOOH YA’LL!!

    HOW did i know to look and see if IKE TURNER was a virgo-scorpio!!!!

    his arse got MOON AND NEPTUNE IN VIRGO and

    all the danm proof needed. lol

  96. watch the tina tuner movie on youtube “what’s love got to do with it.”

    remember how ike came back with flowers!!! to tina turner [lol]

    and how he relentlessly pursued and courted her and chivalrously made her a star and laid the pipe on her etc….but pursued other women right in her face etc. as well! and drove another woman [before tina turner] crazy…i think she wanted to kill herself or she shot herself or something. she dropped all her kids off with him too… he left her to be with the “more perfect” tina turner whom of which he also dogged out.

    then he left her with nothing and didnt give a chit, but they ALWAYS pursue AGAIN when a lady get a better life and become even more gorgoues than whatshe were when she was with them.

  97. OH MY GOD GUYS!!!
    YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU, BUT Virgo man loves me now [lol!!!]

    yaaaaaaaay guys he’s really giving me everything now that I always wished he would ahahahaa! yay!

    i want a fulfilling marriage, life and career with him.

    okay guys. it’s official. There IS a positive polar range of Virgo men out there in the cosmos [lol!]

  98. Is there any difference between August born virgo and sept born virgo male?? I’m seeing this Aug born virgo man 27th Aug he has moon in pisces and rising in gemini but I ‘m not sure whether he is like all the other scary virgos. He seems to be a nice guy. He respects elders. I was once involved with a scary sept born ((with his moon in virgo, mercury in virgo,rising scorpio.)) controllinng virgo man who was simply crazzy,selfish,negative,depressed,narrow-minded,rude and emotionally insensitive to others. Can any one give any insight about august born virgo males ?? btw I am a cancer if it helps.

  99. okay update. it’s REALLY over this time.

    i performed magick on the wrong person so that was absolutely my own error…

  100. Okay. I read all of your posts and I have to say that most of you have had bad experiences with Virgo guys. But it doesn’t go for all of them. As you know, all men posses most of these traits so it has nothing to do with the fact that they are Virgos. Just for extra info, I am a pieces woman and have been seeing a GREAT Virgo guy for the past 5 months. This is not true for all Virgos.

  101. Being a virgo myself(with a virgo rising) I’ve dated pisces, cancer and two virgo guys in my life and I’m sorry to say that these virgo guys are initially very sweet and charming but give them time they will show their true colours-cold , distant side will come out soon.

    @Tina I wish you goodluck with your virgo guy , you need it.

    Currently I am involved(for two years) with a Leo and he is the best lover any one can have. Personally I like fire signs alot and I find pisces men to be compulsive liers.

    • my ex friend,pisces with venus and mars in aries,married a virgo,23september,moon sag and venus virgo 4 years ago after beeing engaged to his brother for two years.she trapped him in making him believe she looves him.made him leave the woman he used to be with for three years.she got a kid and than during one year made 3abortions on purpose.he doesn t know,he believes her whe she says ,oh ,i m so sad and cries.the kid was to tie him.she has someone else and u know,she wants a “free”body.he s still sacrificing to save what s left.nothing,she married him cause she was 29and still single.and for revenge of his brother ,like the family says.mother in law takes care of kid,coocking,cleaning,everything.she s never home,goes to workwhere the other one is and come back.she works even when she doesn t hav work?three days a weekis this the only virgo on earth living in hell?and i don t see here any of the piscean sensitivity,i see a pirhana and a bitch.

      • To virgoleorising!please read my post under”why Virgo men dump Pisces women”!i would like to hear some comments to this outrageous story,

  102. And yeah forgot to mention – The virgo guys were nothing better. Full of deceit and pathological lying,self centered-ness. Virgo women are far better than Virgo men , atleast we know how to be loyal and loving. Virgo + Virgo was supposed to be a great match but sorry , nothing was great. Infact they cheated behind my back and lied every bit of it, misleaded me, emtionaly abused me and left me to come back again and again to make my life miserable.Thank God I got engaged with my Leo and everything is better now. I was actually searching on web “why virgo men come back to their ex” and this thread came to my notice. Wow I am really shocked to see that how many women are suffering in the hands of these Virgo guys. I hope there are good virgo guys over there to balance the bad ones. Sigghhh.

  103. i have had similar situation with a september virgo. we work together and as soon as we met we hit it off. he got my number from the list at work and started texting me. first about work then about life. he involved me in his life activities and kept me up to date all the while showing much care and attention for 4 months. then they just stopped. long text turned into polite responses and he didnt initiate any communication. at work he still followed me around like a puppy and would not let me leave making up converstaion. i asked him what’s up and he said if his communication has changed it was unintentional. he went above and beyond to get my attention and then tries to tell me that he didnt notice when it changed?? well since he cut me off, i then cut him off because at work he still tried to get all my attention. i just gave polite responses and dropped the conversation, although i wanted it to be the same. its been a few weeks and even with my distance he still tries to tell me about his life and follow me around. but i leave him at the door. it is what people are saying.. when you start giving in, even though i never said anything my actions were, they back away. they have an off/on switch. why he just turned it off is a mystery that i will not ever ask. but like others i felt a loss, they really make you feel like your on top but at the end there is no substance behind it and i feel a big loss…and i work with him so i have to always put the front that i dont care when in reality i care alot..

  104. smiling and smiling when i read this blog..just happened to me a very nice virgo man pulled back exactly after 3 months. why it’s always been set up for 3 months…and just left him yesterday, coz cannot handle that on off situation that he created. we, woman, need to respect ourselves, if not, who else? right? some lies caught unexpectedly..see how’s goes now..
    note : met this guy online, with a promise to visit me in my hometown, but he went or can i say run/back to his shell, i guess. :0…still not want to believe astrology..but it’s truly happened…:) :)….

  105. Hi All,

    I need some help, my ex virgo broke up with me in October and we both moved out in November. He seemed to never be able to just have silly arguments and would get in such a temper. He wanted to stay friends and said that he hated how he got so angry towards me. We met as strangers and rushed into living together. So back to the friends stage. He told me he wants me to find myself again and for us to build a friendship and we may well work out. He helped me find a place and was very supportive. Since we’ve lived apart I’ve never chased him or bothered him but he always gets in contact. His paid for us to have meals out and even crashed at mine and invited me to his. The other day he asked if I fancied going to see a show and get some food at a nice place he knows in London. It feels as if we’re dating but he did say friendship so I don’t want to be fooled. At new year I saw he has someone from his work who texts him (a girl) and his never mentioned her name. I’m worried all what he has said is lies and that I’m just a back up if he don’t meet better. He has girl mates that text so that doesn’t bother me but I get the feeling this girl from work might like him.

    So I got home New Year’s Day and just texted saying I’m home. See you around. He questioned the shortness but I didn’t reply. Today he texted early this morning again wishing me luck with something so I replied thanks I’m fine. Keeping it short. He the very short messages have I done something?? I didn’t reply. He then tried calling but I couldn’t face it. Later I replied changing the subject. He replied and I sent another two word answer. He tried calling but I couldn’t answer so once I was home I was just about to ring him and he called again. He asked how my day went and then why I was being so short and that its not like me. I just said no reason. He then made out that new year was boring even though we all had a laugh so I’m guessing that was a dig to try and hurt me. He said he had to go back to work so I just said ok bye and hung up.

    I do love him and I think a lot of him but I just don’t know if his stringing me along, texting this other girl or if his been trueful when he says we may work out if we just start building our friendship like we didn’t do at the start.

    Any help would be great. Thanks 🙂

  106. I have to say that reading all these posts it gives me some comfort to know I’m the only one who has been broken by a Virgo man..
    My Virgo man was the only man I ever loved we met when I was 27 and we were together for 6 years ..
    He was so loving affectionate I really believed that he was the one.
    But he was very jealous and possessive and always accusing me of cheating ..in the end he called and said he thought I was cheating and county do it anymore and I never heard from him again..
    I never got over him 10 years and I always though of him and never could get close to any one else ..
    10 years later he got in touch told me I was the life of his life and he always wanted to come back and say sorry for everything..
    Everything was wonderful and I was so happy then within a few months the old behaviour came back and the accusations got more and more ..
    He was so insecure and over the last three years he was emotionally abusive ..but I put up with it because I loved him . They want to control and once they see how much you need them they leave you ..
    Again a few weeks ago after three years together he texted saying I was a cheat .. I was 100% loyal to this man and never ever have him reason to think otherwise .
    Then he ignored my calls refused to answer and I haven’t heard from him since that was three weeks ago .
    I’m in absolute pieces he was like Jekyll and Hyde one minute professing undying love the next saying the most cruel and hurtful things to you ..

  107. Virgo’s are modest and shy:
    This year I’ve figured out the Guy I’m in love ( 7 years )with is a Virgo so I did research, I wanted to know why he felt the same but distance himself and emotions, to make it clear Virgo men are not very emotional nor romantic it takes time and no matter how slow you think the relationship is going showing affection to a Virgo man scares him off and Virgo men are known for being nervous, also Virgo men are very demanding so let him take his time, and have a little power so he can gain the strength to express his feelings to you ( Virgo men hate feeling threaten ), after all when the relationship is solid you won’t regret the wait, Virgo men don’t like conversations that go no where meaning have a conversation that you can either agree or disagree no matter which side he’ll appreciate your convos, I will recommend anyone to research their panthers zodiac sigh its a lot of help.
    Pisces love Virgo – opposites attract

  108. This blog is awesome! I totally agree with all of you. Its amazing how we all think we’ve found that one supreme Virgo male that is the chief womaniser…i believe I found one as well.He has gotten so masterful at his tactics now it amazing!! He openly admits to me about plentiful cheating on his girlfriend who he keeps as a possession because she is physically perfect. All the while sleeping with whores and making girls fall for him. He is so masterful at what he does, if I didn’t spend the last 10 years of my life romanticising about him and finally seeing the light, I would not be able to resist his actions. I finally could see how he perfectly crafted every single sentence and action and scene to get the desired impact out of the woman. We are just objects, not even that…we might as well not even have faces!
    I’ve totally had enough with Virgo men. Yes I agree they are ONLY GOOD FOR SEX!!! and Damn..they are good.
    I think it would be a good idea for the Pisces woman evolved to become masterful at Virgo men! Be the only sign that knows how to protect themselves from them! See through everything they do. Of course that won’t happen until Pisces woman love them first and learn from experience possibly from a few virgo men lol.

    • An evolved Pisces can sense and foresee the actions and changes of these men. With such gift, this pisces address issues straightup with my virgo guy and lets him know in no uncertain terms that my expectations are xyz and I will not tolerate xyz. My virgo guy knows where im heading and he can either chose to join me or leave, either way no regrets or tears. Presently were are getting to know each other and it is MOSTLY great.

  109. So maybe some of you can help me sort this out. I was in a committed relationship with the Virgo man for almost 5 years, I am a Pieces. At first he was perfect, and I fell for him hard. He was loving and always wanted to make me smile. He would bring me flowers all the time for no reason at all, and would tell me all the time he wanted to marry me. He was at the time we got together my room mate, so we lived together the whole 5 years. The last year of our relationship it was like I was living with someone different though, he got down right mean. He would tell me how stupid I was all the time and call me names, I could never do anything right in his eyes. He started telling me all the time he was going to leave, but never go anywhere. Being a Pieces girl all of this hurt me very deeply! Finally fed up I would tell him to go every time he said it out of frustration. One night he came to me, and asked me if we could just break up. I was pissed and said just go! The next few days I had made arrangements to go stay with friends in TN from NY. Before I left he had tried to talk to me a few time, but I was just so hurt by everything, and pissed off I couldn’t. I left for TN and was there about a week, and realized I missed him terribly! I wrote him a message on FB, cause I had no other was to get in touch with him, but just couldn’t push send. I walked away from my computer, and my friend did it when I wasn’t looking. Long story short everything was going good with me and him, and I thought we would be okay, that was untill I found out he was already dating another girl. He denied this of course but I ended up calling the girl and asking her, she told me it was true. He still to this day will not admit he was with this girl. This next part is gonna make you think I deserve all of this for being so stupid, but I was so hurt and jealous I ended up coming back to NY. We sat down and talked and he said that we needed to work on our friendship, cause we lost it somewhere along the way. He stopped seeing this girl as soon as I came home, and I really thought we would be good. We have seen each other, and hung out everyday since I have been home. Well last week he was drinking a bit, and ended up going to the bar with this girl I thought was a friend. She was hitting on him, and he was begging her to come home with him. In the end she didn’t go, but I lost it with both of them. I left him a message saying I was sick of the games and I wasn’t chasing him anymore, that I loved him but he was either gonna be with me or leave me alone. It’s been 2 months since I got home. He messaged me back some bs, but I didn’t answer it I was pretty clear what I wanted. By the end of that night he had called me telling me he wasn’t doing anything with this girl and I was just over reacting. The next day he called me and he had been with his friend celebrating his friends birthday so he was a bit tippsey. He asked if I could take him to get some food, and watch Lost with him. So I gave in, I do so love him in the end, and he really is my best friend. I picked him up, we were on our way, he looks at me and says like it just hit him “You really do love me don’t you”. I looked at him like he was nuts, and said yes I do love you. So he says I love you too, now stop it. then he tells me I’m the only girl he is thinking about and kisses me, and tells me I’m the only girl he is thinking about. Not 5 min later he says “I don’t want you to think that kiss means you own me in anyway”. Then he tells me he don’t know what hes doing and may be leaving the area for a job, but says 2 different states. So this is where I am at do you guys have anything???

  110. I will read all of these posts, and I realized that time has passed on most of them, but alot of the complaints seem to repeat themselves about virgo men. I am a virgo female/pisces moon and I usually think before I feel whereas pisces tend to feel first. Virgos are not jerks, but they are very discriminating. They keep their feelings so secure and will only display them when they find the “right” partner. They dn’t like risking their heart. Two things: either you are not chemically compatible with them (you have different minds sets) or they have a personality disorder like narcissism or psychopathy. Any sign can have a mental illnessthat will cause alot of pain to you.

  111. One more thing people, please check your moon sign and his. That’s probably how you’re connecting with your virgo, not through the sun sign alone. Narcissists and psychopaths will smell out kind generous people to take advantage of them – these people come in all signs, shapes and sizes.

  112. I too am a Pisces girl that met a Virgo and fell hard for him. In the beginning he was so sweet and made me feel that he was very much in to me. Well right around three months later after I had started to feel secure in our relationship, I made the mistake of telling him that I liked him very much. His response was that I was too emotional and needed to learn how to control my emotions. It was at this point that he decided to vanish out of my life, would not answer my calls, or text me back. Ladies the virgo man is one twisted, insecure, animal. I am not even sure that they really like women. They are way too feminine themselves. They also have a dark side that is scary. There is a website called “dark side of the virgo man” that makes me question if this is the reason they treat women so badly. I have sworn them off.

  113. I too am a Pisces girl that met a Virgo and fell hard for him. In the beginning he was so sweet and made me feel that he was very much in to me. Well right around three months later after I had started to feel secure in our relationship, I made the mistake of telling him that I liked him very much. His response was that I was too emotional and needed to learn how to control my emotions. It was at this point that he decided to vanish out of my life, would not answer my calls, or text me back. Ladies the virgo man is one twisted, insecure, animal. I am not even sure that they really like women. They are way too feminine themselves.

  114. I too am a Pisces girl that met a Virgo and fell hard for him. In the beginning he was so sweet and made me feel that he was very much in to me. Well right around three months later after I had started to feel secure in our relationship, I made the mistake of telling him that I liked him very much. His response was that I was too emotional and needed to learn how to control my emotions. It was at this point that he decided to vanish out of my life, would not answer my calls, or text me back. Ladies the virgo man is one twisted, insecure, animal. I mean, who doesn’t want to be loved ?

  115. People often think of love as a romantic, warm, fuzzy feeling but that feeling, especially as it grows deeper, biologically compels people into marriage, children, and a slew of other long-term obligations like debt, mortgage, shared resources, illness, etc. Not everybody is ready for that. Not even under the best of circumstances.

    I think Virgo, being the perfectionist it is, is well aware of the consequences of love and sometimes backs away to make sure they’re 150% ready for that.

  116. STAY AWAY FROM VIRGO MAN!!!! seriously. I met a Virgo man and I am Pisces woman. I confronted him (mind you I never confront any man). I am a very bold, confident, vibrant woman yet I can be very shy and timid in certain settings but u will never know. Most men seem to be intimidated by me…. I’m educated, headstrong, confident, independent (all of which this Virgo man did not like) ok so Anyways I noticed him from across the room so I sparked a conversation. It went completely wrong in a funny way but we ended up exchanging numbers. The very next day he called me early in the morning to ask me was I awake? “Did I wake u too early? If so I apologize” *this caught my attention*
    okay so For the first couple of months, we went on a few dates and he was romantic, charming, the modern day gentleman. We would talk for hours, he would be really sensitive etc and in a way it became annoying. But he was a good catch so I kept him near. He opened doors, payed for meals, seemed intelligent even went so far as saying he’s been celibate for years on end (waiting for the perfect woman) etc. now mind you, im a wholesome woman and a late bloomer so my innocence shows…. He must have noticed this and thought he could tell me what I wanted to hear. Okay so anyways, on the second date, his card declined and he played it cool. This was a sign…… All in all, He pulled out cash and payed. I offered to pay each time we went on dates but he insisted. He did weird stuff on the date like turn his phone face down and was very negative. He threw insulting shots at me multiple times and when I jokingly insulted him, he would throw a fit. I’d just be laughing all along. Now this is where it gets juicy… Time goes on and me being me, I’m more so not into displaying too much emotion or trusting my emotions but using my intuition and pure logic. So for one, I noted everything. #1he was in the military.. He told me he was in college for one major at first and then I waited about a week or so and asked again and he told me another major that was the total opposite. Lol…. Now If he’s this good of a man why does he seem so perfect but doesn’t have kids or a wife? Clue #2, I would test him by asking questions and asking them again later to see how long he would lie. Did he have kids? Where is he from? Etc.. He also asked me questions but I never gave him the 411 because I sensed he was a liar. I played his game with him. #3 on our first date he had a really nice car. I actually bought the nice car that I have so I was impressed. (Not trying to brag I’m trying to prove a point) .. Okay now the next date, he has a different car but it is beat up. It’s a hand me down. I didn’t care because I’m not a material girl but I do like the finer things so I work hard for everything I have….
    So I question him as to why did he change cars. He says the other was a rental and that his current one was in the shop – *rolls eyes* .. Moving along. Now I graduated college so I have an education. However I decided to pursue another career in which I travel a lot so he becomes aware of this. As soon as i told him the changes I would be making, I made them quickly. I’m a woman of action. He is not. He pretends to be. So I moved and that’s when all hell broke loose. He constantly brought up me meeting new men, he would play mind games that I’d just play right back and he would even go so far as trying to pick fights and make me seem like I was crazy when j called him out on it When in all actuality I was RIGHT ON TO HIS GAMES LOL… OMG im not done. So after we get into an argument for the 30th time, I tell him off and then I later realize that I want revenge. So I get it. I contact him and let him know that I would like to rekindle and we shall see what happens next. I’m giving him a taste of his own medicine and I won’t stop until then. (I won’t do anything crazy but I am going to get him where it hurts because I think he thinks it’s a game to just play with women)…. Like how crooked can u be?? U do this for fun?? I don’t get chosen. I choose and for all the women out there, just know a Virgo man will chew u up and spit u out but when he’s chewing u, make sure ur the one who makes him throw up.
    All in all, I start to do all the things I didn’t do before even alter some things in my personality to please him. (This is what he thinks) now don’t get me wrong.. I did my research on him. He lied and said he doesn’t have kids, he has kids. He lied and said he’s single, he is not single. He lied about school, he’s never been to college. He lied about deaths in his family!!! For empathy? Omg. He even lied about being celibate, he’s a sex addict. He lied about everything possible and didn’t know that while he continued lying I was taken note. Don’t be a fool ladies please. Virgo men are mental. He also didn’t have any friends….. Which is a big red flag in most cases. Whenever we talked he was always alone.

    Just stay away From Virgo men. They are stalkers, liars and manipulators and if you are not meticulous or wise enough to see through his “facade” you will perish at the end.

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