Virgo Man Mulls Break Up With Gemini Woman: Saturn Transit Opposite Natal Saturn

Hi Elsa,

I’m just grasping here and need advice. I have a Gemini Girlfriend, I’m a Virgo Man. We have been going together off and on 1 year. She is 10 years younger than me. I have fun with her when we’re together and she says she does too. She says she has high respect for me.

Here’s the problem: she lives about 18-30 minutes away. We go County Dancing at least once a week and she loves dancing w/me. I feel that. The problem is she doesn’t like to come ALLL the way to my house and stay over because there’s traffic in the morning! Nothing extreme, just traffic. It seems like I have to urge her to stay w/me and honestly it sucks. I don’t think I should have to work so hard to be with someone, but I get mixed signals all the time.

She cannot commit any kind of schedule of us seeing each other. To me, a schedule would make it easier. She goes to night school . I do not see her as much as I would like to. One week it’ll be 1-2 nights; that’s not enough. What should I do? I have tried exhaustively to understand and compromise w/her but she gets very upset when I bring a schedule. Should I give up on this girl? I’m not getting any younger (42). Help!!!!

Neglected Man
United States

Dear Man,

Well you’re right on schedule. You have Saturn in Pisces at 0 degrees, about to be opposed by Saturn in at 0 degrees Virgo in September – and here you are taking a look at the structure and the reality (Saturn) of how you are living in relation to your age. The point is to take stock and make corrections as needed and in this case it seems a correction is going to be necessary. Because bottom line, you want to grow up and she (probably quite rightly) does not!

So there are issues of control (Saturn) here, in that you want her to her to conform and show up for your relationship… as if it were a job? I’m not saying it’s like this but I would not be surprised if she thinks it’s like this and you start to get the idea here.

It seems this gal likes you just fine. She likes to dance anyway. But as far as settling down, this is obviously is not her priority and I don’t think that’s likely to change.

I don’t think it’s likely to change because people rarely get more enthusiastic over their partner in year 3 or 4 than they were in year 1. Also, as people settle into relationship they become more “themselves” not less, and it seems this gal is and wants to be a free bird.

So this leaves you with reality. You have a girlfriend who has limits and those limits are very likely to constrict not expand. How you weigh this and what you do about it is going to be up to you.

Good luck.


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Virgo Man Mulls Break Up With Gemini Woman: Saturn Transit Opposite Natal Saturn — 3 Comments

  1. I agree w/Elsa on this . . . if Virgo wants a different type of relationship, then looking elsewhere may be a good idea. Gemini is very unlikely to do anything but dance right on out of the picture if pushed. Air signs frustrate Earth signs by giving them nothing tangible to hold on to says this Libra lady . . . 🙂

  2. Whenever I hear of a 9 or 10 year age gap, I always think of the nodes. I wonder if these two have opposite nodes, which would definitely cause frustration. Well worth checking out…

  3. My comment isn’t related exactly to this post, but Ken’s comment made me do a double-take…
    Ken – My partner and I have nodes that are in exact opposition! Lately I have been wanting freedom and he has been getting jealous of my doing more stuff alone/without him.

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