Virgo! A Force To Be Reckoned With In 2017!

I’ve done a lot of Solar Returns for Virgos this year. Every single chart is remarkable. Each charts, shocks me because of the massive Mutable T-Square.

I don’t think this is going to be a bad year for Virgo; especially if they will work the Mars Saturn conjunction that is all of these charts.  I think most of them will, just by their nature.

Generally speaking, Virgo works.  They may work harder this year, but most will achieve their goals.  Mars Saturn perseveres. Mars Saturn in Sagittarius perseveres to the end of the story.

A few weeks ago, my husband told me that a lot of people say they’re, “gonna make it up the hill”.

“Few do. Seems, I’m always the one that makes it up the hill and gigs the bastard.”

He’s a retired soldier with Mars aspecting Saturn.

Virgo, this is your year. But by God, you better clean up your act if it’s dirty. Put down the crack pipe and such.

If you’ll do this, you are going to stun the people in your sphere. I’ll be watching. I’ll be rooting.

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Virgo! A Force To Be Reckoned With In 2017! — 36 Comments

  1. Elsa, I am Virgo (1.31) and Asc. is Virgo. Mars in in Capricorn (0.13) in house 4. Trine sun and sextile saturn in Scorpio (house 2). I think this is tuff but it gives me also the strength to handle what comes my way. This is what I experienced.

  2. “But by God, you better clean up your act if it’s dirty. Put down the crack pipe and such.”

    Bwahahaha…seems like I can’t wait to see a certain tragic virgoan opera.

  3. You did mine, thank you!

    YES!! I’m excited for this year. My crack pipe is bad food, stupid youtube videos that I shouldn’t waste my time watching, giving into laziness and not working out my body.

    In my natal chart, Mars is squared by my Moon and Uranus… I’m going to try my darnednest to be disciplined in my own sporadic and emotional way. Like dancing and listening to emotionally satisfying music in the middle of my work out and changing/diversifying up my routine. There IS freedom within boundaries.

    My birthday is at the end of Virgo (19th) so I’m not sure how powerful the chart will be because Jupiter is already in Libra and Saturn and Mars are 14 degrees apart but they still both fall in my 10th house. The chart is wild, though, with three planets and my N.Node in the 7th, Uranus almost exactly conjunct the Moon in Aries, Venus in Libra in the 8th square Pluto, and Neptune conjunct a Pieces Ascendant.

    I’m going to tread slowly and diligently through this year………

    THANK YOU times a million for this post.

  4. “Mars-Saturn preserves.” Now that’s a line I can use! Mars-Saturn is natal 8th House Leo with Pluto as a triple conjunction. I’ve never viewed those aspects with THAT verb, but, yay, it’s a fitting verb to use for this time of Virgo Season. Thanks for that, Elsa!

  5. My Solar Return is on the 11th – with Mars conjoining my natal Saturn that day. So yeah, all that and my second Saturn Return in December (sigh). Will persevere! One Saturn Return pass, so I expect the New Year will be better after working hard through the rest of 2016…

  6. MY best friend is a Virgo! 😀 I hope he has a really exciting year, he works nonstop so he should be fine. He’s celebrating his birthday by going to Greece, Macedonia, and Turkey soo I’d say he’s off to a good start. He’s turning 30.

  7. Put down the crack pipe~~ you’re too funny Elsa! There are some “highly intelligent” people out there who are dumber than a box of rocks and I’ve been withholding my impatience to the point that… hm.. yeah.

  8. Natally i have a Mars/Saturn conjunction. I think it’s interesting the things people are saying about this current conjunction. I love the interpretation “Mars-Saturn preserves”…

    …and I was just realizing a few days ago that never in my life have I had more Virgos in my life than I do now. I have a shit-ton of Virgos around me! It must be the Universe trying to tell me something.

  9. Yay for Virgos, although in raal life I’ve never been able to be in phase with them. (My mother)
    Through this blog I’m slowly starting to understand.
    And also thanks Saturn in Sagittarius – higher learning. It helps to reach things I hadn’t approached before.

  10. Tomorrow is my birthday – born in ’75 & the tsquare is on my natal one (though transiting Neptune is ‘filling it): Sun/Mars/Neptune
    Looming divorce, major move…the pressure of more moves. I’m a creative writer…trying to sustain that while figuring out how to meet basic needs…familial crisis & health issues. Meh
    One fun thing is @ 9 years ago when the nodes were last in Virgo & on my sun I had a romance prior to meeting my husband…we lost touch (long story) but within the last month reconnected (good astrologer I am I didn’t even notice that node thing,lol) We shall see what happens, but truly enjoy his friendship (his node, moon & Saturn are @ 11-17 degrees Virgo while Venus conjunct his south node- he’s got his own crazy sad story)

  11. I have a Virgo inner planet stellium (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) and it certainly has felt like I was going in circles for many years. Not accomplishing anything (or very little) with all the work I put in. This did not sit well with my Capricorn outer planet stellium + ASC.

    I need a breakthrough!

  12. Thank you Elsa, you crack me up time after time. In such crazy times humour helps!
    My Moon (13 degree), Pluto and North node are in Virgo in House 10. My progressed Mars is at 11 degree Virgo, my progressed Venus is at 11 degree Gemini. Together with Neptune and Saturn they form a Grand Cross in my life!!!!

  13. UGGGGGHHHH,,,,, NOOOO!!!!!! My birthday is 9/16. I’ve had a “must persevere” DECADE! I hadn’t looked at my solar return, so I just did and I wish I hadn’t!!
    Mars has moved from the conjunction to Saturn, but is at my S.R. midheaven, squaring my Sun in the 7th and Chiron on the Ascendant. Sorry, but that doesn’t feel like “persevere” to me, it feels like “fall on your face, wounding yourself badly and devastating your reputation”. That’s it. I’m PMing you for a consult because I have GOT to see this another way. Over 20 years of doing astrology myself and I just can’t see the forest through the trees in this one.

  14. Hey Elsa – I’m really interested in getting a solar return report this year. I checked out your sample solar return page and am curious to know whether you add your own analysis to the report?

  15. I have a Virgo Asc. Need to get rid of the worry part. Need to be passionate about something. I am into astrology and avoid going into depth. It fudges matter. I need to have a clear basic understanding of the natal chart. My stellium(Venus,Pluto,Uranus) in Virgo Asc means lots of mental activity along with some beautiful respite. Virgo operates on most levels in me. I have a charm with Venus in Virgo Asc. Uranus makes me intellectually resounding. Pluto has shown me what darkness means.
    I am waiting for next year to harbinger a delightful change. Jupiter is affecting my health. I think I will get over with some issues soon. I have been in turmoil for the last 22 years. I think there will be stars on the horizon with promise.

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