Violence In Society: Is Ballet Dependent On Football?

balletThe other day the soldier was in a flatbed semi loaded with steel. He thought he might have a motorcycle gang chasing him and was very thrilled with the prospect.

Now you couldn’t make up a more male (Mars) scenario and while it might make some uncomfortable, fact is the soldier likes to fight.

I don’t judge this. I know that violence exists in our world and in fact it erupts whether you like it or not.

It erupted a VA Tech last week and it erupted yesterday with the massive prison riot in Indiana, USA. Violence can erupt anywhere. It can erupt at a soccer game, it can erupt in your home and it can even erupt at your wedding as some unlucky brides could tell you.

So I wonder if these types who like to fight don’t serve the peaceful when they fight each other because the violence exists and it will find expression. Boxing… races, football, same thing. These are violent sports.

Do you think it’s possible a person can attend the ballet or the symphony in peace because the violence is erupting at the roller derby down the street?



Violence In Society: Is Ballet Dependent On Football? — 5 Comments

  1. Yes, if only for balance.

    There’s no denying that violence exists, but if we refrain from activities that promote peace (tho’ in both ballet and symphony performances, pieces can be found just as violent, just presented in a more palatable form), the balance will tip and we’ll find ourselves locked in our homes to keep it out.

    Just my two cents.

  2. We’ve all got violence in us given certain conditions. We also have a civilised veneer that disguises it from ourselves. So we need football, we need violent computer games and films, it gives some sort of expression to it. None of us are beings of light. We probably need the occasional war as well.

  3. Yes, I play roller derby..but I’m also a stay-at-home mother of two teenage sons with my own web design business. Some of my league mates are nurses, lawyers, scientists etc. It’s the strategy, DIY atmosphere and the company of other strong and beautiful women that compels me to attend practice 4 days/wk and coach 1 (driving 1.5hrs 1 way!).

    I admit I enjoy a good hit. Oddly enough, when I give a good hit the receiver appreciates it too! Despite the violence, You couldn’t meet a nicer bunch of women.

    Roller derby has taught me to reach beyond my perceived limits, dig deep and see just how strong I can be. I guess you could say the same for many sports. I’m sure if I were a ballet dancer I’d enjoy the challenge of overcoming physical pain to produce something unique and beautiful. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder… long live the ballet *and* the roller derby! 🙂

  4. I think that violence coexists with things of peace and beauty. For those who went to the ballet after see the VA Tech shootings, I would bet they had a greater appreciation for the beauty and peace of the ballet. What’s going on in Iran is a great example. They’re having to fight for something precious.

    I read this letter

    years ago and I think everyone should read it…if only to appreciate those that deal with violence.

    I was reminded of it when you I read your post about receiving the box. A rich story and a great example of violence and beauty coexisting and needing each other. I mean there is the soldier who deals with and enjoys violence and yet he finds beauty and peace buying songs that make him think of you or sitting in the tub talking about shoelaces. 🙂

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