Very Sorry & Horribly Embarrassed

shameI am so sorry!  I just found hundreds of emails people sent me over the last month (maybe longer).  For the most part, these were emails sent in response to my newsletter.  I use my gmail address. At some point (in November), gmail started flagging these as spam. Consequently, they were not forwarded to the inbox I use. I never saw them!

Gmail automatically deletes “spam” after thirty days. This has gone on longer than that. Typically, people do respond to my newsletters. Not in droves, but generally I do hear from people and I did notice a drop off.  Unfortunately, I did not make a tie.  And then Christmas came…

Without fail, I hear from people, Christmas time. Not this year!  I got like…. ten emails. I noticed this and just automatically thought it was my fault. Seriously! Or that maybe people were just horribly sad and I didn’t realize it.  In whatever case, it still didn’t register.

Today, I found the mails. I am really, really, really sorry.


Very Sorry & Horribly Embarrassed — 12 Comments

  1. Well another way to look at this would be “thought is energy.” Choose to positively embrace the energy of all the emails and know that their energy has come to you and those that need your help will find a window to reach out again.

    This is a lesson for all of us! Re-check your computer settings before and after a Mercury Retrograde. For Elsa, maybe look at where Mars (activity) has been transiting in you chart or what is going on in your 3rd house (native for Gemini and communication).

    Elsa, take a day to be Mad, not Sad. You will be Glad you did!

    Love The Universe

  2. Don’t worry, Elsa. I think I might have sent an email but the little problem I was whining about has been solved.

    Maybe there are other people like me who just needed to vent and felt better writing and didn’t really need a response.

    I’m rather touched that you care so much.

  3. Hi! It’s telling me this website is not safe? Just wanted to inform since I go on this website everyday yet now receiving this message before entering the site. Thanks for everything!

  4. I think I did send you and Midara an ecard this Holiday but wasn’t sure if it got to you? Usually I’ll hear back but assumed you were busy as folks usually are during the Holidays! But sorry this happened!

  5. It’s Google who should be sorry ??

    We know you are doing your best to stay on top and on par.

    I look forward to your next email newsletter ??

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