Fated Relationships: The Vertex In The Composite

The BountyThe vertex is a “fated encounter” point in any chart and linked to timing by transit and aspect. There is more than one way to spot the chart of a person with whom one has a fate link, but it is often reflected in vertex interaspects between the charts. But what of the relationship? The relationship itself has a chart; it is called the composite and is the chart of the midpoints between the planets and angles of the two individuals’ charts.

The composite chart has a vertex as well. Its vertex is the midpoint between the individuals’ vertices. There are many possible indicators of a fated relationship. Not having any particular one does not mean the relationship is not special or destined. I hesitate to use the word “soulmate” because there is no specific, agreed upon definition. However, one such indicator of a fated relationship is the composite vertex conjunct the composite descendent.

This doesn’t mean the relationship will be easy, or blissful or even long-lasting. What it means is that it will be important and ultimately growth-inducing. Of course, reflectively, that doesn’t mean it WON’T be blissful or long-lasting. There are so many factors to consider, but I find these individual indicators interesting and one more to add to your arsenal of “hmm, isn’t THAT something!”

Before I accept that something “works” I really need to have a grasp on WHY it works. In this case, what enters the relationship through that destiny “stargate” is at the point of the 7th house cusp, Venus-ruled, what one likes. It is an aspect of embracing the destiny of the relationship, whatever that may be.

In addition, transits in conjunction or opposition to the composite vertex show the timing of fated events or people entering your joint life that affect you jointly, affect the relationship itself. Individuals whose planets closely hit that vertex axis can have a profound effect on the relationship. On the descendent they are in agreement with the relationship desires. Or at least when a malefic presence enters there is more likelihood of accord in handling the influence.

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Fated Relationships: The Vertex In The Composite — 116 Comments

  1. Oh my gosh, Satori. I’m stunned… our composite Vertex is on the composite Descendant to the exact degree. An unbelievably difficult and deep and loving relationship.

    “hmm, isn’t THAT something,” indeed! Learning a lot here.

  2. Just checked via astro.com. Vertex (if it´s that whatever abbreviated with “verte” – is it? Yes it is, I looked on the list) conjunct moon node right on the descendent. Exact degree. So what does vertex conjunct moon node mean, Satori??

    I´m kind of puzzled at that.
    The relationship I´m in is well, practically nonexisting on the outside and definitely not blissful in many ways. Four saturn squares in the synastry. I´d not find it amusing to think in terms of “fated” in that, somehow.

  3. the north node? these fated happenings draw your toward your purpose as a couple. south node would likely be the fatedness of working out past karma (if such things are in your belief system. ::wink::).

    • Hi Satori
      In me and my special-one’s composite chart, our north node conjunct antivertex and eros in 2. House capricorn.
      What what does that mean for us as a couple?

      At the moment, transit pluto conjunct this constalation in capricorn in our composite 2. House.
      Transiting uranus is making a square to also
      What can we expect to deal with?

      (We have a lot moon/saturn aspects both in synastry and in composite).

      Best regards

  4. Hmmm! ISN’T THAT SOMETHING! We have Vertex in Virgo on the 7th. How close does the aspect have to be? Is four degrees too wide? Also interesting my Vertex conj. his moon. His Vertex conj. my Sun. Would it be better the other way around in a man/woman relationship?

  5. ‘However, one such indicator of a fated relationship is the composite vertex conjunct the composite descendent’ – I had this with Taurus. Also conjunct Jupiter. I *had* to know him, and he seemed to feel the same.

  6. Composite vertex in 8 degrees cancer in the 8th house, opposing our composite saturn in cap at 7 degrees. Also our comp vertex exactly opposes his natal mars in cap. at 8 degrees. Not sure of the relevance any of this.

    • Can you help?
      Our Composite Vertex is on the cusp of 8th House , in Virgo. What does that signify?
      Also, we have an 8th House stellium involving, Uranus, Mars, Pluto and Jupiter.
      Can someone please help out with the analysis?
      Thank you so much!
      Warm regards

  7. Our composite vertex opposes our composite AC, squares our composite MC, and Sesquisquare our composite Uranus.

    Transiting Uranus is conjunct it, and Transiting Neptune is in a semi-sextile.

    we had to know each other.

    Our natal planets:
    Saturn opposes my Vertex
    Neptune squares it
    Pluto inconjuncts it
    Uranus trines it
    MC trines it

    Pluto opposes her Vertex
    Sun squares it
    Mercury squares it
    Saturn trines it
    Neptune trines it
    Moon sextiles it
    MC sextiles it

  8. thank you Satori for posting this!! 🙂 the composite vertex is Aries 7th house trine composite Neptune and opposing Pluto. very interesting l don’t know what to make of it just yet…Jupiter Aries was conjunct composite Jupiter at some point..and passed over the vertex (23degrees Aries) very nice indeed!

  9. my best friend has Jupiter&Saturn Aries and she has a magical influence on the relationship her Saturn being at 27 degrees it’s conjunct our composite Vertex l’d say. l can see why she has this stabilizing powerfull energy on us. Like this magician sending good vibes :)!

  10. Ox and I have composite vertex in 7th but it is several degrees from the descendant. But, I do have something that illustrates what you are talking about. I’ve been working on a friend with something and she is interacting with a person and their composite has vertex exactly conjunct the descendant. Like nada degrees. This isn’t a romantic relationship by any means. But it definitely has had a deep impact upon this girls life but also in her line of thinking. I have not a doubt in my mind that these two were fated to meet. But it has nothing to do with establishing a life long romantic partnership. What’s ironic is I just went looking for info about this yesterday because I noticed the conjunction. I reckon I should have just checked the blog..eh..duh.

    Thanks Satori, I have a better understanding of the vertex after these last two posts. 🙂

    I have

  11. I’m having a hard time in my relationship but not knowing which way to go seems inevitable with our Vertex just 2 degrees under the DC in Libra 6th house.


    Sextile Jupiter & Uranus I don’t think its all that bad but opposite our Aries Acs & Moon it seems our insecurities are continually tried and tested.. am I on the right track??

  12. and I have another example. The composite chart of my ex boyfriend (fondly referred to as “the stalker”)and I. Vertex conjunct Descendant at 2 degrees. Trust me, we are not life partner compatible. But a fateful meeting..oh yeah. Big possibility.

    Ex hubby numero two and I and my grandson and I also have the conjunction..but 10 degrees out. I wouldn’t count that as within orb, but both connections were fated. I love the grandson..the ex..ha, not so much.

  13. my last relationship was very important in many ways, it didn’t work out, but I learned a lot in there…and we had Vertex conjunct Descendant in our composite chart.

  14. Our composite Vertex is conjunct my Natal IC and also his Natal Saturn,both by 2 degs.The relationship does seem very fated.It feels we have always known each other.The composite Vertex is also cunjunct composite Pluto with an orb of 5 degs.The composite Descendant is 7 degs from the Composite Vertex.Can it be considered conjunct?

  15. Uncanny. Comp. Vertex is precisely conjunct (w/in 30 minutes). We met when Saturn transited the Vertex.

    Comp. Sun/Venus/Merc and Jupiter also in 7th house. Lilith is conj. the Asc.

    The attraction is magnetic, irresistable and palpable.

  16. Thanx Satori! It´s the north node, by the way. Funny though, as I´ve experienced quite some encounters to have been fated (my personal venus conjunct north node in 8), i always considered this relationship to be the least fated in that row by far. There´s just none of the “usual phenomena” involved.

    And yes, it´s in my belief system 😉 – if one would call that “belief”. To me it´s rather a matter of experience ;-).

  17. My composite vertex do not conj descendant but it trines saturn & neptune. Plus ♄,♅ & ♆ are in the 12th, with Cap rising. Any clue?

  18. vertex in the 7th house composite…..(taurus)
    trine Neptune…
    square Uranus….

    Could this mean magical, mystical, dreamy (neptune) and full of excitement?

  19. Composite Vertex conjunct North Node in the 7th house in Taurus
    (it’s a 1 degree conjunction)

    Also, it opposes Saturn in Scorpio in the 1st house.
    And it sextiles the moon in Pisces in the 4th house.
    Any thoughts & guesses about this? 🙂

  20. My last relationship had a Vertex conjunct DC and it was fated… I can say that now, a great learning experience and it was very hard as well. Transforming. We had a Saturn Pluto conjunction in composite…so it was pretty harsh.

    My astro friend told me that the Pluto conjunction Mars is kind of a glue aspect in synastry/composite. That it makes it hard to walk away. Any thoughts on that?

    • Hello Mist, would you elaborate on your story about what happen in that relationship? I’d really love to hear every detail. I’ve just met this girl whom I have zero degree Vertex conj. Dc with on synastry, she’s the Vertex I’m the DC. The chemistry is off the charts intense..

  21. My husband’s Venus in Aries is exactly conjunct my vertex in Aries in my 7th house. His vertex in Libra is within one degree of my ascendant. Our composite vertex is conjunct our composite Ascendant. We met as teens and reconnected 28 years later. Very fated and intense. My Mars/Pluto conjunction at 9 degrees Virgo is within two degrees of his pluto/north node in Virgo–despite its difficulties (family burdens, not personal issues) it feels impossible to walk away from each other. @Mist: I had a Saturn/Pluto conjunction with my first husband–that was dreadful and also life-transforming as the divorce left me with two kids to raise on my own.

  22. @Anna in Canada – i have read about it being an extremely difficult aspect to handle in synastry/ composite. Like a burden and a test of will. Yours was literary life transforming then… We also had a 0 degree Mars – Pluto conjunction, and a Saturn square Mars in synastry.
    It was just mind blowing and very intense and hard to just be and breathe. Kind of a burden relationship for both of us, but hard to just leave it and walk away free. Weird. And then after a few years of trying to get out, we both fell in love with other people in the same week! 🙂

    I now checked all my important relationships, turns out – all my close friends, my boyfriend, even my mother, we all have a composite Vertex conjunct DC… by a very tight conjunction… or a Vertex in the 7th in composite. 😀 All of those people kind of transformed me… so I can agree with Satori, a very “fated encounter” signature aspect ;)Tnx for this info!

  23. In our composite, me and *Cindy* have Vertex exactly conjunct the Descendant and SATURN. Too bad we don’t actually “have a relationship” which makes the whole “relationship chart” – pointless. :/

  24. I just looked at this again and we have composite Vertex conjunct composite Dsc. With Jupiter and Ceres also conjunct. Interesting!

    His sun = my Vertex
    His vertex = my mars/Chiron

    I love returning to these posts.

    • Hi Kr… would you please elaborate on what happens in your particular relationship? How did it feel? How did it play out??

  25. In our composite- vertex opposition pluto @ 0.00 orb. His natal vertex is in my sun sign virgo in 7 house. Does it mean anything? In synastry we have my vertex sextile his sun, his vertex square my neptune any ideas?

  26. one thing to note with his vertex in your 7th house is that anything that enters his life by transit as a fated event via that vertex affects you as well. it keeps you tuned in to him in a relationship context and that can really build the partnership!

  27. Thanks Satori. My mistake 7 house it’s him. His vertex in virgo is in 7 house. Mine is in taurus in 8. But I was just wondering if there is any relation between my sun sign virgo and his vertex sign.
    Since he is the sun in synastryband I’m the vertex does it have any meaning. I also found out we have vertex opposition pluto in composite. But we’re not together…it feels profound to me though

  28. Also in composite- vertex conjunction both chiron and jupiter and oppose uranus but trine neptune. In synastry his vertex sextile my neptune. I’m so confused with it all

  29. Sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. In synastry also his sun sextile my vertex. Hope that’s all 🙂

  30. I don’t look at anything but conjunctions to the vertex axis. that makes pluto conjunct the antivertex! if you think of the vertex/antivertex as openings into the chart, where energy “comes in”, you can see why I only look at conjunctions. the anti-vertex shows where fated energy enters through your own action! the vertex happens from a source beyond you.

  31. I just looked up davisons chart and it came up with no vertex aspects (except for a square with venus but it does’t count). Composite vertex is placed in 8 house. Any ideas?
    In my natal my south node is in conjunction with antivertex
    Thank you

  32. hmmm very interesting =D
    got our composite vertex conjunct descendant exact degree in Leo, also his natal jupiter (leo 9th house) is exact conjunct composite vertex. looked at the davidsson chart as well and there his moon (leo 9th house) is conjunct vertex all within 1 degree

  33. Just found this! I decided to look up our composite (considering a life-long partnership w/ someone who just won’t give up on me) and, whoa, we have comp Vertex 1 degree conj the Descendant!

    Further, he has always seemed in love w/ me from day one, whereas I don’t feel deeply until a long time, and on top of our composite Vertex conj desc, my natal Venus, also exact my desc conjuncts this composite Vertex. Holy guacamole, that may explain why he is so connected to me. Really in awe here. I have always felt there was some destiny or reincarnation with us, yet I keep fighting it and he’s all matter-of-fact w/ us like there’s no possible person for him til the end. There is seriously something magical going on w/ the ‘math’ of the celestial heavens.

  34. Satori, slowly learning this. =)))

    Still in a bit of awe here at my desk over the looking up our composite on a whim, then googling the aspect, and then the answer circling right back here! I hope you guys never leave this blog. Have a wonderful weekend, all.

  35. I just found out that 2 of the loves of my life (I’ve only had 3 but I don’t have the time of birth of the 1st one!) have the same Vertex!!! These two women with the same Vertex were born in different countries, have different birth dates, sun signs, were born 5 years apart and still…. have the same Vertex angle even on the same house !!! And happened to have met me and happened to have changed me in so many ways! And they have never met each other… maybe they will though.
    So what their Vertex does to me is….
    it trines my Sun and Venus
    it sextiles my Uranus
    it squares my Jupiter
    it semi-sextiles my Saturn

    But I think what really does the trick is the fact that our composite Vertex is conjunct my natal Chiron and North Node.


    P.S. The Ascendant of both of them falls in my 7th House… the only difference is that one falls of them has it in Aires (my descendant) and the other one has it in Taurus. I think that this made me want the Aries Asc as a “love at 1st sight” and the one with the Asc in Taurus it had to grow on me.

  36. Hello Satori,
    Good post. Me and my new ‘romantic interest’ have composite vertex conjunct composite descendant BY SOLSTICE within 1 degree. Does that count?

    Also, composite Saturn in the 11th house trines Descendant which in turn trines our venus/mars/uranus conjunction in the 3rd house, creating a composite grand trine (or three grand trines?) – Orb within 2 degrees.

    Also, Composite sun trines composite moon (5 degrees) and they are conjunct my natal sun/moon mp (3 degrees) and his natal sun/moon mp (3 degrees)respectively.

    Also, Eros and Psyche are conjunct both ways natally (double whammy) therefore conjunct in the composite (4 degrees) as well.

    What do you think? Is this relationship fated? So far, the guy seems detached/withdrawn…though he was the first to show a lot of interest when we met. What could this mean?

  37. Just checked the composite Vertex of my current relationship. Composite Vertex is Conjunct Composite Sun by less than one degree in the 7th house ~ happy happy happy 🙂

  38. Just learning about the vertex. I was born when Jupiter transited my mother’s vertex exactly.

    When Saturn transited my vertex, I started my own business and also met my soulmate (a very difficult but intensely erotic as well as spiritual relationship that was on and off for 8 years).

    Is there an easy way to calculate the vertex without using astro.com?

    Thanks Satori & everyonefor all the great posts.

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