Venus Square Pluto (Under The Full Moon In Scorpio) – May 14, 2014 – Cold War? Corpse Alert?

oscarI look for ex-lovers (search “corpses”) to come back from the dead (or climb from their trash cans) when Venus aspects Pluto.

This go-round, we’re looking at Venus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn, at thirteen degrees.

Thirteen degrees.

Remember the cardinal grand cross back in April, when the planets involved locked on at thirteen degrees?  This is sensitive.

Venus and Pluto will be part of a cardinal grand cross involving, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.  On top of that, there’s a full moon in Scorpio on the same day (Stubborn and Uncompromising). I would like to say something sugary about this, but how?

You know those stories, where someone cheats with someone’s spouse? They tell their lover that they’ll love ’em till the end of time?

Later, they contact the person’s partner, spewing blood and guts over all involved?  This is the energy described here.

Vicious fights over shared resources, family inheritances, are also possible.

I know I am not supposed to scare people, but this is the kind of situation where are person would be well advised to think along the lines of “better safe then sorry”. There are just too many ways that things can go wrong.

As for things that can go right, some relationships will end this week. If so, it will probably be extremely painful. However, that doesn’t mean that the universe is acting against your best interest.  Most of us could stand to sever a connection or two.

Keep in mind, the relationship you sever does not have to be with another person. You can drop a bad habit, giving birth to a new one. You can become entirely pissed,  fed up, with your own pathology!

People who fare best in circumstances like these are those who can LET GO.

Let go, or be dragged, hmm?

How do you feel about May 14th, 2014?


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Venus Square Pluto (Under The Full Moon In Scorpio) – May 14, 2014 – Cold War? Corpse Alert? — 52 Comments

  1. I have Venus in Aries Squaring my Pluto natally,personally I think this aspect cops a lot of flack but then I’m aware of Pluto’s power and how it affects my Venus. 24th bday next week on the 19th and hey there’s always the chance a particular relationship could end next week. I’m betting on going with the Scorpio energy, going deep, and staying in tune with my Venus while its still in its Return phase

  2. I kept checking to see a post along the lines of this today/this week!! Knew it was coming. My roommate and I had a huge screaming fight last night where noone can go back to the same way things were. Not that I would want to. The friendship is DONE. Dead.
    Moving on with my life. It’s difficult as we still live together for another month and a half but it serves no purpose any more. It’s great how astrology provides you a comfort and a bigger picture through it all. Hang in there

  3. 13 degrees is my capricorn decendant …I have venus trine Pluto natally…I dont think I will see any drama(famous last words)…my life is pretty boring these days.

  4. Aries is my 8H, Capricorn is my 5H where my Venus is. So this Pluto will hit my natal Venus. But like watergal, my Pluto trines my Venus in my natal chart. Since my Merc is conjunct Venus, this all hits that, too.

    I guess I will just watch my mouth. Maybe just zip it.

  5. The Full Moon will be on my Sun in the 12th. Better guard my subconscious. I am vulnerable to peeps pushing my buttons. I lost control last week and paid dearly. 13 degrees. One other astrologer says this can go nuclear when a transit hits this degree in a chart. No shit Sherlock. My Venus in Capricorn is at 10 degrees and Pluto us hanging around now so any transit involving those two are looking for a power struggle over my values and “soul capitol”. I will do everything in my power NOT to react this time.

  6. Aries descendant with Saturn at 13 degree Capricorn and Pluto at 13 degree Scorpio. It doesn’t get worse than this!

  7. Thanks for your summary, much of my focus has been on the 11th house as it is fairly neutral as opposed to everything else in my chart.

  8. Lol this is horribly morbid but I actually had a dream that an ex died and my roommates and I were making a song about it. Something to the effect that “I didn’t do it, but I’m glad that it happened. Didn’t want to see you go but I’m smiling at your funeral.” I wish I could remember the dream in case there were any clues about the future. I can’t remember critical parts right now. Perhaps I dreamed that because I’m still subconsciously angry or else the cold war we’re in will heat up again.

  9. When Pluto passed over my Natal Venus I came close to having an illicit affair with my minister’s wife. She is now in a very prominent position within the national denomination. If the affair had taken place it would have “transformed” a lot lives. Not taking place it still managed to transform the two of us. 😉

  10. With uranus, pluto and a full moon in scorpio with saturn it sounds like an ending but what if that’s someone’s birthday – so it’s their solar return for the year?
    An ending that reverberates for a long time (maybe one they can’t get over)? Or a long struggle – a make it or die struggle?

  11. Elsa-As I read this post, CNN announced that Monica Lewinsky just released an “Essay” to Vanity Fair. Hmmmm.

  12. Well actually, I just thought that over. I do not fell sorry for Bill. He was a little pigish, with the cigar and all.

  13. I don’t know. I feel emotionally tapped out somehow. Or maybe I’ve just numbed myself preemptively as a defense mechanism. I’ve never had an ex physically reappear during Venus-Pluto (that I can recall), but they do sometimes visit my dreams and take over my thoughts then. Blech.

    • lol bleeech indeed. I had a weird dream, haven’t stopped thinking about this ex all day and its not something I want. But I don’t think I’ll be hearing from him, or seeing him anytime soon. Maaaaybe this will relate back to the scorpio new moon in which case the full moon on his natal mercury may reveal something but I highly doubt it will be revealed to me. I wouldn’t beleive anything I heard anyway, so I’d rather everything just be done and gone. Ditto on feeling emotionally pooped.

  14. Haha saw this coming…. with my Venus-Neptune conjunction… Looking for forward to seeing the walking dead (corpses). Let’s see if it goes down.Always up for the fantasy.

    • Shout Out to GTO-Hey Brother, whats up. Elsa is always right about this stuff, it is uncanny. Im getting ready to go to a corpses house to help cook dinner. The corpse called and Im going. Good Luck with your anniversary.

      • I had one show up, too. They actually announced on the store sign that this person was back. Geez. At least I know to stay away, which I was doing anyway. : )

  15. I’m not looking forward to that energy. t. Venus and Pluto for a T-square with my Ascendant and Mars. I wish it could mean some steaming hot passion, but its more likely that I’ll piss someone else off that I haven’t already. I’m just going to lay low.

  16. I met someone dear to me from a long time ago on the street. Afterwards I dreamt of him and another ex. Hello past, goodbye past.

  17. I’ve had this speech from the 1st part of Henry IV in my head all week-
    “Yet herein I will imitate the sun , who doth permit the base contagious clouds to smother up his beauty from the world…”
    Basically he’s a prodigal son. Prince Hal is aware he’s not living up to his potential but knows when he does decide to get his shit together he’ll rock the world. It really fits not only how I feel about myself, but the tone of my relationships, intimate and social as well.
    Natal Cap Sun 12* in the 7th
    Natal Libra Uranus 13* in the 5th.
    The Scorp Moon will hit my natal Venus/ Jupiter conjunction in the 6th.
    This is Phoenix from the flames energy where I find taking my marbles & going home then coming outside to play again a very different person is a necessity. Like everything can change overnight for the better if I choose.
    Then again I could be completely delusional and I’m riding to a fiery hell in a hand basket. At this point it’s obvious- when in doubt, throw it out.
    “If all the year were playing holidays, to sport would be as tedious as work; but when they seldom come, they wished for come and nothing pleaseth more than rare accidents.”

  18. I’m scared… I have aries north node 13′ in 5th house…. I’ve been feeling it’s energy trying to burst out, not sure what’s going to happen!

  19. 13 Aries is my Venus return! Pluto has been closing the gap of 2 natal T-squares involving Venus, Moon, Saturn & Pluto, making the most awesome grand cross. Themes of power, love, nurturing, and stability obsess me. Uranus sitting on my Venus is “crazy” fun! I’m enjoying the chaos and watching all the rules burn down behind me.

  20. With 13 Libra Neptune in 10th natal & 10 Aries Moon in 4th H-had unexpected argument with grown 16 degree Capricorn daughter on 5/7. Still not speaking/feels awful. She also has 16 degree Aries Jupiter. I’m 5 Taurus sun/venus. Trying to create peace…

  21. Let go is my mantra at the moment, so yes l think that is the best way to handle it! When you let go you are open to new things and people it’s never the end it’s juts a new beginning. l always feel good under the Scorpio Moon so l will try to ride that wave, keep away from trouble! 😉

  22. It’s my birthday!!!!!!! Need I say more??????? Also, I will have the full moon exactly in opposition to my sun. Should be interesting.

  23. My Scorpio sun is at 14 degrees. Not 23 but 14. Don’t know what to expect. Mars in Scorpio too. Forget the degree. My therapy clients have been stirred up but also most all seem to be very willing to ho deep and work hard to own their patterns rather than feel like hapless victims……

  24. Look, Elsa, I’m just glad you stopped sugar-coating your blogs, as if this Cardinal Grand Cross were over. This is a really refreshing read. Because you’re telling like it is.

    I’ve been really disappointed with the candy-coating interpretations lately. But you have to do what is right for you. Since this Cross is crucifying me directly, without let-up, am experiencing things from the worst perspective possible.

    I’ve tried everything from kick-boxing to meditation, but reality is becoming unbearable. And it’s beating me up fiercely. Details are unnecessary, but just imagine the worst of the worst. Like being a fish that’s being shot in a barrel.

    The Universe has turned into a sadistic jilted ex-lover to me. And I am powerless to do anything about it, except to take it until a window opens.

    And looking at the Ephemeris, that’s not going to be for a long while.

    Imagine, having a natal chart with mostly good aspects and then having transits that are all hard angles – all of a sudden – from 2010 to now?

    I know it’s a form of re-birthing and transformation, but it’s painful and it is not over by any stretch. Plus, I never learned the coping skills to deal with this. I never dreamed life could just turn from great to hate.

    Anyway, thank you for your brutal honesty. I’ve really been waiting to relate to something you wrote recently. And this was a nail (in my particular coffin).

    Sorry to be so negative, but I refuse to pretend. Frankly, it’s not in the remote realm of possibilities. Just imagine transiting Pluto crossing your 7th house in opposition (with a 3 degree orb) to your Sun. Secret enemies? That’s putting it lightly. No joke.

    Forgive me for my brutally honest reply.



      • Elsa, I know your blog is not about me. But am just relating the only way I know how to. I understand you, though. I just got a flash of light. You cater to all the signs. That’s very clear. I didn’t mean to sound so selfish. It must be my first house Sun at 10 degrees being irritated by Mars at 9 in Libra. Am seething inside. Not fun.

        What I do need is a personal reading. It’s just financially unsound right now.

        But, from my p.o.v., it’s hard to relate to the levity when am feeling so overwhelmed and weighed down.

        Please understand, this has never, ever happened to me. I used to be the most upbeat guy in the world. People loved my energy. And I love people.

        Am not sure what to blame for this bizarre behavior except for the Cross? By other free services are you referring to other websites? I read them too. But I like your honesty most.

        I like how you are able to admit your failings at times, and are able to laugh at yourself. You’re teaching me how to cope with difficulty by sharing in that manner.

        But if you want me to remain silent and stop whining, I will respect your wishes. It’s your site. Not mine. You give so very much to the world.

        It hurts me to be a disappointment to someone I respect so much. I hope you can forgive my short-sightedness.

        But, please, clarify what you meant about other free services? Are you politely asking me to comment on other blogs? Ouch.

        But I will respect you wishes. You do so much good. I don’t want to be a thorn in your magic.

        Again, am sincerely sorry for disappointing you. Please know, that was not ever my intent. Never, ever.

        Thank you.


          • Please forgive me. That was never my intent. Again, Mars at this degree is doing zero favors for me, while in hard aspect to my Sun. Everything comes across as anger and confrontation.

            Even with my best friend in Paris over the phone today. Said I sounded angry, when I wasn’t at all. That’s how it’s playing out.

            So need to be extra careful. It’s like walking on egg shells for me. The orb is so tight. On top of the punishing Cross. You warned me about all hard angles.

            Never expected this, though.

            Again, am heartfully sorry. You are the most generous person I know. Am grateful you are incarnated at the same time as I am. I feel blessed to have found you.

            Thank you.

  25. I am apprehensive; I think I will miss something! The Grand Cross didn’t really affect me (at least I don’t think it did…?) despite all my cardinal energy. I have been in the “let go” mindset for a while now so I will focus on that this week.

  26. My Sun is at 13 degrees Scorpio, my Moon is at 21 degrees Taurus, so what is going to happen is a double Sun – Moon opposition (transit + natal) with Sun/Moon AND Sun/Moon conjuncion + a full Moon. Jesus! This is freaky…

    I will talk to no one that day.
    Active houses – 5th and 10th.

    Thanks for the heads up Elsa.

  27. Though Pluto is conjunct my 12th house Mercury, it has been for awhile, so that doesn’t explain my recent flip-out in a work meeting. I felt as if I were hearing my colleagues for the first time, like they had been speaking like Charlie Brown’s teacher for the past year and suddenly I could hear them. I was like, “What are you on about?!” I snapped at three people separately, like carved them out of the group for their own private attack. It was so unlike me that I got emails afterward asking if I were okay. Ha! It felt great but it left me a little shaky, like I had discovered this ability to really hear what people were saying and cut right to the heart of it. Powerful, heady stuff. Keep it coming, I say!!

  28. I’m completely ignorant about astrology but was recently told by a friend that where a person’s pluto is when they are born definitively sets up what their life purpose is…no exceptions. Maybe so? Pluto was in my first house according to him so I will be unfulfilled if I do not make a major contribution to the world and probably need to examine my childhood to find out whats holding me back. Any truth to this?

  29. followup appointment post operation to make sure everything’s still running properly. might be sad again. but need to try to make sure everything still works. and move on/move forward/try again. one dead baby doesn’t mean i won’t have more children. but time is running out.
    (this hits my venus in the 8th along with pluto. and other things. pluto square from the fifth, go figure 🙁 )

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