Venus-Ruled Taurus And Taste In Women / Venus-Ruled Libra Attempts To Maintains The Balance Around Here

gloria-estefan.jpgLast night the soldier was watching various things on youtube, I was lying on the bed near the computer, and Vidroid standing by.

“Now let’s look at some Latin babes,” the soldier said.  “Come here, Vidroid.”

“Babes!  Let’s look at some Latin hunks,” I said.

“Come on, P. I’m just trying to help Vidroid with his taste in women.”

I laughed.

“Yeah. Let me show him a Latin babe, then I’ll find you a hunk, will that be okay?”

What could I say?

The soldier pulled up Gloria Estevan and he and Vidroid started dancing. Got to admit they were cute.

skinny-mode.jpgThe soldier sat in the chair to dance while Vidroid who is a pure monkey stood on the armrests behind him, rocking out.  Later the soldier pulled up my hunk as promised.

Today I brought this up.  “You were showing Vidroid…”

“P, you just shush. You’ll thank me when he comes home with something other than a cadaver for a girlfriend. You don’t want our daughter-in-law to be one of those cadavers do you?”

I started in about how Vid was going to like whoever he liked regardless of what the soldier did or said but he was so passionate about his desire to impact this I decided it was best to leave it alone if only for the entertainment value.

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Venus-Ruled Taurus And Taste In Women / Venus-Ruled Libra Attempts To Maintains The Balance Around Here — 13 Comments


    Here’s another Latin hunk for ya, but that’s not why I’m giving you the link. This is a beautful bachata song I’ve been listening to a lot lately, and I know you are one of those people moved by music. The words fit exactly with how you and the soldier might feel (well from what I’ve learned from you two from this site). Does the soldier know spanish?

  2. Gloria E. sure is beautiful. I know that’s not much to add to the discussion but I think it bears repeating.

  3. Juan Luis Guerra and Gloria Estefan are great and among my favorites, and I like Ricardo Arjona and Shakira very much too 🙂

  4. You’ve probably never heard of my Latin hunk – Alex Cuba. He just happens to live in my hometown!

    Listen to Lamento on his mySpace page. It breaks my heart and I can’t even speak Spanish.

  5. Mars and Juno in Taurus: I feel compelled to feed every skinny guy a porterhouse steak when he passes me by. I like my men with substance. ?

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