Venus Retrograde In Capricorn – Control, Manipulation, Grace & Unpredictability

Capricorn goat balanceBy the time the weekend rolls around, Venus retrograde in Capricorn will be tightly involved with Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter.

People are trying to manipulate and control others right now – I know I am! I am attempting to control and manipulate them, by controlling and manipulating myself, if you can believe that.  I strongly suspect, you are doing the same!

Yeah, it’s rocky right now.  People are rebelling (Uranus) against being controlled (Capricorn). They’re not really into being parented, lol. This is true (Jupiter) whether they need it or not….and by the way, who are you to decide what they need?

As crappy as that sounds, I think things are going to turn out okay, eventually, provided you allow some grace (Jupiter) into your life.  And provided you’re reasonably realistic around your expectations of other people.

Forgiveness is big. It’s key, along with boundaries and taking responsibility for the state of your relationships at this time.

What are you seeing out there with Venus retrograde in Capricorn?





Venus Retrograde In Capricorn – Control, Manipulation, Grace & Unpredictability — 11 Comments

  1. Maybe it’s just me but I think people are feeling a little powerless right now in love. They are wanting things that are just not available to them right now!

    I have a Cap Ascendant and sometimes I can really recognize how withholding Saturn energy can be. But that’s not all bad for the long run…just not much fun in the moment.

    Also, forgiveness IS BIG. I was watching Jacqueline Bissett’s acceptance speech at the Golden Globes last week and her last sentence made a huge impression on me….she said the best anti-aging technique is forgiveness….for yourself as well as everyone else. I knew in my heart she spoke the truth.

  2. My 11 year old daughter is just like me- willful and independent. Our first match of wills came when she was 3. I remember clearly the first time that she looked me right in the eye and did exactly what I just told her not to do. I set the boundary right then with a very clear “NO” and a punishment that fit the extreme with which she had done wrong. She has flourished within the safety of these loving boundaries I set for her.

    This exchange is happening again now, but the stakes are higher. She is part of a larger world and has budding sexual desires. She started to seek an outlet on the Internet. I started with a no, but she has openly disobeyed me three times now by chatting with strangers when I specifically told her not to do this. She is now only allowed Internet access once a day to check emails as I moniter. She is still arguing with me that I don’t know what I’m talking about and that she is safe. Until she expresses remorse and the will to comply with my Internet rules, there will be no end to these restrictions.

    She has venus/ mars in Scorpio with pluto conjunct her sun and south node in Sagittarius. I have a five placement stellium in Scorpio that includes mars and my north node with Venus/ neptune in Sag. I am very aware that her will and desires are strong. She is my daughter! 🙂 I must insist here that these outside toxic influences be tempered. Her sexuality must mature from the inside out- finding her own sense of her body and enjoyment of it from within. Experimenting with “other” is best practiced in person, not on a computer. She must develop her sense of her desires and sexual play within the confines of what is real and truly accessible to her- her own fantasy/ mind or friends that are safe. NOT from what the Internet has to offer!

    How’s that for control and resistance to parenting?

  3. I’ve not been very widely social since the holidays. So thanks for the reminder about ‘out there.’ I am now decided that this will be a walkabout week.

    Up close and personal, folks I’ve been in contact with are chompin at the bit. Very determined. I am being talked at with full force. I would like to insert some tweaks into their adamance and course of action, but for some reason I don’t. It would be like stepping in front of a moving train. Holding vigil is about all I can do.

    I am strong willing one who is attempting to run me over. Strong will is not something the person likes. I would say overall the bit chompers like compliance. That is compliance to them. And when I’m told I’m stubborn I have to respond ‘and I should let you run me over?’ I’ve had to say it more than once as of late. People sometimes don’t see that it’s not all about themselves. And I’m sure I’m guilty of that every now and then too.

  4. I am feeling a lot of anger right now. And sadness. Currently being roped yet again into a situation outside of my control. No one involved knows what the right thing to do is–there is no painless solution. All I know is that I am once again being stuck in a potential powderkeg I didn’t ask for, and it is PISSING ME OFF. Mars is in Libra, so I’ll have to be nicey-nice for another few months I guess. >:( It’s putting a wedge between me and ST too–that’s not cool.

  5. I have stayed in 3 different rooms in this research hospital for dysautonomia. And they have all had some really crappy wire hangers, really bad – rusty funky clothes hangars in the closets.
    so when my husband visited yesterday I had him stop at dollar general and get some heavy duty plastic hangars. You can get a lot for $15!
    I know it is a little stupid thing. But people come here from all over the country & are sicker than me & every stupid little thing helps

    • Con’t you don’t feel good. Anyway the main Dr came in – huge Italian man from Italy – and said he was ashamed – he had no idea their hangars were so crappy. Haha.

  6. “Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power”. Lao Tzu.
    I live with a relative who’s on anti-psychotic medication and talks in funny voices and repeats words and phrases (usually sexual or scatological) over and over. Sometimes all I want is to go outside, look at flowers, meet a wagging tail and not say a word.

  7. I read your blog just in time. I’ve been writing and editing and editing an email to my boyfriend all day. It is full of hurt and anger and grievances. Every word honest. Every word attempting to manipulate him into ‘making me happy’ when I know good and well that’s my job and I have to take control. Thank you, thank you, thank you. With a Libra stellium (Mars, Saturn, Venus and Neptune) spanning my first and second houses, Mercury in Capricorn, Uranus in Cancer it has been over 20 years since I felt so vulnerable and looking ahead I think there are months and months of this.

  8. I joined a choir that only does sacred polyphony from the Renaissance, an artistic endeavor I was pursuing 25 years ago. The director is an older man, 72. Last week he told me he wants to be lovers! I told him he had to wait until February. Pluto and Venus are in my 6th house, Jupiter – 12th.

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