Venus Opposite Jupiter – May 19, 2017 – Trouble Brewing

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I want to mention Friday’s opposition between Venus and Jupiter.  Both planets are benefics.  That should be good but I expect some ugly stuff with this. I want to warn you so you might avoid stepping in it…you know.

“Most likely”, she writes to appease people.

It spells trouble because Pluto in Capricorn will square both planets. Keep an eye out for these things:

1. Disgusting relationship triangles
2. Manipulation that is widespread and aggressive, meant to damage if not destroy a person’s reputation and/or relationships with others.

This is already happening. We see it in the press, but it’s already happening in your life, too. Especially if you have planets in Cardinal signs at the mid-degrees.

If this is happening to you, you’re probably best of to take the high road. I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ll do. But I’ll tell you something…

My husband told me recently, when someone does this to him, he hurts them, BAD. He said he would rather have people saying, “I don’t like that guy, but you best not mess with him,” as opposed to messing with him. So you may have a decision to make.

Good luck!

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Venus Opposite Jupiter – May 19, 2017 – Trouble Brewing — 52 Comments

  1. It’s right on my Mars at 13 degrees Aries. I’m hoping Pluto is far enough away by now at 19 degrees that the Plutonian effect is faded out, but I’ll keep my eye out. I’m so tired of that sucker.

  2. Just today I felt like trouble was coming. Like a vague sense that some shit’s going to go down. I hope not.

    P.S., looks like Trump’s cabinet might get a shake-up soon. ? Wonder who gets to hear “You’re fired!!” this week.

    • Same here. Nasty divorce on wife’s side of the family with battle lines drawn. Trying to stay semi-neutral without being in the middle. How do I do that? I am on one side but someone important is on the other. How can people accommodate bald-face lying? Blood’s thicker than truth, unfortunately. Sounds like a great time to be gone hiking (alone!).

    • Wikileaks confirmed DNC’s Seth Rich had been in contact with them before his murder, and an FBI person said Rich leaked 44k emails. Of course, the fake news distracts desperately with “Russia!” Things may start to get really interesting now…

      • I had a conversation with someone who has, at times spread gossip (kernel of some small thing, fictionalized into horrible) about “me” (his version). I said, you know you had some inaccurate info about me (his recent campaign)… And I told him what really happened. Thus telling him his gossip was showing. He gaped, mouth open. Oh. Oh, of course, that makes more sense.
        He also spends a fair bit of time, reading fake news (he told me two impossible things he believes are true). That’s worrisome, I said, because maybe yes, maybe no, but if you can’t check by other means… besides, there are people who care about you. Maybe spending more time with them would be a good thing?
        I just want everybody around me, and everybody around them, to take things a little easier…

  3. we have family and friends staying over from other’s been crazy these past months, with lots of maintenance work in the house, and husband bought a bunch of new paint.paintbrushes so we’re going to paint the interior, then exterior of the house, also, he bought new beds, comforters. we threw away two big boxes of old clothes in the attic. it’s not even clothes you can give away to the 3rd world countries, it’s got tears and stains. it’s just been really exhausting, irritable, but kind of feel good too.

  4. Funny funny funny. A family member asked if someone could join a dinner, and this is a person who has a beef with a different family member. I barely know the additional person and it occurred to me that the two of them were hoping to ensnare me in their drama by asking me to take their side. I asked some others to weigh in and they read it the same way. I cancelled the dinner and am actually slightly pissed that they thought I could be used as a pawn. When I realized this, my mind went back to many times where the relationship or interaction was one sided, with no real benefit for me. Just tonight I got a text from a person who was one straw of many that broke the camel’s back in my leaving FB- who asked for a recommendation letter. I’m very glad I have a sense of humor because it’s one absurd thing after another.

  5. It’s been so blatant around here in libra world. (Im a 17 degree libra). I had a woman (aquiantance) get in my face on Mother’s Day. I mean in my face screaming at me, cussing. Over something incredibly insignificant. I told her to back the fuck up. I was ready to fight in self defense but luckily she did back up. I don’t think she expected me to match her aggression. Im incredibly animalistic at my core but it doesn’t come out often. It shook me but not as much as it could have. I’m not even mad at her. More like wtf?

    And then today my libra (middegree) niece got attacked by another jr high girl at an after school program. She’s going to try to get a restraining order which shows her self love and level of maturity. She tried to walk away but this girl (who has a history of violence) pulled her hair from behind.

    Watch it out there Libras. People who are on the edge want to test our graciousness.

    • Yup. My mids are In Libra too. Same deal going on. My shield is up and my usual graciousness is now in the garage, & it has taken the aggressive ones by surprise.

    • it’s so coincidental that libra would be involved. a friend coming down to stay is a libra, and we have family members here who have libra mars & libra venus. lol I don’t want anyone getting into any strife at all! the only strife that’s happening is the hot weather and irritability when things go wrong painting or fixing something/maintenance work. my husband has been extra critical, fussy lately (gotta be his virgo nit picking) lol so I diffuse it, makes things much easier for him. sometimes he can get really irate, like when he can’t find something, and I get up like a slow sloth and I usually find it for him, then we lol with eachother. to be honest, I saw it’s going to be a water moon(pisces) Friday, so that made me happy!! water moons are so very nice. it brings an easy flowy happy feeling.

      • libra ‘friend’ happens to be my family’s boyfriend/friend, the one with libra mars. maybe with all the libra going on (made me think) it’s going to be harmoniously and no strife!

    • I had another random verbal cussing attack from a libra ex boyfriend who I reconnected with as friends during venus retro. Again, an extreme reaction to something seemingly insignificant. A (intended) compliment I made to him actually. I care about him a lot but I told him I can’t be close to someone who verbally abuses me. Again, it threw me off for a sec but not as much as it would have in the past. Told him I won’t go into the pit of despair with him but I’ll pray for him.

  6. Planets mid Cardinal, and this is happening already. I have ignored it previous times; this week, I am being more like your husband and shutting the sh&! down with a strong word and a smile, item by item. Big meeting on Fri and am totally ready to blow seven kinds of smoke if needed. I think your husband is right. I feel it in the air.

  7. I interned w the billionaire head of a very famous corporation who told me to follow this rule in life: They can s— around you in a circle, but never ever let them s— on your boots.? That is my stance this week.

  8. OMG At work this b***** is screwing around with a married man. She knows I know. I can feel her turning everyone against me. I know she is straight making stuff up. I wonder if I’m screwed.

  9. Ahh all this Libra talk makes me feel worried for my Mom. She is about to walk into the Lion’s Den. She’s going on a Family Reunion trip with her 5 sisters to Ireland. Most of them are liberal whereas my Mom is such a die-hard republican that she even tries to say nice things about Trump. Even my Dad, another die-hard republican, turned his back on the party this year. She is all alone. One of my two brothers is republican too and even he is against her and he’s a cancer who always agrees with his mom. I saw her get into a FB argument with one of my aunts over politics last week. Maybe I should email her and warn her. I, on the other hand, am having very nice aspects from this. It’s the End of The Year Party at school on the 19th 🙂 I’m feeling bright and sunshiney!

  10. This plus transiting Pluto conjunct Nadir has me spinning. I thought the worst had happened last October. (Asc. 16 Libra)

  11. As much as I keep my head down and resist the urge to lay out the blindingly obvious truth, I am seeing the poop flying toward the fan even now.

  12. Trouble WAS brewing! It took 10 days to lose the job I just got. My boss calls me into his office and says: “I wasn’t honest with you when I hired you. I wasn’t looking for an examiner, I wanted someone I could train up to replace me so I can retire in a year. I just don’t have the time to train you to that level.” If someone up there doesn’t have it in for me, I don’t know any other explanation for this life.

  13. Looks like we are all having ramifications. Last week we had to go to our HR department to tell them we think an employee has a substance and or drinking problem. Not fun but it doesn’t sit well with our supervisor and we have to support him.
    Mercy on us all.

    • Are you talking about Chris Cornell by any chance? He has been very inspiring to me and the world is a darker place without him. He’s on my heart today.

            • God, me too. A Cancer – under pressure from Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus/venus in the other cardinals? His talent was extraordinary – I used to practice all the time to his songs to try to entend my range…great lyricist too. Saw end part of his last performance online and it made me cry – apparently he was taking Ativan for anxiety and you could see its effects in his performance as he struggled to find the requisite intense breath pressure/control it takes to pull off the vocal brilliance that normally characterises his work. He would have hated that. Here in Oz we have a weekend (midnight to morning) music video program called Rage and on Friday they ran wall to wall vids of his performances for a couple of hours. At almost 55 I don’t usually stay up that late but couldn’t turn it off….Have had “Fell on dark days”running round and round and round in my head ever since

    • When I read your comment I searched “musician died” in google news and found out about Chris cornell. I’m shocked.

  14. I am avoiding a man I know socially who is volatile, arrogant, and a phony. He doesn’t realize I see through him.

    • Being phony takes so much effort and attention, little wonder he doesn’t perceive that you see him as he really is.

      My father told me of a card game he and his siblings organized, once when they were all visiting their mother. The “boys” devised an elaborate set of signals, so they could win by cheating. It took a while for them to notice that their mother was laughing, and ask her why. Their sisters were showing each other their cards, by turning their hands around to each other – which the brothers didn’t see, so intent on pretending nonchalance! 😀

      (Well, that and, some of them weren’t so observant at the best of times. Oh well.)

  15. Well, well, well. The drug task force arrived in full gear and hauled a man out of our apartment building.

    And my Libra client finally told her son and DIL they will start paying rent now to live with her. They’re pissed. Good! Libras get crapped on so much. We do fight back when people aren’t being fair with us.

  16. In retrospect…gulp:

    May 16th: I’m 9k miles from home on a two week humanitarian aid trip and my longtime gf of 3 yrs cheats on me with a toxic female friend.

    May 23rd: I return home, blindly propose to gf, get abruptly dumped due to her “peculiar feelings” prompting her to “just want to be alone.”

    GF was telling me she loved me, missed me, was perfect for her the entire time I was gone.
    Haven’t seen former gf in over 6 weeks now.
    Another common friend told me toxic friend wanted me and gf to break up for months and months.
    Sounds like a gift to me.

    Trouble brewing indeed!

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