Venus Opposing Saturn – Ugly Baby

ugly-baby-cartoon.jpgYep, Saturn is opposing Venus in Pisces (Neptune = photos)

“P, you’ve got to stop sending out pictures of your ugly boyfriend. No one wants to see that.”

“Those pictures are great.”

“P, I am tell you your boyfriend is ugly just like one of those ugly babies. You know those babies who are ugly but no one would ever say it? You know what I mean. Everyone knows the baby is ugly but the parents don’t know it. They think the baby is cute so you just agree with them. Oh look at the cute baby. Well that baby’s not cute. The baby is an ugly bald headed baby and this is the way your boyfriend looks and everyone knows it but you.”

“I sent them to HQ too,” I said.

Oh nooo. Well I’ll be giving him the knowing nod. Do you know the knowing nod? That’s what you do to the other guy when someone shows pictures of their ugly baby who they think is cute and the two of you have to act like the baby is cute when it’s not. Some babies just aren’t cute and you’ve got yourself one of those, P.”


Venus Opposing Saturn – Ugly Baby — 5 Comments

  1. Oh, no. I will never put a picture of the soldier online. This is our agreement. He has no desire whatsoever to be seen, known, talked to or any other thing. He just knows this is what I do.

  2. And another thing – I have really wanted to put some old pictures up here for various reasons but I would have to cut him out of them and I can’t do that either. I just refuse to cut a picture of us together apart for the psychic disturbance of that.

  3. oh laaaaawd… soldier, this is Elsa P. we’re talking about. it’s the opposite problem. if we say the baby is really cute WE might end up getting a helmet swung at us!


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