Venus Moving Into Scorpio

Scorpio RoseLate tonight, early tomorrow in some time zones, Venus moves from Libra to Scorpio. Venus in her own sign of Libra has been squaring Pallas over the last few days. That square is waning but is still in effect as Venus hits Scorpio. The widening square has the effect of bringing up patterns in what one seeks in a partner. The shift into Scorpio brings with it a shift to an emphasis on patterns in one’s shadow in regard to attraction. That’s a natural progression, just as one sign builds upon the last.

Venus is moving into a trine with Chiron in Pisces. The Pallas connection that brings up patterns is connected to the Venus Chiron aspect, drawing in that energy of primal wounding. It’s a good time to address what areas of your relationship patterns in attraction relate to experiences in your early life. As Venus shifts from pleasant Libra to intense Scorpio, and with Chiron in Pisces conjunct Neptune, these experiences may not spring immediately to your conscious mind. They may, however, start making their way to the surface through your dreams or a yearning you can’t quite pin down. The energy is present to resolve or at least reach awareness of the subconscious ways in which your attraction operates. These inklings may have a quality of the taboo about them which the conscious mind tends to squelch. To make best use of this energy, use conscious effort to explore these emerging realizations without pushing them back down. Allowing them to surface can be the first step in integrating them into a solution or putting them to rest through acknowledging their validity.

Have you examined the patterns of your relationship/attraction energies lately?


Venus Moving Into Scorpio — 19 Comments

  1. This is REALLY good writing, satori. Thank you for the depth of your insights and the good guidance you’ve given us. I really appreciate this post, as this very topic has been on my mind lately. Time to look at old patterns and make some changes, huh? Thanks again.

  2. Yes, great post.

    No, haven’t examined patterns lately, and after spending quite a bit of time on here today I’ve come to realize I have a heap of work to do.

    For one, I”m totally unaware of my shadow. Your post is comforting in a way…the patterns will reveal themselves as I’m able to process..and transit Venus is moving into my Scorpio 12th house.

  3. On the Full Moon on the 11th, Venus falls in my 9th and exactly Trines my Pisces Moon in the 1st. It would be great if I could go on vacation, but not happening this week!

    My natal Chiron is also in Pisces at 11 degs in the first with my Moon. Trans Neptune is 6 degs past my ASC.

    This all makes sense in that I am trying to figure out who I am now after the pain of an abusive marriage and divorce. After being told I’m not good enough, I realize that growing up, I felt that no one “good” could ever love me, and I would be lucky to have anyone who would have me.

    I look back on that now and think that’s crazy! Instead of feeling foggy and unclear, I feel I see my real self for the first time.

    I like me, am proud of me, and know that I deserve someone who is just as great as me! LOL! I don’t have to settle for less.

    I do not look for the next relationship as I expect synchronicity to work for me. Too bad Venus moves so quickly, but if I met someone now, it would be someone “foreign.”

    The ex is a Scorpio, and he was creepily trying to get along with me today, and called me to talk on the phone for an hour yesterday. He keeps telling me that I miss him! I’m not liking it one bit. He was never right for me and I’m certainly not making the same mistake twice!

  4. Perhaps it’s projection and it is he who misses you… Or maybe he misses the laundry being done, the dishes washed and a lovely meal prepared and then telling you how you weren’t good enough.

  5. Pixie – Bullseye! Funny you say that…he actually mentioned that I make good spaghetti sauce (I’m Italian, so of course, lol).

    It’s creepy for him to be saying nice things to me. I just want to eat a whole cake when I have to talk to him. Venus 9th will Conjunct his Sun 10th. He thinks he’s going to get what he wants because he wants it, because he’s him.

    I’m a new person now. I’m never going back, or should I say, he’s never becoming a part of my family again. I hope he remembers what that spaghetti sauce tastes like because it’ll never touch a tastebud of his ever again!

    (But now I want some cake – lol!)

  6. Eat the cake. You just have to remember that you aren’t stuffing the pain! Eat the cake because you want it! You can eat better tomorrow. I am a sweet junkie and have tried to watch it. Sometimes when I start, it’s my drug! Today it was crappy candy corn. I had a conversation with myself that it wasn’t good enough to waste chewing! Then I planned out baking cookies tomorrow. I hope I don’t have time, for my sake!

  7. “It’s a good time to address what areas of your relationship patterns in attraction relate to experiences in your early life.”

    Good to know…I think some work I’ve been doing is about to come to resolution…

  8. Lets see, Venus will conjunct my Libra Pluto and Scorpio Jupiter. Chiron trines my jupiter and And I have a triple conjunction, Aquarius Neptune, Chiron and my moon in Picses.

    I don’t know what to feel, but as soon as Venus in Scorp changed signs, I woke up on the dot!

    I have been re-evaluating my relationship status. And the way I behave. I’m trying to be a new me.

  9. Nice one @sunny! =)

    I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now. Thoughts are sort of “crashing in” rather than “occurring” though.

    It’s very jarring!!

  10. McKenna. yeah.. I need to change the ways that aren’t working for me. I don’t want to repeat my family cycle in being alone.

    I also totally understand about thoughts crashing in!

  11. This is so interesting.

    Just yesterday I saw a pattern between myself and my oldest daughter. Her and my planets practically fold in on each other. When she was first born and I saw the synastry, I thought, “wow, she I and I will have no troubles togther”…
    Enter the shadow. …
    Especially with sun/moon synastry, the shadow really can present it self in my expereinece.

    So yes, what you are saying Satori, has applied!

    In my own chart, I have Chiron/Saturn/Ceres opposite Pluto/Uranus. I decided yesterday to get to the HEALING side of Chiron. He was a Healer!- so often we get fixated on the wound, or at least thats my tale. …now to heal with my mother, to heal my own mothering.

  12. Pixie – With Chiron in Pisces, I’d rather eat my comfort food than drink my troubles away, that’s for sure! It barely Trines my Cancer Cusp and NN, so what the heck!

    I decided to make pancakes for breakfast, and chicken paprikas for dinner. Carbohydrates make me happy (and a few Oreos for dessert).

    Every time I deal with him, I’ve noticed I want to overeat. I can normally ignore him for the most part, but with him on the phone and then coming in the house, I feel the need to calm myself.

    I think that when Trans 1 deg Chiron Pisces goes past my 11 deg Chiron Pisces, that I will be healed of this situation somehow. I expect some sort of final understanding of the situation where I can keep it firmly in the past and move on.

    Being away from him has been great, and it’s more of me finding out who I am now, and not projecting his opinion of me. I want people to see me for me, not his crappy opinion of me.

  13. It will become an old tape that you will hear but know it is not the truth. It’s not always easy as after hearing it for so many years you come to believe it. Oddly, it’s about power, and sometimes others try to take it from you to fortify their own. I remember leaving when my older sons were still young, and he told me I’d never make it. I did.
    I’d don’t drink much-rarely and have that carb crave as well. The problem is that I am getting older and it makes me feel tired when I do the carb load up.

  14. Great writing Satori. I can really visualize the Venus process the way you’ve described it and how the energy builds upon each phase. Scorpio rules my 1st house, so I’m particularly interested in how to work this opportunity to dig and finally put to rest some patterns that no longer serve.

  15. Pixie – Bingo, again. You know my ex, then? LOL Yes, cut me down so you feel better about your crappy self! Ex told me the same things – “You’re nothing without me! You’ll end up begging me back! Nobody wants you! You’ll live in the ghetto!”

    As Venus 9th Trines my Chiron 1st at 11 degs, I should be feeling pretty darn good about myself! Maybe this will be due to new learning opportunities for me.

  16. Funny to read this. I mean not ha ha funny, but timely. I was thinking my review was due to the libra new moon and upcoming aries full, that got jump started with the nuts obsession write.

    I’ve been reviewing my natal pluto placement in the last decan of leo. Aries is my 5th house, which led me to what I admire in the other which is by no means a bad thing. But I don’t necessarily have to mate with it just connect with my own. I can do without erotomaina.

    Hadn’t thought about chiron. It quincunxes my sun and moon and on a very base level I can see that somewhat. I have a couple of days before the full moon to slosh through this yet.

  17. Transiting Venus is conjunct my natal Jupiter in 7th House/Libra as it’s moving into Scorpio in 7th/8th Houses; transiting Chiron (Pisces) is conjunct Neptune(Aquarius) in the 11th House. At the same time I’ve been pelted with transiting Pluto squaring Uranus and my natal Ascendant, Juno, and Chiron while Saturn has been in 7th House/Libra.

    I feel like the Bionic Woman in that I’ve been rebuilding myself from the inside out to attract the best, healthiest relationships that I KNOW I deserve!

  18. Ohhh yeah. Just started dating a Scorpio. One who articulates the need for being careful and having integrity in energetic relationships. Saturn trined my descendant the day we first went out. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    That Chiron-Venus trine activates my Pluto at 1 degree Scorpio and so I’m looking forward to exploring all the water energy. After three years of dating an Aquarius-Pisces type, it’s nice to be home (Scorpio on the 4th ;).

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