Venus, Jupiter & Saturn Turn Retrograde: May 2020

backing upVenus, Jupiter and Saturn will all turn retrograde over a four-day period, the second week of May. I admit, this irritates me.

I understand the value of going back to reflect or review or redo or whatever. But in this particular case, people have been cooped up for more than a month.  We’re in the process of breaking out, around the world. The stock market is recovering. I don’t want to see a reversal.

I guess there are people who like to like to recline. But there are also people like me. Mars conjunct Mercury. We push ahead! Jupiter types have an eye on the horizon and don’t see a need to look back. I won’t lie. This concerns me.

It’s because I don’t want my clients to lose ground.
don’t want to lose ground.

It’s been a difficult period for many. We wish to escape it.

I’m going to have to look at each of these planets individually, to crack the code. But I do want to let people know, this shift takes place between May 11 and 14th.

I wouldn’t be afraid. But there is some kind of retreat or fall back setting up, unfortunately.
Or fortunately, if you’re of a different mind.

How do you feel about the May retrogrades?



Venus, Jupiter & Saturn Turn Retrograde: May 2020 — 44 Comments

  1. It takes some people longer to learn the lesson. It’s not always about reclining. Maybe they need another chance to get it right.

    • I agree and fear a spike in the Covid-19 numbers, and with states starting to open on April 30 or May 1 the retrogrades beginning Mat 11 – 14 will be right in the two week window when the number of Covid-19 cases will go up. I don’t know about anyone else, but I always feel the energy of a full moon a day before the actual event and Mercury retrogrades effect me the same way…I feel them before the event strongly. I’m afraid people have been shut away long enough to behave irresponsibly when the restrictions are lifted.

      I was in the process of moving from one state to another to live with my significant other. We both have experience great losses over the past decade – death, divorce and illness. We have finally gotten to the stage of events where we have mourned, healed and completed the paperwork. I was with him until March 12 when I flew to my state to help my daughter and that was all she wrote. I’m in limbo.

      • People all over the country are calling for everyone to come together and create “herd immunity”. They’re complaining that this can’t happen if we all hide away in our homes and don’t mingle publicly.

        There’s two problems with that mentality. One, from what I’ve read, coronaviruses do not develop “herd immunity”. If they did, the common cold would be pretty much nonexistent. Two, this is not some little bug. Some people who recover have to deal with debilitating aftereffects and these are still being revealed. Do we have the healthcare capacity to deal with that? The flu has a long list of devastating health conditions that can arise from having a bad case of it. But we have approved treatments and a vaccine for the flu. We’re not there yet with COVID-19!

        • So you’re saying that God can’t confer natural immunity but Science & Technology can accomplish this with vaccines?

      • I absolutely agree, Libra Stellium, that many people will act irresponsibly when we relax the precautionary measures and we will have a resurgence of COVID19 cases.
        With five or six retrogrades going on in June, this is very possible.

  2. Every fiber of my Being resonates with your comment that something is ‘setting up’. My instincts have been pummeling me on several time sensitive projects involving fragile persons in Facility. We are moving one, with window of opportunity the 4th/5th of May. Many tiny details have had to fall into place to achieve this move. Many more will have to do so. I feel NO sense of relaxing anything! but do ‘feel’ if we persevere it’s going to be like getting shot out of a cannon on the other end. Relief is in front of us, and it seems to me, the rear view will hold us in good stead in this middle part. ??

  3. I don’t think the May retrogrades will hold a candle to Mars in Aries retrograding back and forth over the Capricorn squares in the fall; especially to Pluto AND Saturn in September as they re-conjunct. We better learn our lessons or else we’re likely to repeat them. I’m sure you’ll address this as well, Elsa.

    • Yes, the Mars retrogade and all that activity you mentioned is, in my case, something to be quite aware of (it affects my daily life, health and work habits 6th house and my 3rd house of how I think and process information and communications.)

      With these planets Elsa mentions that are going retrograde and the pandemic I’ll be taking one day at a time and being assertive and cautious at the time. I think I also have to be flexible with communications and assertions (by others and me) this year and expand my patience (always room for improvement there.)

      Here is a time where my natal jupiter natal saturn square (impacted by the Mars activity this year actually) will come in handy.

      I’m not liking the pace this year…but I’m going with it…

  4. Well I gotta hope for a miracle
    As mentally preparing for phase two
    Is tough right before bed.still hoping to put some fish in fridge and freezer
    Also hoping vegetable garden

  5. I have been in the process of getting ready to move in with my BF.
    I told him that I was starting to feel ready soon, and he agreed to let a week pass before we discussed it again, wanting to give us time to see if both of us thought we wanted to still.

    I fear that the time span for this window is closing in. Gemini is my 4th house, so Venus slowing down there, and not moving but backwards… Maybe it’s better to wait until after in the end of June. I don’t want to start such an important chapter in our lives during that retrograde.

  6. Hi Elsa,
    I tried a dozen times to send this message elsewhere… it just wouldn’t let me send it … your security thingy kept asking me over and over to write the code which i dud and it kept giving me a new one. Sooooo I’m posting it right here – that’s if it takes it !!! Xxx
    I’m only a year into dissecting my Natal chart. Recently I started to see just how many planets I have sitting in my Natal wheels 12th house. Together with that house having Libra rule it – my own research has only made me even more miffed as there is So much conflicting information about this house of past lives.
    My question is not exactly simple or straight forward I’m sorry… but I feel compelled to ask such a badass wise woman. So here goes…,
    I have my sun (Scorpio) in the 12th plus the following planets… Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune. To me this seems like all the answers to all my self investigations are found within this one house!!! All i know is I’m extreme and intense, compelled to be useful and determined as hell in all that I take on. I love hard and can’t seem to let go …. of anyone or anything! I’ve had a mostly blessed life and upbringing … until more recently where out of no where my happy husband and best friend of 20 years went and checked out. His suicide has blown me away and left me questioning everything i thought i already knew. Nothing is what it first appears to be and everything is pretty much either a big fat lie or an illusion. I’m mad as hell, desperate to find out WHY on every subject, unable to grieve or let go of any of the cruel and unfair actions i witnessed after his death. I feel lost and drowning in so much deep water. My moon is in cancer and rising sign is Sagittarius. I have Scorpio in my Venus (R) which may explain the inability to let go ?
    Grrrr…. have you seen the actual question yet?? Lol
    I guess I’m asking you – is death and this deep feeling of longing and lack of all coming from my 12th house? What can I do to make it better?
    Kindest regards and epic respect …
    Sharon Johnson
    Widow of the irreplaceable
    Anthony Johnson

    • I really felt the recent Pluto Rx. I do not know why but I did. There was a duality to it. Like what has been taken away and then the opportunities that that provides as well. My favorite garden plant store is closed until they get their curb side pick up thing together. So every year I save seeds wanting to start my own, but I never do. But this year, I am moved to use those seeds to start plants. I suppose if they fail, I can always buy the plants curbside. This virus thing is pushing me to do different things.

      I think there is something about taking risks with Jupiter. So I am concerned with the risk of being out there. I have been hearing in my head, ‘your money or your life.’ I most likely will be retiring, instead of returning to a workplace, which will eventually be demanded I imagine. So I do see the risk (Jupiter) of going out there to make money (venus). And then there is the death (saturn) factor of doing that. Or the limitations (saturn) that we are asked like masks and distancing. That is rolling back as people are tiring of it. And that is risky too. Many are willing to take the risk because if they can’t continue life as they like they might as well be dead. It really is a time of choice on that level.

    • Shit!!!!!! Suicide sucks. The eternal why game. Been there. Tried to get over it, around it, under it. Had to go thru it. Aaaaaargh!!!! And everybody wanted to know why. I just ended up telling them, if we knew why, we would be in trouble too.

      Time was my only friend. Not an easy ride. Just had to get thru it. My heart goes out to you.

  7. The oldest of my sisters,she is a couple years from 80 ,weird, she still running around with her boyfriend
    15 years younger ,they been at it
    Almost40years ,sneakers ,sweatshirts coffee runs binge tv bike rides, he is “the “Italian cowboy, enough description
    I had a friend take their life ,she comforted me ( my sister ,career nurse)and she said honey anyone who does that has been thinking about it for a very very long time and now they get that rest that sleep you know that deep dream we all love to be in ,it was not about you about the last minute stormy fight ,it was about them needing to get that deep deep sleep ,it helped a lot ,the story

  8. Years ago I went to Mexico for two weeks. When I came back to the US, I experienced culture shock which surprised me. I was back in my own culture, right?!
    But I had a new view of what I considered “normal” & I realized “normal” was crazy!
    I’m wondering if after this “Great Pause” we go back out there & realize our lives were & have been crazy for some time. Too many expectations on us from within & without. Systems that we try to be content with even though they are clearly broken & not designed to work for the majority of people. Settling for barely a salary or benefits for fear of no jobs? Healthcare issues beyond the overwhelming costs.
    We have rebuilding to do in our lives & society. What will we spend our time & attention on – our life’s energy on?
    With Uranus in Taurus, I’m hoping for a revolution in actually living our values & supporting/rebuilding to fulfill basic functions. Good, healthy food, health care, routines, time to bond & take care of relationships, true learning & discovery…for all of us, in our own way. Working 24/7 to pay rent is crazy!! And the government has been throwing money around like maybe it’s an illusion there isn’t enough…
    Now that we are rested & not sleep deprived, maybe we can think straight. Venus, ruler of Taurus -where Uranus is working in Mercury’s sign of Gemini retrograde can help!
    Good luck to us all.

  9. If I look at all the stupid, criminal decisions made by politics on the whole world (maybe except Sweden), I think its good to go over it again and correct !!!! Maybe there was never a more important time to review and change course.

  10. “I’m backing up.”
    “Estoy retrocediendo.”

    Love it! Love it, Elsa. I look forward to each and every newsletter from you!
    We’ve been isolating since March 15th here in Milan, Italy, and on Monday, 4th of May, we are going to be able to go outside and to go visit family members. I think it’s too soon and we will fall back but, as you know, my natal 25 degree in Aries is about to explode so I’m ready for anything, even death…I guess?! Hasta la Muerte?! Sigh…

  11. I love Suzanne’s phrase, “The Great Pause”. I’ve been wondering what this time will be called in years to come.

    I’m in Andalusia, Spain, and like Alecs, we’re getting ready to go out after 2 months inside. If there is a spike, we’ll be sent back in. It’s going to be decided by province, depending on the numbers in each province, supposedly. Seeing this retrograde coming up, I’m going to try to get done whatever business I can in the little window between May 4th – May 11th.

  12. Oh boy!

    Here we go again with Jupiter Rx, got to start watching what I eat! Maybe since it’s Capricorn, being more “restrictive” during the retrograde might not be so difficult.

    • Good point! I just noticed that this Jupiter Rx falls exactly on the 2-year anniversary of the last time I launched a very successful diet regimen (at the first transition from Uranus in Aries to Taurus). Maybe it’s due for a revisit!

  13. Venus Rx: I’ve gotten sick of being cooped up alone without romance in my life. Part of me is not looking forward to having to continue this for a while. But another part of me accepts it as necessary and useful, to be free from those expectations.

    Jupiter Rx: I don’t have much to say about this. Jupiter is going back into my 8th house along with Pluto (on its very brief final visit). I will understand it more in the summer and fall.

    Saturn Rx: Saturn is going back to reoppose my Sun. Yippee! Actually, I’m not too bothered by it. I find myself missing Saturn in Capricorn. You know, back when life was more normal and I could focus on goals and practical concerns without having to factor in the pandemic!

  14. I’ve been very content. It’s almost scary to me how well adjusted I feel. I am an extrovert, and still feel okay to be isolated. I had a very life-changing “dark night of the soul” moment back in the first week of January, but since then I just let go, I fasted intensely and everything seems to flow forward and positively … I’m 8th house Pisces sun, Scorpio moon & Jupiter in 3rd, Libra Mars, Saturn & Pluto in 3rd also, South Node in Capricorn in 5th and Leo ascendant… I wonder what is affecting me that I feel okay and content while the whole world is freaking out – would it be my South Node? After much trauma and drama I have experienced the past 38 years, I have finally gotten the peace by the Saturn and Pluto retrograde? It’s bizarre….

    • I saw an amusing headline. It said I’m an introvert, leave me alone. Because you know we are all supposed to be checking up on people who live alone. Apparently, all the checking in was driving the introvert nuts. At least that’s what I imagined. It made me laugh. Didn’t want to spoil it by reading something different maybe.

  15. On another note, saturn will be very close on the skies with this conjunction and they’all be visible on 12th may and it’s said that they will form a smile so if you have a telescope, have fun and tell us what you saw!

  16. I think all these retrogrades will be a slow down of the Coronavirus, and when everything goes direct in the fall it will be another tidal wave. I think people will poke out of the hole they’ve been under, some with expectations that things are “going back to normal” only to find it doesn’t feel the same. So, people will come to realize their denial and anger (both stages of grief) from all the change that has happened this year. It’s a brief pause in the Great Pause. Like the pause between contractions in labor. We will be on the crazy ride again in the fall. People will have a chance to process what all has gone on.

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