Venus, Jupiter, Pluto T-Square – The Hard Boot

We’re beyond the lunar eclipse. We all know that Mercury will turn retrograde on Saturday. It’s time to start thinking about Venus.

Venus! I love that planet. I love love. I love relationships. Most people just aren’t meant to be alone.

Venus is in Cancer right now, at 10 degrees.
Pluto is at 17 degrees Capricorn.
Jupiter is at 18 degrees Libra.

This is a cardinal T-square under construction. A lot can come of this!
For starters, you might transform (Pluto) your love (Venus) story (Jupiter).

You might deepen your commitment (Pluto) and plan for the future (Saturn in Sagittarius).

Jupiter’s involvement suggests there is an opportunity with this. Pluto spells P-A-I-N, most likely. You may need to let go of something, but you may also see a relationship you’ve set aside come back to life.

I have another idea about this combo – the Hard Boot. I’d not be surprised to see completely severed connections restored. This is definitely a situation to keep an eye on over the next ten days or so.

Who can relate?



Venus, Jupiter, Pluto T-Square – The Hard Boot — 8 Comments

  1. I hate Pluto conjunct my North Node, although not the worst transit, which I had yet. Jupiter conjunct my Pallas and trine my Saturn is ok. Venus making a T-square with Pluto and Jupiter would mean orbs of seven and eight degrees. I refuse to take this serious.
    When most people aren’t meant to be alone, then this also means that some people are indeed meant to be alone. So it’s probably good to be alone.

  2. My Venus is at 18 degrees Libra. I have a big social event coming and I hope to meet someone or at least not do anything embarrassing like a year ago at another event.
    The only reason I agreed to go is because I need to be in more situations where I can meet someone. Otherwise I wouldn’t have gone because I don’t know the people who invited me well.

  3. You were right… abruptly losing my brother this week, brought back a friend I cut ties with over 5 years ago & for the first time I was open to it.

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