Venus in Virgo Opposite Neptune In Pisces Effects

virgo artWhen Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces, sacrifices are made.  You may also find yourself disillusioned with others as the veil lifts and you see that no one is perfect, including you.

This aspect is exact tomorrow.  The intellectual product (Virgo) of legions of people are being hidden or disappeared (Neptune) on various platforms.

Popular people (Venus) are being erased (Neptune), along with their incomes (Venus).

You go to sleep having money or value, and then you seemingly don’t.

What are you seeing out there with Venus opposing Neptune?




Venus in Virgo Opposite Neptune In Pisces Effects — 8 Comments

  1. How can you tell if your niggling doubts about your life direction are right or not? Should you listen to everything Neptune says to you or carry on?

    I have more than a hard Neptune transit going on, I also have Pluto Saturn and Jupiter transits.

    • This makes the most sense. We had a conversation last weekend, a surprising one, that triggered a very unexpected OH LET’S DO THIS! But when Mercury went retrograde all the fog did set in. Big uncertainty, and differences (imagined?) between us.
      We can stay put, and do nothing drastic or dramatic. Neptune is just into my 3rd House, Venus just between the 8th and 9th.
      Doing nothing dramatic could help settle my queasy gut.

  2. What if Neptune is opposing my natal Venus (3H)?
    One day I’m being told I’m great at things and that I have a great potential (for specific tasks and jobs) and the next day I’m not that great. I don’t know if the feelings I get after are caused by a disillusion, deception or that I can’t see or perceive clearly some “truths and realities” of my life right now… ugh ??‍♀️

  3. Today, Tr Venus is conjunct my 7H Virgo Juno and Tuesday will be my 7H Virgo Venus Return. Rx Neptune, in Pisces no less, has been opposing this conjunction for most of this year. To say my relationships have been foggy is a gross understatement! Fingers crossed I’ll be getting some clarity post my Venus Return.

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