Love Artist – Venus In Leo Square Neptune

Hi Elsa,

Lately I have been wondering if there’s something about me that makes me blind to the glaring, glaring danger signs of the people I date. The last guy I was in a relationship with, we dated for a year until I found out he had been cheating on me and I broke up with him. Then almost as soon as I realized he was a dishonest person, all of these other things rose up in my mind, things I had known all along but excused-like his lack of honor, cowardice, selfishness, arrogance, etc.-and made it very clear that I had been making straw into gold all along.

I am afraid that I will keep choosing guys who are completely wrong for me. I don’t want to keep being blind to these faults and flaws and make excuses for them. Do you have any insight as to why I do this, and what I can do about it to stop this?

Blinded by love

Dear Blind,

Congratulations! You’re not even 25 years old and you’re already on to you! This is rare. Since I don’t have to get you hip to your MO, it makes my job very easy. I only need redirect!

Yes, this is in your chart. It’s  your curse and this is your gift. At the moment, you are using your gift to curse yourself, but it’s possible to reverse this and gift yourself with your curse.

First, come to understand that this thing you do is ultra creative. Think about it. A Sow’s ear becomes silk purse in your hands. That’s talent and it needs an outlet.

Compare this to a person with an overload to male energy. Someone who is very YANG. What would be their options?

They might run roughshod through life, obliterating everything in their path. Alternately they might focus their energy and become an Olympic athlete. But either way, the energy will play.

You have a similar choice.  At the moment, your energy plays in love affairs, to disastrous result. But what if you were on stage, hmm? Think you could act as if you love some guy playing opposite you on stage? Of course! It would be as easy as breathing, and cause you no pain! You could do your thing – your art – then go home to your man who is REAL.

Say you took up belly dancing. And you went and danced in some Greek restaurant on Fridays. You would be the object of people’s projections, yes? And you’d be working, but it’s all about illusion, isn’t it?

I’m telling you, you’re a creative artist and you can take command of your own energy. Quit wasting it by dreaming up losers. Instead find a more appropriate stage for your undeniable talent. At that point you will find your real partner, because he’s out there.

Good luck.

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