Venus In Gemini With A Variation On His “Hayseed” Routine

Remember the soldier’s “hayseed” routine? (Going Undercover With The Dialect) Here is a variation. This is Venus in Gemini playin’ for sake of boredom…

“I had to mess with the girl in there, P.” We were on the phone, he’s in Alabama.

“What did you do?”

“Oh well I had fill out my name on a thing and give to her and she looked at it. Then she looked at it again. And she said, where you from? Oh, well I’m from the South. Well how do you say your name, she asked me. So I told her. How do you say your last name then? I told her. Well what kind of name is that?”

I laughed.

“Oh, it’s an Italian name, I said. Well you must have had all kinds of trouble with a name like that, she said.”

I snorted.

“Oh, you don’t know the half of it. I do have all kinds of trouble because of that name. See, I’ve got a girlfriend and her name is Elsa Panizzon. She’s Italian, see, and I want to marry her. But she has a name that’s a problem too. And she’s been Elsa Panizzon for a long time and I’m worried about it. What are we supposed to do? If we get married are we going to have to have one of those hyphenated names?”

I roared.

“And if so, whose name are we going to put first? Should we put my name first and then Panizzon? Or should we let her go first because she’s a girl and then my name can go second, after hers? By now, she was staring at me,” he said. “And of course she’s a writer so that’s another thing. What if she has to write all that out for a name? Do you think it will hurt her hand if she has to do that? Write out that big old long name like that? I am worried she may not want to write all that out all the time so I’m just not sure what we’re going to do.”

“Oh, God.”

“I’d show you a picture if I had one but I don’t have one, I told her. And by then she was just sorry she ever said a word to me. She just wanted me to shut up and go away.”

Anyone else mess with people like this? Got Gemini in your chart?

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Venus In Gemini With A Variation On His “Hayseed” Routine — 11 Comments

  1. Yes…My Gemini 5th House has Jupiter. I love playing with kids. I’m the worst at riling them up and getting them squirrley and then handing them back to their frazzled parents. Shame on me, hee.

  2. This had me laughing: my Cancerian adult son, normally very quiet, clearly hetero, introspective, and decidedly introverted, BUT with venus AND mercury in Gemini, told me of a conversation he had with a telemarketer, who has never bothered him since. The guy, who had an asian Indian accent, kept trying to do his sell, and my son kept interrupting with requests and comments such as “you sound like a beefy kind of guy, tell me what you’re wearing”, and “c’mon, growl for me”.

  3. I don’t think it’s malicious. They are just trying to keep things interesting, not only for themselves, but for you if you’re clever.

  4. I have Gemini on the IC, but most everything is in Sag, so I’m often the person being teased, I’m too gullible, but they have fun doing it and there’s no harm, I can laugh at it, if I even realize what they’re doing! This happens to me all the time.

    This made me curious though and I looked and found there are so many gemini moons in my family! And rising! No wonder they’re always screwing with me, ha ha. My b/f’s dad does this constantly and has a Gemini moon as well. This makes so much sense now.

  5. My teenage son, has midheaven,venus,mercury and jupiter in gemini…I really felt sorry for his teachers…parent/teacher night was always fun to see how “tactfully” they could describe him and his work approach.

  6. lol, that is hilarious. I love messing around with people like that…it’s so fun to watch them get all tied in knots. Most of the time they enjoy it too 😉

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