Venus In Capricorn Four Months Nov 2021 – March 2022 – Dates & Degrees

venus in capricorn paintingVenus ingressed into Capricorn on November 5th, will remain in the sign until March 7, 2022. Woah.

Here are your dates and degrees:

  • November 5, 2021 – Venus ingress into Capricorn @ 0 degrees
  • December 19, 2021 – Venus retrograde @ 26 Capricorn
  • January 29, 2022 – Venus direct @ 11 Capricorn
  • March 6, 2022 – Venus ingress into Aquarius

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this is that Aquarians are going see their kisses, delayed! Oops!  Love got hung up in Capricorn!  It’s slow. Outside of that, I’m hopeful. Yes, I know I’m crazy but I’ll explain.

Saturn / Capricorn tends to put things where they go. Things get straightened out.

That doesn’t mean we won’t feel financial pressure and have limited funds. It does mean, if this were to occur, something good can come from it.

As you can see by the dates, Venus will transit nearly all the way through the sign before turning retrograde to go two-thirds the way back. Due to this, the transit will take place in two house, in most charts.

Some people, like me, will see this transit contained in one house. Whichever situation you find yourself in, expect the affairs of that house to benefit from the Venus transit, so long as you’re doing the right thing in the Venus-arena which is love, money, relationship, beauty, art & self esteem.

Venus in Capricorn favors real assets, real love, status, commitment & integrity. It can also be controlling due to fear of rejection in most cases.  It’s often compared to the ugly duckling who grows up to become a beautiful swan. You can apply this concept to the house(s) where this transit takes place.

As an example, the transit will take place in my 12th house.  That’s God. The ethereal.
I might opt to work on my relationship with God… starting small. This investment would pay off, long term, That’s what Capricorn is all about.

Or maybe it’s your 1st house. You’ll want to refine your first handshake. Mature it, perhaps.
How can you present yourself in this world, so that you might benefit yourself and others?

The more I think about this, the more I like it. This a four-month long course!  That’s enough time to really learn something of value.  I wish you luck with it!

How do you feel about Venus in Capricorn for four months?


Venus In Capricorn Four Months Nov 2021 – March 2022 – Dates & Degrees — 93 Comments

  1. Ok..

    But Venus and Mars will square my natal moon in Libra at 27 degrees together with Pluto . I dread it already.. don’t know what to expect

    • That is quite a meeting of celestial energy. This could be rather intense. There may be something, someone, some job, (what house is the Libra Moon in, there is a clue) that you will be forced to make a quick decision.

    • Yes..I see..oh my..ok I have 22moon 23 neptune 26 saturn all in libra seventh house…my 10th capricorn..18 degree sun..I have jupiter 11 taurus where I’ll see venus trine..any advice? Should I stay put or go through on a move..that is getting tougher to achieve..sos..

    • I have moon neptune Saturn libra 7th house 22 23 26..sun cap 18 10th house oppose uranus cancer 16.. square city…I am putting off major move..until venus direct 11 trine my jupiter taurus 11..I’m growing weary of t square venus retrograde take me back home town again? . My options and choices feel so dire..I can wait it out or go for it..

  2. I hope it’s a good thing. I have Venus in 29 degrees Capricorn. I totally agree that “Venus in Capricorn favors real assets…” I’m very happy with my venus placement. Thanks Elsa, You’re awesome.

  3. She’s waiting for Mars to catch up with her so they can do a little dance around Pluto. Their final conjunction will be smack on my MC. I look forward to the whole thing as it is generally well aspected in my chart + will happen during Jupiters re-entry into my 10h Pisces stellium Sun/Jup/Ven/Merc. I also have Venus as the profected ruler this year so I assume this Rx will be even more potent due to this.

  4. Elsa — Your take on the long transit of Venus through Cap, including the retro, is much more refined and balanced than the writer of the post on the astrology blog. That post was too much gloom and doom. I have been looking forward to this transit for several months. Between Venus and Jupiter (and for those that can rock n’ roll with Uranus) this is some pretty amazing energy as we enter a new year.

  5. Venus in Capricorn more than 100 days,sounds like a lot of chances to find
    Love,the kind I crave; no red flags ,just true blue ones,ready for the count down.Last January a mate from second grade asked me out,fun for 6 weeks then Boom all the red flags that had popped up flew in one strong breeze and I have since April 13 th wondered ?how desperate was I feeling,?that I let these red flags fly?First flag ,he had not talked to is only daughter since she was 4?why?
    He showed pictures of old girlfriends?(Ready for the next girlfriend picture got some hidden dic pics for that point in time.)Sorry ,guy hurt me,because I was so attracted that I ignored Red flags.So bringth the true blue Cappy in Venus.

      • I’m relieved to hear that! My sister has a moon in Capricorn in 4th house. Shes been getting a little bit pounded by transiting Pluto. (Long overdue on addressing some childhood issues so its good but a bit painful for me to watch). Im over the moon for her now(no pun intended)

      • Joyce,
        I have a Capricorn moon, too and at the moment Venus is conjunct my Moon (just after my birthday:) and I see her, the Moon out my window on her way to setting. That’s a 12th House Moon, so the commitment and chance to ‘get to know my gods’ is big right now; my dreams are rich and bring old love/old friends back.
        I appreciate the four month visit and kinda like the delayed (but not never) kiss acomin’ xo Like the incredible weather we are having this fall and coming winter. Delayed warm, while winter takes a turn.

  6. Venus in Capricorn is all 6th house for me which is much needed and much appreciated as Pluto has been drilling in this house for years now. 6th house stuff has been very very difficult for me at different times in my life. Before I had my son, I really struggled to find work that I could settle into. Once I had my son I suppose my own needs faded into the background. Fast forward to the present and I’m back in a real struggle again.

    It seems telling and appropriate as well that my Venus has progressed (from natal Scorpio) into Capricorn (as well as Mercury and Mars). I am motivated to seek more solid, tangible mountains. Perhaps it is related that a short story of mine has been published now as Venus comes to this house for a long’ish stay.
    check the Table of Contents for When She Said to Decolonize. 🙂

    • Tracey, congratulations on getting your story published in the book about Muskrat Falls. I’m happy to hear you’re motivated to seek more solid, tangible mountains now because you’ve been doing important work, thank you. I’m intrigued by your title. Were you able to publish the story alone elsewhere (on social media, a blog)?

      • Just realized what your question was, Niki. After teaching all day, at this later age, my mind doesn’t pick up as easily as it once did 😛 I have signed away rights to this story. I first did it while getting my education degree for an education administration course – I read it to the class and several classmates thought it could be a chapter in a novel.
        My greatest aspiration is to become disciplined enough to write a novel.

        • I am inspired by your accomplishments Tracy! I am embarking on a nonfiction project about a Latina leader in our town who was killed in the 80s. It will involve research and writing. However, part of my story is starting a project but not seeing it to its end…Pluto in first house. Now I realize I wasn’t meant to, I am to embrace it and giving up my rights willingly so that others can come in to help finish it is part of my dharma. At least that is what it feels like for now. Congrats!!

      • Great final question, Niki. And congratulations on your published article Tracey. I did not know about Muskrat Falls, but will seek it out. I’m an indigenous grandmother, a storyteller and blogger and so encourage you in you, Tracey to explore the many forms of eating and expressing your stories.

  7. Venus is a degree away from my ascendant; I’ve been thinking about getting some new clothes, lol. I have Venus retrograde in my natal chart and always wonder if that will make the retrograde period easier since it’s familiar energy.

    • My ex-wife had Venus in Capricorn, and she never – I mean never – bought new clothes. Well, almost never. I forget the author and correct title, but a woman wrote a book for women about “when your underwear have holes, you’re allowed to buy new ones!” Something like that. My ex had a professional job, and was always wearing her mom’s old outfits: matching skirts and jackets. Usually wool. The items were old, but in good condition, and very much reflected the styles of the 1940s. Her mom came from a rich upper-class family (Capricorn) and money was never a concern for her mom.
      So, yes, you have every right to go out and buy yourself some new clothes!

      • Thank you! I have a very hard time spending money on myself. I haven’t bought new clothes or shoes in years. I’ve been wearing my old things plus hand me downs from a friend and my 17-year-old daughter! It’s pretty ridiculous.

    • Mielle — We meet again!! That natal Venus retro, you are part of a rather elite group. It is estimated that only about 8 to 10% of the population have that retro placement. Even some astrologers have a difficult time understanding the energy It’s quirky. I also live with this. And yes, the short time spans that Venus spends retro, life is just smooth as glass. Now go shopping and have a grand time!

      • My daughter has Venus retrograde as well! That makes me think it’s a karmic placement of some kind. The main way it’s shown up for me is that all of my romantic relationships have had breaks in them. For example, I briefly dated my current boyfriend when I was 19, and then we got back together 26 years later!

  8. It will be in my 12th house too, Elsa, but I am interpreting this as beautifying my new little condo home which is my seclusion from the crazy climate chaos happening nearby in my home region of Turtle Island.

    The summer in my home province saw major wildfires and extreme heat, burning west coast forests and one entire town in 20 minutes. This past weekend and today we see record rainfall, windstorms, major flooding and landslides, with torrential water flowing down mountains and pushing cars off highways into rivers below. My large city is now totally cut off from the rest of the country because all the highways have been wiped out by floods, fallen trees, broken bridges and highways.

    This is really scary stuff that makes me want to hide in my cozy condo, with trips to my community garden around the corner as my only escape outdoors. I had a nice, short break from news media and climate doom scrolling for the past month or so while I was moving into my condo, but today I was sucked back into the global climate catastrophe due to the current situation in my home province. There’s no escape.

    I feel so fortunate to have my own home now, hopefully in a safe climate zone for my few remaining decades, but I’m still scared of what might happen. I thought the fall/winter would give us a break here from extreme climate conditions, but nope. Both summer and winter are scary seasons now. Uranus in Taurus is more about the Earth’s revolution than anything else.

  9. I have Venus in Capricorn, in the 2nd house. I will be working on my self worth and making sure my health and my 401k is in ship shape.

  10. Thank you for the article. I hope you can publish more on this in other articles, given that Venus will have an extended conjunction with Pluto for MOST of December.

    Come February, another extended conjunction with Mars all the way into late March!

    Finally we will have a triple conjunction of Venus, Mars, and Pluto, at 27°Capricorn, in early March.

    Seems like it will be a notable time for relationships. Expect plenty of resurfacing with Pluto involved. Think like the Judgement card in Tarot…. mixed with the Devil card!

  11. “It’s often compared to the ugly duckling who grows up to become a beautiful swan. You can apply this concept to the house(s) where this transit takes place.”

    I like this take on Venus in Capricorn!

    This will fall entirely in my 1st house – an Angular house too, making aspects with my own Mars and Pluto. And will probably affect relationships given the 1st/7th house axis. Transit Pluto has been in my 1st house for over a decade now, and continues to transform relationships as well as me in general. So I imagine Venus retrograde will activate something there.

  12. With it being Venus in Capricorn, I sense we will hear more news about the feminine in terms of increasing female involvement in structures of the patriarchy, which is transforming under Pluto’s influence. Women taking on more leadership roles, being responsible for important global decisions, bringing the feminine energy forwards. When Mars and Venus meet with Pluto maybe an opportunity for power rebalancing of the sexes. The Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle starts Friday and Venus is the Moon’s ruling sign and she is in Cap, does this create a signature of the cycle?

    • I think it is a Grace note assuring us that the work is progressing well on rebuilding the world. Slow, steady process aligning & supporting the Uranus in Taurus – changing values! Eclipses are designed for change. Fixed signs need all the TNT available to change, right?! And we all have fixed somewhere in our charts…
      Our stable world blew up (thanks Saturn & Pluto) to allow big change. WE must be the change we want to see as Gandhi said. And grassroots-wise, we must live our values. Get our focus off “out there” (news & such) & go “inward” to our hearts and bodies & focus on values, affection, love, building real treasures, protecting our bodies from stresses of all kinds.
      If we are doing this, we see progress… If we aren’t, we are hunkered down in fear.
      All aspects are their for our unfolding, our blossoming. Capricorn insists we step up to the plate & own our authority. WE say yes or no in our lives. It takes so long to see this…
      In Jan 2020, my solar return had the Saturn Pluto party right on my Sun & square my Moon w the Cancer lunar eclipse adding emphasis! Exact! I am 71 yrs old. Lots of humbling happened leading into that aspect & very slow & steady thru last 22 months. I am a bright & shiny new chick starting a whole new adventure! Step up to the plate & pretend to be an adult!! Haha! We are designed for this!

      • “WE must be the change we want to see as Gandhi said. And grassroots-wise, we must live our values. Get our focus off “out there” (news & such) & go “inward” to our hearts and bodies & focus on values, affection, love, building real treasures, protecting our bodies from stresses of all kinds.”

        Very supportive message. I am on this path but sometimes feel unsure because it is sometimes so hard, thank you for these positive words, it encourages me.

    • I agree with Sophiab that more women will be featured in upcoming news cycles with transiting Venus, Mars, and Pluto in Capricorn – both positively and negatively. This month, jury (Capricorn) selection begins for young girls (Venus) sex (Pluto) trafficker (Mars) Ghislaine Maxwell.

    • Might be something there. Popular culture headlines are agog with Adele, Taylor, Gaga. And of course KimPe or PeKim. Britney is struggling to hang in there. And the us had the first woman president for 85 minutes. Poor her with Pluto squaring her sun. Angela has been kicking up some dust in Germany too. I do think if you are correct, there will also be backlash by the feminine oppressors. Like the football player who beat the crap out of the woman in that horrifying video. Or the imprisonment of the Native American woman who killed her rapist. But basically I am staying more in tune with my feminine energy flow to power my masculine side that decides and takes action to get shit done. I seek to keep the stream free of impurities to make better decisions.

  13. Entirely not sure what comes of this, in my 4th house, turning retro one day after my solar return on the degree occupied by my sun (in sag), my mars (in scorpio) and my jupiter (in libra). I guess I will notice and I guess whatever it brings will stay with me during 22. Being in Cap, that can well be a good thing….in the end. Short term I’m sooo tired of this very difficult Pluto transit through the 4th. And….venus station direct will be on the degree of my mercury.

  14. More of the same.
    I’ve been living w/first Saturn then Jupe all w/Pluto dancing on or near my descendant/4th house.
    Mars is still to come.
    More than anything I’ve been ‘confined’ to home – like everyone else – and it’s been good n in some ways challenging.
    Heart is a house of love so retrospection n introspection about myself/life particularly past influences have very much been in play for most of this seeming never ending 4th house transit.
    I now expect I’ll be more ‘loving’ of my home and likely more discerning of who comes and goes in it.
    There was a paint job started in the summer and now we’re finishing up over the next week.
    Work (Cap) is being done to beautify (Venus)
    my home (4th house)
    Jupe is sitting in opposition to my natal Jupe n Pluto (sort of between em) so maybe some tangibles money wise or opportunities for money (Mars opp Sun 2nd house) will help in this beautification process.

  15. Venus will be transiting my 2nd house Capricorn where I have natal Jupiter at 23 degrees and Pluto transiting at 24. Crowded but I’m hopeful. Pluto has been a difficult transit since 2008.

  16. It is taking place in my seventh and eighth houses using the Placidus house system… Only in my seventh house using equal houses… so maybe I find a partner, but I also have transiting Uranus opposing my natal Venus Neptune conjunction so I don’t know. Particularly since it is exact the day before my birthday on Saturday. It is nice to consider but I’m not holding my breath but will also keep my eyes open.

  17. Apparently, that is one planet that won’t be giving me a hard-time! (Now, Uranus, Saturn, and natal Pluto – Fixed signs – is another story.)
    Many years ago, I had read or heard, that women with a Venus-Capricorn are very emotionally reserved, cold, and distant. And one male writer (not sure if it was Noel Tyl, but it was a man from that era) even suggested that Venus-Capricorn was even related to prostitution. I know that comment won’t win me any friends here!
    But, my ex-wife is a prime example of this Venus in Capricorn. She really was a work-aholic. She had a job at a school as a therapist, and once she left for work, I had no idea when she would get home! Some times it was 9pm-10pm before she came home. Then she would bring her work to bed with her, reading, and going over files. To say that romance was absent in our marriage was an understatement. The first time I had ever brought home a bouquet of flowers, she asked me, “What are those for?” OMG, woman!!! She was not kidding! Even at our divorce hearing, she admitted to the judge that our marriage was one of “economic convenience, not romance”! No doubt!
    There is a lot more I could divulge her, but I won’t. Just go back and re-read what I said at the start.

    • ?Venus in ☠️Capricorn:

      — ?Venus rules the ?Heart Chakra
      — ☠️Capricorn is ruled by ?$ATUrn? which rules the Root Chakra, where the female genitals are
      — ?Venus in ☠️Capricorn is the fall of Eve, the ?Heart fallen to the genitals and survival. The L?VE of things, avarice. Interest driven. Self-sabotage. Lack of self-esteem. Love of the past and old things, possibly hoarder.

      It’s the old ??hag??‍♀️ as well, the ??Crone?‍♀️? of the three headed ??‍♀️Maiden-??Mother-??Crone?‍♀️? ?Hydra??, the three stages of ✨Life✨ of women as described by the Wicca. Yes, definitely ?‍♀️Witches?? too.

      Now I’m talking about ?Venus in ☠️Capricorn, not people with ?Venus in ☠️Capricorn as they’ll have many many other traits and influences from all the planets, houses, aspects, progressions etc..

      So the way to go about it is that a person with ?Venus in ☠️Capricorn, or ?$ATUrn? squaring or conjunct ?Venus, has somewhere hiding in their Subconscious and Unconscious a lot of whores, ?‍♀️?witches?‍♀️?, hoarders, destitute people, slaves, etc., in need of rescue and Healing — until then their ways will be popping up (or pooping up?) regularly.

      Ah yes, hairdresser too ? because ?$ATUrn?/☠️Capricorn equates to the skeleton and exo-skeleton => skin, hair, nails. In this long ?Venus in ☠️Capricorn period many women will tend to feel pressed to ⚔️Cut their hair short, caving in to thinking their youth days are gone, resorting to stuffing themselves with food. Ironically this makes the bellies grow as if they’re pregnant again, but this time of a glutton monster (Pac Man type thing). I say resist and don’t ⚔️Cut off your precious antennae, your lovely femininity is to be preserved and not given up on as this too shall pass.

      A masseuse tends to be more ?Venus in ?Taurus?♉️, in my humble opinion, a love of sensuality, sensory pleasures and aesthetic beauty. Unless it’s that kind of ‘masseuse’ with happy ending, you know…

      Did she rip you off in the divorce settlement, charging you for all the shirts she ironed or didn’t iron and ?soup she made or didn’t make, etc.? She probably did whether or not she actually “provided such services”. I’ve seen that happen. Heavy ?$ATUrnine/☠️Capricorn influence will do that.

  18. 3rd and 4th houses, already helping a friend out with building a website. Neighbors and nieces having babies <3 that's a nice expression of venus in the 3rd!

  19. Besides being a Capricorn, this news comes as we are within days of a new eclipse series with Taurus & Scorpio. The leading edge (north node) is in Taurus…so it’s time to get our feet on the ground & consider real & lasting values. With Taurus ruler in Venus in Capricorn kissing us with a trine for 4 months, it looks like a great, supportive start. Even as I write this I feel my chest open up & take a deep breath of Hope & Focus!!
    We can go far on those two.

  20. Well, my Capricorn is totally intercepted in the 4th House. Big activities there for over a year already!

    At about 21° Venus will oppose my Venus/Mars conjunction. I’ve been waiting so long for the planets to give my love life a clear go-ahead!

    Then it stalls at a trine to my 26° Taurus Jupiter (9th House) before going Rx. THAT’S not bad, at least!

  21. I have Capricorn 12th house with Venus on 15 degrees. I can’t help feeling bad about Venus retrograding while conjuncting Pluto here.
    Especially since the conjunction Venus re-Pluto is in my 6th house in my Solar for 2021-2022, my birthday is 25th December.
    I am haunted by dsy and night back pain for 3 weeks now, I have ‘corroded vertebrae’ and I guess its arthrosis that makes my back stiff and hurting while getting up in the morning, but now the pain lasts all day. Painkillers don’t work.
    My fear of Pluto/Venus retro is the fact that I am not enjoying life anymore, I can’t do anything.

  22. Your project sounds like such a labour of love, Mila! Especially as it is connected to your community, so feeds you back as you help restore and rejuvenate culture. I am so thankful my story prompted your response. Helps me feel connected to our shared humanity on a more global scale. <3
    Gives hope for our beleaguered earthly situation. A beautiful sample of Uranus in Taurus enlightenment.

  23. Elsa, since this placement rules real estate, would it be advisable to buy an apartment during this retrograde period. Or would it be better to wait for Venus to go direct? Venus will be transiting my 2nd and 3rd house.

          • Well I’m looking to buy a bigger place that I have now. Jupiter is sitting exectly on my IC and uranus is opposite my Scorpio Moon and Ac. There’s potential for radical change and moving house.

            • I’ll add to this – I’ve been itching to buy land for a few years now and often brought it up to my husband but he’s never been on board. However this month we’re in the process of purchasing a large rural property, bigger than I could have imagined. It’s cheap for what it is and we want to do it now.

              So why is my husband suddenly deciding to do something he was so against even just a year ago? Various reasons, but I’ll just mention the astrology – Jupiter is transiting the very bottom of his chart, and his solar return has Jupiter smack in the middle of his 4th house. Go big AND go home haha. Additionally, Pluto is conjunct his Cancer Venus, and approaching his Leo Moon. He is from a city and that’s what he likes. This is such a turnaround. I am grateful in any case.

              Good luck with your real estate endeavors Ema!

  24. Venus joining Pluto in Capricorn suggests increased sadistic behavior to me. Only speaking from the Venus in Scorpio people i know. Hope I am wrong. The social climate gets increasingly ugly and mean. And In saturn’s realm it is rock solid unshakeable sadism. I have to tune out on this one.

  25. Judging from conversations over the last few day, I think the market will crash (or correct, if you prefer) during this period. People want their money “safe’.

    • It could take some adjustment. It has really gone whack-a-doodle. It kinduv makes sense. Get all the money from everyone and then abscond with it.

  26. What is wrong with me? I just can’t stay pessimistic and gloomy. I am going to use this transit to look at what and whom and how I bond with people, places, things. Ever more personal exploration. I think bonding says something about a person. It tells me something about me.

  27. I don’t know enough astrology to make sense of this for myself, but this occurs in the 4th house where Pluto has been transiting for so long now. I’ve had several deaths in the family now and it has really affected my home-life. Neptune is in my 4th natally while Pluto is in my 2nd house.

    Going through issues of my very low-self esteem and lack of confidence has its roots in my family. <–I'm not sure if there's a different factors or I'm reading this wrong.

    But Venus RX really is forcing me to stare at my own reflection and face that I and others before me support a family (for generations) that doesn't always support me back. Learning where to build a more solid foundation???

  28. My 10th house Venus is liking it. I’ve been in financial planning mode. We are going to refinance our house again (just did it in 2019), and I’m quite jazzed about it. I noticed the degree at which Venus will turn retrograde, is going to exactly square my Venus, so I looked at the chart and it’s interesting. Full moon will be aligned with my Mars-Uranus opposition, while T. Venus and Pluto will square my Venus. Hope I’m still jazzed at the end of December! I am very confident that we are making good moves.

  29. From Dec 7-30 ?Venus travels, stations and retrogrades between 23°-26° Capricorn, atop •Pluto, the station is 1° past it so ?Venus passes •Pluto a total of 3x… but the last one, having fetched ☄️Mars, the (re)action maker, it’ll be with guns blazing.

    Note that ?Scorpio (other people’s ??money?) is ruled by both •Pluto and ☄️Mars. And ?Venus rules ?Taurus?♉️ the ??money? sign, where the disrupting Uranus is.

    Jan 23-Feb 5 stations in 11° Cap waiting for ☄️Mars to come and hold hands in a 1° conjunction travel for a long time. Is this even possible? I’ve seen it in the charts so it’s possible but it looks surreal, like a cartoon.

    Feb 27 the passing ?Moon ignites/forms with ?Venus, ☄️Mars and •Pluto a 4 celestial bodies’ Stellium in ☠️Capricorn. 2020 all over again, we thought we were done with ☠️Capricorn Stelliums but ?Hell? no ??‍♂️

    On March 6 ☄️Mars ?Venus exact holding hands traveling conjunction enters ♒️Aquarius

    The ?Venus, ☄️Mars and •Pluto Stellium lasts up to March 17 where the holding hands ☄️Mars ?Venus traveling conjunction moves to form another Stellium, this time with ?$ATUrn? — in ♒️Aquarius, ruled by Uranus which is in ?Taurus?♉️ ruled by ?Venus.

    ?Venus and Uranus in mutual reception but when ?Venus was in ☠️Capricorn it was connecting ?$ATUrn?-Uranus or reinforcing such connection, giving it even more power.

    Since ?Venus rules ?Taurus?♉️, where ?Venus goes and what it does, in my mind, directs the energy of Uranus in ?Taurus?♉️, as if ?Venus is an acting representative or agent of Uranus in ?Taurus?♉️. In my mind I see this very similar to making bridges, connections, astrological aspects.

    So first it passes and stations over •Pluto, it goes retrograde passing •Pluto again, goes fetching the other ?Scorpio ruler, it’s like she went to fetch guns, comes packing back to pass •Pluto the third time, then leaves it for ?$ATUrn?, ruler of ☠️Capricorn where •Pluto is, this time in ♒️Aquarius that’s ruled by Uranus.

    It feels like building momentum up.

    On March 21st it’s the spring equinox, the ☀️Sun☀️ enters ?Aries♈️?, igniting ☄️Mars even more. The next day, March 22 ☄️Mars exactly squares Uranus!

    On ☄️Mars 28, when the ☀️Sun☀️ has already entered the ☄️Mars ruled ?Aries♈️?, ?Venus and the ?Moon are exactly conjunct ?$ATUrn? in 21° ♒️Aquarius, alongside ☄️Mars which is close by at 16°, still in a rather strong square to Uranus, the entire Stellium still in wide orb square to Uranus in ?Taurus?♉️.

    This definitely needs some deeper looking into as I’m seeing this not so much as an overnight stock market crash but a multiple point compounding financial event/crisis where I’m guessing ?Venus is definitely setting the pace, especially after arming itself with guns blazing ☄️Mars.

    A lot of stuff to transmutate into constructive change! ?

    • Yes..I see..oh my..ok I have 22moon 23 neptune 26 saturn all in libra seventh house…my 10th capricorn..18 degree sun..I have jupiter 11 taurus where I’ll see venus trine..any advice? Should I stay put or go through on a move..that is getting tougher to achieve..sos..

  30. 12th house is also unseen people or people far away. Don’t forget you touch people around the world with your blog. Venus connection. God does work thru other people. Thanks for all you share. Mine is in the 6th, daily routines, health, work, service, pets. Working it.

  31. Hello there, I’m turning 60 on January 28, 2020. I have a stellium in Aquarius spanning the 11th and 12th hs: Mars 26 Cap > Saturn 2 Aqua > Sun-Venus 7 Aqua > Jupiter 16 Aqua > Mercury 22 Aqua; 8th hs moon 25 Libra. TPluto is currently conjunct my NMars and square my Nmoon, with TVenus retrograding on my Mars (in addition to lots of other dynamic things taking place). I’m single and have been for some time so really not anticipating any action on that front. Just wondering what this might mean and how it may play out.

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