Venus Aspecting Uranus – Love At First Sight

Italian girl in GodfatherMy husband called me. This was before we married.

“I was watching the Godfather last night and it came to the part when Michael was in Italy and he sees Appolonia for the first time. They see each other. They just look at each other and he has to wipe the sweat from his forehead just from seeing her.”

I laughed.

“That’s how I felt when I met you. I still feel like that every time I see you. I have to wipe the sweat from my forehead, P. Anyway he’s just standing there and someone tells him, looks like you’ve been hit by the thunderbolt. I sure know what that’s like…”

My husband has Venus (love) sextile Uranus (sudden) so he’s prone to sudden attraction and love at first sight. His Uranus is conjunct my Venus so I would trigger this tendency big time.

I have Uranus in the Venus-ruled 7th house so I’m prone to the same.  In fact, if I am not attracted to you in the first seconds I can tell you for sure, never will be.

MY son is visiting with his (serious) girlfriend. He has Uranus trine his Venus; she has Uranus in her 7th house. They have been together since the moment they saw each other – period.

Is there a Venus Uranus exchange in your chart? Have you ever experienced love at first sight?



Venus Aspecting Uranus – Love At First Sight — 94 Comments

  1. I have Uranus trine my Venus and i also get attracted in the first seconds, otherwise the attraction will never happen.

    My loved friend has his venus in exact trine my uranus and he has his uranus also trine my venus and mars (i have venus and mars conjunction.

  2. I dont have a Venus Uranus exchange but I have Pluto conjuct Venus in the 8th house and I just “know” as soon as I lay eyes on them that they are going to have an effect on me in a romantic profound sense. As soon as I see them I know Im going to fall….and I mean truly deeply fall without any control….

    I dont know if has to be actual first sight in a physical sense of the person though because I once had a wonderful romance with someone through letters and the first time I saw their name on the addressed letter I knew this person was going to change me, I knew I would fall… so I guess it can be a feeling of their energy. I just know at the first moment of meeting, no matter how that meeting occurs.

    Mind you it was of course was the perfect romance for a Mars Conjuct Neptune person like me and a triple Pisces with a Neptune square like him. The perfect existant, non existant neptunian romance 😉

  3. Strange cos the ones i have an immediate attraction for, usually turn out to be wrong for me. The ones who have lasted longest have been a gradual process started thru friendship and developing from there. Venus opp uranus.

  4. No Venus/Uranus aspect but I do have Mars inconjunct Uranus, so I know immediately if there is any sexual chemistry. 🙂

    I have looked a lots of synastry aspects for others & if there is lots of Uranus/Venus aspects, then people tend to fall fast & hard! And out of love, just as fast & hard, especially if Saturn isn’t in the picture.

    With Venus trine Saturn, when it comes to loving someone, it takes lots of time but lasts a long time too (though my feelings may evolve over time . . .)

  5. it’s always there when i first meet someone but i usually take forever to figure out that _that’s_ what making me absolutely make sure i never forget this person…..
    (venus/saturn trine, venus/pluto opposition, venus/neptune trine, venus in the 8th)
    …because there’s other things that hit me hard and fast, and figuring out which is what takes awhile.

    uranus is busy messing around with my mercury. no time to play w/ms great attractor.

  6. Uranus is involved in my earth grand trine along with Mars/Moon/Pluto. So I feel the sexual attraction as soon as my Taurus Mars realizes what’s going on. Thankfully, Saturn sits right on top of my Aries Venus, so love doesn’t enter into the equation without a lot of deliberation.

  7. Voted “exists”. There’s no Venus-Uranus exchange in my chart but Venus-Pluto – rulers of my nodes – are conjunct…:)

  8. I´ve got Venus in 8, conjunct moon node, sextile Uranus, trine moon-saturn. Attraction not in the first seconds, rather in the first minutes, hours or days, but that´s just attraction, and I need more than that for further interest. Unfortunately, Uranus is always playing games with me – the men I fall for usually vanish or break it off before a relationship is settled, despite of strong feelings on their side too. I must scare the shit out of them, and I still haven´t quite figured out why.

  9. The ones I shy away from but am intrigued by are usually the ones for me. I have pluto conj. venus. It’s all about intensity and power not quickness.
    If I work the room but keep returning to one person or keep looking for one guy to return to me and he does then it builds and I know. Hopefully I’m not feeling needy because venus and pluto also square my moon which can interfere.

  10. I’ve been in love several times and it was always a decision. Except in my current relationship and it was pretty instant – first touch though, not first sight. He touched my hand and I was gone for him from that moment.

  11. I have Venus conjunct both Pluto and Uranus. If something is right, it’s usually very sudden AND very intense.

    I’ve figured out that a lot of men can’t handle this kind of energy, which explains why I was pretty lonely when I was younger. Someone who is simply looking for a “good time” doesn’t want to fall hard, fall fast, and get hooked!

  12. And an interesting side note about Venus-Uranus synastry: My husband’s Uranus sits exactly on my Venus (29 Virgo). I knew within minutes of meeting him that we were going to get married, and he proposed to me less than 3 months after our first date.

  13. My Venus is square Uranus. I’ve always been able to decide immediately whether or not I’m attracted to a person … but while attraction may exist, I definitely need good conversation to keep me going. I am wary of investing too much time in someone just for a fuck!

  14. I hav venus square uranus….n i fall in love in seconds!! But i never pursue it cuz i fall out of it eventually. having venus sq uranus is someting u cant describe….its like everywhere i go there is some1 who makes my heartbeat short n cud be `the one`

    the upside..? u dont get attached to lovers or friends. which holds true for me even tho i hav moon opposition pluto. i kinda flit between the 2 extremes….scorpio obsessiveness vs aquarian coldness.

  15. There isn’t a venus/uranus exchange in my chart, but I do have Uranus sextile Mars. My mars in turn is semi-square Venus which is semi-square Pluto (which is square Mars).

    I find if my mars isn’t triggered I’m just not all that interested. If I don’t want to jump you why go through all that bother? And I’ve tried but I just get so booooooored.

  16. I don’t believe in “love” at first sight, since I could never fall in love with someone without hearing what they have to say and hearing their voice. However, I have fallen hard and fast based on incredible mental sexual chemistry that leads to the physical. I connect that to Venus (11th house) sextile Uranus (1st house) trine Mercury in Gemini (9th house). I considered it a great compliment when I was told “you have a sexy mind!”
    For me, the Uranus thunderbolt consists of lightning fast communication and the instant recognition of a fellow possessor of a bent mind. This recognition is followed by an intense relationship which usually starts and ends suddenly. Uranus in first house opposing 7th house Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Aries, also opposing Mars in Taurus in 7th house.

  17. Very interesting and probably accurate for most, too–
    although I have Venus conjunct Uranus out-of-sign and Venus conjunct Neptune in Capricorn, and I feel for me the reverse is mostly true. Often I feel no initial physical chemistry or love at first sight, but I feel like I “know” I will be attracted soon. My friends have been known to make fun of me for my …”Oh, no, It’ll hit me after a couple of dates” statements. Perhaps it’s part of my natural hesitation…

  18. Venus directly conjuncts Uranus natally for me (in Leo) – my husband’s Uranus also conjuncts my Venus.

    We are opposites for sure, (Leo and Aquarius) but that spark has never gone away – we still look at each other in that goofy way.

  19. the only venus aspects in my chart are trines with jupiter and saturn. I do have uranus in the 7th house, and venus in aquarius, though.

    I wouldn’t say so much for me it is “love at first sight” though at first sight i am definitely able to tell I feel a pull towards someone. For me it’s love at first conversation. The times where I’ve fallen for someone, it happened after our first conversation. If the first time we talk, we sit and talk all night, well then that’s a very good sign ;). My relationships start pretty fast too. Usually me and whoever the person is will be inseperable after that first conversation.

  20. Venus sextile Uranus, exact. 11th/1st Houses. Mars and Mercury in the 12th, sandwiched between for semi-sextiles to both. Uranus rules my 5th House.

    I am never attracted to anyone on first sight. Might find someone attractive but I have no interest. Sometimes take years to even develop a relationship, then it becomes intense and “behind the scenes” in a few cases.

  21. Opposition: Venus in 7th hs @ 1 Gemini, EXACTLY opposing Uranus in 1st hs @1 Sag.

    I’ve been attracted @ 1st sight, but the person doesn’t reciprocate.

  22. It took my partner and I 4 years to get together – and that’s after having been friends for that long. One would think I romance would’ve developed earlier on, right? The kicker here is, we did get together suddenly – and I was going through a transiting Uranus trine my Venus at that time. The first reaction of our friends, “Is this you two joking around again?”

    Most of my relationships have been whirlwind romances though (Venus opp Uranus). They never lasted (except for a 2.5 year relationship).

  23. My Venus is in my 9th house conjunct Saturn Scorpio. My husbands Venus is in the 8th house in Pisces. In our composite Chart Venus is in the 8th house in Capricorn. Aside from the fact our lives are kind of in parallel. We just clicked wasn’t love at first sight but it was something.

  24. Totally exists to me. I’ve got venus trine uranus, so there’s definitely an exchange. I remember meeting my first husband, we were together that first day we met and nearly inseperable for the first 6 months after that.

  25. Uranus on the descendant square Venus, exact. Alas, there is also Neptune involved – big time. Even though I may have an immediate attraction to someone, it has seldom led to a straight forward path! My initial instincts are correct, just depends on what I want at the time of first contact.

  26. Before the internet came along I have known one can fall in love with a character in a book, or at least I can.
    But I have not fallen for anyone on the internet because I’m taken. I suppose there have been opportunities, but not really. I’ve never been on a dating site.

    When I started seeing my dh around town, here and there for the first time ever, I would get this shudder down my back, not good, not bad, but a recognition of sorts.

  27. I have Venus inconjunct Uranus natally, and my husband has Venus sextile Uranus. He claimed it was love at first sight for him, for me, it was probably more lust at first sight. There was definitely a bizarre, electric undercurrent to it all though. However, we do have Venus square Uranus in synastry, so that would probably explain why the meeting was so electric,why we became intimate almost immediately,why I became pregnant 2 months later, and we married 5 months later. Yeah, that sounds pretty “Venus/Uranus” to me.

  28. My husband and I became a couple within 15 hours of meeting when we were teens. That was it. He was my boyfriend and I was his girlfriend and we had one hell of a run for about 2 1/2 year… until we went over the cliff, lol.

  29. Yes it can happen, it happened to me, late summer 1970. I walked into a bar on the island, early evening, and clocked eyes with this tall dark handsome stranger, and it was instant ‘love’ – and normally it takes me weeks if not months to get there, and ‘love’ doesn’t properly click in until we have ‘made love’

    The weird thing is he was black, and I don’t usually go for black men in the romantic way – I tend to go for my own social type (Merc chart ruler etc). Not only black, but Brazilian, and spoke hardly a word of English. But boy was he drop dead beautiful… We turned to one another, oblivious to all else, spoke for a few minutes … then went our separate ways, having people to meet

    … then (as I understood it later) spent most of the night ‘stalking’ one another round town until we met up again, several hours later. Then spent a magic night talking (in French) and making love on the beach, and enjoying the dawn. He had a ticket to ride the next night, so we kissed goodbye – it was the island, and such things happened.

    … three days later I was sitting in the town square up on the north-west side of the island where I lived, still amazed by the whole thing. Then a jeep slowed down, stopped, and he jumped out… it happened in Slo Mo! Talk about heart pounding, and karmic certainty. He’d been over the whole island looking for me.

    We spent the next two or three weeks locked together, and he wanted to take me back to Sao Paulo. But after three weeks the language barrier proved too much for me – Merc chart ruler!

    It was the real thing at the time, though, and the most sudden and total ‘fall’ I’ve ever had (and the least likely)

  30. @Elsa, at least “over the cliff” was not a bottomless pit! LOL!! I mean, yeah, lots of time passed, but here you two are together again :o)!

    My hubs has venus square uranus, and his venus is conjunct my sun, so he was wiping his brow when we met,

  31. venus in the 5th opposite uranus.

    It’s always at first sight for me. I mean, I take one look and just KNOW I’m doomed. With my ex I was actually pissed – he pulled up on his motorcycle, took off his helmet and I was speechless, thinking “oh fuck! no. No! Nohohohooo!”

    Note this isn’t about looks at all. Just an instant sense of knowing.

    And like Elsa described, if the feeling is mutual we’re instantly together. I have no understanding or personal feeling for “dating” – I’ve done it but it just doesn’t make any sense to me, as if it doesn’t happen instantly, it never does.

    And these relationships have not been fleeting. They tend to last several if not many years, quite happily. The down side is they tend to end just as suddenly as they began. But even after a breakup the feeling of loving a man (even when it was unrequited) never fully leaves me. It’s really nice.

    Boys. Sigh…

  32. Yesss! I’ve seen it. There’s really nothing to not believe in. I mean jeez. I have an uncomplicated (haha) tendency to be immediately attracted to someone, but I can usually tell when the business is there. I have Venus quincunx Uranus. God, I’m not 100% at all. Sometimes it’s not good for me because it tightens my options. I also have a tendency to leave when I am not attracted to the person. I don’t have Venus trine Neptune so I don’t start falling in love with their personal qualities. I think people get better looking the more a Venus trine Neptune loves them. I think it’s take it or leave it when it comes to me and I think it’s a trait I got to get over.

  33. I have Uranus conj my Scorpio DSC (7th use w Juno) so its usually the dangerous type that I’m instantly and fatally attracted to…..

  34. I am a female and I have a moon trine uranus. I met someone with venus trine uranus in his chart and we have a venus trine uranus synastry. For the first time I met him, I had a feeling of “I knew this is it”. But I wasn’t expressive as I have mars in cancer. He was very obvious that for the first time he saw me, he had seen his ideal woman. We have a venus (him) and moon (me) conjunction. Double whammy moon trine ascendant and mars trine pluto (double whammy). I can’t tell which one.

  35. Venus squares a male friend’s Uranus (who has captured my interest out of the blue). We’ve known each other for at least a year, perhaps almost 2…strangely enough was never attracted to him in the orthodox sense of the word [not that I remember] though obviously as time passed, our relationship got more platonic..recently turned physically (hence my interest).

    What saturns childs/plutos lover rings true for me – Sun in Libra [Venus in Libra too] square Uranus…swinging from “intense attraction” [Scorpio gets involved somewhere] to a sort of detachment. Every attraction is postulated as the one; just learnt to let it happen haha!

  36. can someone explain to me what it means to have venus square jupiter? does the aspect make one feel as though committed love stagnates and restricts? I also have venus square moon. I find it VERY difficult to commit and be consistent with my feelings. I tend to be loving in general but to no one in particular (except some friends, lovers for a very short time)
    my venus also conjucts neptune and uranus.

    Anybody can interpret this?

  37. I love that story! <3

    I have Uranus trine Venus with Venus in my 5H. It's happened to me and it's also happened that someone is around and around and I hardly think about them then one day I would wake up and oh boy! But then my Venus is in Capricorn so it can be super slow and cautious on action.

  38. Awesome stories !
    I have:
    Venus in Scorpio/3h semi square Uranus in Cappy/5h
    Venus also sextiles Neptune in 5h, Virgo Asc, conjunct Pluto in 3h [a tight orb] and Mars Libra/2h square Uranus [same tight orb].
    You can imagine how this is ! If there is no first time chill on my back, and profound attraction, it never will be !
    It seems that with all these sexual aspects, I am definitely rocking worlds and sending sexual vibes [so they say !] and I instantly tell if the attraction is mutual and never got wrong about that.
    Unfortunately, what starts abruptly, know the drill.

  39. Just found my man has venus square Uranus. Makes soo much sense. Plus he has these pleasing trines while I’m wrapped up in a lot of squares. Gonna try and figure this one out!

  40. I have Uranus in the 1st house conjunct (exact) Pluto squaring my Venus by a wide degree. Regardless my “love at first site” tendencies are real and DEEP (Pluto). I know if I like someone immediately and often wonder if I have passed up people I should not have. Oh well…such is life! 😀

  41. Interesting. My husband says he knew he had to have me when he first met me. LOL He has Scorpio Uranus in the 7th. So many years later and he still tells me he feel the same way as he did back then and I believe him. LOL

  42. My BF’s Scorpio Venus squares his Leo Uranus. He told me that it was “love at first sight” when we met. “Don’t make me blush! lol.” In our composite chart, we have Libra Venus sextiling our Leo Uranus. We have breathing space in our relationship to do our own things.

  43. Haha… I replied on here some time ago, I guess. I have Venus trine Uranus. Yes it has happened. With people, things, colors, songs, flowers, sunrises…

    • Yes, I can relate how this can also extend outside romantic attraction. Decisions can be made easy because I either fall in love with something instantly or never.

      My Uranus is square venus and my partner has Uranus sextile moon and Venus, with Aquarius on seventh. We instantly clicked and he appreciated my uniqueness 🙂 .

      Fortunately we both value some space as well. I couldn’t stand someone glued to me 🙂 .

  44. Hello All!
    Does anyone know if this is similar (love at first sight) to a Uranus Venus conjunction?:

    My husband’s Uranus is almost exactly on top of my Libra ascendant, bar 1 degree.

    Is this a love at first sight formula too?


  45. I have Venus semi-square my Uranus, sitting at the exact midpoint of Uranus-Sun square. I haven’t experienced love at first sight but I have experienced lust at first sight. Doesn’t happen often (only twice in my life) but it happened. And I’m usually very contained when it comes to touching people.

  46. I have a Leo conjunction of Venus/Uranus in the sixth. Workplace/gym ( sometimes mutual) crushes are frequent and we often become workout partners, taking out our dogs with us! Dating helps me live healthy and looking good is the best feeling. Of course personality is what keeps it together.

  47. ”if I am not attracted to you in the first seconds I can tell you for sure, never will be.”

    Same here: Venus in the 1st square Uranus in the 5th

    • i’m the same way, ive had alot of guys attracted to me in the past and i just can’t “feel” it. I can’t force myself even though they might be the greatest catch for alot of women, good guy status, maybe he’s super rich too, so good provider. but no thanks. i’d rather be alone.

  48. I have Uranus at 20 Gemini in the 11th house in a very tight sextile to a Mars/Venus conjunction, within 2 degrees. Fell in love at first sight in July of 1989. We had a run for about 2 1/2 years off and on. The other person was always trying to find me and sometimes they did. We couldn’t get over each other and had other partners! Well, 28 years later we are living together! Something like Elsa and her Husband. I did consult Elsa before I started up with this person again. Just to let you all know.

  49. I have 7th House, Aqua Venus square 4th House Scorp Uranus with about 3 degrees separation. Venus also almost exactly sextiles Sag Neptune and trines Libra Pluto. Venus rules my Moon, MC, and 3rd House.

    My partner and I have been together for some 18 years. She is my Twin Soul–we are extremely close and our psychic connection is quite something else. Before I met her, all my previous relationships were sudden, brief, and intense/extreme (and painful for me) in nature.

    I had premonitions before meeting her though, such as dreaming of seeing the Moon. When we met, I had made a vow about a year or so before, that I would stay away from committed relationships and just try to work on myself. After all, I reasoned there was a reason why I was attracting all these wounded people and very difficult relationships (I have extremely high empathy).

    We were completely monogamous for the first 7 years of our relationship. Never even seriously thought of other women and being with them during that time. At the 7 yr point, we mutually decided to try being open/poly (she is Aqua Sun and Venus, with late Cap Ascendant conjunct Aqua Venus). I had some brief relationships towards the beginning of it, partly because we were living a couple hours apart because of job situations at the time, but they were unfulfilling.

    I was also increasingly becoming aware of my other life history and patterns, and realized that sexual energy/attachment was one of my prior weaknesses that I shouldn’t indulge in. So since then, I’ve tried to stay away from the open part, while she would (and still does) occasionally go on dates here and there, but ultimately comes away dissatisfied with the huge majority. But she enjoys the social aspect of going out, meeting new people (she is definitely more extroverted and me a bit more introverted).

    Will continue in the next.

    • While I have been a bit tempted to the open thing here and there, it really hasn’t been a focus. That was up until a couple weeks ago. We went to a friend’s party, and I met a younger woman there. We talked astrology, higher nature of Love, spirituality, Yeshua-Miriam, Cayce, Tantra, etc. I was/am extremely attracted to her. She felt so familiar and easy to talk to, and it didn’t hurt that she is physically gorgeous.

      We exchanged numbers, and after a text where I asked her if she liked karaoke (we had sang together briefly at the party where a band was playing), much to my surprise she suggested a specific time/place for us to meet. We went early to have dinner, and then stayed for karaoke. It was blissful. Conversation never dulled and was deep and holistic. There was such an intense both electric and magnetic energy between us. During the dinner, she mentioned that for some reason she was getting really hot. Told her that I’ve had similar experiences when my vibratory levels were getting really upped during an intense meditation, toning/chanting, or consciousness/nonphysical experience.

      During the dinner and during Karaoke, she kept staring deeply into my eyes, and during the latter, she said, “I’m sorry I keep staring at you, but you’re just so nice to look at.”

      I recognized her as a friend/companion from our shared other lives–a number of them. Wasn’t 100 certain, but was mostly so. I did some digging into the Cayce readings (as both my spouse and I have a very strong connection to that scene). There were some very interesting synchronicities. She also reported that she kept having synchronicities with the number 27.

      The reading of the woman whom I initiually intuited that she might be connected to that had received a reading, had that specific combo of numbers in it. Then, in this life, she has her Sun in late Aries cusping Taurus, conjoining early Mercury in Taurus. The woman who had received a reading, well her b-day was very early Aries cusping Pisces. Then, she had reincarnated very quickly from another experience where she had known my other self (and in the same life for him), and that past self’s b-day was very early Taurus cusping Aries.

      Apparently her Soul loves some Aries and cusping energy. She was one of the companions of Ra Ta, and interestingly had been marked in the throat (and one of our shared passions is singing). Her chart this time, well Mercury is the ruler of her Ascendant and as mentioned, in early Taurus. In one of her recent “past” lives, she had two names, and my ex friend’s present name is a combination of those two names.

      We have a very intense and powerful chart comparison. To relate to this thread a bit more, her Venus is pretty much exactly trine my Uranus (modern ruler of my 7th). Her Moon conjuncts my Uranus in my 4th. Her Venus Saturn conjunction in Pisces is in my 8th and opposed my Virgo Saturn as well as my Virgo Mars Jupiter conjunction. Her 8th House, Sun, Moon, and North Node ruler, Mars, is almost exactly on my Ascendant and opposed my Venus (yes, we have mutual Venus-Mars oppositions). My Cap Sun in her 5th and conjunct her Neptune (modern ruler of her 7th). The traditional, faster moving ruler of her 7th, Jupiter in my 5th and conjunct the modern ruler of my 8th, Neptune. The traditional ruler of my 7th (and Venus), Saturn in her 1st. My Nodes conjunct/opposite her Ascendant/Descendant. My 5th and 8th House ruler, Jupiter, almost exactly conjunct her Ascendant. My Moon is generally opposed her Sun (though not direct aspect). There’s more including some very strong and tight inconjunct aspects (8th House flavor), but it’s getting too long. Very intense, very mutual.

      For me at least, it was pretty much Love at first deeper attuning.

      But alas, it was not meant to be a fairy tale romance. She has experienced some very painful trauma from men–specifically older men during her childhood (and unfortunately, I’m significantly older than her). She said a lot of that had been coming up lately, before she met me and when meeting me and other men around these times. (Not surprising with T. Saturn and Pluto going through her 5th). She said she was not feeling as romantically intense and attracted to me as I was to her. I told her maybe not, but that’s not what our chart comparison indicates. Told her I’ve rarely seen such a powerful and mutual romantic chart comparison.

      Long story shorter, she seems to be scared by the intensity of our connection, and despite having her Sun in the 8th and late Scorp Moon conjunct very early Sag Pluto, seems to prefer to keep it light and shallow with men. I have come to the conclusion that she uses men (and their attention) as a distraction from herself/her wounds. She doesn’t seem to really care for them, and if things get too deep and connective, coldly cuts them out.

      Which she has done with me recently despite that I told her that I deeply valued our connection and that I wouldn’t let romance/sexual energy come between us, and that if a completely platonic relationship was what was most helpful for her, then I would do this. There is little that I wouldn’t do for her.

      But she has completely cut me off without so much as a goodbye or explanation. I didn’t think her that cold/uncaring, but then again, I had been a bit worried about her Venus Saturn conjunction. And obviously her wounds/trauma is deeply affecting her.

      I just want to be there for her and love her unconditionally, but now it feels like my heart has been ripped out. I still send her healing energy/unconditional Love/White Light during my meditations.

      So much for having T. Jupiter in one’s 5th, and all the “joyous, happy” times of romance etc. I guess when one’s Jupiter co-rules their 8th, it comes with pain and lessons. (That, and Saturn has started to retrograde back into the 5th, from the 6th).

      Perhaps interestingly from a karmic point of view–painful, relatively short but intense connections and separations between our Souls was indicated in the Cayce readings. According to Cayce’s source, had happened a number of times between our other selves/lives, with either one or the other dying, one having to leave, and the like.

      But why so incredibly short this time around? What could be balanced within a little over 2 weeks and 2 meetings, that has involved a number of lifetimes as being closely connected? My human side wishes that I had never met her.

      • This is how I feel:

        I know I shouldn’t spend any time in self pity. After all, I’m blessed with an unusually positive and stable relationship (Fixed Descendant and Venus with Venus in the 7th, with a majority of flowing/harmonious aspects?) with an amazing woman, whom is my best friend as well as lover. Yet, I can’t help how I feel, and if it doesn’t get out, then it will fester.

      • Re: Justin

        I’ve read many Elsa Elsa posts but this is the first time I’ve been compelled to respond. I’m sorry but I can’t agree with your take on the synastry you have with the younger woman.

        Venus Saturn conjunctions in a natal are notoriously tough and in Pisces, would indicate someone who is (when young at least) only capable of being committed to spirituality – hence the deep discussions you had with her. When opposed your Saturn, Mars and Jupiter from Virgo, she might find your critical evaluation (of philosophy or the situation) a tad too overwhelming for her. With your Saturn on her AC, she might feel your commitment. But Saturn on the AC can also be very stifling and limiting. Her Moon conjunct your Uranus would make her feel emotionally unstable, like you have upset her inner world, her comfort. An Aries Moon might like the challenge of such a contact. Not too many others would.

        I’d look to your own Progressions and Transits to see what is triggering this episode in your life. Do you have Uranus transiting N Venus or P Venus? Transiting Saturn and Pluto wouldn’t be able to do such a number on you if it isn’t activating your natal planets.

        • Hi Estella,

          Thank you for the feedback. I do agree with you that Venus Saturn conjunctions tend to be tough for the person who has it. There tends to be a lot of defense and fear in relation to one’s heart and closer relationships. When also in the 7th House, it can indicate that a lot of pain and testing has come from close relationships. She has indicated as much, and specifically mentioned a number of partners being pathological liars and very unempathic.

          Btw, I tend to view Saturn a bit differently than most astrologers seem to. I view it more in the way that Edgar Cayce outlined about Saturn, which has some similarities, but also definite differences. I have not found a psychic/intuitive source anywhere even near on par as Cayce’s work, as to consistency, depth, holism, vastness, and accuracy.

          But the rest might not be as clear as it would be if one saw both charts.

          For some examples, while my Saturn is in her 1st House, it’s towards the end. On the other hand, my Jupiter is conjunct her Ascendant with less than a degree of separation. Jupiter rules my 5th and 8th (and is in my 1st). In her chart, it rules her 4th and 7th and is in her 4th, in it’s own Sign. Her Jupiter is in my 5th and conjunct the modern ruler of my 8th in same.

          Saturn rules my Sun, Mercury, and Venus signs and Descendant–hence, with her “capturing it” in her 1st, and with Saturn ruling her 5th and is in her 7th conjunct her Venus, it indicates a very, very close tie between us, and one with a deep karmic undertone. Yes, there is definitely a seriousness with all these Saturn contacts, but there is also a lot of Jupiter expansion, fun, laughter, joy, as well which is also supported by the mutual 5th House placements (Sun and Jupiter respectively).

          Uranus on the Moon has both a magnetic and yes, potentially upsetting potential. Uranus is that of the extremes, the unusual, and the psychic. We do have a very strong psychic bond, and yes, I do challenge her and probably make her a bit uncomfortable at times. But she has Scorpio Moon at 29 degrees, conjunct very early Sag. Pluto. Her Moon (and 8th House Aries Sun) indicates that she is attracted to challenge, taboos, deep connections, exploration, and intensity. It’s part and parcel of her being. Yet, there is a push pull with this in relation to men because of the trauma she has experienced from them. She probably feels more comfortable with it in relation to women.

          No, T. Uranus is not aspecting my natal nor progressed Venus.

          There is no such thing as “perfect” or “ideal” synastry and chart comparisons. Every relationship and chart comparison will have it’s challenges, it’s tensions, conflicts, and testings, but these are what help our Souls grow. Since our Suns are trine each other’s Risings, there is also a basic harmony and ease, behind and beyond the very intense 8th House, Saturn, Nodal, Lunar, Uranian, Plutonian, inconjunct stuff.

          I was wrong btw. She hasn’t completely cut me off. She wrote me around 2:30am last night. But it’s still feeling bittersweet.

          • Re: Justin

            I hope she gave you satisfactory answers for her disappearance. I have Venus Saturn natally, in Leo, in my 10th, as part of a stellium, so believe me when I tell you that I know what that is about. :-p

            I can’t comment on what or how you are triggering her insecurities without looking at her actual chart; for me, it’s always useful to see what you are potentially plugging into before getting excited over the synastry…which I’m sure you have discovered with this.

            There is no perfect synastry but if you have a “compelling” composite, that somehow works with what you have as individuals, you might get past the triggering.

            I wish you all the best with this. I have loads of Jupiter with a female friend in synastry, only my Saturn trining her Venus and she is my astro guru. You are right in saying that your friend might manifest her Sag Moon Pluto differently with a female.

            • Hi Estella,

              She is a busy, busy person apparently. Definitely an Aries Sun, Virgo Rising type that likes to be busy much of the time.

              Turns out that she met someone else, closer to her age, around the same time as me and feels that he is her soulmate. He might be, but it could also be that because he has autism, he feels safer to her. Having worked with a number of people with autism, it’s not uncommon to find a certain emotional distance, detachment, and/or contraction among them; often living far too much in the head/logic and not enough in the heart/feelings.

              So the pattern has become rather Uranian. Brief, intense, numerous bursts of communication, with long stretches of silence. Went a full week without hearing from her.

              She has went through some intense emotional processing via a very intense guidance dream, and we both think it likely that we have been working together in the nonphysical during our sleep state on healing, energy balance, etc. As we had a weird synchronicity as to timing of her dream and an experience of my own.

              On some level, she seems to deeply value our connection (lately she tells me that she loves me), and yet is still holding me at a distance. Have not seen her for a month or so, but she invited me to a cook out this weekend.

              Looked up our composite chart. Tight conjunction between Pisces Sun, Venus, and Mercury in the 7th. Mars 0 degrees Virgo closely conjunct late Leo Ascendant, generally opposed the Pisces stellium (Jesus, two mutual natal Venus Mars oppositions and a composite one too..). Late Libra Moon conjunct Jupiter Scorpio in the 3rd. Capricorn Uranus in the 5th. South Node in the 8th.

              Am not much familiar with composite charts though.

              Thank you for the well wishes Estella.

              • Hello Justin!

                Re: your composite, I think compelling patterns (Yods, T squares) give it longevity…unless of course the other guy puts his Sun or his Moon at a sensitive point in your composite, symbolically and literally coming between the two of you. Sometimes if the third person puts a personal planet on the IC of your composite chart, it just means he’s invested in seeing its end (4th is the end of the matter of the1st).

                So there is a genuine love (Sun Merc Venus) in your relationship, however the focus and purpose (Sun) of your relationship would be in enlightening (Pisces) others (7th in a composite chart is 1-1 with others or what others see of you when dealing 1-1).

                Libra Moon out-of-sign conjunction to Jupiter in 3rd, show a love of deep talk (Jupiter in Scorpio) between you, about relationships of things. The fact that your composite has Sun Merc Venus in Pisces does suggest what and how this deep talk takes place. SN in 8th means NN in 2nd, so you are meant through this relationship to focus on your combined values…in this case the broadening of spiritual knowledge…putting that ABOVE the failed pursuit of romance. Uranus in 5th does suggest any “romance” will be of a sporadic nature. At best, it may take Uranian forms like the internet.

              • Thank you for the interesting and informative composite info and delineation Estella.

                I made a couple of goofs earlier. The Moon and Jupiter are flip flopped. Moon 1 degree Scorpio and Jupiter 27 degrees Libra.

                Sag 5th House cusp, with Sag Uranus in 5th. Also Cap Neptune in 5th. While Sag Saturn is in the 4th more so, since it’s conjunct the Sag Uranus, it’s shading into the 5th along with Uranus.

                Yes, North Node in 2nd makes sense as to what you outlined. But since it’s also in Libra, there is a partnership/closer relationship type aspect to it as well, especially when considering the “past” of the 8th House S. Node. Also the past of the Scorpio IC and the Scorpio Moon strongly cusping Libra.

                In one of our lives together, we intuitively did something akin to Tantra, in that we would combine love, sex, energy work, and meditation and other means of attunement, to help raise the vibration of each other’s bodies. Both the Synastry and the composite seem to reflect this.

                No idea about his chart. Met him yesterday. Seemed more like a boy than a man physically and emotionally. Kind of confirmed my intuition that this is more about safeness (still keeping her heart protected from very intense emotional connection with males).

                Wish I could just forget her and cut it completely off. It’s too hard and painful to be just a detached, casual friend. Come on Aquarius Venus, you can do it. Aren’t we supposed to be all cool, impersonal, and detached towards people? And with Venus square Uranus, aren’t we the ones that break it off with others? And in a male body nonetheless.

                Think self is just a masochist, and far too feminine attuned for own good.

              • Well, if she has the Venus-Saturn conjunction – and I know how you said we should work on opening our hearts etc – maybe the “concreteness” it the relationship appeals to her. An Aqua Venus is in itself a Venus that can love the odd, unusual, huge groups etc…squaring Uranus like yours this is even more so.

                Now no offence, as the owner of a Venus-Saturn conjunction I can only say that none of that appeals. Think of what Saturn really is and safe isn’t what comes to mind. Saturn is the lord of time, and typically we like mature people – not necessarily older, we like conventional relationships (sure I have experienced your open arrangement and many variants of it but none were satisfying), we like the known, the concrete, the tangible…Ask yourself: what are you exactly offering her? A fling? An affair? The one thing Venus-Saturn doesn’t do particularly well in – though not to say she wouldn’t have tried it in her youth – is “open anything.”

                If you are serious about her or want to progress things with her, you shouldn’t view her character as a bunch of traits to be overcome. Instead, you should position yourself to make her feel that you are safe, you are concrete etc etc…I’m afraid your spouse being in the picture isn’t going to give her that impression though.

                All the best with that. 🙂

  50. It’s happened to me. I don’t have Venus and Uranus in a Major aspect. I have them in a sequisquare. Uranus rules my 7th house. Uranus is conjunct Jupiter in my chart, both in a trine to my Ascendant, therefore sextile to the Descendant.

    If you count aspects to the Axis’, I have UR/JUP, trine Mars, trine ASC, with the DESC at the apex, flying the kite.

    I have completely fallen in deep, deep love at first sight.

  51. I have Uranus RX on AC (which for newbies means it opposes the DC) and that trines my Sun, squares my Merc and Moon (part of a stellium with Merc leading the pack) and Mars sextile Uranus. Uranus rules my IC. I’m as Uranian as they come but thanks to a tight Venus Saturn conjunction in the stellium, I have yet to experience love at first sight. Attraction of any sort is already a feat in itself and almost always grounded in reality. My Mars in Virgo probably makes me too analytical (and some would contend anal) for the experience. It’s not to say I wouldn’t like to experience it; my chart argues against the probability.

    • Estella, you may be interested to hear what Cayce said about Uranus:

      “In Uranus we find the extremes. Thus the entity in spiritual, in mental, and in material things finds periods when it as to the mountaintops and again in the depths of despair.” Excerpted from Reading 3706-2

      “From the Uranian influences we find the extremist. And these tendencies… will develop especially through the early teen age years, when there will be moods and…wonderments… These [Uranian tendencies] make for also the intuitive influences and the abilities for the development in the very psychic forces of the entity.” Excerpted from Reading 1206-3

      “In the urges from the astrological aspects we find Mercury, Uranus, Venus, and Jupiter as the influences through the entity has received an awareness.
      One of high mental ability, yet one very extreme in many ways. Oft…too easily discouraged. Hence….it will require that the entity set a purpose and a goal, and not be deterred from same.” Excerpted from Reading 2572-1

      “Those of exceptional abilities with the Uranian influence may be well said to be mean exceptional abilities to err, or to be led astray in the direction not best for… self’s development” Reading 38-1

      “…for with the entity under these influences, with the exceptional conditions as come from influences of Uranus, we find the entity’s manifestations in the present plane will be exceptionally good or very bad.” 143-1

      (For a very young child) “The entity is not only a Uranian but an Atlantean, and the combination will be something to deal with! As to temper, as to having it’s way; for it will have it’s way irrespective, for the first fourteen years… As for the aspects in the Uranian influence, we find the extremes. The entity will be at times very beautiful in character–at others very ugly; very beautiful in body and mind–at others the other extreme. For these have an influence, and the entity will be an extremist through the first fourteen years of it’s experience.
      High mental abilities. One will that make a study of how to have it’s own way…do not break the will…rather give the lesson by precept and example.” 1958-1

      “In the Uranian influence…the extremes… For their will be periods, natural to a Uranian, when for a few hours or a few minutes or a few days it will be very, very morose…These will arise…out of nowhere…” 2005-1

      “In…the Uranian influences…periods when there seems to be every condition imaginable awry–whether business relations, social relations, financial conditions–every condition seems awry. Again, there are seasons of, most things come too easy.” 5-2

      This will give you a good idea of the typical Uranian influence/flavor that often manifests, hence why I call it that of the unusual, the extreme, and the psychic. There are a lot more Readings that link it to a strong interest in the occult, metaphysical, astrological, spiritual, nonphysical and the like.

      But what does this Urananian pattern really come from at it’s core? I have figured out that those with Uranus strongest in their chart are Souls that have been rolled together by their larger, Spirit/Expanded self to include some of that larger self’s fastest vibrating, most spiritually attuned lifetimes/patterns and at the same time, some of their slowest vibratory/most selfish/lacking in Light, but not in a way where they are combined as to be mixed or blended, but stand as opposite/opposing sides within them.

      Hence there is ever the tug of war between the highest and lowest within them. So the great challenge and lesson for those with very strong Uranus is gaining a greater balance, centeredness, consistency, integration, and moderation within self. This is best done by choosing a higher ideal to live by, and consistently chipping away at trying to live same in a more and more consistent manner. Practices like consistent meditation, exercise, and the like can also help to keep a better balance and attunement. But at the end of the day, it’s all about the Will and the application of same, and building new and better habits.

      I also have a fairly strong Uranus (my Jupiter is definitely more predominant though), and the first 21 years of my life, I was a definite extremist in many ways and manners (Uranus is in my 4th and strongly aspected to a number of sensitive, important points in my chart), so I’m speaking from definite experience with all this. Thankfully things have smoothed out a lot, especially in the last 7 years or so. But it’s taken a lot of work and shadow plumbing to get to this point.

      Estella, it sounds like you would benefit from working on opening your heart more. Not necessarily just to a man (or woman if you are bi or gay) or for a relationship, but in general. Try this, for 5 minutes each day, get quiet and still within self, and remember a time, a moment when you felt a lot of love or heart warmth. Could be in relation to anything or anyone, even a beloved pet. Who and what are not as important, but the feelings are.

      As you remember that time, that memory, it tends to bring up those feelings again. Let them well up inside of you, let yourself smile with those feelings. Then universalize them out to all of creation, and especially any and all that need some positive energy.

      It’s like exercise and strengthening a muscle, it will get easier and more automatic with time. This kind of practice will help to rewire your neurons and start to slowly turn that Venus Saturn conjunction into a Venus Sun or Jupiter conjunction.

      Reality is not all Saturn. It’s a balance, a blend between them all. The highest reality is the White Light, which contains a perfect balance and synthesis of all the major colors/frequencies/wavelengths from Mars and Saturn, to Jupiter, Neptune, and the Sun. And interestingly, not only does the clear/white light represent that, but also pure, universal Love. That kind of Love is the highest reality, and when you start seeing others through those eyes, you seem them as they are in the now and their probable and ultimate potential.

      We have freewill for a reason, and often come in with the Soul and Spirit goals of changing certain patterns of our seeming past/our chart by positive use of the Will.

      • Thank you for those many excerpts from Cayce Justin. What he says does speak of the truth of my experience with Uranus in that I have it’s gifts as well as it’s challenges.

        I turned 41 recently and now TR Uranus is approaching my DC(at the most 1.5 degrees away) it will only go over my DC some time in May next year. With my stellium in Leo in the 10th, I have wondered what new phase this could herald for me. I’ve studied my SR for the year and it suggests a “rebirth” of sorts coupled with lots of travel. I’ve studied eclipses for all the years stretching back to my twenties. Because of my Virgo Mars, I’ve had a look at Transits and eclipses of those closest to me and our composite charts; I figured if something is going to manifest itself strongly enough in my chart, IT WILL impact those around me too. I was to be ready.

        For me the internal flicker of Uranian energy and polarity of the planet that is something I incorporate well enough into my personality. My Leo stellium helps me “mask” effectively too. I could have autism but to look at me, no one would think so. When a situation becomes overwhelming I have a wild urge to simply disconnect.

        I will meditate on the excerpts you shared. Thanks again. 🙂

        • Justin, forgive the many typos and grammatical errors. My Virgo Mars cringes at them. I’m replying from my phone with my mind on a plane I have to catch back to Oz later.

          • To be honest, despite my strong combo of Capricorn, Mercury, and Virgo, didn’t really notice these.

            But I understand, I also sometimes get irked at self when I make too many spelling and/or grammatical errors in communications with others.

            Are you from Australia or living there temporarily? Well either way, lol, say hi to Day Kah for me. I don’t swing that way, but he is certainly a very holistically attractive man.

            (Sorry, bad/korny joke).

            Safe travels Estella.

            • Thanks for the wishes of safe travel, Justin. Flew out of Tokyo after a nine-day holiday, back to Oz, where I live.

              Well, if you have Virgo planets, you would self-flagellate periodically, religiously and unfailingly like me. Virgo planets come with the in-built checking mechanism.

              You are right; I’m a Scorp riser with Uranus conjunct DC, chart ruler Pluto in Libra in 12th. All the outer planets except Saturn are strong in my chart – none more so Uranus. Using Pullen astrology on Astro my strongest planet is the Sun (I have that Leo stellium in 10th) followed by Uranus.

              I manifest all the characteristics you shared in your excerpts. I sometimes get numbers or very strong defined “feelings” directing me to things. Often I act in an unconscious “pre-emptive way” like before my trip (and maybe it’s the thorough Virgo Mars) I read up on “What to do if your child is sick in Japan” (it was a blog page with who to help you, helpful phrases, what to bring to a hospital etc etc) and had a tab open for the start of my journey. Long story short was everyone came down with gastro and my daughter was slumped on the subway floor, with concern passers by offering to call us an ambulance.

              I’ve got to check out Day Kah. Can’t admit to have heard of him. I do know of Cayce and his remarkable gift for prophecy…however helping too many people depleted his energy and shortened his lifespan.

              • Sounds like you have a rather intense natal chart. With the outer planets and Scorp quite strong, definitely would expect above average intuitive abilities and tendencies. Very interesting about the synchronicity between the research and the gastro incident(s).

                Not sure Virgo compares to Capricorn in the self flagellation department… Spent a long time being very hard on self. Even better to have both strong. ; )

                Oh, I was referring to the young and dashing Aussie actor Dacre Montgomery. Just finished watching Season 3 of Stranger Things, and it seems like 70% of so of women (and gay men) out there are now “in love” (in lust) with him.

                He’s been asked several similar questions about his name and the difference between the Aussie and American pronunciation of same. The Aussie sounding like Day Kah, and American like Day Ker. Like I said, a bad/korney joke. 🙁

                Yes, Cayce died during World War II, and in the early to mid 40’s was receiving hundreds of letters a day–many by this point having to do with loved ones in the war. It broke his heart not to be able to help all the people. He was also a Uranian extremist, with Uranus closely conjunct his Leo Ascendant. Then he also had a strong Pisces pattern, with also pretty strong Neptune and Jupiter.

                He told those close to him, that doing so many readings (when specifically warned by his guidance not too for health reasons) would kill him, but not answering the letters and doing as many readings as he could, would also kill him. True to Uranian form, he often went to extremes.

                Glad the travels went well, relatively speaking (minus the gastro stuff).

        • Your welcome Estella. Scorpio Rising? I can see why you would emphasize the Mars in Virgo then.

          I hope the rebirth cycle goes well. These tend to be painful, but also necessary/helpful in the long run.

          There are very big changes coming to the world in the near to nearish future. Don’t know exactly when, but feel it’s likely within a few years or so.

          EVERYTHING will change. It will be tough and challenging at first, but the probable future just even a short while after, is quite positive and heading towards a collective healing.

          This is what I came in for. Did not come in for karma or personal desire to, but for these big changes, and have been getting info about these since age 12. My Soul came into this system from a very different one (probably why I’ve had so much guidance about and experiences with ET’s over the years).

          • Couldn’t find the tab to reply to your other comment so I clicked on this instead. Have checked out Dacre Montgomery since you spoke highly of him. I don’t tend to watch much TV or moon over people I’m unacquainted with…another attribute of Venus Saturn. Enjoyment for me tends to take very serious forms…like I’ve found Dacre Montgomery’s rising (not provided by astrotheme) from glancing at his pics and having a look at the make-up of his chart. I’d estimate that he is an early Aries rising with Venus on the DC.

            Other things I like doing for fun include comparing charts mentally (composite vs a third natal) or doing natal vs profession vs transits and plugging in eclipses. For me it’s the Merc square to Uranus and Mars in Virgo that allow me to to that. Merc is also conjunct MC, thus not dignified but I make the most with it. It’s linked to Saturn via Moon and Venus.

            My Astro guru takes “parental pride” in my achievements since I bounce off new “discoveries” on her everyday. We have spent the past 9 years at a distance but we endeavour to meet up once or twice a year, family obligations permitting.

            I find conjunctions in neighbouring signs still apply; however they embody two separate flavours. That’s the way I read out-of-sign aspects in general. I like to see what “drives” a chart, it’s overall tone…I suppose the only way to synthesise what you’d agree to be a huge amount of data is intuitively.

            I believe that every meaningful encounter serves a purpose for our continued evolution. Do you still talk to your friend? You can still appreciate your spiritual (and spirited?) conversations even if you can’t be involved romantically. It’s the Uranus aspects to your planets that allow you to be in your 18 year relationship because Capricorn planets on their own would not like the open-endedness of things. How’s everything on that end?

  52. Hello. I know I’m way too late to comment. But I wanted to know if Venus Parallel Uranus would be valid when they aren’t in contact in the natal chart? Well they are sextile but the orb is 7deg so it doesn’t count.

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