Venus In Aspect To Pluto – Scary Or Misunderstood?

Venus beautyDark Venus asks:

“Are Venus-Pluto aspects really such a ‘scary’ thing to have natally? Or are we just a misunderstood bunch?”

Good question!  I’d say, you’re scary to some and compelling to others.  It depends on how comfortable a person is being uncomfortable because you’re guaranteed to consistently put “the other” in their un-comfort zone (see tag).

Some people enjoy this, others no so much.

As for being misunderstood, you can only understand Venus-Pluto to a degree and then another degree and then another degree. Even if you devote your life to this, you will only scratch the surface. That alone alone is enough to make the average person uncomfortable.

What do the rest of you think when you think “Venus-Pluto”?



Venus In Aspect To Pluto – Scary Or Misunderstood? — 55 Comments

  1. I have Venus-Pluto in hard aspect; when I see it in someone else’s chart I imagine someone quite intense in their love nature and hope for their sake it isn’t painful. For them or for those they love.
    I’ve always felt lucky in love but when I do some digging in my memory bank I think: gee, there is a LOT of crap in there. Jupiter aspects both quite handily.
    I think I was a good 5 years in to my previous relationship before I could even articulate the kinds of problems I was having aloud. I would think about them forever, but….silence. Very private in that regard.

    I think to an outsider I may have come across as unconscious; in truth I really was aware of everything but just had NO comfort, with anyone–couldn’t talk to a single soul about the love problems. That changed over time but it was an excruciatingly slow–Pluto speed–process.

    I like Elsa’s analogy of the speed/rate you can understand and in my case this has been the case. I’m sure in 10 years I’ll be looking back at myself now, too, and seeing things about myself and my value system I adhere to today.

  2. I have this in a t square with saturn…..dont know where to start. Saturn limits opportunities and Pluto creates only plutonian opportunities. Been single 12 years….So I am either desperately lonely or fending off guys that are all wrong for me. The ones that are all wrong fro me pursue with relentless intensity. If I meet a guy that would be “right for me” he wants nothing to do with me….nothing. There is always something about me, or the timing or whatever but I always end up rejected.

  3. Can invest the self deeply in projects and lovers when the personal is piqued. I guess this intensity can be scary for some…my scorp friend/lovers seem to cope no worries and possibly attracted to this.
    My venus is trine pluto…and I do relate to the idea of a universal love for people, and very much enjoy hanging with people whose backgrounds are diverse from mine and learn so much from others differing experiences. Prefer being magnanimous (sag sun) not manipulative, but probably was when younger.

  4. “my scorp friend/lovers seem to cope no worries and possibly attracted to this”

    Alison–me too. I have always attracted men with a lot of Scorpio. One form of Pluto energy recognizes the other, I guess.

    My Venus-Pluto is part of a T-Square with my Moon. I hate to say I’m drawn to partner (don’t ask me why) but it is something that keeps happening so I’ll try to stop playing innocent, LOL

  5. Well, I think I had a friendship kind of cross the line into some cloudy, confusing attraction recently. He has venus aries in 8h opposition pluto. I think I am feeling that influence now that the dynamic has shifted. Of course maybe it’s just me.

  6. wide conj – I don’t think of myself as sultry – maybe because it is in the 9th in virgo mixed up with merc in my chart?

    earthy maybe….

  7. I like the sultry idea, but is very hard to see oneself as others may see.
    Kashmiri:’Pluto energy recognises each other’ I have to wholeheartedly agree, like magnets drawn to each other. For example my good and long female friend, and more recently my new man, are both Scorps born on the same day (different years). Go figure!
    Of course they don’t like each other much. Doh!

  8. I can say that being near the guy makes me feel euphoric, not uncomfortable. Not in a sexual way. Hard to describe. I think the feeling is mutual.
    My pluto opposes his venus/sextile his mars. His Pluto conjunct my sun/mercury, opposite my moon.
    Whatever it is, logically, seems like something to step away from (my venus conj saturn talking).

  9. Venus/Pluto conjunct in the 5th…in Libra. Is romance light and airy for me? Hells no. I went on a date recently where the guy couldn’t stop talking. He was so congenial and bubbly and conversationally-driven that he felt all *surface* to me. I can size up depth in a short amount of time, and if I can hear the penny hit the bottom of the well, I’m out.

    The feeling of death and rebirth, sorrow and loss is all a part of a deep relationship for me. Struggle is common. Passion is king. But the older I get, the more I protect this wild part of me. Not tame it…protect it. I think it’s exciting and valuable, and meant for someone I haven’t met yet…

  10. Kashmiri: Scorp energy like magnets to each other.
    Both my female friend and new man friend are both Scorps born on the same day (different year)Go figure! They don’t like each other much. Doh!

  11. whoops! am repeating myself (thought my first comment got eaten).
    Le Ciel du Scorpion:”can size up depth in a short amount” I can relate and is a greaat skill to have. Can detect inferiority/superiority complexs, low self-esteem too.

  12. I have Venus Quincunx Pluto. Sucks because I always attract/am attracted to Pluto types since it’s conjunct my Desc in Pluto, but I dislike this and it’s hard to come to terms with it. I’d like to have a normal relationship for once, but it never seems to work!

  13. Venus/Mars/Sun all opposite Pluto here. You’d think all that would spell conflict in relationships but I’m a successful long term relationship kind of person. The Venus-Pluto can make me a tad possessive though and cause me to forget that I need other friends too. This tendency also puts undue pressure on my partner, though since he has venus in scorpio we seem to understand each other in and out of the bedroom. Break ups tend to be bad for me, with one person refusing to let go.

  14. My Venus does not aspect my Pluto, but the first things that come to mind are:

    Controlling in love.

    Sexually secretive or deviant.

    Selfish in relationships.

    I have not had good experiences with male Scorpios!

  15. I have Aquarius Venus opposite Leo Pluto natally.
    Until this past couple of weeks I would have said I wasn’t capable of manipulative games but I was lied to (which I hate) and put in a position I wasn’t comfortable with being in so I forced somebody’s hand by telling them they had better confess something or I would tell for them. I had no intentions of telling anyone anything but they didn’t know that and they were scared I would so they confessed. “Emotional blackmail” is the best term I can think of for it. I’m not proud of the tactics I used but the truth had to come out and I’m glad it did.

  16. I have aquarius venus (7th) square scorpio pluto (4th). My mars also squares pluto. I can be secretive and, honestly, sometimes it feels like I morphed into a Scorpio. Scary if I really want to push it to the limit, but mostly misunderstood.

    I know someone with venus trine pluto…they get it, but I’m a little darker and meatier.

  17. Moon/Venus/South Node in Gemini trine Pluto (wide). I need both a certain amount of space, and fun, as well as a lot of depth. What I liked about one person was, despite his cynicism and his bad attitude about some things, he had a lot of depth – but he turned shallow. Immensely so.

  18. l think Venus Pluto is indeed comfortable to some and makes others want to run! True! l have no problem with PLuto/Scorpio/8th h Venus. It feels like home to me.

  19. I suppose I am comfortable with it. There is something uniquely intense about this, my boyfriend has it and I could swear he was a scorpio sometimes lol. He has the sextile, and very passionate indeed but it is not apparent from first (or second or third) glance.

    The word that comes to mind is obsession…Can be scary but I appreciate depth.

  20. sexy vampire energy…the kind that sucks you into a black hole of deep dark love/lust/baggage/feeeelings and never lets you go. But they are damn sexy…sigh.

    Oh, and the sex is fantastic. If the relationship doesn’t kill you first.

    Maybe this is just my quincunx talking. My venus always loses because Pluto is in Scorpio.

  21. Nice, pluto. I like pluto. I have venus sex pluto, sun sex pluto, mars conjunct pluto (in scorpio), and then my venus sextiles my mars which is in Scorpio, Pluto trine midheaven (does that count?) And all of those are in tight orb with each other. So, I’m very obsessive, and I think I scare people away. I have aquarius on the 5th house cusp, which means I attract 1) aquarius, or uranus energy. (I think that’s what that means? lol) So, me who loves obsession, core-type things, attracts loopy always gone somewhere else aquarius- who hasn’t time for one on one anything (or so it seems). So I’ve had to come to terms with this, I think. Or I’m still trying. But that’s my self-diagnoses of trying to be an astrologer for a moment, who knows.

  22. I have a 1st house Venus conjoined Pluto in early Virgo, also conjunct Mercury. Yeah, I’ve always been more comfortable with people who also have a strong Pluto or Scorpio energy. One problem for me is that my 1st house Venus/Pluto in Virgo conflicts with my Leo Moon/Uranus/Ascendant which comes across and wants to be free and fun. I think it’s confused a lot of people who haven’t been able to figure out exactly what they’re getting (well, I alternated a lot, too!). They got pulled in by that sunny wacky Leo Moon/Uranus only to uncover Venus-Pluto – talk about scary!

  23. to me venus/pluto is about the deep rooted manipulative powers in love, arts, material matters. and the opportunity/need to destroy whats not genuinely from the heart. ive got transit pluto squaring my venus these years, a pretty hard exercise at times..

  24. Sex, death, money, transformation – gee, what’s to be scared about ;-)? Venus Cap 1 trine Pluto Virgo 9. I truly love research about the dead, things under the surface and hidden truths (well, I’m a Sag and actually, this is largely how I earn my living as a historian).

  25. Caught up in a scene with a Venus/Moon/Merc square Pluto right now. He works with a disarming sexual energy to “reel them in.” It’s wholly manipulative, and something of a spectacle to witness. Pluto energy attracts like, I have Pluto square Sun, Scorp moon and an action-packed 8th house. Yummy power play 😉

  26. I have a Venus/Mars conjunction (3rd Gemini) being squared by Pluto (6th Virgo). This square is being trined by Jupiter (7th Libra). I thought this would help me, but I go through long droughts of being without a relationship. I also have Neptune (8th Scorpio) being sextiled by Pluto. The few relationships I’ve had have been intense, but eventually end with me being in the depths of despair. The last one was a Scorpio, but my plutonic chart wasn’t enough. I just want to find the one I can love the rest of my life…..

  27. It´s… intensity Foo fighters, Walking after you
    Venus and mars cap trine Pluto.Can be dire for a saturnian venus, also trine Ura and Nep!
    My husband is a scorpio, venus scorp, and everything else has always come in pluto flavora: sun opp pluto, mars scorp, etc

    With pluto transiting my mars (square trans sat), i´m going through quite a phase, but so is pluto, if it doesnt kill you it makes you stronger 😉

  28. I have venus/pluto conjunct being transited by pluto in cap and am involved with a venus in cap pluto in libra square man. I thought I was powerful in relationships but he is much more powerful with the square energy. But he fell first and fast.. although the feelings are mutual. I would never have approached him when we were teens.. he was very calculating with his dating then. Says he’s mellowed out and will keep mellowing out with his mars in sag.

  29. I have Venus-Pluto. It doesn’t scare me in others, though I really don’t know what I think about it when I see it (this conjunction is deep, in my 4th — hard to commuicate with/about).

    I can understand, intellectually, what frightens some people about it but emotionally I don’t get it at all. What scares me is tepidness, not intensity. *smiles*
    Oh, the horror of having a luke-warm relationship! *shudders theatrically*

  30. I have Pluto (in 3rd house) trine Venus… somewhat of a wide orb, but still. Venus is towards the end of the 7th house, in Pisces.

    I don’t think I’m scary. Just intense. Pisces/Neptune is to blame, too.

  31. I have Venus conjunct Pluto in the eighth house. I was bullied growing up, people didn’t seem to like
    me, they saw me as someone to pick on. This has worked to my benefit though, now I’m an adult, it toughened me up emotionally. The parents of my friends felt they couldn’t trust me, though I did nothing to cause the lack of trust. They used to tell me to go home. I was also sexually molested. I can feel peoples thoughts too which helps me in precarious situations. My husband has Venus conjunct Pluto, he too was bullied in school. He too, was sexually abused.

  32. Hello fellow plutonians. This is Venus in Leo square Pluto in Scorpion talking.. wondering if this kind of pluto aspect and similar are making us come of as venus in scorpio people? Because I have a history of attracting at least 3 or 4 guys with this placement… and also. Do people tell you that your eyes are intense.. like almost intimidating?

  33. I think of someone who will spend as long as it takes, even their whole lifetime, scheming of hidden ways to get their object of desire…someone fixated on some other person, but will never tell a soul or make it obvious to others. A stalker. A jealous person over looks and relationship.

    If a woman, I think of someone who is obsessed with her appearance. I think of someone making relentless comparisons to others based on their appearance. I see someone modifying their appearance to get more power. Power over whoever they’re jealous of or power over a desired person.

    I think of someone who has powerful social skills and can charm the opposite sex by appearing to be the most desirable, popular person they have ever seen.

    I see someone who will go to great lengths to be the most desired. The most beautiful. The most popular.

    Most of the above I have seen with Venus conjunct Pluto. I have them opposed, so it’s quite different but the same in some ways.

    • Oh and they’re only the same in ways because I get this coming at me with the opposition and I play along. Not anymore though.

  34. I’m thinking that maybe when someone’s younger this could be an intense energy to manage, but over time, through life experience and the evolving/transformative energy of Pluto, they could become quite wise and a good shoulder to lean on if you’re in a love crisis. This of course, is a positive potential.

  35. Venus conjunct Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th house here! ?‍♀️ I also have Saturn in the 8th in Scorpio about 10 degrees away from my Venus Pluto conjunct.

    I’m married to a man with Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Saturn conjunct. His Pluto is conjunct all this too at 29 degrees Libra. All of it on top of my Venus/Pluto aspect.

    We’ve been married for 13 years, and we’ve been together 16. I could go into how i’ve experienced this, but it would be long and still not relay the experience. It would also be exhausting, and I honestly don’t know if anyone would care enough to know. I will say, for me I’m insanely loyal and strongly resilient. My husband’s stellium is in his 12th, and he some difficult squares to his moon. He struggles more than me and “lives” the 8th house issues while I experience them through him. We also seem to have our own world together we both enjoy going to.

  36. In order to properly illustrate I must include the full pic. Lib ASC makes my chart ruler Venus.
    Also in this first house is Neptune.
    Neptune perfectly trines Venus and it all sextiles Pluto. Because of Neptune in 1st I’m generalky misunderstood if not misread.
    The Pluto (Leo) tho brings mo mystery although well blended with charisma and unmistakable attractions.
    I’m often told ‘I can’t be around you’ because either ‘you know how you are’ or most amusing you ‘make’ me or ‘it’s something about you’ all relating to sex or sexuality.
    Like when in certwin situations they can’t seem to help themselves.
    I have women who once claimed love for me resent me deeply because somehow I put them under some kinda ‘spell’.

    In many ways this is fun if not amusing but it can be difficult finding any decent love which seems to match or even compel me.
    The one sign who has proven to be easily some of the best ppl overall both male n female are Scorps.
    I’m one of a very few dat love n understand (as best as one can I guess) em.
    They’re ‘stings’ seem to have little affect on our relationships.
    In fact dey sting to ‘test’ or in their insecure fear. It all while slightly annoying is understandable to me.
    With them I never fail.

  37. Venus and Pluto – can be just like “Hotel California” where we are prisoners of our own device. To check out – and leave – we need the Sun and Uranus.

    That’s what this Pluto Saturn conjunction coming up in 2020 is about – Saturn is evolving out of the balancing of opposites into the full integration of four directions…..

  38. Repellant. I have a lot of Earth and Air in my chart. And my Venus in Aqua hates feeling claustrophobic. Venus Pluto and the cling associated with it is a major turnoff.

  39. Venus opposite pluto is my closest pluto aspect. Wish I could preserve my heart in a jar. With lots of salt. My venus also squares saturn…

  40. Pluto square Venus, Sun, & Asc; sextile Neptune. Misunderstood…maybe even by myself, lol. I have noticed people hanging back and not approaching at times, people enough in my sphere to be able to just walk up and say hello. Anyone ever get a micro seizure when eyes meet? I’m 5’2″ & 125 lbs. Not gonna break any skulls. I don’t know what vibe I put out. Been married a long time.

  41. I have Venus and mars in Scorpio sextile Pluto. I don’t have relationships…”I take prisoners”. My husband’s mars and Venus in Gemini trines Pluto so mostly he can handle it…but his Aries sun/Aquarius rising can’t stand it ;-). Thank god I have the moon in Aquarius otherwise I think I could be a complete head case.

  42. Hmmm. I’ve got Gem Venus sextile Pluto Leo. Libra Nep in 1st trines n sextiles respectively.
    Pluto energy is pretty free to roam n do as he pleases. Venus adds intellect n Neptune offers mystery, fantasy and spirituality.
    Taurus Sun in 8 might be why Scorps have been my best partners.
    Along w/enhanced sexual acuity from Ven/Pluto. Must be like a magnet to Scorps

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