Venus Direct – Reinventing Yourself In Relationship

leo enid collins purse brownRecently, my friend, Ben, mentioned he’d run into someone he knew more than twenty-five years, prior. He said the man talked to him and treated him as if nothing had changed in nearly three decades.

Ben thought it was uncanny.  We both have Uranus in the 7th house (a Venus Uranus exchange).  Our relationships are current. (Double entendre, intended)

Venus and Mars are conjunct in Leo at the moment. Uranus in Aries trines the pair. Venus will turn direct on Sunday the 6th.  Venus and Mars are conjunct my natal Venus. This is personal to me!

How can people think you can live ten or twenty years, go through various things in your life and act and react the way you did when you had less experience and/or wisdom?

“Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.”

I’m actively (Mars) revamping (Uranus) the way I relate to others (Venus) at this time. I’m deeply moved to do this and I’ll tell you why, because it’s interesting.  I need to shift gears so that will the next post.

Part 2 – Looking Deeper

What’s up with your relationships this week?


Venus Direct – Reinventing Yourself In Relationship — 2 Comments

  1. just this morning I realized I need to be kinder. I need to stop thinking about myself and do nice things to family or anyone really without any motives..just to be nice. with my current relationships I need to lighten up and accept the friendship without overthinking everything and not judging or requiring more or soemthing deeper.

  2. Was the correct response to pretend you’re not there and they don’t recognize you? What other point of reference is there other than what they remember you were like ten years ago? Just saying…

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