Venus Conjunct Pluto – Till Death Do Us Part

rape of prosperinaIf you have Venus conjunct Pluto, you’re bound to experience interactions that are out of this world.

Venus rules love and money, relationships and beauty. Pluto rules power, death and rebirth and the shadow side.  When you put these planets together, it gets real interesting.

Let’s see:

  • The shadow side of beauty
  • Betrayal in love
  • Powerful attraction
  • Death of a relationship or your lover
  • Obsession with love, money or power
  • The black market
  • Prostitution
  • Powerful alliances
  • Extortion
  • Rape
  • Taboo relationships

It’s very hard for anything to be exactly “clean” with an aspect like this. The unconscious drives a person.  You attract because you’re compelling but you repel people for the same reason. You meet the shadow side of women as a matter of routine.

This does not mean there is no high expression. Matter of fact, I can’t think of anything in a chart that better says, “Till death do us part”.  Many people are supported by making that kind of all-or-nothing vow.

Check the house in your chart where the conjunction falls. Expect super-intense energy to be  focused there. If I were you, I’d plan to use it.

Do you have a Venus Pluto conjunction in your chart? What house? How has it manifested?



Venus Conjunct Pluto – Till Death Do Us Part — 20 Comments

  1. I don’t have this conjunction in my chart. However recently, when Tr Venus was conjunct my 7H Virgo Pluto, I (Venus – woman) had my annual (7H rules over health issues) mammogram (Pluto rules over genitalia and hidden health concerns) performed.

  2. The opposition here. What I read is that with the opp, you’re always blaming the other or you are blamed for these dark things. Also today reading in the forum a comment you wrote about pluto venus and mentioned ‘pluto degrades venus’ that stayed with me- because it’s disturbing but maybe disturbingly accurate? the energy of pluto embelishes venus? I certainly will rebel if it’s meant for describing synastry as well- pluto person comes to venus in whatever conjunct, opposite and degrades. This is what I don’t understand about pluto/power/submission dynamics in natal and synastry overlay. If someone conjuncts your pluto- you’re not a leaf who stands there being crushed by a force. If you have that aspect in your natal, you are already a force in your own sense. You have that energy. Someone’s pluto shouldn’t be moving the dynamic to its mere liking, crusing you. I don’t know if this makes sense but that’s how I think.

  3. I have Mercury and Venus conjunct Pluto in Scorpio in house 1 ✨😅✨

    …and conjunct my Ascendent

    …and my Venus is retrograde!

    I’m constantly having to monitor my interactions and often have to “reel it in” for the sake of not being too intense/bold/etc.

    Of course, some people love that Scorpio energy and want more of it from me. I try to use common sense and social “wisdom” to guide me in how exactly it is appropriate to present myself in each given situation. It’s definitely not a free-spirited energy!

    My Taurus moon keeps me grounded. 🙏

    • Also, should mention to those with similar chart energy that I have absolutely found my calling working in healthcare, particularly ER and more recently, ICU. The more intense, the better!

  4. I have Venus conjunct Pluto in Libra in the 4th. I’ve had some intense, passionate affairs. I value discretion in a lover. I like things to be just between the two of us, away from prying eyes. When I am attracted to someone there is nothing light about it. As much as I enjoy the intensity of our worlds colliding, I don’t want to be around the other person all the time, I don’t like any kind of clinginess, I want to obsess over you and pine and burn for you until I see you again and devour all there is and then get as far away from you as possible…until the next time. I’m comfortable in the shadow.

  5. My late husband and I had a Venus conjunct Pluto double whammy (1.5° and 3° orbs respectively). I’m not sure how Venus conjunct Pluto is supposed to play out in synastry, but I can say that we were totally devoted to each other, in a way that I’ve not seen in other relationships. Perhaps this is like the “powerful attraction” that you mention for natal aspects?

  6. My favorite topic! The Dark Side! I have Venus – Conjunct – Pluto in Virgo in the 12th House!! Mars is also conjunct with these two in the 12th, but Mars is in Leo!!!
    Please don’t tell me about the dark side!! Fascinated with dictators etc., etc., maybe we are seeing one evolve right now even as we “boast” about our democratic values and exercise our franchise.
    For me it is all about fascination with the dark side – and also the mysterious like the Occult. I am too refined to be be part of the list you gave above – but I am sometimes consumed with boiling rage – internally. Yes, I do suffer from hypertension!!

  7. My BF has Venus retrograde in the 6th house trine Pluto in the 9th.

    He has been obsessed with airplanes and travel by airplanes. Now, with COVID19 he has been… Disappointed, to say the least.

    He is also dedicated as F… to his work place. He has been in the same work place for 15 years. That’s commitment right there!

    When it comes to love, I think there is finally a man whom I can rely on for good. He has been with me through the good and the bad. H
    Our relationship is curiously geared towards healing (6th house) and learning about my condition (9th house) and he is nothing if not committed. The only thing I wish he would be is more geared towards his OWN healing… But that’s the Virgo vibe I guess. They always care about the other first before thinking of themselves.
    He has been a key person in breaking through my life long predicament and gotten me into psychiatry to find the root cause of my affliction though (that must be the Pluto part). I owe him all my thanks here also.

    On the past he has been obsessed with unavailable lovers. And then came me, and I am available and he doesn’t know how to handle it… Gets all worked up in a knot.

  8. Death do us part…interesting. So Elsa, do you think that means the same thing if you see it in a synastry comparison chart?

  9. Hello! I know this is a little bit of an older post…. but I have the Venus-Pluto conjunction in the 5th house. And I can definitely say that I feel it intensely. I think because I also have Neptune in the 7th house and it being the only planet there …I tend to have a problem with relationships and reality. Just wondering what your thoughts a Venus pluto conjunction (0 orb) in the 5th house are?

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