Venus Conjunct Neptune In Pisces – Love Transcends

Gold-Koi-Fish-Pisces-TattooY’all may or may not be happy to hear that my husband and I have resolved ourΒ WAR. Β I just made him lunch, right before he was going to have peanut butter and crackers for the third day in a row.

He was also preparing to go out and get himself some hamburger helper, bread and some pickle loaf. I offer these details for your enjoyment. He never did run out of clean clothes.

Venus is currently in Pisces, conjunct Neptune. Forgiving is easy on a day like today. Rigidity makes no sense.




Venus Conjunct Neptune In Pisces – Love Transcends — 34 Comments

    • I don’t really want him in my kitchen!

      My husband and I met when we were 17 and 19 years old. I think we can figure this out! πŸ™‚

      I don’t want him cooking. I want my lawnmower to start. I don’t want to go the dump or climb on the roof and fix the shingles! I don’t want to have to build a trellis for my grapes!

      You get the idea. My husband does not need to know how to bake a scone. In fact, the less interest he has in that, the better. It’s a COMPLEMENT we want.

    • I know. He went to confession, yesterday. The priest gave him one, Our Father.

      Apparently I did not think that was enough penance…so said my husband. So he was just going to do his penance with me until I thought it was enough penance, at which point he could eat again.

      So I thought about it for a few minutes. I did not know what he went to confession for. But when I found out he’s confessed this problem; then it ended the war.

      He was worried about it. Not like he was going to starve, but he clearly was going to have to do something…and start a new job this week to.

      I reminded him, his last meal. It was steak, potatoes fried in a special way, vegetables and most important of all, I’d gotten him a fresh bottle of Benedictine, which he loves. AND I did not know when he was coming home, so juggled the meal so it would be good and ready when he got there.

      This is a much better situation then figuring out how you’re going to get your box of hamburger helper.

      I did tell him to eat anything he could find. “Is there hamburger?”


      “Where is it?”


      “If I want it for dinner, when do I have to take it out?”

      “Uh…well there isn’t a lot of fat in it so it’s slow to thaw…it takes awhile.”

      “How long?”

      At that point, I didn’t know how to answer. Our frig is cold. Two days in the frig? If he leaves it on the counter when he goes to work, it will be UGH when he gets home 10 hours later. Really much easier to get along with your wife!

  1. He went to Confession over it, and you decided to end his Penance a little early. Palm Sunday goes so much better when you can just put down the cross, doesn’t it?

    • We went to mass, it was a GREAT, GREAT service. We also got palms for all the crucifixes in the house – three of them. This was never possible in Denver.

    • He had an egg contraption for breakfast this morning. Cooked it in a 12″ frying pan. That’s all I saw was the pan, going and he did ask for bread, which I handed him.

      When I came back into the kitchen, it smelled, “eggy”. That’s what I said too. “You did all right for breakfast. Smells eggy in here.”

      He had no comment to that.

  2. What’s interesting is that this Venus/Neptune conjunction also exactly conjuncts my natal Midheaven in Pisces, trines my natal Ascendant in Cancer and my natal Pluto in Scorpio. I feel very very emotional and spiritual these days. πŸ™‚

  3. Some people commented after my “Serving others” reply that they felt I was a doormat.

    What they did not realize is that I raised my son alone, his father lived in another state. My son dealt with alot of MY trauma, brought on after being raised with too much “Tough Love” by a single mom addicted to dangerous prescription narcotics and a far away dad who just was not interested in being my dad. I was left alone for long stretches of time when my mother was in rehab. I basically never had much parental guidance as a youth. I failed most of high school, barely graduated. I had no inner compass or fortitude.

    My own son is radically different. Pluto conjunct his midhaven, he was always a gifted student. He attends an honors program at college on a full ride scholarship. He has studied in Europe when he was 19, because he learned a foreign language. He listened to me and has not obtained a drivers license. Because of my son, I do not have to pay for his college tuition or living expenses. I don’t have to pay for his car insurance or provide transportation. I basically pay for his cell phone and fun money. He works on campus when he can. Only receives $ 7.50 an hour.

    I’m not a doormat. I am a servant to a grown child who is my one and only family member. I am grateful. There is a huge difference. Serving is not being a doormat. I am not exactly stupid. Just trying to live out my North Node in 12th house conjunct my Ascendant destiny. Glad everything worked out for you, Elsa.

  4. A three day war seems about right. Forgiveness always feels good. I’m still not cooking but I’m not at war…just done cooking unless the mood hits me.

  5. lol, yay! Glad the war is over peacefully πŸ™‚ I was in the store looking for Benedictine last night but they didn’t have any in stock. Sounds so good!

  6. So hopefully this also means you are not upset with me anymore, if I was the one you were upset with…it seemed so, with no reply to my comment, followed by numerous additional comments where you expressed being upset and that also included Scorpio-bashing (I am a Scorpio). I honestly was just trying to help with ways that might encourage your husband to make it up to you. I’m glad that you’ve made up and that was sweet that his behavior was his confession. I still think you deserve a break from cooking, getting up at 4 am and digging up bushes/digging holes for bushes since you are sick. What kind of scares me is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra is still in 3 days from now. My wish for you is that “the war” stays over.

  7. My friend and I argued. About something ridiculous which came from me whining and her telling me what to do and going too far. She sort of apologized then said the same thing again. I wanted to wipe out her desire to ever say it to me again. While waiting for her text I passively resigned myself to just not having a friend. I just fight and fight and don’t accept differences in others, but focus my attention on the fact that I don’t.
    It makes me think I don’t deserve to associate with anyone if they don’t weigh on or impact me. But I’m too needy and that thought makes me sad. Even if I have an issue with taking people for granted I still need people sometimes

  8. Being unfeeling, being ashamed at being unfeeling, then not allowing myself to get rid of the feeling or the weight of the person still bothers me. Even though my Pluto transit is trundling along. I’m not sleeping because I brushed off and didn’t care about someone and the fact that I don’t care and want to distance myself is making me feel ashamed and unworthy.
    I think Washingtons idea of non entangling alliances got into my head from an early age. And kind of in the wrong way. Anyone with a moon like mine probably paces frantically until they get their comfort.

  9. I’m really glad it worked out, Elsa, really glad. No one should be at war in Holy Week. And with venus conjunct neptune the planets have been supporting forgiveness (for me too, with an Aries moon I’ve a tendency to be trigger happy when it comes to battling marriage rights)

  10. Yah Elsa! I’m sooo glad to hear the war is over and peace shall reign again πŸ™‚

    And Happy Holy week! I think I’ll be in church every day this week, and onwards into Easter Sunday.

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