Venus Conjunct Mars In The Natal Chart

What it like if you have Venus conjunct Mars, natally?

Do you have Venus conjunct Mars in your natal chart or do you know someone who does?
Tell us about it!


Venus Conjunct Mars In The Natal Chart — 33 Comments

  1. Wow, Elsa. Spot on ?

    I have this conjunction in Virgo, 10th house. I always related to Belle as a kid. Took me years to realize that it was a lot for a partner to contend with. It is. Not everyone is ok with all that energy, or the amount of attention it garners… But it is overall advantageous. It always surprised me, because I always felt like this nerdy little 10-year old, when in fact I present « sex », and heavily so. Quite the contradiction.

    Thanks! Glad you’re back to making videos. Your voice is a pleasure to listen to and your eyes are always so warm and smiling ?.

    • Venus Mars Pisces 12th…loved big events I could flow through the and transcend..north node node aquarius I need to merge with a partner and make it a fairy tail..secret romantic sorrows as well

  2. My young son has Venus (0deg44′) and Mars (1deg5′) super conjunct in Aries. [Also in Aries: Moon 6deg, Uranus 14deg]

    I am glad to hear the explanation as to why my son bemuses so many people.

    One woman remarked at a pizza joint we frequent often that “I remember you now, but it’s ‘cuz of your son. I had to see him first.”

    Many adults just start talking to him right away, finding all sorts of reasons to wedge their way into our bubble. I had not experienced nor seen anything like this until him.

  3. I do. Mars/Venus in Cap trine Pluto. I think it simplifies things considerably. What I value and how I get it are in agreement. I can’t say I felt particularly attractive growing up. But did find out as an adult about people who had liked me back then and it was quite a surprise! And yes, I do take care of business for sure 🙂 I’m very much in the here and now and looking for what needs to be done. Next!

  4. My husband has Venus conjunct Mars in Taurus. He doesn’t talk about past relationships much, but he has alluded to many women being interested in him that he was not interested in at all. He is an extremely talented musician and is very intelligent, so I think that helped further draw a lot of attention his way. He always did make me feel very comfortable. I was able to trust him from the start, very respectful guy, and he does take good care of me.

  5. My husband also, Mars and Venus in Taurus, but it’s wide, 8 degrees separation. I don’t know if that is considered conjunction, but he fits the description. He’s charming, approachable and always hungy?.
    I will have this exact aspect in my SR chart, Capricorn at 19 degrees. Hope it gives me a bit of that allure next year.

  6. Thank you for this, Elsa. I have natal Venus, Mars and Jupiter conjunct in Scorpio, but opposite a Saturn/Juno conjunction in Taurus… so there’s some blockages to what I attract. Single for over 9 years, no prospects in sight… what I have attracted has been pretty repulsive, tbh. Maybe the Uranus/Mars/North Node transit this year will blow up the dam and let the love flow. Hopefully it doesn’t create a tsunami of horrors. Better wax the psychic surfboard, I guess.

  7. Yes mine in in 5th house at 12 & 14 degrees Sag. My ex had same conjunction and degrees opposite mine in Gemini. Sigh. Hard to resist him but so bad for me. I’m Libra, he is Taurus. Still alone…

  8. Venus/Mars/Saturn conjunct in Capricorn in the 7th house. I do know that if something needs to get done, I can do it. But I do it for everyone else. it’s like they all look at me(my family, coworkers). I need to focus on myself more, I think.

  9. Elsa, what are your feelings on out-of-sign conjunctions of Venus and Mars? Do you feel that they’re as potent as same-sign ones? Any other thoughts on them? Thanks!

  10. Hi Elsa, thank you for a great video, it was really interesting and already I was trying to figure out who do I know that has this conjunction and I knew one person, my fav person ever, my grandfather. He had it in Taurus, and boy was he like a Sun to other people, he was attracting everyone with his charming energy. 🙂 I have Venus trine Mars, I know it’s weak compared to conjunction but could it be compared in some things?

  11. Elsa, you totally nailed this about Venus Mars conjunction in natal chart ! I don’t have it but have seen it in various charts of folks I know and it really shines – everyone wants them, it’s so true ! Really tough to be in a relationship with I would imagine, exactly as you describe !

  12. Thank you Elsa for the video.
    How does the house over lay affect the conjunction? For example, can we consider the Venus Mars conjunction in the first house as similar to conjunction in Aries.

    • Not really. It active in the first house. It would be strong and it would be seen. But let’s say the conjunction is in Pisces. Pisces will never be Aries. The first handshake would be Piscean.

  13. How about a V & M Conjunction in two adjacent signs?

    Mars – Last degrees of Leo.

    Venus – First 5 degrees of Virgo.

    And to add some spice – both in the 12th house.

  14. Yes Elsa. Spot on.

    Fiery Mars in fiery Leo sometimes overpowers prim and proper Venus in Virgo. Sometimes, crtical Virgo Venus dampens the fire of Mars.

    Ying and Yang played out in my life. Rollercoaster and never a dull moment. But is exhausting.

  15. I have this conjunction in Leo in the 11th house. Mars is stronger than Venus (which is retro). Venus being my chart ruler makes this conjunction my lifetime topic. I’m constantly burning inside… I seem cool on the outside, but I’m the opposite inside. I create inner conflicts/ dramas on a daily basis, then I have to decompose them layer by layer understanding their structure. I have Saturn-Pluto conjunction at the end of the first house, Pluto aspects my Venus. It is so hard, I feel so much need for peace inside that I can’t seem to get closer to…

  16. Venus 6 degree ,Mars 7 degree and Uranus 13 degree – all in Leo… Rising sign Aquarius at 27… I find I am a detriment to any kind of electronic equipment…Anyone else feel that way? Lol…

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