Venus And Mars In Synastry

Venus beautyVenus in a natal chart shows what you’re attracted to. It will also show how you love and what you value. I have Venus in Leo and I like to be entertained.

It follows I would not marry someone who did not entertain me. This is true and valid. But I would not marry just any entertainer I might stumble over.

Attraction is great, but it only goes so far. It gets you five minutes! That’s what I was told by an old man when I was a teenager. Good looks get you five minutes!

He was right. If you doubt me, just imagine meeting someone gloriously good looking. They’re your prototype! But then they open their mouth and all this heinous stuff spews out. Or maybe the person is just freakishly dumb. Are you still attracted? No, you’re not. You’re gone.

Understanding this, it makes sense to work on yourself so when you have an opportunity to meet someone, the person doesn’t bolt.

I realize I’m counter-culture with this, considering how much time people spend gazing at beautiful people on Instagram. But so many of my consultations are about love and relationships, thinking about this is important.

This is pretty interesting, particularly the comments.

How Do You Express Affection – Where Is Your Venus?

Venus and Mars signs, house placements and aspects in a natal chart provide a lot information.
The synastric contacts offer tremendous insight as well. But ultimately, it’s the whole chart / the whole person must be evaluated because that’s who you wind up connected to, for good or ill!

What do you think?

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Venus And Mars In Synastry — 6 Comments

  1. Both Venus and Mars in Scorpio. I gotta go deep. and of course the obvious is that sex is important, though with aging, I’m understanding that to be more about sensuality. Touch is just so healthy, gets my positive hormones going – serotonin, dopamine. Venus is 4th house – oddly, I haven’t considered myself domestic, however roots are very important, and nature. Being outdoors just suits me so well. Mars 5th house. Pleasure definitely motivates; the sensory.

    • In synastry with SO, my 10th house Jupiter conjunct his 12th house Aries Venus. His 6th house North Node and Neptune Conjunct my 4th house Venus in Scorpio. Positively my luck amplifies his affection though in Aries perhaps I emphasize independence. His North Node Neptune steaminess And dreamy-ness (& he is a photographer), has melted any ability to resist him. And the affection for his daily being runs deep.

  2. I have a 7H Virgo Venus. Not only am I physically affectionate (Venus) in a committed relationship (Libra Sun), I also tend to mundane needs of my significant other. This action is supported by my 4H (home) Gemini Mars which trines my Libra Sun.

  3. My husband’s natal Mars is conjunct my natal Venus–love at first sight and was a 50 year-long love affair. His OOB Mars in Gemini-a great writer and athlete. It wasn’t an intellectual attraction, but more physical, but he made me smarter through the years.

  4. Venus in 12th H Sagittarius trine moon in 5th H Taurus. I ? hugs and warm soft fabrics. My secret side , though, craves an intense physical relationship.

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