Teen With Venus and Mars in Aquarius, Scared To Commit

Hi Elsa,

When it comes to dating, I always seem to have doubts. Let’s say that I actually am interested in a guy. If he’s interested in me back, I tend to back down and just lay low. At first I thought I was just scared of commitment  But since my past relationships never last that long in the first place, I’m starting to wonder. Is there something wrong with me?


Girl Wondering Dear Girl Wondering,

There is nothing wrong with you! You’re just being yourself and I strongly suggest you keep it up. You’re 15 years old… and it’s very hard at that age to be an individual, and operate outside whatever is traditional. This is what I imagine you are trying to do.

I think you should keep it up because it’s authentic to your nature. You have Venus and Mars in Aquarius, which wants to break away from what is “normal” in relationships. You want to make your own rules. I imagine you resist getting a boyfriend because you sense that as soon as you did, you’d be “stuck”. Does that resonate? You should ignore me, if it doesn’t.

I’m just saying, when it comes to hooking up: what other kids do is never going to cut it for you. You’re looking for something truly unique and innovative when it comes to relationships. So just keep doing it. And I repeat: You are okay exactly the way you are. It’s perfectly fine to be an interesting person.

Good luck. ~~

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Teen With Venus and Mars in Aquarius, Scared To Commit — 4 Comments

  1. Girl Wondering, I have venus conjunct mars in Virgo square neptune and uranus in Sadge and I often do the same thing. Sometime I feel like I act too cool for school and if their is any chance of rejection. I can’t handle it. I back off and play cool. Even if I like the guy. I never really thought I had an issue with commitment in the past, because I have a lot of planets in libra ( merc, sun, pluto and saturn on the cusp). But it takes me a long time to actually get into a relationship. A courting period you could say. My merc is opposite my moon in aries. Maybe that has something to do with it.

  2. “…past relationships”???
    “..scared of commitment?”??
    Yes. There’s something very wrong – 15 years old is still a kid!!!!

  3. I am old and experienced and I have Venus and Mars in Aquarius, too! And to top that off, in my 7th house! Wow!!
    My best years of boyfriends have been with boys that are interesting, unique, like to do fun things, let me be me!!! But, ironically,I always wanted loyalty and devotion. Betrayal is unacceptable. Watch out for that Mars. You may attract aggressive people. Aggression toward good things and working on your goals and dreams are good, but not toward you. First sign of being mean, run away!!! Seriously. In your old years, and I mean, don’t get married until you’re old :), find someone that is fun, interesting, unique, adventurous, excited, and let’s you be YOU!!! But make sure they are devoted to YOU!! No cheaters and NO meanies!!

  4. Mom has Mars and Venus in Aquarius. She’s been happily married to her second husband for over 30 years, probably because he’s as eccentric as she is and he keeps her on her toes intellectually. He makes her think. He trusts her. And he lets her be herself (VERY important for an Aquarius!). Not surprisingly, he’s an Aqua Moon himself.

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