Veneer Today, Gone Tomorrow!

fire signs​The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Uranus form a Grand Trine in the Fire signs today. People will be on the move. Air signs will enjoy the variety of the coming and going. It’s like a big ol’ set change.
Later in the week, things will intensify and become more concentrated as Mars squares Pluto and Venus nears the end of Libra (social hour) and heads into Scorpio, around midnight on Friday.

There is nothing to fear here. We’re progressing. Our stories are advancing. But there are shadowy things in all our lives.  Don’t be surprised if you’re reminded of this over the weekend.
There’s a finer point worth making. This is what makes this letter valuable…
Mercury is squaring Jupiter right now. You may want to blurt this or that. It’s fine to do that, but you risk the chance of things going dark on you towards the end of the week.
Just remember there are people out there who are anti-social. Veneer today, gone tomorrow.
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