Various Notes From Behind The Scenes

I’ve spent A LOT of time on the back-end of this site since the first of the year. In fact, it took me five months to fix this: Old Posts Stir Old Feelings.

I finished that project earlier this month.

Separate but related, I recommended my book to client, yesterday.   She’s a Scorpio with an interest in everything. As soon as I hung up the phone, I got an email from a client who intends to assign my book to the students in a University class she is teaching. That ought to be interesting.

I have also been working on setting up a new scheduling calendar to replace the one I’ve used for the last six years or so.  It’s taken me weeks which seem ridiculous but I just couldn’t get it configured any quicker.

I chock all this up to the Mercury pressure and wreckage of the last six weeks or so.  It’s truly clearing out now and I’m pretty sure the results are worth it.  This site got a significant bump in status last week. This helps bring traffic to the site.  That traffic is needed when your competition is, Facebook!

I might get some other people consulting here again. You’ll see the new calendar is set up to accommodate that.  I really like to have a variety of voices on the site, but aside from the extraordinary, satori, I’ve had a hard time setting this up (for long).

In whatever case, we are one month into our 18th year here.  It’s a pretty good and pretty nutty Solar Return so we’ll just have to see what happens.  It sure feels good to be caught up!


Various Notes From Behind The Scenes — 6 Comments

  1. That sounds like some cash coming in! If you’re lucky she’ll use it for future classes too. Sounds like Uranus in Taurus is beneficial for you. Uranus rules astrologers, so maybe you will make lots of cash with astrology in the upcoming years…

  2. Congrats on surviving 18 years on the net and living to tell the tale! No small feat! No site is quite like yours and it seems more intimate, less commercial. Goo

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