Valentine’s Day Sale

Venus Planet of LoveHave you been thinking about buying some compatibility reports. Now’s the time. I’m having a sale!

My synasty bundle includes a Compatibility report as well as a Composite chart report.  These reports are comprehensive. You can see samples here:

Sample Relationship Report
Sample Composite Report

These reports each sell for $13. You can buy both of them for $20, now through Valentine’s Day.  If you’re looking for detailed insight into your relationship, you can’t go wrong.

Default is “romantic” but I do have an option for “friends” if you want to check out the connections in another type scenario.

See Composite Synastry Interpretation Bundle.  Happy Valentine’s day and thanks a bunch!


Valentine’s Day Sale — 2 Comments

  1. Bought the Compatibility Chart. I not only learned a lot, I am able to have a whole new perspective. It has helped me appreciate my relationship more, and see it’s strength and weaknesses clearly. My suspicions where all validated but I can now see sign posts for the incompatible traits coming up as well and either just acknowledge and accept to course correct or bring it up for discussion. It helped me have a much better Valentine’s Day too.

    Very helpful!!! Worth every penny!

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