Valentine’s Day Gift Suggestions By Zodiac Sign

valentines day loversA reader asks:

“Any suggestions on Valentine’s Day gifts for various signs?”

Though it is fine to shop by Sun sign, personally I shop for Venus in a person’s chart because this shows what appeals to them. For example, with Venus in Leo I am not interested in candy. Come get me in a chariot if you don’t mind, which in my case means a motorcycle or a TRUCK. I don’t like traveling in normal vehicles unless undercover. ;-0

What sign are you, where is your Venus and what would you like most for Valentine’s Day?


Valentine’s Day Gift Suggestions By Zodiac Sign — 43 Comments

  1. Taurus, venus in aries – doesnt fit but i really like to receive flowers. My whole life i picked men who are not very romantic (uranus in 7th?) and sometimes i crave those gestures. I’m sure my partner wont even realise its V day so on the day i will likely guilt trip him into giving me a massage (which i like hard so that fits) and buy myself flowers. He’s been getting into cooking lately so maybe i’ll prise a meal out of him too. He’s venus in scorpio..guess what he’s getting, wa hey!

  2. Capricorn, Venus in Saggitarius

    I want the (sag) Freedom to do whatever I (Capricorn- lots of Cardinal in my chart) want

    But in a pinch I’ll take roses and a steak

  3. Sadge, Venus in Scorpio. Bring me the Ark of the Covenant! Books will do also.

    Our 4th wedding Anniversary is today and I got a gift card to a bookstore. Exactly what I wanted.

    I’ll get the same for V day and am totally happy with any gift my love gives to me. He has Venus in Leo (conjunct Saturn in Leo) so I know that he just wants a frugal gesture of undying devotion at the alter of his being.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone. 🙂

  4. Aquarius sun & venus….

    I want and am getting a pair of really comfortable, (at $80 the most expensive shoes I’ve gotten) sensible leather shoes by Born

    A cool fantasy art book would have been cool too!

    My hubby a capricorn sun/pisces venus wants a set of chrome shiny mirrors for his vette he’s restoring.

  5. Aquarius Sun, Capricorn in venus… conjunct mars and saturn. I’ve always wanted the conventional valentines day gift, since I’ve never gotten it. That be nice… bear..i especially want the bear, something warm and cuddly.

    My boyfriend is a sadg with venus in capricorn…he doesn’t care he says…but I plan to buy him his favorite movie on DVD.

  6. …Pisces with Venus in Aries…

    I like unique things (or unique reasons behind the gift) that mean you really had to spend the time to think about me to get them. Like this year, my BF sent me a giant bear for an early Valentine’s present. Nothing overly unique, aside from size, but he bought it so I wouldn’t have to sleep in our bed alone while he’s in Germany. 🙂

    I like flowers and candy and whatnot, but I’d rather have them intermittently throughout the year instead of stuck on this specific day.

  7. I don’t care much for round, shiny objects. My ideal Valentine’s Day would be Indian food and a lusty romp for dessert. Feed me and f*** me! (Venus in Taurus, guilty as charged.)

  8. I don’t want gifts, especially not the conventional ones.
    Some quality time with your partner is the best thing one can have, not on this day, but every day.
    I’m a Sagittarius w/ Venus in Scorpio.

  9. Venus in Cancer (Gemini sun)

    Right now, I just want to be left alone, but normally my preference would be to order in dinner, watch a movie, and curl up on the couch.

  10. Aries, with Venus in Aries in the 8th house but reeeaaaally close to the 9th.

    I want this pretty little pair of tri-colored gold love knot earrings I saw on

    Not that I’m even remotely likely to get them. *pout*

  11. Another Sag with Venus in Scorpio here. I don’t know what I want, I never do. I mean, I know what I really want, but you don’t tell a Sag with an Aqu. rising that. 🙂

    He’s got venus/mars in scorpio so I always know what he wants.

    • My oldest son has Venus and Mars in Scorpio. He is very good looking and also charming. But he can also be very dominate and stubborn. How do you think it works out in your hubby’s life?

  12. Gemini with Venus in Cancer. I want nothing (Gemini) and I want to give my friend who is my Valentine two appropriate gifts (or maybe I’m just not feeling it this year). At the same time, I want to pretend that I have a great, small, decorous, generous, intricate gift myself (the kind I like to give, usually two gifts so they are both intimate and openhanded) and in an ideal world I’d like to have a really good day. I want nothing and I want just the right amount of everything, but know I will get nothing so just pretend. It’s always the same. And it’s fun.
    For the Venus in Cancer, I vote that you spend the day with them, I would take them to the Natural History museum, there is dark lighting, good scenery and many decadent things (my favorite is the mineral section, that is what I would do on Valentine’s Day, hang out in New York by myself and go to the Natural History Museum). And then take them to eat something good. Or give them a proper gift that is not too big or small, that they want, and that has sentimental value. It’s a misconception to think that Cancers like gifts that are crappy but have purely sentimental value. They want the sentimentality to be within the goodness and appropriateness of the gift. That’s what I think. Gift-giving is a fun art.

  13. Gemini, Venus in Taurus.

    I want to be done. I either want to be single forever and focus on that, or be with one person and focus on THAT. I want to be finished. (Seriously doubt that’ll come wrapped and posted by Thursday.) 🙂

    I’m very, very tired. Can you give “rest” for Valentine’s Day?

    Alternatively, I’d like the chance to see one person again. But that’s one of those thoughts we stomp up and down on the moment it comes up. *STOMPSTOMPSTOMP* DIEDIEDIE.

  14. Hmm I misunderstood the “I want to be done” comment at first.

    I’m Taurus Sun, Venus in Aries: Handcuffs. Or maybe a replica of one of the weapons on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  15. Taurus with Venus in Gemini here – I know he’s going to feed me and we’re “spending the evening together”. A gift would be nice but not expected – I prefer the gift of time alone so we can chat and – whatever. He has already given me the gift of seeing me as the sexiest thing around which, at almost 60, is NOT what I ever expected to be to anyone. I have a couple small gifts for him and his Venus in Cancer – a collage of antique valentines, homemade Valentine cookies, and some cinnamon flavored massage oil. He’ll provide dinner and I’ll provide dessert – yum!

  16. sun and venus in aries. and the usual “romantic” stuff seems to be mostly a waste of money in my regard. i’m far more comfortable doing something active on a date, even if it’s just taking a walk somewhere pretty.

    and i’m never really sure about stuff. it’s a rare occasion when someone gets me something i actually want. even people who know me really well. i’m far more interested in experience.

    and something new is generally fun. even if it’s not something i would have considered myself, there’s a strong appeal to new experience.

  17. Sun and Venus in Gemini. V-day means nothing if you and your partner aren’t doing special things for each other and with each other the rest of the year. I don’t like conventional gifts of flowers and chocolate–would rather get a pretty pen or a book. My SO has Venus in Aries–he loves to give me long massages and sexy red lingerie as gifts. We’re spending two days together at end of week in the countryside where we’ll take long walks, talk, make love, listen to our favourite music and drink Baileys in the bubble bath. Sounds like pure heaven to me since the rest of my life is so wrapped up with work and teenagers. Kathy–where can I find cinnamon flavoured massage oil?

  18. sun in libra, venus in virgo, moon in scorpio. Man, all I want for valentine’s day is a valentine. I care less for gifts and candy or just lots of things, I want some love! But, alas, I’m going at it alone again this year.

  19. Taurus with Venus in Taurus (Mars is there, too, for what it’s worth). What I want this year is a phone call, text, or email from the other. If I had my druthers, though, a nice dinner out would be lovely. (I know, that’s a huge surprise. :))

  20. I have Venus in Taurus and I asked my husband to shave his face and take me out to a nice restaurant that I don’t get to go to very often. Luxury means different things to different people I guess.

  21. Anna – I got cinnamon flavored “Motion Lotion” – it heats up when applied and gets hotter if you blow on it. It’s kind of a joke – but it should be fun. I got it online at Vitadigest -the same place I get my vitamins. They have several brands/flavors. Just search for “flavored lubricant”. I don’t know where you can get it besides online – maybe someone else can help?

    Yep, if a Taurus and a Cancer can’t find a way to combine food and sex nobody can!!

  22. Libra Sun, Venus in Virgo, Gemini Moon (hi, Jilly!)

    I just want him to ask me to be his Valentine. I love candy and flowers and gifts but if he got me any of those because he thought he was *supposed* to, I’d cry.

    I’m a collector of beautiful lingerie though, so my heart would probably melt a little for that…

  23. Aries Sun and Venus in the 5th, conjunct Saturn, square Cappy moon. Saturn rules here, despite all the glamour. I hate perfunctory V-Day displays. Flowers and candy are icky. I often blow off the holiday. I love lavish displays of affection but above all they must be sincere.

  24. leo sun leo venus i would have liked to dress up and go for dinner, then stay in with homemade dessert and movies, but my husband has virgo sun and afflicted scorpio venus so it’s not likely! (plus he’s working, of course …)

    i will have to pull the ultimate leo valentine accomplishment and just celebrate myself, all whitney houston greatest love of all stylez!

  25. I LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY!!! It is my favorite holiday of all. Scorp Sun Libra Venus. Everything is stuff I like: flowers, dinners, champagne, chocolate, candles, the colors pink and purple, cards, the formality of going out to dinner or on a date. Oh and JEWELRY–how can I forget that? 🙂

    I’m alone this year but I don’t care. I’ll make cookies for work, goody bags for my son’s class, cards to family members. Actually, I’m lucky to have loved the men in my life, and to have gotten so much from them– almost all, if not all, of my growth and transformation has been through my romantic relationships. And we all still love wach other, so I have no complaints.

    I feel so warm and fuzzy… 🙂

  26. Leo here with Venus in Virgo and Libra Moon. Was alone for many years on Vday (had to be the Virgo 😉 ), and then got flowers and candy after I met Hubby. Now, I’m tired of those things: I like getting nice handmade gifts from my kids. The perfect gift from the hubs would be cash. Sounds awful, but I get to pick what I like! 😉

  27. gemini with venus in leo — would love to be transported on thursday, but it ain’t gonna happen — as it turns out will be spending all day with different groups of friends. it’s pluto in the 11th — you can run, but you can’t hide. enjoy everyone! 😉

  28. Good food is a top priority for me for any event. I hate expensive jewelry as there are so many more important things I would rather spend money on. Love flowers but prefer to grow them myself than buy cut flowers. Venus in Cancer.

    SO is Venus in Aquarius. He is always up for an adventure and my Gemini sun almost always complies. So long as I’m well fed too.

  29. I have Scorpio Sun and Venus..(and Mars). I want gifts, dinner and sex, and they don’t have to be in that order. I like jewelry or flowers or chocolate. It’s the thought that counts, mostly. When it comes to the sex, I know exactly how I like it so, even with all this Scorpio, I sometimes find it hard for things to be as thrilling as I know they can be..Make sense?

    My hubby is Libra with Venus in Leo so, like Jamie said, I know he just wants a frugal gesture of undying devotion at the altar of his being. I love the way you said that, Jamie.

  30. Venus in Libra in the 6th (with a whole bunch of attachments..conjunct Jupiter, opposition Saturn, Square mars, square midheaven) I love love love getting flowers, but Id prefer them delivered. And gold jewlery, rings especially. Dinner out is ok, seems “ordinary”, not much into candy either. But whats really nice is those things (flowers/jewlery) combined with a nice at home evening….lots of relationship talk, slow dancing etc. Romance & sex babbeee.

  31. Sun, Venus, Mars in Aries in the 10th, 7th house cappy moon. How about some genuine love? I would be happy with that. Always in style, no price tag needed.

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