Valentine’s Day Question: What Rules Candy?

Whitman\'s SamplerNobody asked me this question. It popped into my head a few minutes ago. I was trying to figure out whether it was totally crass to drop hints or email my man a coupon. It’s been creeping into my head ever since I saw one at the Walgreen’s. I desperately want a Whitman’s Sampler for Valentine’s Day. I think it’s less about wanting something than it is about nostalgia. I’ve been feeling very nostalgic for the 70’s and my childhood.

I’d say Venus probably rules candy. As far a Venus-ruled sign goes, I’d probably assign candy to Taurus rather than Libra. Libra is sweet but airy. Libra snacks on rainbowy unicorn air-trails, right? Taurus is earthy, and foody. I’m thinking Taurus. Or we could split it: Libra gets the pretty candy (swedish fish, taffy, marshmallows) and Taurus gets chocolates.

Do you like candy? Do you have candy? Can I have some?


Valentine’s Day Question: What Rules Candy? — 22 Comments

  1. me, coming home from Snowmageddon run yesterday:

    “I almost got some M&Ms…Valentine’s ones.”

    His eyes got bigger. “I almost asked for M&M’s.”

    “You have to ask! I looked at them for a good thirty seconds, and then said to myself, ‘Dixie, it’s not even February yet! You’re going to have the entire year classified as a Holiday any minute and your hips will start spreading like melted chocolate.’ So I didn’t get the M&Ms.”

    Moral of the story: You’d better ask if you want the damn candy. 🙂

  2. I have days when I want nothing more than chocolate but I also have days when I can’t think of anything worse. My Taurus is Mars though, not Venus. I’m more of a cake girl… Venus in Aquarius… and buy your own cake cos I don’t share my food lol

  3. are you kidding? I ALWAYS have candy and of course I would love to share. Today, we have Reese cups and Hershey kisses. What I’m not liking is 1) boxes of candy that do not have road maps telling me what I’m about to bite into and 2) all the spin offs of the originals..pretzel and coconut m&m’s; caramel hershey kisses. Oh yea, I like to eat them, but dammit there are too many choices.

    As for the libra vs taurus..I don’t know which way the pendulum would swing in that instance. I can tell you from a Libra perspective..if it’s sweet and looks pretty, I’m gonna eat it even if I KNOW it’s probably not any good. And chocolate..especially DARK chocolate will not be passed up by me!

  4. I don’t like candy, and I am a Taurus. However if you put it in front of me, I will eat it. I love creme brulee. I want to marry it.

  5. I think you should go back to the store, get the coupon, buy the candy and eat it. Then you can tell your boyfriend oh my god I had the greatest candy today; next day — I love my Whitman’s Sampler, caramel creams YUM, these are just so fantastic just like when I was kid. What? Where did I get it? Hm, I can’t remember….

  6. I LOVE ANYTHING SWEET! I have a Cancer ASC and a Pisces stellium composed of my Moon, Mars and Venus… I think it’s almost (well, probably already is..) an addiction! ;o)
    I have to reduce my sweet consumption or it’ll make me sick

  7. I don’t have candy, but I have fresh from the oven brownies. From scratch – none of that boxed stuff here!

    I love chocolate. LOVE it!!!

  8. Satori and Dixie you two crack me up!

    I bake the yummy chocolate chip scones and cheesecake and chocolate-drizzled butter cookies with orange zest and….I could keep going. Am I torturing anyone yet? I love to bake. 🙂

  9. I love cake, pie and ice cream! But I try to only have cake and pie once in a while but ice cream almost every weekend. But keep it to half a cup most of the time. If I want seconds I have a fourth of a cup and fill the rest of the bowl with canned whip cream…Yummmy!! Of course I love fancy chocolates too!! See’s is the best!

  10. I love all types of sweets. Also naturally sweet fruit like strawberries, mangos, and peaches.
    They make me feel good. Also I like fancy candies, like chocolate truffles you buy at See’s or Godiva (mmmmmm)
    My absolute favorite dessert is Key Lime pie. It’s sweet and tart at the same time.
    I love white chocolate, but is it really chocolate or just solid buttercream?

  11. sun/mars/venus/pluto in libra here.. I LOVE dark chocolate.. and am not big on things that are too sugar sweet.. I prefer them to be rich or light.

  12. “Libra snacks on rainbowy unicorn air-trails, right?”

    Yup,Satori gets it 😀 but my Taurus moon loves herself a PASTRY.I’m quite particular about sweets ,even more about chocolate(Dove & Bliss are tasty though).Oh and CHEESECAKE,my lovely nemesis,I could eat a whole cheesecake alone,snacking throughout the day.Day of the Cheesecake would be glorious,I’d gain about 20 lbs but that’s why I don’t buy too much cheesecake lol I had these Entenmens Valentines Day Cupcakes the other day mmmm Oh and creme brulee too,yes please ! 😀

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