Valentine’s Day Astrology – 2019

Cupid's arrowValentine’s Day looks great this year. The Sun in Aquarius will trine the Moon in Gemini. This makes for an easy flow; especially between men and women. No one wants to strain to get along on Valentine’s Day!

Further, Jupiter in Sagittarius will aspect both Lights. It should be a fun day. I know a lot of people dread this holiday but with aspects this good, you might be able to lighten up.

To further elaborate, Venus in Capricorn will conjunct Saturn. Think in terms of real love and commitment to relationship.  It’s okay if your love has it’s feet on the ground. Real love is the only kind that lasts!

I like the balance of the upbeat, Airy energy combined with the grounding supplied by the planets in Earth.  All in all this should be a great holiday!

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Valentine’s Day Astrology – 2019 — 8 Comments

  1. My Husband is coming home from the nursing home to my care,We have not been able to celebrate any holidays at home for awhile .This year Valentines day is going to be BIG. A Chance to really celebrate our 19 years of LOVE.

  2. Valentines day happens to be my birthday – I will check out your synastry reports as a unique and special gift to understand and improve how my partner and I relate. Thanks Elsa!

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