Uranus in Aries Trine Venus In Leo – Fast Changing Relationships!

leia ariesTrines don’t generally cause problems.  But I have seen a number of relationships turn on dime, recently. It’s not all been good!

Some of these stories are extreme! A normally nice man pulled a gun on the woman who was his girlfriend just 24 hours prior. Crazy enough for you?

Just remember, people are on edge. They’ve got problems, concerns, work to do, jobs to find, kids to raise, bills to pay…

If you think this is a good time to make yourself a pain in someone’s ass, or act out some psychodrama, don’t be surprised if you’re tossed into the next state.

My client is suffering and thinks people should be warned.Have you seen a relationship change status in a blink, recently?  This aspect is applying by the way. Watch this over the next few days.

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Uranus in Aries Trine Venus In Leo – Fast Changing Relationships! — 9 Comments

  1. Venus is closing in on my stellium in Leo; first Pluto, then Saturn, then Mars, at 12.34, 15.57 and 24.2. third House. I’m stepping carefully, speaking softly and holding loosely.

    This will be followed closely by all those planets in Cancer. Since Uranus is slow, all these conjunctions will be affected by the trine from Uranus as well.

    I’m guessing I won’t be bored.

  2. Yeah. There is the male equivalent of a career prick-tease that I launched into the cosmos last night. Don’t let the door hit ya.

  3. Things (people) are unpredictable, that’s for sure.

    I am comfortable with this energy myself. It feels like a fast card game.

    Also, if someone goes left, don’t be surprised if they go right a day later. People are acting (Aries) dramatically (Leo) on impulse (Uranus).

    If you have a real relationship, you’re probably recover.

    There is a stellium in Cancer too. MOODY.

  4. Just shut the proverbial door on rubber-banding pisces – the sudden “thud” against the proverbial door compliments this transit

  5. LOL saw ”Him” last weekend for the first time in 6 months (MASSIVE TURNAROUND) and he might be coming over to my place this week..(just as i get news i might be able to get my own apartment soon!)

  6. I feel to tell my manager at work that I want a transfer to another store. I haven’t been to work all last week and after all of my thinking I need to leave that store otherwise I’ll be severely sick or depressed or something. That doesn’t sit well with my transits at the moment. I suppose I would like praise and respect (Leo) in order to feel better (Venus) about my job but it’s not there. I don’t wish to be a pain, I wish to be real. I’m jaded at the store and it’s showing and I’m feeling it.

  7. yes. my friend’s girlfriend died suddenly last week. one day you’re squabbling and the next, ::poof:::

  8. Wow Chrispito. Down here it feels like swords being thrown infield at me right now, and I’m getting reactive. I’m gonna go study the situation.

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