What To Expect When Uranus Transits Your Moon

It’s hard to sleep during Uranus transits. A person is jolted but you never know when and you never know how. The key words are, “when you least expect it”. The middle of the night qualifies!

A Uranus transit to the Moon upsets the mood or the emotions the way an IUD upsets a womb. Feelings want to be processed but when they come upon you quickly this is not possible so you wind up awake at night or perhaps your stomach gets sick from emotion. It’s a roiled up feeling. Turbulence.

A Uranus transit to the Moon creates emotional detachment. There is space between the person and the family. Basically the intellect can interact with the emotion and create space if needed.

Uranus is associated with genius. The transit to the Moon potentially brings shocking, revolutionary knowledge of family patterns. That’s been the case for me. I’ve discovered things that won’t hit the mainstream for a number of years, if ever.

“I figured this out,” I told my husband. “I don’t think anyone knows this. I think it uncommon knowledge.”

“As it should be.” he answered, causing me to laugh nervously.

I think this transit is ultimately positive. The end result is liberation from emotion and freedom from family patterns that restrict or oppress you. Try to keep this in mind when you feel like puking!

What happened when Uranus transited your moon?



What To Expect When Uranus Transits Your Moon — 41 Comments

  1. I’m glad you wrote abt this – but I need to read it again. I have transiting Uranus opp my moon…and I have been jolted awake many many times these days

  2. Me too. Having nightmares which I never have and have been awaken every night.

    Aquarius mother isn’t speaking to me as a form of punishment for being myself. It’s supposed to hurt my feelings, it isn’t.

  3. God…I’ve been away and then I come back and read this, and am glad you are still here Elsa!
    Been having an intense time as well and I’m taking comfort in the knowledge that it will pass. Tam, Moonpluto…hugs.

  4. uranus within one degree of pisces sun and two from my moon ….the ordinary never interested me much and less so now….& that’s probably the least of it.

  5. So, you have Moon at 26Pi?
    It’s an interesting degree of the cycle in my view and for good reason personally as I had my Ur. half-return make it’s first hit 2 days ago at 25Pi55. I also have Chiron at 26Pi.
    Of course 27 Pi rules the left foot (and 26 the right)which seems fitting for Chiron.
    I don’t know what the point is here, but if there is one, I guess you’ll see it πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Jeremy,
    I must have made an error.. my sun is 26Pi and moon 28Pi…so Uranus is just sliding up on my sun and a few over from moon. Interesting data you have there…you must be the astrologer Elsa raves about. Not sure what’s in store (of course) with this transit…but I like the idea of it. As of late, I feel more connected to the unseen. Are you feeling the transit to Chiron?

  7. i have uranus opp my moon now and have been unable to find a new home
    I have been looking all thru pluto moon and saturn moon transits
    I thought it was neptune on my ic sq mars that kept making things not work out but that has passed and I’m still in limbo
    im sure uranus would be fine with my being homeless but i would not
    any advice on trying to buy a first home with uranus opp moon
    I cant afford to continue renting and need a base
    saturn is also sq saturn now and the last time I had a stable base was 7 yrs ago

  8. sometimes we are held back and later realise this was actually in our favour. Uranus is unstable, unsettling, and changeable. It can happen that you move to somewhere that suits the vibe of the transit, for example, you decide to move from town to country because you really want to ring the changes, and feel like this is who you are, a country girl, then you move and start seeing the cons where you previously saw the pro’s, you want to move again, and that can be why you aren’t making a move. Maybe you sense that there’s a bigger picture of your needs that’s still evolving. Good luck elle!

  9. ps I meant to say that buying is a bigger commitment than Uranus may want you to make just yet. Renting with flexibility is often preferable.. or maybe being a house-sitter with no rent to pay?

  10. sorry I didn’t manage to see the top of this thread right away! Just clarifying..I was addressing elle’s post..nobody else’s..now reading others and of course yours Elsa,always thought stirring, thank you.
    I moved twice with Uranus square the Moon. And the opposition was also domestically and emotionally unsettling, becoming a mother, moving home, trying to define myself in a family I was estranged from as a teenager (cos I ran off and married!) and ended up actually close and easy with the family,and happier as a mother, but that was a jarring phase. Awakener Uranus is a pain sometimes, too, prowling around in the night, wide awake, sorting the laundry, reading a book, anything but sleeping! Not sure how I shall handle the conjunction in a few years time..given that Uranus is chart ruler. Probably buy a Winnebago and keep moving!! Have a good weekend all.

  11. Wow… glad to have come across this site. I have been feeling down last week or so which surely I realize its my moon (13 degrees Cap in 9th) being squared by transiting Uranus in 12th and as well, transiting Pluto conjuncting my moon. My natal Saturn in Cap (ruler of both my 9th and 10th house) is also almost exact my Midheaven… so its heavy right now to say the least. Feel a little better after reading some of these comments. So thanks and hope to visit again!

  12. Hi, I have uranus square my moon which is apparently going to last till 2018! Have felt the influence of this already, ie 5yr relationship just broken up, (a smothering relationship based on need) I knew not right for me but kind of got dependent on certain aspects – he found out I wanted out in a very uranian way, heard me tell a friend – the whole conversation got recorded on his phone!!!! I feel I am supposed to be learning to be even more independent, this was evidenced in the middle of the night, (last night) when I also couldn’t sleep, (uranus) and went to kitchen to discover the boiler seriously leaking just a couple of days before xmas, (disruptions in home), and not having someone to come rescue me anymore! Can’t find plumber to come out, so looks like me and my two grown up sons and two foster children and numerous pets are in for a challenging, cold Christmas…am I being challenged to get a different perspective, I mean in the great scheme of things there is a lot worse going on for many. NB Also suffering loss of my nephew and brother (both sudden and unexpected deaths), this year at the start of transit, and as well as own loss, needing to comfort my mother, (moon). Although I suspect this was more related to pluto conjunct my mercury. Powerful transits, any comments welcome.

  13. It is one hell of a ride. Uranus hit my sun saturn conjunction in 7th house Aries Xmas 15 and squared my 23 degree Cancer moon last summer. I had a little respite but it’s now approaching the sqare again. My wife discovered me having an emotional afair over a year ago. I left the family home in feb 16 and am living at my third different address since then. I am experiencing one of -if not the- most challenging periods in my life. I also have Pluto in 4th squaring my sun saturn conjunction. It’s been hell. Still, I feel it’s for the best and sure as hell can’t wait for uranus to trine my 26 degree Leo Jupiter, a transit I hope that will balance out the hard times. I’ve hurt someone I love terribly, but the marriage was dead. Women (moon) in my life (my wife and her friends) have turned against me and sleep has -at times- been very difficult to get. I don’t want to wish my life away but I’ll be relieved when this is over.

  14. What about having this CONTANTLY in ones natal chart? Natal Moon Oppo Uranus?

    So that really would explain why I have trouble sleeping and also wakes several times a night when I’m anxious about stuff! Feeling like can’t turn off my brain to relax etc. It is horrible! Especially if I have “love” problems or a “crush”.

    • Yeah, I have Uranus conjunct my Moon and Ascendant and frequently suffer from insomnia, particularly when these planets are being activated by some transit or other. Except when Saturn transited! Calmed that s&%t right down!

    • I found that writing in a journal helps. The writings may get lengthy, and no one but you may ever read it, but it helped me.
      As an Air sign, Libra likes things written down. Like if you send a love-letter to someone, which is important for a Libra Moon.

  15. Perfect timing. Uranus will be squaring my Moon and Jupiter next year when it enters Taurus. Good to know I won’t be sleeping much…

  16. When Uranus transited conjunct my 9th house Moon, I received a huge surprise.
    An elderly female family member who I took care of passed away unexpectedly.
    On the morning of her service, I had a very realistic dream of her where she
    was alive and well. I also perceived what I thought to be her spirit or ghost,
    I think I heard her footsteps walking.

    The surprise was her life insurance payment. We did not know of it initially.
    We ended up using what was left over for a summer trip to a European country
    where my grandmother was born and my late mother spoke of to me often. I was
    able to bring my own child along and show him where our ancestors were born
    and raised. It was an incredible trip, and it made such a positive impression
    on my kid that he grew up and has now spent much time living in Europe himself.

  17. I recognise this very well!! Have my Moon conjunct Uranus in house 11, which is in Cancer. Aquarius on house 6 while my Sun is in Virgo. That is more than double on. My mother and her mother as well had a Aquarius Moon. This is a theme in my family. In my childhood this was incredibly difficult. People around me saw me as a threat (but I was not). Find a partner was difficult.
    And indeed: family secrets. Heavy!
    When I did a class Healing and Reading I learned a lot about myself (and thus others). Learning about Astrology was of tremendeous help. Now that I am in my 60’s it is ok. And not to forget: times has change.
    I see and hear a lot: and I have learnd “hear, see and be silent”. Sometimes silence is really golden! πŸ™‚ And… sit down if something bubbling. Always pen and paper nearby.
    I alwas could sleep very well. But since Uranus is in Aries the nights are restless!

  18. We have such a strong sense in our culture that it is good to be “liberated from emotion” and “freedom from family.” β€” I think this denies our creatureliness and is tied to an American exceptionalism / notion of self that is ultimately destructive… uranus brings crisis, and we need perspective about our feelings, but when we talk about liberation from feeling we are going to be doing some kind of. denial…


  19. I’d add I have moon in taurus in 5th in a long square to Uranus in 8th as part of a Grand Square involving Neptune, Uranus, Mars, Venus and Moon… when you have a grand square (and perhaps when you have a T-Square) you see the current crisis and you see how the next crisis grows out of the first (you see around one bend, and then you see around the next) β€” it locks you down and in (at least when it’s in fixed signs), because it changes how you deal with the first crisis…


  20. Ugh, I don’t like Uranus transits. When transiting Uranus trined my Leo Moon, I did not like it all even though trine is supposed to be an easy aspect.

  21. Haha, I left a regular job, moved away to start a bew hone with a very wmotion-Uranian man, got butned, denied sex (8H moon), denied income, became security-wise dependent on another, broke free, learned to be in my own skin and fought through a LOT of hidden/buried family issues, my mother was diagnosed with Parkinsons and I was located so far away, couldn’t do anything to help.

    But in the end I broke free of the past’s secrets and got more emotionally independent. My oh my!

  22. Uranus is transitting my Saturn/Pluto conjunction so in a way I’m breaking free of and create new steuctures. I’ve finally seen all the family skeletons in the closet and I work on my body and my repressed sexuality (the conjunction is in my 8h house) to not be dependent on finding a man to save me from my own repressed relationship with my body and sexuality. It’s really liberating actually, not to be dependent anymore and break free of the old patterns.

    After the Pluto/Uranus squares the past years and my own transformation with Pluto transitting my 12H I feel like I am finally using the energy to make a good life and free myself.

  23. Very good modern interpation of how its human effect is in one degree logic lost in a river full of logs moving so fast…find the shore of Change…remove or remain.

  24. I was born with Uranus in Cancer opposite my Moon in Capricorn in the first house. Change and sudden change is normal. On top of the 21 squares in my chart. Pluto has been dancing with my Moon opposite Uranus for the past few years. Deep emotional healing and sudden loss on huge levels. So glad I learned to work things through over the decades before. Coming out and feeling freer than ever to move forward.

  25. These posts are so enlightening (surely a Uranian word)! This explains why I deal with difficult emotions by funneling them to my brain. Uranus exact opposite moon. Also explains that longing for a permanent home — even when you think it’s permanent, you look up and the environment has changed.

  26. So weird. When this thread started in 09 Uranus was squaring my Moon. Now, it’s sextiling it. The square was rough for me–Pluto was starting to square my Asc at time, too (beginning of Ur/Pluto square on angles).

  27. Uranus square Moon/Merc.

    Money tight. Fits of anxiety and anxiety related health problems. Unstable living conditions. And now Uranus retrograded into the square one last time…

  28. Uranus square Moon (Cancer, VIII)began June 2016 and will end by March 2018. At this time, he is stationary on the exact same degree as Moon. Restlessness, feeling stuck, feeling emotions of others, deeply uncertain, fast and irregularly changing moods, nervous stomach problems, sleeplessness, difficulty in beging ‘here’ , sometimes sentimental up to tears in the eyes and a moment later caught in a deep insight about whatever,… but the most difficult is the the quick changing between childhood insecurities and memories and the merciless, razor-blade sharp knife of insights that cuts through them.

    Let it happen. If astrology has any value whatsoever, then it is the fact that whatever happens in your life has been meant to make you grow. Never forget that Moon starts working before the emotions and mental processes are formed, and so much of the debris that surface are infantile interpretations from the time we could noy yet speak, and all we needed was something to digest.

    In two years comes the opposition of Saturn and Pluto, and the rest. That’s why it is so good now to dive in and do as much work as possible.

  29. Landed here for a specific query, Elsa. Do you think the exffect would be the same for Transit Uranus Conj Progressed Moon?

      • Thanks for taking out time to come back to answer such an old post. πŸ™‚ I know, right now, it is a hard time for you. When I think about your commitment to helping people for literally DECADES, it blows my mind. Despite a Capricorn stellium, I have never been this steadfast or consistent with anything in my life and I admire you so much more because of this. This is special, and so are you. πŸ™‚

  30. I was born with the opposition, separating but still in play. My own mother tells me I’m eccentric even she has a damn stellium in Aquarius herself! Lol. We get along and love each other, but I always sense a distance as well.
    When Uranus squared my Moon, our relationship went cold. I felt VERY estranged from her. My inner wild woman wanted to come out and play, and I did a few crazy things while away at college. She never found out.

    Not sure what will happen when Uranus joins my Moon in a couple of years. Taurus Moon does NOT like disruption or quick change. Guess I’d better get used to it!

    • Based on your Taurus Moon statement; I have (had) a guy going through a Uranus conjunct Moon transit right now (7th house). The changes are subtle yet noticeable. He did cheat and ‘tried” to have an affair and I (Pluto in Scorpio) found out of course. What’s worst I am currently going through a Saturn opposite Sun and Mars (1st house) house transit so I went into a deep depression mid-year due to my own inner struggles and need for growth. He was never there for me nor did not know how to. But when Uranus turned retrograde August 11th, the shift in his attitude was very noticeable. he never told me there were others but I knew and he never left me nor discarded me, because I guess he felt safe with me and knew that I had his back. But the relationship was dead and every time i walked away he would come around and I’d give him sever chances over 3 years. Even when I found out he cheated with proof, he did not want me to go, begged for forgiveness which I never responded, I usually do and forgive. I am awaiting to see how the remaining 5-6 years play out for him. He has all Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury in Taurus and is as stubborn as they come and change is needed in his life. We have Sun oppose Saturn, Mercury and Mars + Pluto trine Venus in synastry (karmic) so I was the one being the disciplinarian and always felt a pull towards him, but never restricted his space or growth.

  31. So I’ve been anxious, nauseous and experiencing feelings of impending doom for the last week or so and upon looking at my transits, I discovered that Uranus has begun to square my natal moon. This is supposed to last over 2 years, apparently?

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